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  1. Im interested ,im in sydney so can pickup if that matters..
  2. Hi Im interested,,where is pickup,,and could you please tell me the model number?
  3. I could really use that Im happy to pay for postage ,and donate to Stereonet., I really need the remote,more than the Squeeze,if u are willing I
  4. I love the look of the vintage gear,it just looks like quality. Good luck with sale
  5. Im getting it checked by Kimel Electronics,i was told that the amp section is probably not repairable,as Velodyne designed them that way,which leaves the only option as a complete module purchase which is the amp,electronics,and pluggable section,they dont sell the amp on its own. If its repairable which is doubtful it will be about $300
  6. would u be willing to sell the amp alone?
  7. The amp/module is new so it comes with a 1 year warranty was what the repair/tech told me, Is the enclosure,sub speaker not worth anything on its own?
  8. Im getting really confused about what to do. I just checked the specs of the Seismic 110 , 1,700 watts of Dynamic Peak Power; 850 watts of RMS Sustained Power. The DD10 is 1250/3000 i dont know what that means in real terms to be honest,or how low the two subs can go. The $1100 is for a new entire back section/electronics including the amp,with a 1 year warranty ,the entire sub was $4200 new in 2010,does that make it worth it? Does anybody have a ballpark about how much i could get secondhand for it with the new amp? Thanks for all the input people,much appreciated:)
  9. Thanks I was thinking the same thing,as it came out about 12 yrs ago,and being 10in it has its limitation,maybe buying a good secondhand sub might be the way to go,and when a cheap external amp comes up use that on the DD10 Ive seen some really good subs come up on these forums for around 2k How risky do u think it is going secondhand? Is the DD10 even worth $1100 on the secondhand market?,im worried the repair cost is more than i could sell it for.
  10. I should of bought it now that i think about it,it was the crown Xls 1000 1100 watts bridged at 4ohms,it doesnt say anything about peak watts on the website,would those be the maximum?
  11. I was going to purchase one from here the other day it was a crown 1000,but i thought it was underpowered as the DD10 amp output is between 1250w to 3000w peak so i thought it wouldnt work.
  12. Thanks for the advice. It is the the original DD10 not the plus version,im not happy that Velodyne make their products barely repairable according to a Velodyne repairer. Does anyone know what i can sell it for when fixed if i decide to upgrade? Thanks
  13. Thanks for your input:) I suspect overheating as well as when i had a look at the board it had scorch marks and,two capacitors were slightly disfigured on their tops.
  14. Thanks for that but,unfortunately its not the Plus version..
  15. Hi I have a DD10 that used to work for about 10 minutes than make a load boom ,then would stop working till i turned it off for a while,it eventually stopped functioning at all. I believe it needs a new amp,and was told that a new board that contains the amp would be required to repair it,that is about $1100 bucks, Do you think its worth repairing,i dont know the seconhand resale value of it,or would i be better off just buying a nice secondhand Sub on the forum for a little more? I dont know much about subs,what alternatives to getting a new amp from Velodyne are there?, Advice would be much appreciated Cheers
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