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  1. Further information: Excellent router, no dropouts since switched to this Orbi. Getting 93 Mb/s consistently on mobile devices via wifi using this router. Stated coverage is 185 sq metres (approx size of a house or two apartments). Further extendable by satellites (not included). Have two routers so selling one. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  2. Reaching out to the collective wisdom for anyone who knows where I can get custom Perspex screens as a barrier? Also any idea how much? I’ve locked up as much equipment as I can in cupboards but the big 350w amp will overheat in an enclosed space. And its cooling fins are sharp enough to pose a hazard to little ones. Also conversely the cones on my floorstander speakers will be in continuous danger from little ones. Any other ideas with the impending arrival of a baby?? (Please don’t say sell my hifi system!!!!)
  3. Try googling your “[yammy receiver model] Apple TV 4K Atmos fail” together. It looks like there’s a bunch of possible reasons out there depending on your setup from HDMI cable (needs to be 18 Gbps capable), to system capabilities, to settings on your specific receiver that requires changing that may not be in your Yamaha manual. I investigated this awhile ago when weighing up requirements going from old Apple TV to Apple TV 4K with my Marantz receiver.
  4. Shout out to Tony at Antipodes who gave over an hour of his time today to help sort out my ham-fisted attempt at getting my DX to work with the new Roon app. Amazing. Thank you lots Tony!
  5. Item: Naim NDX 2 Price Range: PM to offer Item Condition: New or Used
  6. Anyone know what the audio output from Disney app will be on Apple TV or Android TV (eg NVIDIA Shield)? Had heard some streaming apps eg Amazon Prime is only 5.1 output on the Apple TV for example.
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