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  1. I am so tempted to give a spin but will wait for the album..
  2. I am so tempted to give a spin but will wait for the album.. aw crap wrong thread (faceplam emoji)
  3. Old thread and different band, but anyone know what happend to this project or the Cog boys?
  4. Giving this spin after just reading the news.. Johnny oh Johnny you're living so lonely Acting so tough but you're looking so scared Don't you see it ain't your drugs and your money It's about love and it's about care RIP
  5. Well they have been a bit soft for a while
  6. Man memories, I remember hearing Aenima complete for the first time, LOUD, working but living in uni accommodation in St Lucia in Brisbane with 4 other dudes all working, but the apartment was HUGE and cheap, and while enjoying a game of hall cricket.. Awesome! Oooh.. love me some Opeth! Incredible talent, and just gave Blackwater Park a spin yesterday but Pale Comunion has been spun reguarly of late.. cool, new album in September, well with Tool thats my listening sorted for September and October
  7. Cool protip @rowbo What we need is a new album advent calendar to count down, though I wish I was excited as when I had one of these as a kid once waiting for Santa, but.. Yep, sadly. I still don't get the long wait, and while Maynard has been off doing all his other projects what have the other three been doing for 13 years?
  8. This has been on regular repeat in the car for the last few months, especailly the epic Hearts Alive.. Mastodon - Leviathan
  9. Why do I keep coming back to this thread lol Anyway, word around the campfire is.. August 30
  10. TGTBATU (and OUATITW, but my favourite is the former) High Plains Drifter The Great Silence
  11. Arya kill was some payoff for all her faceless man arc, which I didn't enjoy much and upon learning it was a Mission Impossible thing even less, especially when she is mimicking people considerably taller than her. Yeah these 2 excellent villains, from the opening ep, one does bugger all and gets ninja wire-fu'd and the other crushed by rubble. Also there was so much strategically wrong with the Night King battle, eg sending in the Dothraki on their horses with normal blades, when planning they had no idea the red witch was going to return and flame their blades, so they would have been sacrificed as they were but with normal blades without slaying a single undead. Plus the Night King didn't raise them and charge Winterfell with undead Dothraki on undead horses. Talked about that at Whingepool before I saw the rewrite mention of the undead horses. Euron was the most ridiculous out of place and out of nowhere character shoehorned into any TV series pretty much. Especially when he left Dragonstone abondoned with its doors open when if he had moved in the Greyjoys would have one of the most impregnable castle and control the seas to the east and west and the strategic entrance to Kings Landing and made him a far more interesting believable relevant and integral character not just 'cool dude'. There is a for this show though, the books ended at book 5 / season 5 and so D&D had no source material to script from and wrote most of the last 3 seasons stories/dialogue/arcs themselves.. "Series creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, the showrunners, write most of the episodes each season."
  12. The Swingers - Counting The Beat Hadn't heard this in probably 3 decades, then heard it 3 times on the radio in the last 3 weeks or so, including yesterday and again today.
  13. Yeah biggest WTF for me was the Night King getting killed by Arya's ninja wire-fu! It was an open clearing and she literally appeared out of thin air? The White Squires who do SFA except pass their king his spears where in formation but back at the edge of the ring of people like everyone else, but apparently Arya moved close enough to them to make their hair move, then appeared 20 odd metres in front of them atop the Night King?? Not to mention the Night King touched her flesh.. An 8 season villainous threat, from the opening of the very first episode, and we get rickrolled like that? Pffft.. That rewrite is pretty on point.
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