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  1. I have used the Accuphase rca interconnect with my Accuphase phono stage and its very good. It would not surprise me if the Accuphase rca sounds better then the QED balanced cable. the balanced and single ended outputs are probably both live on the DP430 as they are in my C-47, so al you need to do is plug the rca cable in and swap inputs to hear the difference when listening to music.
  2. Enjoy playing video games on your LG. They seem to be excellent for that.
  3. no its not - It was you that said they were the same scores, not me - then you amended your statement. from the link you provided - only thing the LG had better scores was playing video games and as a pc monitor. The 6 Best 65 Inch 4k TVs - Winter 2021 Reviews Best 65 Inch OLED TV: LG OLED65CXPUA 8.8 Mixed Usage 9.3 Movies
  4. P J Harvey ‎– Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea - original 2000 Euro pressing. joining in - brilliant album and pressing.
  5. Cage The Elephant ‎– Tell Me I'm Pretty
  6. and perhaps read the reviews and what they are reviewing. Both OLEDS are their entry OLEDS, but given best 65 inch OLED. even their reviews have the Sony A8H OLED with better editorial and scores vs the LG CX OLED, except the LG gets the " best" as its cheaper. LOL.
  7. The same reason why the Sony OLEDS are better. Superior video and picture processing.
  8. Gil Scott-Heron, Makaya McCraven ‎– We're New Again (A Reimagining By Makaya McCraven)
  9. one of the best looking and best sounding - conrad johnson GAT
  10. Nup. Mine has been perfect. The apps are a lot faster than my older 75inch Sony FALD . No complaints.
  11. The Fall ‎– New Facts Emerge -2017 - the final Fall studio album before Mark E passed in 2018. Even at the end the Fall were bringing out quality schiit.
  12. The House Of Love ‎– The House Of Love - 1990 - 2nd gorgeous album. never reissued? she, she she she, shine on.
  13. There is no confusion when someone orders a tonearm interconnect cable, din to rca or xlr. The only question is the termination, straight or 90 degrees 5 pin din. You should never receive a Naim type din connector on any tonearm interconnect. .
  14. The Pony ‎– Thorns And Cutlery - 1987 - Cleopatra records - wonderful album and great live band. RIP Pierre Baroni
  15. Ride ‎– Going Blank Again - 1992 original UK pressing - equally good on 33 1/3rd and the intended 45rpm. try it at home
  16. That is a real shame. I remember Pierre when he was in the band The Pony in the late 80's. I saw them live and towards the end I wanted them to play " Blindman" from their first album. I was yelling out " Blindman" at the end of about 3 songs so they would play it - Pierre yelled back at me after the 3rd time - I know you are mate!! 🤣 very funny - they played Blindman as 2nd last song still remember that 30 years later. I am going to have to give Thorns & Cutlery a spin. RIP Pierre.
  17. for maybe 5 years I listened to Ride - Going Blank Again at 33 speed instead of 45rpm. I did not realise it was a double 45rpm release. still to this day, I actually prefer playing it at 33 1/3rd - Mark's vocals just sound drug fuuked and the music so much denser - quite cool actually.
  18. to me the 5pin din you are holding is not a 5 pin din tonearm connector. It looks too big. go back to Bill and query him. did you order a tonearm cable rca to din connector? here is a photo of one in my draw - the din plug is quite small.
  19. What about the Hyundai hatch looks thou. Something that I can't get over, no matter how it drives. Sort of like the german korean boring version on the hot ugly Honda.
  20. Wow, And it looks like it includes the Naim Armageddon power supply. Super bargin. @EvilC just go and pick it up. U know u want to.
  21. 破地獄* ‎– 稗Scattered Purgatory海遺考 / Lost Ethnography of the Miscanthus Ocean - 2014. 2019 vinyl release of Taiwan's Scattered Purgatory first album - sensational experimental drone.
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