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  1. Chelsea Wolfe NZ/Aus March 2018

  2. Chelsea Wolfe NZ/Aus March 2018

    Chelsea Wolfe @ Manning bar. Thursday March 15th. Can u get off work?
  3. Chelsea Wolfe NZ/Aus March 2018

    Reverend I will be there!! might even wear black
  4. Currently Spinning

    Jack White - Blunderbuss. proof that United can do good pressings when they really want to.
  5. Currently Spinning

    Richard Hawley - excellent reissue from a couple of years back of Richard's self titled debut album
  6. Greg I hope the bloody audio show is worth it. You really are an audiophile now
  7. Currently Spinning

    Yea I know. Tried looking for black vinyl. I have ordered red vinyl as that is one of the better sounding coloured vinyl. One of my favs BJM only press on colored vinyl - noise floor is all over the place with their pressings.
  8. Currently Spinning

    Birdy - self titled album from 2012. very good album with the lovely cover of Skinny Love
  9. Midnight Oil Reforming

    Giving Blue Sky Mining a spin against the original Aussie pressing. I am impressed. new reissue is a bit smoother with better depth, the acoustic guitars are more forward in the mix and Peter's vocals are a bit clearer. That said, nothing wrong with the original and the drum kit is more forward vs the remaster.
  10. Wood Bodied AT95 Cart Impressions

    Where are the photo's? If no photo's, it did not really happen
  11. Music of the year 2015

    2015 really was an excellent year for new music. Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe - I Declare Nothing - this sits just a little above all else. Still loving it two years later. If you don't have this album - do yourself a favour. also browse through this thread and buy some more new music
  12. Currently Spinning

    ha ha. sometimes you don't have a choice. blue is certainly preferable to the sand coloured vinyl which was the only other choice. hope we don't get to the stage where only coloured vinyl is the only option. Say Yes - brilliant Elliott Smith tribute album of beautiful heartfelt covers on black vinyl.
  13. Currently Spinning

    Julia Jacklin - Don't Let The Kids Come In. lovely album from the Sydney singer songwriter
  14. Currently Purchasing

    a whole bunch of new releases and one reissue ricky - ununiform - phoebe bridgers - stranger in the alps the horrors - V marilyn manson - heaven upside down elvis presley - christmas with the royal philharmonic orchestra beck - colors william patrick corgan ogilala courtney barnett & kurt vile - lotta sea lice inxs - Kick – 30th annivesary 2LP Half-speed Mastered
  15. Hey George When you played and listened to the Sgt Peppers remaster - how did you think it sounded?