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  1. The guitars on this live version r awesome
  2. What a brilliant performance. RIP Mark Hollis
  3. Looks stunning. Great job. how does it sound?
  4. Hi Bill out of left field, do you think you can build a 6m balanced IC that would be more neutral / transparent to my Nordost Tyr cable? that is cable that adds nothing except purity and dynamics without the stupid Nordost/Audioquest/Jorma etc price tags. the impossible cable? might be logistically easier to have a cable to compare to one of my 1m Valhalla cables? cheers
  5. If you want to use the rca cable you already own - I recommend Neutrik xlr to rca adapters. They are cheap, made well and sound more neutral than the lot more expensive Cardas adaptors. I use the Neutrik adaptor with my balanced pre amp and Nordost Valhalla rca's into my phono stage. I have not heard the EGM adaptor.
  6. Depeche Mode ‎– Spirit - 2017 - the boys trying to still look kool. Martin and David are kool and Fletch is just about the luckiest guy in the world to be best mates with M Gore and be in the band for 40 years with no talent - yes, quite envious 😉
  7. More important is what music do you like and buy? new music can keep any oldie young and hip.
  8. Crooked Colours ‎– Vera - 2017 - Sweat it Out! records - brilliant electronic pop trance from the Aussie trio and a wonderful recording to boot.
  9. Dido - Still On My Mind - 2019 - still loving this album after many plays.
  10. Are u serious 🤣 Are you a 22 year old Asian who is sick of his pugly Honda Civic Type R and wanted something even uglier?
  11. I would probably ask the AU VW forum https://www.vwwatercooled.com.au/forums/f197/
  12. Sebadoh ‎– Act Surprised - 2019 - new album from Sebadoh, part 2. I tried the green vinyl Aussie release last year and it was one of the most insipid pressings I have ever heard - like a giant blanket was put over the speakers. This is the US black vinyl pressing - its a lot better and actually has dynamics - top end is still rollled off too much - with a bit of treble eq - sounds good
  13. Nice concept. I prefer not to be told what I am supposedly hearing going across the screen as you are watching. I can see it being irritating if it is on every video and may ultimately cause viewers to switch off.
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