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  1. metal beat

    SNA Album of the Year 2018

    I have two additions as released late in 2018. My album of the year - always a good thing when the end of the album comes too quickly, you want to play it again. Buzz Kull - New Kind of Cross - I thought his first album was very good but this album is awesome - superb darkwave electronic with a Germanic feel from the local Sydney lad. The Beatles - White album 4LP reissue. the remixed White album is very good, but its the Esther tapes that are the stars of the show.
  2. metal beat

    Currently Spinning

    Buzz Kull ‎– New Kind Of Cross. Aussie darkwave electronic just released 2nd album - damn good too. Can't wait to see them on Friday night live in Sydney.
  3. metal beat

    Currently Spinning

    Yes, it is a superb album. nice choice. My original German pressing is wonderful and saw them play live @ Lollapalooza back in 94.
  4. see you there gents. https://www.facebook.com/events/403647640176863/ The Gaelic Club 1st Floor,64 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills,NSW, Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia 2010 18 months after the release of 2017's Chroma, Buzz Kull (real name Marc Dwyer), has returned with his sophomore album. Traversing EBM, darkwave and goth sounds with ease, New Kind Of Cross spans much darker waters than Dwyer’s last effort. Joining Buzz Kull with be Minor Crime, Purient (Vic) and Enola Gay (Vic). also playing in Melb on Jan 19th @ the Grace Darling Hotel https://www.facebook.com/events/1138340223000532/
  5. metal beat

    Cricket season 2018/19

  6. metal beat

    Currently Spinning

    love this album, better than the last Radiohead album imo.
  7. hard to say, but this gets lots of use these days as many LP's seem to arrive dished. Just pop it in the Orb DF-02 and remove when complete - Flat record. Its given over 10 years of flawless use.
  8. metal beat

    Currently Spinning

    All this DEVO talk - from my youth - Devo - New Traditionalists
  9. metal beat

    Currently Spinning

    Steve. I would love to say Devo are shite. But they are not. Now, if you were playing Farnham or Chocolate starfish I would probably comment 😛
  10. metal beat

    Decrease in the number of posts per page.

    For a start it gives the impression of more traffic. That is what I thought at the first when there were several pages gap on just spinning, then I realised each page is only maybe 35% off what it was before. It used to almost be exciting when you were first post on a page - not anymore.
  11. metal beat

    Decrease in the number of posts per page.

    I trust @Marc is not being that cynical with advertising. 😛
  12. metal beat

    Decrease in the number of posts per page.

    The question is why?
  13. metal beat

    Turn off the motion smoothing !

    LOL If you really want to support the directors, go to the movies
  14. metal beat

    Currently Spinning

    Beasts Of Bourbon‎– Black Milk. the boys are back on tour early next year minus Spencer Jones rip - should be awesome.