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  1. metal beat

    NRL Footy Tipping

    as long as the Dogs and Gold Coast keep losing, I am happy
  2. metal beat

    Currently Spinning

    Oasis ‎– Heathen Chemistry. original Big Brother 2002 UK pressing. Lacquer Cut @45rpm by – Miles Showell and pressed @ Damont. Probably Oasis's best sounding album and musically its a ripper.
  3. metal beat

    Technics SP10 Appreciation Thread

    With respect to the SP10mk2, the mk3 when released in 1981 was almost twice the price and twice the weight of the mk2. the mk3 platter weighs as much as the entire mk2 drive unit. The popularity of the SP10mk2 these days does not diminish as they are relatively cheap and certainly cheap for the performance they provide. The mk3 was the best motor unit Technics could make. The mk3 did not sell in large numbers, but they go for a pretty penny these days. The great thing about the Technics SP series is their bulletproof build. Many are still being used 40 years later. This is not unique to Technics, as Pioneer, Denon, Yamaha all have reliability unheard of in these days of planned obsolesce. I have owned a 1979/1980 Pioneer Exclusive P3 for 10 years this year and it's never missed a beat - never even had a cap replaced - touch wood .
  4. metal beat

    Currently Spinning

    Teenage Fanclub ‎– Man-Made. wonderful 2014 merge records reissue
  5. metal beat


    I use to own a pair of these back in the day. Mine were red rosewood. brings back memories GLWS
  6. metal beat

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Nina Simone - I Put a Spell on You. from the 2016 Philips years box set.
  7. metal beat

    Soundtracks: Currently Spinning

    Hi Hlov Technics SL-1000mk3d. Better known as SP10mk3 Cheers
  8. metal beat

    Soundtracks: Currently Spinning

    Various ‎– Lost Highway. original pressing by Simply Vinyl.
  9. metal beat

    Soundtracks: Currently Spinning

    Pump Up The Volume : Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.
  10. metal beat

    SUT Advice for Lyra cart

    Andy In theory you are correct, however the Delos has a slight lift in the treble, which depending on system can be a little too uplifting at 500 ohms or higher. The more expensive models sound better at the higher loading easier imo
  11. metal beat

    SUT Advice for Lyra cart

    Hi shogo33 You are strangling the life out of the Delos at 100ohm. Andy is right, Try 200, 400 and 1000 ohms and pick which sounds best. Take your time on each setting. Personally, I think 400ohms will sound best. Btw, I cannot imagine the Rothwell SUT's sounding better than the RCM active gain.
  12. metal beat

    Technics SP10 Appreciation Thread

    SP10mk3 for me. One of MarkT's rejects Stillpoints replace the stock feet and it sit on a granite slab supported by compression springs. It has original SL1000mk3D P mount tonearm, with EPC-P100C mk4 cart or Thales Simplicity II tonearm with Lyra Atlas SL cart. Simplicity gets most of the play time, but its fun to swap back every now and then. Superb table with power and precision.
  13. metal beat

    Currently Spinning

    Hunters & Collectors ‎– The Jaws Of Life. original 1984 Aussie pressing. last album recorded in W Germany @ Conny Plank's studio. Also their last great album before Hunters went down the MOR musical spiral. By the end of their career they were unrecognisable to the start.
  14. metal beat

    Show us your Phono Stages and Phono Cartridges

    Yes and no Andy. Accuphase is generally known to be a smooth sound, not bright or hard. I only own the C-37 phono stage, so can only comment on that. Break in was excruciatingly painful. It sounded like what Dean aka Hugo said. Dark, lifeless and a bit hard. I was also contemplating selling the phono stage, but I remember reading about the very long break in time, so I stuck with it to make sure. This is probably due to the teflon circuit boards that Accuphase use. I had similar break in hardships with the conrad johnson teflon capacitors. I used to play a cheap cart at night time hoping the sound would get better. It tool well over 100 hours of playtime for the c-37 to open up. I leave the phono stage on 24/7 as it is a bit hard/mechanical for a couple of hours after being switched on from cold. A bit like Naim gear does not like being switched off. Now, I love the Accuphase c-37. It is quiet, organic, excellent bass control with a balanced sound. It is not spotlit in the upper frequencies. Patience certainly was a virtue. Cheers
  15. metal beat

    NRL Footy Tipping

    Down the drain? 😁