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  1. The A31 is nowhere near the class of the A21. The power supply is much smaller and the capacitor storage is much smaller, which leads to a lesser ability to deal with large transients in your music. I have done a side by side comparison with a A31 and a A21 at A QAC members residence. The A21 ate it for breakfast. You'd be better off running a small mono amp in bridge mode for your center speaker, like a small Bryston 2B pro model for example (which I have done).
  2. For roughly half that you could buy a 2nd hand Parasound A21 power amplifier and P5 preamplifier/DAC. There was one such combo for sale in the SNA ads recently. Far better performance than the units you mentioned and substantially better build quality.
  3. You're not having a good run with new equipment are you 😧 For what it's worth, I had a AV tech here yesterday and he said that the quality of Samsung TVs have decreased dramatically in the past few years, especially when compared to the 8000 series you had before.
  4. Item: Onkyo TA/RW 400 Double Cassette Deck Price Range: Free Item Condition: Used Extra Info: This was donated to the Queensland Audio Club, but no member has claimed it. So it's free to any SNA member that wants it (pick up only - no shipping). Onkyo TA/RW 400 Double Cassette Deck It has Dolby B & C and has Auto Tape Selection (detects Normal, High Bias or Metal types). https://www.cassettedeck.org/onkyo/ta-rw400 https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/onkyo/ta-rw400.shtml https://www.vintageshifi.com/repertoire-p
  5. Winno, I'm probably biased, but my belief is that if you want the 1600s, go for it. You'll regret it later if you don't. Just remember that you might need a better amp to drive them to their full potential.
  6. As I have already told Winno, I own a pair of Ambience 1800 References. The References have far stronger and very expensive Neodymium magnets compared to the standard models. IMO the bottom end leaves much to be desired and I run a pair of 12inch Peerless subs driven by O Audio 500w plate amplifiers with the 1800R's. That way I get the best of both worlds. Some listeners are happy with the standard bass response, but I have 13inch Focal bass drivers in my SGR speakers, driven by a Pass Labs x250.5, so I might be a little spoilt in that regard. There have been some ve
  7. Just be aware that the Apogees need serious amplification to drive them properly. Have you had a chat to Graz about them?
  8. I've got a pair of Ambience reference 1800s that I've been thinking of selling. They have been fitted with completely new crossovers by Nigel from Speakerbug (used to be Greenwagon on SNA before Marc banned him). The original cross overs were poor design and used cheap capacitors and inductor coils. The ribbons were originally out of phase with the bass drivers. They sound absolutely magnificent now compared to how they were stock. I'm asking $5500 for them. They cost me a lot more than that to buy, collect and refurbish them. I had to drive all the way to Bo
  9. It's the same here. My study system sounds much better powered with Russ's former Elektra HD than with the previous Quad 505. I don't play any louder (my study is not that big a room) but there is more dynamics, especially in the bottom end as the Elektra has far more headroom than the Quad.
  10. The Elektra HD is not short of grunt. Both power and current. I have one in my study system It is a step up from my Parasound A21 (bedroom system). My Pass Labs X250.5 (lounge room system) is a big step up in current output from the Elektra. The X250.8 is a slight improvement over the x250.5 There was a x350 for sale here on SNA recently. But I've only seen 2 of those for sale in the last 6 years or so. There was also a Sanders Magtech power amp for sale on SNA recently for around $6k. In my opinion that one would blow the Elektra out of the water.
  11. I don't need one myself, but I'd like to nominate April Snow. She's come a long way in her audio quest in a short time.
  12. Speaking of Pro-Ject Tube Box DS, I recently bought one here through the SNA classifieds. During shipping the silicone rubber tube dampener came away from the valve. I'm trying to work out what to glue it back on. I'm thinking along the lines of a high temperate Permatex silicone https://www.repco.com.au/en/car-care-panel/adhesives-sealants/gasket-cements/permatex-high-temp-red-rtv-silicone-gasket-maker-85g-px81160/p/A5466471 I emailed Interdyn (the distributors) and they didn't have a clue as to what to use? Any experience / suggestions out there?
  13. Avoid the New England Highway if you can. Bloody roadworks everywhere, with unmanned stop lights set on 10 minute intervals. The traffic was banked up for over a kilometer on both sides last Sunday on the 3 sets around Stanthorpe. It was no better the Friday before. BMWs & Chrysler V8 Highway Patrol cars!
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