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  1. A mate has one of these - a little Lodge charcoal grill. https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B00022OK2A Uses mallee root charcoal. Food tastes incredible. They retail for around $300 locally, when they first appeared on Amazon they were $130, shipped free from America for Prime members. It would cost more than that just to ship it!!! Eventually Amazon started selling them locally instead and the price shot up to $300. But now down to $212..... tempting. I also just realised my dad gave me an old Weber kettle years ago, never used it. Needs a good clean but I might have a go at something this weekend.
  2. Wow. Great price on that one. I'm sure it won't be hard to find it a happy new home. That plinth is devine!
  3. I've had minor tinnitus in both ears for quite a few years now, mainly from working in a loud nightclub. But three weeks ago, after I was recovering from one of the zillion colds my kids have brought home from childcare, one evening my right ear blocked up over a few hours, with increasing pressure and ever louder tinnitus. So loud it drowns out everything else in the room. The pressure in my ear has eased over the three weeks until now, it still feels a little full, but the tinnitus has not gone away. I worked out its around 14.7kHz. And it is LOUD. I've been to two doctors, they just brush me off saying don't worry the ear will heal and unclog over the next few weeks or so, and the tinnitus will go away. I really think it won't, given it has not diminished at all as my ear has slowly gotten better. Listening to my stereo makes it even worse so I have left it off. It's doing my head in. I really hope this goes away or at least improves because at the moment its absolutely intolerable.
  4. Double J had an article about it on their website. No specific dates but they did mention Adelaide was skipped.
  5. Not great news for those of us in Adelaide I am surprised that Adelaide is being skipped, they have always sold out Adelaide shows easily, even Maynard owns a bloody house here.
  6. Very nice. I have just upgraded a bunch of Linn stuff in my system myself - I replaced the cart in my LP12 (Cirkus, Trampolin 2, Lingo 1, Ittok LVII) from an Adikt to a Klyde. Swapped the phono stage from a Pro-ject PhonoBox SE II to a Linto. Replaced my old Majik C4100 amp to 2x Klimax Solo monoblocks (feeding VAF I93Mk2s). Also am demo-ing a Linn Exotik preamp which uses Akurate Kontrol circuitry replacing my Majik Kontrol. Also have a Majik DS. The amps made a decent difference... I was never happy with the 4100 amp which was bi amped with my VAFs. the I93s love a decent amount of power feeding them so now it feels like they are getting the power they deserve. Switching from a MM to a MC was significant, and the Linto is dead quiet.... haven't made my mind up on the Klyde yet. I got more detail over the Adikt, but I'm not convinced with its overall sound. I know the Klyde is a polarising cart.
  7. Finally got myself a 2014 mono copy of Beatles Help. I have all the 2014 mono pressings now, they're phenomenal.
  8. First upgrade you should consider for it in the future, is a Lingo power supply. A very noticeable improvement.
  9. Tool - Aenima. 1996 pressing. Unfortunately this copy is filthy and in desperate need of a decent clean.
  10. Don't forget to sign up for Cashrewards too, if you click through to Amazon through their website you get anywhere between 3.5 to 10% cash back on all purchases.
  11. A great majority of my vinyl purchases are through Amazon these days. The main reason I have a Prime membership.
  12. Welcome to a fellow Adelaidean.
  13. That’s a really low number.... but with a number so low, I would have expected it to be a top opening copy. If I were you I’d ask on the Steve Hoffman forums what they think it might be worth, that place is full of Beatles obsessives.
  14. The serial number on the front. Is the jacket top opening or side opening? Throw some photos up!
  15. Depends on a bunch of things... especially how low the number is on the front. The lower the number, the higher the $$$. Is it mono or stereo? So glad I jumped on all the 2014 mono presses before they sold out, they were all cut directly from the original analog tapes, no digital or computers involved at all.
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