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  1. Going rate for an FD Spirit R now is $90-100k. I should have bought one back when I posted this.
  2. As a fan of 80s Japanese cars, I especially love the 70 series Landcruiser... awesome that you can buy an 80s Landcruiser with new car smell and a warranty. Not fantastically practical, but awesome nonetheless. On Landcruiser forums the Americans always curse that they can't get their hands on a 70 series, as 1980s landcruisers in the states have gone up in value like aircooled 911's.
  3. RX8 owner here. Believe it or not, prices have bottomed out and are now starting to increase. They’re a really fun proper drivers car, perfect 50/50 weight distribution, great brakes. Lots of fun revving to 9000rpm. Definitely wouldn’t recommend one as a daily though. Good as a weekender. I’m still kicking myself I didn’t buy an FD RX7 Spirit R like I really wanted to in 2015/16... they were going for $45k. Now $90-100k. In 5 years!!
  4. This is awesome. I would love a setup like this.
  5. I was just taking a look at the original thread for the mastering GTG, and we actually did two sessions with stereonet members, the second about a year after the first. Both sessions have melded into the one fuzzy memory.
  6. Fantastic grid, and I'm stoked for Hulkenberg. Hope he gets a podium. Can't wait for this race!
  7. I've been switching between Apple Music and Spotify constantly the last few days, I think I'm starting to go batty. I think I'll end up just keeping both as I can't decide between them.
  8. Just found out last night that well known Adelaide mastering engineer Neville Clark has died from Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. He owned and ran the mastering studio called Disk Edits here in Adelaide. I first met him as a sound production student in the 90s - our class did a field trip to his studio. I remember walking in to his studio and just thinking wooooooow.... this place is heaven. Neville was very kind and patient with us, we stayed there for hours listening to music while he did a masterclass (scuse the pun) and answered all of our questions about music, no matter how dumb. Hundreds of thousands of dollars was spent building that room, I have still never heard music sound so good as I did in his studio. Just about every single album that was produced in Adelaide was mastered by Neville, including all of the Hilltop Hoods albums. I had the opportunity to hang out in his studio a few times when friends of mine were getting their albums mastered. Neville was always so kind, patient and very generous with his time and knowledge. Everyone in the industry looked up to him. About 10 years ago I reached out to Neville asking if he would mind hosting some Stereo Net members one evening for a bit of a GTG and Q&A session about mastering, and he said 'no problem'. About half a dozen of us went and all had a great time, again Neville was very generous with his time, he just loved sharing his passion for music and audio. RIP to a true class act.
  9. Yep I made sure all settings were set correctly before I tested. Basically the same conclusion I came to. Apple Music sounded a bit clearer in the mid highs, but with less depth and bass. Instruments like acoustic guitar string plucks, horns, and drums sounded more real and less digital with Spotify. Spotify also works much better with my home systems - they both support Spotify Connect so they work the same as a chromecast - they stream directly from the Spotify servers and then my laptop or phone works as a remote control. Apple Music has Airplay, but the music streams to my stereo from my laptop or phone, not direct from the server. I find this terribly annoying as I was all in on Apple Music, it knows my tastes, and they pay artists more than Spotify.
  10. Yes yes I know, Tidal wins this argument. But this isn't about Tidal. Has anyone done a shootout between Apple Music and Spotify to see which sounds better? I have always used Apple Music as I already had a lot of music on my iphone stock music app and Apple Music is just an extension of that. I also was of the belief that AAC is a better lossy codec than Ogg Vorbis, despite Spotify streaming at a higher rate (320 vs 256). This week I got 2 free months of Spotify Premium so I decided to test them out on my systems at home, and also earphones on my phone. I won't post what my thoughts are yet, I'd just like to see if anyone else has tested them out?
  11. Haven't been able to watch the video, but we used to use Super VHS tapes in the recording studio, in an ADAT machine. Quite common in the late 90/ early 00's. I believe Alanis Morrisette's Jagged Little Pill was recorded on ADAT.
  12. My fav PF album. The 2016 pressing sounds good, but I'd recommend getting your hands on a 1st Aussie pressing if you can find one.
  13. I was watching the tonearm closely when I put the record on, expecting it to see it sway back and forth. Seems good though. Have you gotten some off centre pressings? To be honest I have avoided Zenith pressings like the plague the last 10 years or so, since I bought a copy of Hard Road Restrung and the pressing was so bad I sent Zenith a scathing email. Admittedly the owner wrote back straight away and shipped me another copy (which was equally as bad, but at least they tried to help). The only other Zenith pressing I have bought is About Face by #1 Dads, which came filthy and with the centre hole too small to fit on my turntable. I emailed Zenith and they told me to drill or file out the centre hole to make it bigger... and I thought 'f&#k these guys'. But at the same time I'd hate to see vinyl manufacturing leave Australia altogether, so we will just have to push Zenith to be better.
  14. I really must get an RCM. I’ve wanted one for years. The ultrasonic ones look pretty good. Going by Zenith’s Instagram. a new cutting engineer named Luke Yeoward took over last August, and it’s his name in the Bananagun deadwax. Could be a name to look out for. He did a fine job on this record.
  15. My Bananagun LP turned up today. Was expecting a pretty poor pressing given it was pressed at Zenith, and at first inspection I was correct. Record had blemishes on both sides, a scratch on side B, and rough edge all the way around. Put it on the turntable and was pleasantly surprised, seems it was cut well, it sounded good. Vinyl wasn't the quietest, but no ticks or pops to speak of. Hopefully the quality still improves at Zenith and they continue doing business.
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