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  1. Thanks Marc My apologies for my almost accusatory tone in those 1st 2 dot points. May I ask if its possible to perhaps move these 2 tv shows from the Movies to the TV forum please? and a quick browse through a few pages I found a couple more.. Or perhaps people could flag TV threads in the Movie forum that should perhaps be moved?
  2. Well.. Stoked finally have a 'firm' release date.. Listened to both 'new' songs invincible and descending and sound like Tool jamming with minor inflections on old themes/songs/riffs including the quintessential Tool drum/riff off finish on both songs. No doubt enjoyable to hear newish Tool after so long but left disappointed as hoping for something new like from Aenima to Lateralus to blow my mind.. though after 13 years what can you expect, and admittedly not the biggest 10k fan either (though a change in song order makes a marked difference), but Radiohead pulled a decade(s) later miracle out of the bag with the effing brilliant A Moon Shaped Pool. I never understood the legal troubles taking this long and preventing them from making more music, Maynard made 3 albums with Puscifer and started a winery, what have the other 3 been doing for 13 years? And also another APC album after a 14 year break which was pretty ordinary so also diminished my hopes for the 'new' Tool album.. Ah well.. we will see.. hopefully in 3 months..
  3. Hi guys, Posted this in a TV thread in the Movies forum and thought perhaps is a better idea to post it here.. There is confusion on where to post TV show discussions and they have been posted in these 3 threads: 1. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/202-digital-tv-general-discussion/ - Why is it still titled "Digital" when all TV is digital now correct? 2. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/267-subscription-and-streaming-tv-services/ - Why is the title limited to TV when streaming services offer both TV and movies? 3. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/217-movies-cinema-blu-ray-etc/ - Not the best place for them. To avoid this and any confusion how about instead: Digital TV General Discussion is changed to TV - Something, Something etc Subscription and Streaming TV Services is changed to Subscription and Streaming Services This way all TV discussion has its own dedicated forum similar to Movies, and all subscription/streaming services that encompass both TV and movies have their own forum too?
  4. The Day the Earth Stood Still, haven't seen it and only going by the Keanu remake.. Missed it by that much
  5. Maybe there should be? 2nd things 1st.. why is it still titled "Digital" when all TV is digital now correct? And why is the streaming service thread title limited to TV when streaming services offer both TV and movies? To avoid this and any confusion how about instead: Digital TV General Discussion is changed to TV - (Something, Something etc) Subscription and Streaming TV Services is changed to Subscription and Streaming Services
  6. Wonder Woman is DC New Spiderman I think is probably the best yet. No intention of watching Aquaman CGI eye-candy that somehow surpassed Bats v Supes at the box office (DC again) Agree human characters are ridiculous, luckily arrow guy is gone and Widow is only still around because ScarJo hotness. Favourite Thor - 1st movie was average, 2nd movie avoided, 3rd movie was great and was too cool in Infinity Wars. Least Loki - Dunno actor never made the role believable for me. Haven't seen Captain Marvel but hope that is not a spoiler for Endgame lol, though I spoiled the end of Infinity Wars all by myself by watching the very average Ant-Man & Wasp before it.
  7. This would make an excellent Frankenfido album cover
  8. Yeah I was unsure where to put this too? There are some TV shows in here but there are 2 other TV threads that are sometimes more technical but also have the occasional thread about particular shows.. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/267-subscription-and-streaming-tv-services/ https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/202-digital-tv-general-discussion/ Though the 2nd one is probably more appropriate for this thread? Hmm.. I actually started 2 other TV show threads in there so not sure why I started this one here, think it was because of the Killing Eve.. so its all @Darren69's fault
  9. Just Foxtel On Demand - https://www.foxshowcase.com.au/shows/barry/ Forgot to mention co-created with Alec Berg.. Barry is the best TV show you’re not watching (link)
  10. Better than I remembered, Shape Of Things To Come still my favourite track. Incredible album, and can't be too many sleeps now...
  11. A brilliant dark comedy about a hitman starring Bill Hader, I recommended it last year in the Killing Eve thread.. The 1st season was great but the current 2nd season has been incredible, and the latest episode 5 ronny/lily (IMDb Rating: 9.8/10 - 1,199 votes) was as someone at whingepool said a "batshit insane" 30 mins of TV!
  12. I said no more posts but.. Danny says April.. Maynard says No, mid May - mid July.. 2019?
  13. Enjoyed it too, Barry is also worth a look if you enjoyed this.. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/tv/barry/s01/
  14. Phew Yeah Stephen King is awesome, and a new Pet Sematary in 2019.. Couple more: Oldboy Clean, Shaven
  15. Surprised you haven't seen Reservoir Dogs if you've seen Pulp Fiction? Probably first one to check out. A few more: Possession As discussed in the other thread Come and See (confronting) The Hunt (subject matter) and from that perhaps.. Happiness Lilya 4-Ever
  16. Cool thread, quick few off the top of my head: Requiem for a Dream Irreversible Man Bites Dog
  17. I was disappointed with The Pacific, and really enjoyed Generation Kill but would put Band of Brothers first if only for "The breaking Point" alone, from start to finish one of the best episodes of TV that I can and have watched over and over.
  18. My 1st thought too, and searching found this old thread and perhaps The Beast (of War) belongs on that list. The thread became a discussion of great war movies and was here we were told about the incredible must watch Come and See..
  19. Can listen to this song on repeat though works best playing Aqua Dementia first..
  20. Awesome show! I had also given this a miss but after seeing the Shazam trailer I checked it out, and got hooked, a great show with high pop culture and geek factor, and full of lols and heart. Watching this through for the second time and just started S5. Adam Baldwin is great in this as he was in Firefly, guy kind of lucked out in two shows with perhaps limited success but huge fan bases.
  21. No comments? You are missing out on an awesome show 😎 S5 has been recently added to Netflix, and S6 which I thought was only an after thought and just a few eps is going to be a full season..
  22. S5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is online.. NINE NINE!
  23. Absolutely brilliant TV if a fan of this stuff, highly recommended. This was excellent, though is handy to have subtitles, agree the British make great gritty cop shows, also check out.. Happy Valley and S2 has just been added. Now for something completely different Please Like Me.. I've never been a fan of Josh Thomas and the cover put me off thinking was going to be him whining, and they should use this picture of the shows wallpaper instead. Was never sure if Josh was gay and seemed neither was he and apparently that was the case as he came out after they had green lit the show and started filming and then became part of the show. As the British do great cop shows Australians always seem to do brutally honest shows very well and this is no exception. It is a fun comedy show about early 20s friends but one that also deals with some very heavy issues like sexuality, mental illness, depression, and suicide. Surprised this has not garnered more attention as also recommended.
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