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  1. The next GTG will be at Christian s residence at Toowong on Saturday 19th May 2018. We will provide a BBQ lunch and some platters of dips and falafels etc. at Christian’s meeting. Usual club courtesy BYO soft drinks, wine etc. and nibbles welcome. Equipment: Christian’s equipment list below; Vinyl: Linn Sondek LP12, Rega RB300 JLTi Solid Diamond phono stage, Phil W copper ribbon interconnects Digital: MacBook Pro SSD, Audirvana & Tidal, Chord Hugo DAC , Curious USB Amp: Prima Luna DiaLogue Pro, KT120 tubes, upgraded by Mark Lenahan (stacked foil coupling capacitors & Jensen electrolytic caps) Speakers: Martin Logan Ethos, Analysis Plus cables.
  2. Pegasus

    QAC April 2018 Monthly Meeting

    It wouldn't have been a problem if you had contacted me before I had left home for the meeting.
  3. Pegasus

    SOLD: LPs

    I'll take them thanks.
  4. The next QAC GTG will be at Brian M’s Saturday 21st April 2018 at Everton Hills. We will provide a Indian lunch, butter chicken, lamb beriana, rice etc. Usual club courtesy BYO soft drinks, wine etc. and nibbles welcome. Source: Goldmund Studietto turntable and T5 arm + Ortofon Jubilee cartridge Pre-amp: Ben Duncan minimalist design with external left and right power supply Gustard X20U Pro makes up the digital side, with a Windows 10 computer to process flac files Power amp: tri-amped system; Bass – 300W DC coupled mosfet monoblocks; Mid – 250W Elliot Sound design – mosfet output; Treble – 100W Elliot Sound module mosfet output Crossover: Elliot sound electronic 3 way Speakers: Ariel Design; Bass – [pair] 10inch Scan-speak W8565 in ported enclosure Mid/Treble separate transmission line enclosure with Vifa 2x P13WH + Scan-speak 2905-9500. All electronics home built. Solid core interconnects
  5. This months meeting will be held on Saturday 17 March at Ingo B's residence at Alexandra Hills.
  6. Pegasus


    Contact me by PM and I will give you the meeting details. cheers, Andrew QAC Secretary
  7. Pegasus

    Pre Amp Request

    IMHO the JC1s deserve a better speaker than the 936s. I recently listened to a pair of Focal Sopra2s. See https://www.queenslandaudio.club/2017-october?lightbox=dataItem-j8s8ddyq I myself have a pair of older passive SGRs that feature the 13inch bass driver from the Focal Utopia. I've been running a P3/A21 combo. I recently replaced the P3 with a Sim Moon Audio P5. I would also suggest a better stand-alone Dac than using the one in the Oppo 205. cheers, Andrew
  8. That's pretty good pricing. I love my Stabi S. GLWTS. For what it's worth, Kuzma arms use Linn geometry, so will fit on a LP12. I just fitted a Stogi arm to my LP12 (yes I too have the luxury of multiple TTs, but will be selling my Pink triangle P Too soon).
  9. Pegasus

    QAC February 2018 Monthly Meeting

    The Queensland Audio Club (QAC) is a social club comprised of members from all walks of life who share a passion for audio. QAC members wish to share their knowledge, showcase their own systems and engage in social activity with like-minded people. QAC recognises that everyone is different in both tastes and interests so it doesn't matter if you enjoy classical, pop or heavy metal. It doesn't matter if you like to purchase high end gear or enjoy building your gear yourself. We are one big Audiophile family. To answer your question, yes we do cater for those who only have headphones. Members have set aside rooms for headphone use (and comparison) at several of our monthly meetings in the past few years. For an examples, see https://www.queenslandaudio.club/2014-october?lightbox=dataItem-j4hrl0333 https://www.queenslandaudio.club/2014-october?lightbox=dataItem-j4hrl0354
  10. Pegasus

    Classifieds Trader Feedback

    My two cents worth is that you win some and you lose some with the feedback service. Funnily enough, the only negative feedback I ever received on this forum was from someone who didn't buy something from me, after stringing me along for several weeks. He then had the hide to accuse me of being a time waster! Aside from that, most members who buy from me to provide feedback and I always provide feedback to those who I have purchased from. It has been my experience on this forum that buyers of low priced goods are more difficult to deal with than buyers of more expensive items of equipment. I am very wary of members who have less than 100 posts.
  11. Pegasus

    SOLD: FS: Cambridge Audio 740A (has dc error)

    Very funny John. For what it's worth, parts (circuit boards) are not available from Cambridge Audio for this amplifier. The build was subcontracted out to a nameless factory in China and there is no backup.
  12. The next GTG will be at Paul S’s on Saturday 17th February 2018 at Centenary Heights (Toowoomba). We will provide lunch at Paul’s meeting. Usual club courtesy BYO soft drinks, wine etc. and nibbles welcome.
  13. What about a Kuzma Stabi S12? Will take a 12inch arm
  14. Paul, if you want a REAL upgrade, I've decided to sell my Pink Triangle P Two. I don't need 3 turntables (Kuzma Stabi S and modified Linn Sondek LP12), plus I have a 2 year-old grandson who likes to "touch" stuff. I only have room for 2 turntable wall shelves. It has an external power supply. Brian Maddern at Decibel HiFi has a Kuzma Stogi tonearm that would bolt straight on. I could supply a barely used Audio Technica ATM-150 moving magnet cartridge as well. I also have a matching floor stand. I'd let it go for $1k (not negotiable) and the tonearm would set you back another $600.