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  1. Madonna ‎– Madame X - 2019 Euro pressing. It's pretty good
  2. EVERYONE is biased. as long as you know what that bias is, you are generally fine. If those bias are close to yours, even better - or not depending on the situation. Michael Fremer is biased in everyone of his reviews, however he is very consistent and accurate in how he listens and writes about his listening. If you understand that and can bring some of his listening bias into your listening and system, a reviewer like him can be very helpful.
  3. I followed him for over 10 years when he co-owned WBF, so I know him and his Harman background etc. Does not mean he is completely deaf as some infer.
  4. so you haven't heard it, yet you know how Amir reviews and hears . LOL and you are complaining about threads being closed down.
  5. Nice Tase, but doesn't that remove the ability to quickly swap cartridges with different head shells?
  6. Boy & Bear ‎– Suck On Light. really good album let down by the oh so pretty coloured vinyl. The fixation with POS coloured vinyl is very frustrating. At it's very very best it sounds as good as black vinyl. This is not one of them. This sounds OK and I have heard a lot worse coloured vinyl as at least it is a quiet pressing. There is a good recording somewhere but this is typical coloured vinyl with a muted top end and an overall smeared polite view of the music. This becomes a complete PITA when coloured vinyl is the only choice.
  7. so you own one and disagree with him? you are entitled to that opinion. the measurements sure back up his opinion on that it does absolutely nothing - but as you know - listening is king to decide if it does anything in your system.
  8. I had to google Etheregen to find out what it was. Amirm who has some excellent gear says its does absolutely nothing https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/uptone-audio-etherregen-switch-review.10232/
  9. The DEQX HDP3 has Two analog inputs: Unbalanced (2 x RCA) and Balanced (2 x XLR) Just use one or both inputs with a phono stage and spin your vinyl. I do this whenever I occasionally run my HDP4 as a preamp. cheers
  10. @stevoz I have that and it does sound excellent. Hot Chip ‎– The Warning & Made In The Dark. double shot of sweetness with Hot Chip.
  11. I find the mofi sleeves a complete pita with their corners that fold and difficult to insert and remove due to their square corners. for any record that does not have a cardboard lyric sheet, the covers 33 sleeves are easily the best imo - used by most of the premium labels ( except mofi). for any record that has a cardboard/paper lyric sheet, stock standard U shaped poly slees available on ebay everywhere work perfectly as they insert into and remove from the lyric sheet with ease https://www.covers33.co.uk/shop/for-your-vinyl/12-vinyl/12-paper/12-white-paper-polylined-sleeve-pack-of-100/
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