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  1. Ride in the Night - so fuccken good sounds beyond amazing
  2. Lenny Kravitz ‎– Raise Vibration - true return to form
  3. Andy Stott ‎– Faith In Strangers - lots of nice sounds and beats on this
  4. thanks Greg that was my point. I guess Andy was too old and lazy to read the review 🤣😉
  5. Good Andy? absolutely not. totally agree with you
  6. LOL . I find Levi one of, if not the worst reviewer ever. Is is still reviewing? Perhaps @andyr can explain why the cart should be loaded at 800-1000ohms when he uses a SS phono stage with SUT's with choices of 4ohms, 15 and 40.
  7. There is magic in them grooves and the mastering. That vinyl continues to sound better than CD just shows one how crap cd's actually are
  8. ROFL thanks, that made my day. Me, I will stick with the limitations of 12 by 12 inch colour art work and 16 page full colour booklet for Goo than trying to unfold and refold foldout booklets in those unuser friendly jewel cases.
  9. According to vinyl flat, he recommends 54 degrees Celsius to flatten vinyl. 200 degrees is really good for pizza.
  10. Boris ‎– Amplifier Worship - 2020 Third Man Records reissue of the 1998 classic. sounds really good.
  11. Janelle Monáe ‎– Dirty Computer - Euro Optimal pressing cut @ 45rpm. I have seen this recommended here a few times so finally picked it up. wonderful album, sound and pressing.
  12. Lana Del Rey ‎– Chemtrails Over The Country Club - brand new Lana album - such a beautiful album, excellent recording however the MPO pressing is just OK.
  13. Wonderful album Stump. I must be part of the handful - LOL I have the original 1995 Euro pressing. Heart's Filthy Message is one of Bowie's best songs ever!! What is the coloured vinyl reissue like?
  14. I am getting terribly depressed now. Bloody Marc has more likes than me!! 🤣
  15. LMAF I believe as @Yamaha_man says. Toughen up Princess . We are not in primary school and if someone is comparing how many likes they have vs others probably has bigger issues to contend with.
  16. The Duntechs impedance is around 3 ohms or in real life lower. The Pass does not have the bass control to do the Duntechs justice. Can't say I have ever seen a Pass review when power doubles down to 2ohms - which the Krells do. I saw those specs as well when I listened to the x350.5. Listening was similar to what Kelossus is experiencing.
  17. To be frank, I think you made a mistake with the X250.5. I listened to the x350.5 at home a few years back. Bass was flabby, and lacked control. Your Duntechs need an amp that will control them. Unfortunately, the Pass does not cut it imo. Not sure about the PS preamp as have not heard it but in theory the tube input stage should give better spaciousness but perhaps a slightly softer sound. The PS preamp unity gain is 80 on the volume control so there may be some mismatch vs the FBI integration you were used to. The preamp measures well on the Stereophi
  18. No. I haven't compared. I bought the 45 over the 33 as the 33 runs for around 24 minutes. The reports on discogs are positive for the 33 on discogs thou.
  19. Japan ‎– Gentlemen Take Polaroids - the 2 x 45rpm release from a couple of year back
  20. sure do Sue. I used to tape the 2SM top 40 on my old cassette ghetto blaster on a Sunday night, rather than doing homework. Every week i used to go down to the record store to buy the top 100 list as well. I wish I kept them
  21. congrats JJ!! Herbie Hancock ‎– Inventions & Dimensions
  22. Steely Dan ‎– Aja - US pressing I picked up years back Amoeba a few years back. sounds great
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