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  1. Thom Yorke ‎– Suspiria - luv this album - mesmerising
  2. Thom Yorke ‎– Anima - I am appreciating this better 2nd time around 6 months later.
  3. Correct, its like saying Kogan use Samsung screens, therefore Kogan make great LCD tv's. It's the in house processor engines and stuff that Sony and Panssonic add that gives them an edge.
  4. Not my fav, but pretty interesting Isobel Campbel covering Tom Petty - running down a dream.
  5. Isobel Campbell ‎– There Is No Other... - brand new album. sound wise in complete contrast to DCD - this is rich and 3 dimensional. luvley album
  6. N is for NIggers With Attitude - Straight Outta Compton
  7. Dead Can Dance - self titled 1st album - reissue from a few years back - sound is, well cd like. Certainly not in the same league as my original pressings of their other albums imo - YMMV.
  8. The Time ‎– Ice Cream Castle - Prince at his funky best.
  9. LOL. I had to google what those two brands were. I am happy with Yellowglen normally 🙂
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