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  1. Those RIFA caps with the clear casing are a real fire hazard and are notorious for self destructing.Typically the case starts to crack,moisture infiltrates and POW !!!
  2. Yep that's good policy.I always work with a properly grounded antistatic mat on the workbench as an extra ESD precaution.
  3. Fair enough and I've just listed the recommended values,anything up to 9Mohm.
  4. Radio Parts actually sells a Wrist Strap Checker.Recommended resistance for a properly functional wrist strap is 750Kohm-9Mohm. Low ~750kΩ; Good 750kΩ~9MΩ; High 9MΩ~
  5. My experience is that it's best to err on the side of caution and regard all semiconductors as ESD sensitive. To stay ESD aware, here’s a quick list of some of the most sensitive electronic devices in use that is susceptible to damage: Microwave devices like Schottky barrier diodes and point contact diodes Discrete MOSFET devices Junction field effect transistors (JFETs) Charged coupled devices (CCDs) Precision voltage regulator diodes Operational amplifiers (Op Amps) Thin film resistors Integrated circuits Very high speed integrated circuits (VHSIC) Laser diodes Silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs)
  6. Felix,do you use an antistatic wrist strap? It's easy enough to kill an opamp with the odd stray "zap". As a Telstra tech we had it drummed into us "use antistatic precautions" especially when handling CMOS boards. I cringe when I see the local Jaycar staff handling semis without any consideration for antistatic measures.If it doesn't kill the device straight away it may well shorten it's lifespan long term.
  7. Looks like Linn Basik LVV https://www.vinylengine.com/library/linn/basik-lvv.shtml
  8. Michael Fremer has an online comparison of the Mani versus U-Turn Pluto at Analog Planet.At this price range neither is perfect of course but using good quality headphones I marginally preferred the Mani. https://www.analogplanet.com/content/u-turn-pluto-versus-schiit-mani-which-sounds-better
  9. There's a wealth of good quality comparisons here including floor and bookshelf speakers,headphones and phono carts. tps://soundcloud.com/lowbeats-magazine/sets https://soundcloud.com/lowbeats-magazine/sets/lowbeats-sound-oracle https://soundcloud.com/lowbeats-magazine/sets/lowbeats-sound-oracle-floor
  10. Looks like the first version of G-1040,mk 2 version had pillar/arm rest in black.■ Price 28,000 yen ■ Model Static balance type ■ Total length 336 mm ■ Execution length 237 mm ■ Overhang 15 mm ■ Tracking error  ■ Needle pressure range 0 to 3 g 0.1 g step ■ Arm height adjustment  ■ Arm base hole 20 to 25 mm ■ There is anti-skating devices ■ There arm lifter ■ lateral balancer  ■ cartridge self-weight ~ 14G 3 ■ line-to-line capacitance  ■ Release 1979 March ■ discontinued around 1986 ■ Remarks price is that of the 1979 around 32,000 yen in 1981 around G-1040/Ⅱ
  11. Kabusa super flexible arm wiring works a treat. https://www.kabusa.com/frameset.htm?/superflex.htm
  12. You're dealing with two opamps with vastly different GBW bandwidths,8Mhz vs 55Mhz.Any difference soundwise could easily be attributed to incipient instability in the 55Mhz device(LM4562). This opamp is going to need very careful layout and decoupling and forget about using sockets or it's going to be quite unhappy.At the very least you'll need a CRO to check for stability. https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/application-notes/AN-202.pdf
  13. William Thakker in Germany has good stocks of these.Have you checked his Ebay store- free postage on the Super OM20.
  14. Audio Technica quote their compliance at 100hz instead of the more customary 10hz.An approximate rule of thumb is to double the 100hz dynamic compliance figure to give a comparable result at 10hz ie. 14cu.This would result in a resonant freq of approx 12hz in the G707.
  15. Digikey.com have a good range of larger caps that may meet your criteria including examples from EPCOS,KEMET & Nichicon.I've found their service excellent with fresh stock and prompt delivery within a few days.
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