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  1. A little diy project. TNT V, HW19 SDS SAMA Corian top, densified resin ply bottom, sandwiched between stainless steel. Note. Your spindle isn't the TNT V stainless steel type.
  2. Funny they take over 90hrs to start with and 500hrs before they really kick in.
  3. You could buy one for $2500 10yrs ago! Good luck they are now $5K used.
  4. Hendrix Axis Bold As Love Uhqr sounded good.
  5. I've both the v3 and v8 cans, all rockgrotto moded, and the v3 edges ahead of the v8 on my Sennheiser hd800's.
  6. I'll need to swap carts to find out.
  7. The dx is better than the XX2 MKII. I was told that the XX2 mkI is better than the MKII.
  8. These two aren't bad either.
  9. The arm is a 507 mk2. I also had a 505 back in the 80's.
  10. Yes mine sounds excellent !!
  11. Nice. I had the shure III, V, and ultra 500 all with micro ridge stylus.
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