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  1. 1 hour ago, The Fez said:

    Dragons??!! Hook has them winning. 


    they played well yesterday.    unlike manly who seem devoid of anything



  2. On 28/03/2021 at 8:38 PM, qik_shift said:

    Rufus Du Sol - Solace.


    SQ is impressive.  Side B noisier than I'd like but still very enjoyable.  What a great album @metal beat thanks for your recommendation :)  This album does remind me a little of Cut Copy - Freeze Melt if you haven't hear it already please stream it, you may enjoy.


    Please people the lid is on for a reason - I'm roasting coffee tonight.




    joining in.      this album luvs to be played LOUD.       yea, the Cut Copy album is good.



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  3. 10 minutes ago, andyr said:


    Correct, John.


    K's gain setup is as follows:



    His 0.2mV Windfield becomes 3mV when using the 15x gain setting on the SUT.  3mV into a 53dB phono stage ... outputs 1340mV!  So just fine for his preamp, surely?





    Haven't picked up what phono stage he's using but, yes, 72dB gain (4000x) should be just fine for a 0.2mV cart!  :)  (800mV output - so almost twice what he's currently getting).


    But still less than the figure John gave for the input sensitivity of the preamp.



    15x gain setting on the SUT delivers 3mV.  Into a 53dB gain MM stage, this means output will be 1340mV.  This is a total gain of 76dB.


    30x gain setting on the SUT delivers 6mV.  Into a 53dB gain MM stage, this means output will be 2680mV.  This is a total gain of 82dB.


    Maybe the reason K is not using the MC input of his phono input is that this only offers 100 ohm loading (which is the case with some MC phonos)?  Using the SUT at the 1:15 setting delivers a 209ohm loading!  :)









    Load: imp: 47k MM, 100 ohms MC


    100ohms is pretty well perfect for an Ortofon MC cart. It is for my Jubilee, A90 and 2 SPU's.  


    @kelossus   what did you not like with the MC input on the Icon phono?

  4. 20 hours ago, andyr said:


    I can imagine!  The Windfeld Ti is 0.2 mV output, right?  If you are using your x15 setting on the SUT, you are feeding 3mV into your phono stage.  At 53dB (x446) gain, that is a very healthy output from your phono stage.  :thumb:


    x15 on the SUT gives you a loading of 47000 / 225  =  209 ohms.  For a cart with a 7 ohm coil impedance that gives a 30x ratio ... which is definitely in the right ballpark.  :)


    (If you ever wanted to see whether your Ti sounded better at a higher loading ... I could lend you a head amp  with a 15x gain; using a head amp ... loading is independent of gain - so you could try loading with: 330 ohms / 470 ohms / 680 ohms.)





      Not quite sure why the OP is not running the MC input of his phono stage which has 72db gain.


    Anyway, Andy - how much additional gain does x15 and x 30 give you to the MM gain of 53db?   24db and 30db?       


    plenty of gain there  - phono gain is not an issue.



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