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  1. Sounds like a weird request... but can I see what the stands look like?
  2. obitankenobi

    SOLD: FS: 20 power point power board

    Only 50? You’re not doing it right
  3. obitankenobi

    SOLD: FS: SGR Signature HiFi Rack - 4 Levels

    Beautiful shelf. If only you had the two column rack! Dang.
  4. obitankenobi

    SOLD: FS: Isotek evo3 Aquarius

    What country power sockets?
  5. obitankenobi


    Did they come with the dolly trollies?
  6. Interesting... on the app I can’t see any details eg sale price, reason for selling, etc
  7. @Runaway - what are you using as DAC?
  8. I'm turning to the collective wisdom to see what alternatives there are for Roon users in the event Tidal kicks the bucket? I've been using Tidal with Roon for about a year now and it has transformed my listening patterns unbelievably so that I'm no longer constrained by the music on my hard drive alone but I can float with a musical stream of consciousness as I start with Beloved One by Ben Harper, listen to his Brazilian collaboration on Boa Sorte, then discover some South American tunes, then ... Anyone using any other streaming services together with the music on their hard drive?
  9. Uhh... you might want to edit or delete your previous post. It still has your mobile number.
  10. obitankenobi

    So I added an Ikea bamboo chopping block

    +1 I'll also vouch for them having an effect. Weird I know but seems to work Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Surplus to needs??? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. obitankenobi

    FS: Pass Labs x350.5 Amp ***Price Drop***

    Awesome amp. When driving B&W 802d's sounds fantastic Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk