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  1. It was 40 years ago, Oct 19 1979 that Prince released his self titled 2nd album at age 21. Damn fine album it is too and imo his first album that is very good from start to finish. It's a little derivative in its homage to 70's funk and guitar solos. I Wanna Be Your Lover is one of Prince's best tracks and the start of the Prince sound. Still sounds fresh today. Seems to be a largely underrated Prince album. I have always had a German pressing but picked up the 2016 Kevin Gray vinyl remaster which is very good as well.
  2. Great to hear you are enjoying your new hifi. Vinyl has no such issues as you claim to have experienced. Personally, I could think of nothing worse than ending up listening to headphones as my primary source of music. I like to hear and feel speakers and the room. Sorry.
  3. John Foxx ‎– Metamatic. 2014 RSD release - lovely gatefold. # 0857/1200. beautifully remastered by Dallas Simpson. best this has ever sounded, even better than my original UK pressing. The standard and still available black vinyl is the same cut so sounds wonderful as well.
  4. come on down to Sydney - tiks still available Twenty-five whores in the room next door Twenty-five floors and I need more I'm looking for the can in the candy store
  5. If you are in Sydney - come along. Playing at the Enmore Oct 31st. It will be full of middle aged slightly overweight old Goths
  6. The Sisters Of Mercy ‎– Floodland. the unique mix of this classic album from mofi makes for great listening. That mofi did not realise this is amusing to say the least Can't wait to see them live at the end of the month.
  7. Electric Light Orchestra ‎– Discovery - 1979 . 1980 half speed master. Jeff Lynne close to the peak of his songwriting skills and global domination of popular music. don't bring me down - grroosss.
  8. In theory, VW have ironed out the DSG issues by the start of the Mk7 in 2014 - only time will tell 🙂 VW have been very good so far, but like other car manufacturers, insurance companies, airlines etc, they are great when everything is going fine - how they perform when a claim is made is another thing. Mate at work's house was damaged in the Sydney Storms 9 months ago - GIO are fccuking them over big time as they refuse to write the house off - yet the builders cannot get the house live worthy - they are still living in a paid hotel of two rooms with no end in site. Corporate greed is the root of evil.
  9. Ouch. the VW service cost for that dreaded 60k is around $800 from memory. Lucky you don't own a merc - even higher than your Audi from my mate who owns one.
  10. Supertramp ‎– Breakfast In America. 1979. don't think I have played this album in over 10 years. brings back vivd memories of teenage years when this album and ELO Discovery were fighting it out as the #1 album's. brilliant album. might play Discovery next 😎
  11. agree. I have owned my mk7 GTI for 5 years now approaching 100k. Zero issues and I drive it like a boi racer 😎 My wife owns a DSG Tiguan for 4 years - zero problems. Ford Territory otoh - absolute biggest piece of shiite ever built. I will never ever consider a Ford ever again.
  12. I watched El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie last night. Very enjoyable imo. Like watching 3 episodes of breaking bad than a movie per say. Ties up what happens to Jessie after the violent end to BB. Typically slow in parts and dark overall.
  13. Great band the Divinyls. Seem them plenty of times live. She was a vixen live. Btw, try playing your records with the lid up or removed completely. It should sound better
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