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  1. you wish. in 20 years, vinyl may be as worthless as cd's. It is the top of the market now, but nobody is getting any younger.
  2. Elon has tried to sell Tesla in the past https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2020/dec/23/elon-musk-i-tried-to-sell-tesla-to-apple Please tell why he won't consider it again?
  3. One of the large automotive manufacturers will buy Tesla at some stage. Elon can then concentrate on smoking dope and flying into space 😁
  4. And in 2 years the cd will be worth $2 and the vinyl $200. But yea, vinyl prices are crazy.
  5. Cd's on sale for $ 2,169,549 Vinyl records for sale $ 45,664,750 Cd's are worthless 🤣 😉
  6. Kid Cudi ‎– Indicud - 2013 - triple album from My Cudi and its wonderful.
  7. Mono ‎– Nowhere Now Here - new mono album is epic!!
  8. Thanks for outing me Rantan!! Just kidding 🤣 Still not sure what anyone would be offended by? Most people, including myself I like to think, want to have a laugh on the forum most of the time.
  9. 100% agree There are 3 phono cartridges and a phono SUT in the Stereo classifieds now on the first page. Not sure why were you told to move them to accessories. Seems like the mods are confused.
  10. Manly has 8 players out injured now, including all our 2nd rowers bar Jetski and it's only round 2. I can't see us beating the dragqueens this week. You guys have had the wood on us for several years. I am afraid Zoolander deserves the dogs. He will give plenty of "blue steel" looks this year 😁
  11. Dragons gotta be favourites to beat my pathetic Manly.
  12. Why? unless the designer has no clue on how to design a transparent remote control.
  13. Stevie Wonder ‎– Songs In The Key Of Life - how good was Stevie during the 70's
  14. I could imagine to the uneducated normal person, this album would be the least sort after album to listen to, so is probably almost new. the Jap pressing should sound wonderful. Might have to pull out my copy - probably the first time since 1984 🤣
  15. Prolly my fav House Of Love album. Babe Rainbow - pretty close to perfect.
  16. Do not use cardas xlr adapters, unless you want a blanket thrown over the music or your system is bright. Google Neutrik xlr adaptors. They are excellent and less than $20.
  17. David Sylvian ‎– Dead Bees On A Cake
  18. Is the flexi wave? https://lifestylestore.com.au/product/vicoustic-flexiwave-1190-pack-of-6-diffusion/
  19. Madonna ‎– Hard Candy - Candy anyone - hard candy that is 🤣
  20. Cake ‎– Fashion Nugget - 1996 - original US pressing
  21. Mono ‎– One Step More And You Die / New York Soundtracks
  22. Perhaps VW are giving out 250kw factory models to the media and the production models are 235k 🤔
  23. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore ‎– Geisterfaust
  24. Rantan think outside the square bud. My Accuphase phono had xlr and rca outputs. I have them going to separate inputs on the pre amp. Both sound slightly different - rca more dynamic/faster and xlr slightly more laid back. Now you have two different sounds to choose and listen at the click of an input button depending on the recording.
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