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  1. Curtis Mayfield ‎– Roots - 1971 - from the 2019 box set - mastered by Chris bellman, pressed at Optimal.
  2. Curtis Mayfield ‎– Keep On Keeping On: Curtis Mayfield Studio Albums 1970-1974. 4LP box set for $90. bargin, mastered by Chris Bellman and pressed @ Optimal. look forward to listening to this first Curtis album was dished, so have to wait for it to flatten.
  3. Kristin Hersh ‎– Hips And Makers - just a beautiful album on 4AD.
  4. I think that is normal. similar large depreciation happens for Peugeot's, Citroens and Renaults. there resale value is crap. my mate had a Peugeot 506 and wanted to change after 2 years. Trade offered was crap, but he had a harder time selling it 2nd hand.
  5. Pretty simple. Naim pre amps and amps are not fully balanced designs. It is the sound that is the most important, not the connection method.
  6. Andy, he does make prettier ones. I like the evil looking ones.
  7. It is the legendary Rockport Sirius 3. Andy Payor's technogical marvel that in 2000 cost $US 75k. He now designs and makes Rockport speakers
  8. PJ Harvey ‎– To Bring You My Love - 1995 original Euro pressing. joining in this album absolutely kicks butt with PJ's angst and aggression - good to hear the reissue sounds good as the original is insanely superb pressed on 100gm vinyl.
  9. The Police ‎– Outlandos D'Amour - really good debut album and back when Sting had little punk attitude. Aussie festival pressing.
  10. Those Jamie Redfern records are much sought after. 😉
  11. Sony X9500H 65 or 75 inch FALD screen, Sony's superior image processing, fast google tv interface and a very good picture . I bought a 55inch version at Xmas for the bedroom - luv it. Imo Samsung make great phones, Sony great tv's Ymmv
  12. Is there no sense of humour allowed on SNA anymore. Lighten up bois
  13. The Horace Silver Quintet ‎– Further Explorations - another Tone Poet winner
  14. Yea Let's have separate cassette, SACD, DVD-A , minidisc, pono and an 8 track forum . Anymore dead formats I forgot? 😊
  15. David Bowie ‎– Metrobolist (Nine Songs By David Bowie) - 2020 - the Visconti mix - a bit controversial . Sounds excellent and a nice alternative to the original mix. Sounds in a different universe to the crappy digital reissues of 2016.
  16. joining in. I almost fell backwards out of my chair when track 1 started as I had it on loud. I really wish Martin would add some of these type sounds to the new Depeche album, as they are a little by the numbers recently.
  17. Andy, I only wish I had K-pop on vinyl. https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B0791WFFGH/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  18. Sly & Robbie Meet Nils Petter Molvær Feat Eivind Aarset And Vladislav Delay ‎– Nordub - incredible album - spacy jazz meets reggae beats
  19. Just keep the pressing that sounds best and give the other one away.
  20. Yes, except Martin Gore. Only on azure blue vinyl
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