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  1. Item: Subwoofer Plate Amplifiers Price Range: As cheap as possible Item Condition:Used Extra Info: I have been given 2 subwoofers. Both have dead (and not repairable poor quality Chinese made) plate amplifiers. I am trying to resurrect the subwoofers and then donate them. I do the same with old PCs for local charities. So I am hoping someone will have a plate amplifier or two hiding away in a cupboard or other dark recess that they either don't want (clean out time) or will sell to me cheaply. thank you, Andrew Secretary Queensland Audio Club. Ipswich QLD Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  2. Also metho, turps, ammonia & dry cleaning fluid (nasty stuff that one).
  3. Chris, I have thinners, prepsol & alcohol here if you want to try them.
  4. Welcome aboard Graham. I'm out Ipswich way.
  5. I sold my Nitty Gritty RCM as the LPs would dish if I used steam to clean them. That was necessary for moldy records. I have a VPI 16.5. They do come up for sale occasionally at around $1k, but you need to be quick. I have had QAC members bring albums to me to clean after they had already been through a ultrasonic machine. They have always been happy with the results. If you have a large vinyl collection, a RCM is an invaluable tool.
  6. Chris, give me a call. I have a mate who is a retired electrical engineer and a valve fanatic. He's building me a valve MM phono stage at the moment. He lives at Buderim, but is coming down to Brisbane on Thursday. He does all my PC and audio repairs. cheers, Andrew
  7. You'd probably have more success and get more money buy selling off the components individually. I'd be interested in the Ortofon moving coil amplifier.
  8. I suggest you have a chat with Nigel (Green Wagon) at Speakerbug https://speakerbug.com.au/
  9. Save your money and upgrade to a better turntable / cartridge combo. An RP3 is a good starting point.
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