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  1. Except if you look inside. Birds nest anyone
  2. The House Of Love ‎– Audience With The Mind - 1993 - all the talk about HOL got me to pull out another of their superb albums.
  3. Great to hear you have discovered them. I have almost all of their stuff. I am a huge fan. 2nd album and Babe Rainbow are classics on top of their 1st album you have. Check them out if you can
  4. Vladislav Delay, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare ‎– 500-Push-Up - electronic dub reggae - very kool
  5. I just priced a Golf R in the UK to the same spec as the current MY20 7.5. that is Lapis Blue, full leather, 19 inch rims, heated seats, DCC etc. UK pricing includes 20% Vat, so make it parity @ 10% GST = approx $ 76,850. head up display and park assist which may well come standard in AU R is another 825 pounds. with on road costs, not much change from 80k. 20k over the last R retail price and 30 k over what I paid at beginning of 2020. gonna be a hard sell if its close to this price - Summary
  6. DIIV - Is The Is Are is brilliant More pure shoegaze than Deceiver. Deceiver is a slow burner and shows a heavier note dense sound compared to the more poppy shoegaze of the previous. Both wonderful, as is Oshin.
  7. I would never call Sugar or Bob Mould shoegaze.
  8. The House Of Love ‎– A Spy In The House Of Love - 1990 - incredible album of singles, b sides, unreleased tracks . 5 stars. hugely underrated band
  9. I 2nd the DIIV album. It's superb. Film School - Bright to Death is great as well
  10. Jimmy Witherspoon ‎– Evenin' Blues
  11. Jimmy Witherspoon ‎– Spoon So Easy
  12. Japan ‎– Quiet Life - excellent 3lp version from 2011
  13. I own the Accuphase C-37 phono stage. wonderful phono after you get over the 100+ hours of painful burn in. Can't comment on their digital stuff as cd/sacd suks in general Always found the power amps lovely and slightly burnished and the pre amps more neutral and easy to build any SOTA system around. build quality and reliability is to die for.
  14. Iggy Pop ‎– New Values - probably my fav Iggy album, but he has plenty of rippers
  15. I have that and its very good. I prefer my original US pressing. That has balls. YMMV I should probably get off my arrse and sell it.
  16. Curtis Mayfield ‎– Curtis - this new all analog remaster by Chris Bellman from the box set is the wonderful.
  17. The Wolfgang Press ‎– Bird Wood Cage -1988 4AD original UK pressing. seen a few Kansas albums being spun here. I have no Kansas albums but every time I see Kansas I am reminded of Kansas by The Wolfgang Press. time to give it a spin. what a classic album.
  18. excellent video from Michael Fremer regarding distortions in vinyl and recordings in general. There is magic in them grooves.
  19. The Police ‎– Ghost In The Machine - 2019 Euro reissue - not sure why I bought this last night - but glad I did - sounds superb.
  20. I have played the first two albums and they are excellent. The first album is light years better than my other US pressing. well worth it imo.
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