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  1. metal beat

    Currently Spinning

    Sufjan Stevens ‎– Carrie & Lowell. lovely album here from Mr Stevens let down by the typical USA crappy pressing with clicks and zaps over the record enough times to be irritating.
  2. metal beat

    Roger Federer on the way out ?

    What does this mean? Is Roger donating his Uniquo sponsorship to his foundation?
  3. metal beat

    Roger Federer on the way out ?

    Will Federer now be struck with the curse of Uniqlo? As my daughter said, why did he change from Nike - he does not need the money so he is just being selfish after Nike has been with him for his entire career - she does not like him as much now. Kids are very fashion conscious thank god Joke beat Nadal!! go Joker. Thank you Angie, beating Serena - well done.
  4. metal beat

    What is "Member's total reputation"?

    Great post - you will get plenty of likes for it 😛
  5. metal beat

    What is "Member's total reputation"?

    Cliff you should know - Sex sells, plain and simple!! Personally I buy too much! 😱😛
  6. metal beat

    FS - DEQX HDP-3 for sale

    Eamon. You going active or need eq?
  7. metal beat

    Currently Spinning

    Purity Ring - Another Eternity - 2015 4AD - very nice euro synth electro pop from Canada
  8. metal beat

    FS - DEQX HDP-3 for sale

    price drop $1750
  9. metal beat

    Currently Spinning

    Andrew I also bought Sirens on 241. have not played it as yet. good to hear the pressing is good. I also bought this next one Vance Joy - Dream Your Life Away
  10. metal beat

    Currently Spinning

    Boris Sujdovic ‎– Fuzz Machine - 2007 Bang! Records. #210/500 and amazingly still available!!. Always loved then Dubrovniks and this is insanely good - turn the distortion/fuzz pedal up to 11 . sounds sensational
  11. metal beat

    Currently Spinning

    Arctic Monkeys ‎– Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
  12. metal beat

    Currently Spinning

    Future Of The Left ‎– The Peace & Truce Of Future Of The Left. warning - Welsh post punk - listener discretion required. the mix is quite bass heavy.
  13. metal beat

    Currently Spinning

    very cool Cliff. I remember passing on this as well, but regretted it as i did not realise Do I Do was only on this album, with 3 new other tracks. when the 241 zon au sale was on last week, well why the hell not. It sounds great
  14. metal beat

    Currently Spinning

    Stevie Wonder ‎– The Original Musiquarium I. 2017 US reissue - sounds great - wonderful combo best of with new songs - the 10 min Do I Do is funky as.
  15. metal beat

    Coincident Statement Line stage

    The op on page one also says factory direct