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  1. Tool - Aenima. 1996 pressing. Unfortunately this copy is filthy and in desperate need of a decent clean.
  2. Don't forget to sign up for Cashrewards too, if you click through to Amazon through their website you get anywhere between 3.5 to 10% cash back on all purchases.
  3. A great majority of my vinyl purchases are through Amazon these days. The main reason I have a Prime membership.
  4. Welcome to a fellow Adelaidean.
  5. That’s a really low number.... but with a number so low, I would have expected it to be a top opening copy. If I were you I’d ask on the Steve Hoffman forums what they think it might be worth, that place is full of Beatles obsessives.
  6. The serial number on the front. Is the jacket top opening or side opening? Throw some photos up!
  7. Depends on a bunch of things... especially how low the number is on the front. The lower the number, the higher the $$$. Is it mono or stereo? So glad I jumped on all the 2014 mono presses before they sold out, they were all cut directly from the original analog tapes, no digital or computers involved at all.
  8. Beatles White Album - 2014 mono. Bloody spectacular.
  9. Ha I know right. I have a couple of copies of that - the regular 96 pressing and a 1996 test pressing. The regular pressing needs a good clean, and the test pressing is still sealed.. still waiting for the right day to open it.
  10. Can't see why not... I've never had any issue ordering from any of the worldwide Amazons.
  11. OK then mine is definitely the first issue, it lists Penjane and not Chappell.
  12. Etched into the runout is SBP234654-15-1 on side one, and SBP234651-2 on side two. SBP234651 on the labels and cover. Edit - that may be a mistake actually. For some reason I have added two different presses of the album to my Discogs collection. I'll have to check which one it actually is when I get home. It is either this one- https://www.discogs.com/Pink-Floyd-Wish-You-Were-Here/release/7287053 or this one https://www.discogs.com/Pink-Floyd-Wish-You-Were-Here/release/2576349
  13. I went to the Adelaide Beer and BBQ Festival a couple of weeks ago, and ran into a guy who was an importer. He asked if I had tried Brooklyn Lager recently (he used to be the importer). He said that it is no longer brewed under licence at Coopers, it has moved to Little Creatures in Geelong. He said it tastes a hell of a lot better now (he mentioned that 'Coopers can't dry hop to save themselves'). I am in Perth this week for work, and found a place selling it on tap so I got a pint. And I can confirm it tastes way way WAY better now. It's hard to believe its the same beer! Best it has ever tasted.
  14. Funny this thread just came up.. I was adding my Pink Floyd records to Discogs last week and discovered my copies of WYWH and The Wall are both Aussie first pressings. Picked them up locally at Big Star Records about 10 years ago for around $8 each. The copy of The Wall has been barely played, it looks brand new still. And sounds amazing. I got an Aussie Quadraphonic press of DSOTM around the same time for next to nothing. I have noticed these days, any second hand Pink Floyd record in a record store demands big $$$.
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