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  1. YES On a VPI custom HW19, TNTV platter, stand alone motor, using a DV507 arm.
  2. plato8010

    FS: Takatsuki 300B and 274B

    Do you still have the Takatsuki 274B Matched Pair? Cheers
  3. plato8010

    AWA Tubes

    I have a pair of Philips 6sn7gt miniwatt Australian made, and one RCA grey glass 6sn7. Currently running Tungsol Russian reproduction 6sn7gtb's. I was told the early USA Tungsol 6sn7 from 1940's are good too.
  4. plato8010

    3 Way Eliptrac Horn Klipsch La Scalas

    Both yours and mine were built by Kevin Kuskopft. John and I had them built together. I followed John's updates but stopped at the crites CW 15", Trachorn, K55V dual phase plug, Jbl 2404h (recently installed NOS genuine diaphragms), and ALK Universals. I decided to line the dog house with bitumen / cork, and place a wad a polyester matting to dampen.
  5. To which bass driver's? I've placed Crites cast framed 15" woofers to my La Scalas with good results.
  6. plato8010

    FS: ALK Universal Crossovers

    These are still available!
  7. plato8010

    FS: ALK Universal Crossovers

    The Real McCoy with Sonicap. http://www.alkeng.com/dload_xo.html This set sold for 350 pounds and had the cheaper Solen caps! http://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?49148-ALK-Universal-Network-Crossovers-for-Klipschorns
  8. Item: ALK Universal Crossover network Location: Queensland Price: $450 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded to gentle slope Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: http://www.alkeng.com/ These are the original "ALK Universal" (not the economy) replacement crossover network for the La Scala, Belle, and Corn Scala as been reimplement for Klipsch based 3-way loudspeaker. Pictures:
  9. Checked the photo's on ebay and saw that there was some water damage on the bottom rears of these speaker. I know that Klipsch used plywood on their heritage series but MDF was incorporated also.
  10. Hi we've meet before at Hughe Davis's at an audio meet. I've got a Supratek Cortese modified by Mike Maloney to a DHT. I'll see if Kevin or Dave Rook are available as it's a fair drive from the Sunshine coast. P.S. Are you just wanting an Audition or are you wanting to purchase? Thank you Sandro