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  1. Dr Who

    Definitely a disappointing season. I think Matt Smith has been the best Doctor in the modern series and was able to draw you in by himself. In saying that I think the combination of Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman was brilliant, even my wife who hates Dr Who would find herself drawn into watching them, excellent onscreen chemistry. Peter Capaldi and Jenna combination took a bit to warm up to but it did end up working. The Peter and Pearl (Bill) combination has been hard to really draw an emotional attachment too, maybe it just hasn't been long enough? Agreed on the weeping angels, as monster the concept is brilliant and terrifying. Karen Gillan (Amy) apart from being in the Marvel universe now is also in the new Jumanji. The whole Amy and Rory and their daughter who ends up being River Song was quite a good piece of background storyline.
  2. Dayton WFA02 Https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-wfa02-multi-room-wi-fi-audio-adapter-for-ios-android--300-576 Same as a Chromecast but unlike the Chromecast it will actually take a wired Ethernet connection. Has a mobile app for control and I believe also a desktop app. I have a spare I could send you to trial to make sure you're happy with it, to save you ordering from Partsexpress or decibel hifi.
  3. Google WiFi

    Good to know the newer versions work better! Sounds like Unifi it is.
  4. Google WiFi

    What sort of issues have you had with the Unifi's Marc? They are at the top of the list for use in the next house so far. It seems they are the default recommendation everywhere you go. I'd like something that is integrated for ceiling mounting. Same reason we're going with ceiling speakers in most rooms as opposed to Sonos, Heos etc standalone units which you need to find somewhere to place.
  5. Universal remotes

    Cheapest place to get it is Office Works. $40 or $50 from memory.
  6. Bluetooth Car Speakers

    Something like this all in one option works well as you can integrate it into one of the boxes like when you buy a set of computer speakers. http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-kab-230-2x30w-class-d-audio-amplifier-board-with-bluetooth-40--325-102 make sure to also get the optional function cable set http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-kab-fc-functional-cables-package-for-bluetooth-amplifier-boards--325-110 They also do a 2x15wrms set but at 12-14vdc it is probably <10wrms so a little on the light side. They also do a 2x50wrms but probably overkill. They make special battery boards as well to make them fully portable but you need a higher voltage than you're usual car battery voltage for charging so may not be practical.. Otherwise if you wanted to use a separate Bluetooth module. http://www.parts-express.com/sure-electronics-aa-ab41136-bluetooth-40-audio-receiver-board-aptx--edr-12-vdc--320-351 Would then open you up to any range of small amp boards or even complete amps. Parts express have lots of options available.
  7. I'd suggest this is due to lots of Solar in the area and potentially may just be a whole bunch on one particular phase. Normal solution when they get this sort of scenario is to go out and change which phase certain houses are connected to to try and balance the phase voltages out again. Can be very difficult in some areas though if you are near the end of a line. This is also the sort of scenario I was referring to when the grid operators will activate the off-peak loads during "typically" on-peak periods to try and drag the voltage down.
  8. Sometimes they do that, sometimes they run all the houses in one street on one phase, probably depends on the street length. But even if we look at a street with 30 houses you are at least on the same phase as 10 other houses at worst 30 houses. Do you want to keep expanding to look at more of the network once we get bigger than the street.
  9. You realise of course most of the houses in the street will be on the same phase as well. Most times all the houses in a street will be on one phase then the next street the another phase and so on, (dependent on how many houses are in the street etc..). So given your logic he needs to worry about every other house in the streets aircon, pool pump, and so on. 99% of residential users don't have 3 phases into the house. Many will have 2 phases but as I understand it the second phase is normally the supply for your off-peak tariff so you can't connect anything else to it I'd assume. Reality is if there is a voltage drop at the plug it is either due to crappy old wiring from the board to the plug or an undersized mains supply cable. Both of which can be fairly cheaply upgraded. The more expensive option is the mains cable from the house connection point back to the pole etc. can be upgraded possibly. The bigger issue these days is with the huge amount of rooftop solar during the shoulder months where there is still lots of sun but no real need for aircon the street voltages can actually be excessively high. It has become pretty commonplace for the electrical network controllers to turn on the off-peak tariffs (hot water, pool pumps etc.) during the middle of the day in these shoulder months to try and pull down the network voltages. This was a scenario that you would never have seen
  10. Definitely a possibility. A bit like an Isobaric setup, unusual having both firing into the ported chamber. But there are so many different styles of enclosure configurations.
  11. Strongly disagree with this article! I thought Tarkin was excellent, I didn't even realise he was CGI till I read it after the fact. I was sitting there thinking geez this actor must be ancient by now how is he still alive after all these years! Leia on the other hand looked like a 5 min job throw in at the last second off a whim. Complete opposite to what that article reckons. In fact I saw the movie a second time with someone else now knowing he was CGI and I still couldn't tell. Unfortunately I think too many people get caught up in picking errors and poor effects rather than just enjoying the story.
  12. When dealing with low frequencies the shape of the cone has no impact other than for stiffness etc.. So it doesn't matter if it faces in or out it is still moving air. The only impact you may see in that scenario is the slightly smaller radiating area on the back of the cone due to the voice coil former taking up some of the surface area. Does the lower driver go into a sealed chamber as well?
  13. Adelaide Speakers

    Yep the absolute overkill construction of the ML cabinets means they actually should be far less dependent on a solid stand. As the cab should be completely dead. A poorly constructed cab is going to be much more reliant on a solid stand to help isolate it from the floor.
  14. Adelaide Speakers

    I realise that, that was kinda my point. The poster I quoted was commenting along the lines of how cheap looking the AS speaker drivers are. My point was the drivers in the AS speakers are really no cheaper in day to day terms than those in the Lenehan ML2 (appears to use a Peerless HDS a fairly decent driver) and that AS in this case weren't using a $10 driver and the ML2 a $250 driver (maybe the tweeter is I don't know). The fact is both speakers are built to very different price points, the ML's have had no expense spared in the cabinet and xover design utilising simple good quality drivers. The AS as well appears to have used quality drivers but without the same no costs spared approach to the cabinet and xover, of course as long as these elements are properly implemented the speaker is still capable of performing quite admirably.
  15. Adelaide Speakers

    The Lenehan use an $80 mid in a combined midrange/bass role. The As in this thread use a $55 mid in a midrange role only. I'm sure some of the cheaper AS speakers use some cheap and ready driver but I'm sure this and many other AS speakers are using drivers of similar value to many other companies that charge considerably more for there product.