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  1. Broadcast ‎– The Noise Made By People - loving these Broadcast reissues @ less than $20. the first album from 2000 sounds like Belle & Sebastian meets St Etienne
  2. Film School ‎– Bright To Death. pretty darn good shoegaze album
  3. It's great isn't it. Go down to JB hifi. still available for $67 or Amazon @ $64.
  4. Steve. After the lead singer off'd himself, Joy Division became New Order which you probably own a few albums of. Definitely buy this and their 2nd album Closer.
  5. It sure is an iconic album - sometimes I think the album cover is more iconic than the album. Saw it a few years ago as a T-shirt in teeny boppers clothes store Brandy Melville - oh well. Musically, I think Closer is their magnum opus and the one I play more. Red House Painters - nice sounding 4AD 2015 reissue - vocals are really nice, out in front and clear.
  6. Broadcast ‎– Haha Sound. luvely sounding 2015 Warp reissues.
  7. Are they his pair? No. trade from a huge Apogee system that used two sets of KAS mono's. Guy kept one pair.
  8. Understand Marc's review may give you some context and similar record of reference, but Is Marc's review going to sway you to buy or not buy depending on the outcome? Or will ot sway you to request or not request another demo. Just trying to understand, as if I have heard gear before in my home, relying on a review to push me either way is, well not relying on my own ears.
  9. Paul, you will be blasting hard rock at stadium levels. Congrats
  10. What is Marc's review going to add to what you already know, as you have heard them in your own system?
  11. No it is not. Read my previous explanation. Please give up while you are behind .😉 The other examples you state are not correct, just media BS to make it sound good. Non calender grand slam is made up by the media.
  12. Yes, even in tennis we seem to be driven by dribble with the media itself not knowing the correct term or phrases. Similar to how we went from albums to vinyl to vinyls
  13. Please get your facts correct as we are not splitting hairs, you are completely wrong. 4 majors in the same year is called the Grand Slam. 4 majors + the Olympic gold medal was made up and called a Golden Slam after Steffi did this feat in 1988.
  14. Palace Music ‎– Arise Therefore - reminds me of a Jason Molina album - haunting
  15. Trentemøller ‎– The Last Resort. original 2006 MPO pressing - 13 years later still sounds as luscious as ever.
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