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  1. I don't agree with this at all and I'd be one of those record/vinyl lovers that you're referring to and I certainly don't regard the format to be more important than the music being listened to. I also don't get feeling when reading the Vinyl Records - Currently Spinning thread either, as far as other contributors go and as I have stated previously here in this thread, I try to give details about the album and generally what I liked or didn't like about the album too. I don't post everything I'm listening to otherwise I'd spend all my time posting in currently spinning threads, be they vinyl o
  2. Welcome to StereoNET and I hope you enjoy your time here. Terrigal attracted my eye because my son and his family live in Terrigal and then blow me down, his name is Evan too. Cheers, Keith
  3. Yep, a very familiar approach, msb, especially as to what albums I post about, which I'm also fairly selective with. I rarely play CDs although I do have a large CD collection [can't bring myself to part with them] but the majority of my listening during the day would be streamed via the Bel Canto streamer. Digital playback though, CD or streamed, can't match the vinyl playback for SQ, so if I'm looking for the very best sound and I'm going to sit down in front to listen, it will always be vinyl. Cheers, Keith
  4. G’day, hope you enjoy your time here. Cheers, Keith
  5. Nothing stopping you from starting that thread and see how you go.👍 I’ll stick with the Vinyl Records - Currently Spinning thread for mine though and I only post them when I feel the album might be of interest to others here and I make sure I include the number of LP pieces, speed and the label too. I would play maybe one CD every two or three months and when I’m not spinning vinyl, I’ll be streaming music throughout the rest of the day, but if I posted every album I listened to, I’d do nothing all day but post on currently spinning threads.😄 Cheers, Keith
  6. Agree 100%, and if I’m playing an album which has coloured vinyl (a very small % of my record collection anyway) and I want to share that album, it will be going in the Vinyl Spinning thread too.👍 Interesting that even those that don’t have a vinyl rig are happy to voice their opinion about the Vinyl Spinning thread too.😳 Cheers, Keith
  7. Marc's comment above I find may apply to Simon's very old Currently Spinning thread, but I don't believe this thread has lost it's way at all, to be honest. I have seen the odd CD posted here in this thread and one particular member that posts I know does not have a vinyl rig, but generally those posting here are spinning vinyl and most include a pic of their TT in with the album jacket as well. Cheers, Keith
  8. I see this forum is now 'Vinyl / Records (ONLY) - Currently Spinning'..................did someone try and sneak a CeeDee in here? @Full Range Cheers, Keith
  9. Hello folks, I'm a real bluegrass tragic and I've been really enjoying The Dead South out of Canada lately. They have a terrific catalogue of bluegrass songs. Check 'em out if you haven't already.
  10. Songs: Ohia - Didn't It Rain. 33rpm 2LP on Secretly Canadian. Very good spare rock album with a little country feel on some tracks too.............very enjoyable. @scuzzii
  11. Welcome Gary, some great music and musicians coming out of Canada..............just listening to The Dead South, a great bluegrass band out of Saskatchewan. That Vancouver Island is one hell of a wild and beautiful place! Hope you enjoy your stay here. Cheers, Keith
  12. Hope it sounds good, mate, it was an album the Rev and I used a lot to tune the CH2s many years ago.👍
  13. I don’t know what you’re getting your little panties in a knot about........I frankly couldn’t care less and the vinyl is the best format remark, was made with tongue planted firmly in the cheek, knowing full well it would elicit the response I got from you. Why don’t you back up as far as you can and go take a running leap at yourself.
  14. Yep, that too😄.............but vinyl is still the best format.👍 I don’t care much what they call it on Tidal and I really don’t think Neil Young does either, but he just has an issue as to whose Master It is. Cheers, Keith
  15. I was a teenager in the ‘60s and the only format I can remember from then was vinyl and that’s what was played at home and at a party. Originally cassette was pretty ordinary and it was a struggle with add on noise reduction, which usually killed the dynamics. R2R gave some good results if you were doing the recordings yourself and even cassette tape was pretty good when Dolby C came along..........far better than most of the early CDs I heard and as a consequence, I never did go away from vinyl, as many did in the ‘80s. Vinyl is clearly the best format for music, but I still
  16. Still going!..........I did not mean the term in a literal sense, FFS, which I presume you know what it means. I was annoyed that I couldn’t play my saved playlist of Neil Young albums on Tidal is all, but let me repeat, I understand and support his stance, I’ll just need to go put a vinyl album on or heaven forbid a CeeDee instead!!🤪 Hope that clears it up. Cheers, Keith
  17. I know Neil Young can be outspoken and is protective of his own material, but I’ve not read too much criticism of him by record lovers for his stance? I have a big collection of NY albums on vinyl, but I will still listen to him on CD and as I often do, on Tidal too. When I couldn’t get his albums to play the other day on Tidal, I speculated to my girls that he probably cracked the sh1ts with Tidal and withdrew his catalogue. Cheers, Keith
  18. FFS, stuff him then!!😄 I’m a Neil Young tragic and love his music an I understand his stance...........I’ve got family visiting from Melbourne and Tidal playing out on our back deck has been getting a real workout, but tried to put a playlist of Neil Young on the other day and it wouldn’t play. The bugger him comment was meant in jest and I’m pretty sure you new that anyway. Cheers, Keith (PS) Back to vinyl I guess for Neil, but hard to get that outside on the back deck.😡
  19. Bugger him, I was wondering why I kept getting the notification ‘Asset is not ready for playback’ on any of his albums!😡
  20. I’m enjoying the show too and I think I’ve just watched episode 4 last week. It has a special interest for me though as the son, Adam, is played by a good friend’s son, Hunter Doohan.. For those on here that follow tennis, Hunter is Peter Doohan’s youngest boy and Peter played on the ATP Tour through the ‘80s and early ‘90s. We sadly lost Peter to MND in mid 2017 and I last spoke to Hunter at his dad’s funeral. It is great to see him doing so well and his dad would have been extremely proud of his boy. Keith
  21. Yeah, I don’t have much Gerry Rafferty and if I had any Stealers Wheel it has been long gone for decades. I read he was in Humblebums but I definitely don’t have any of their material.😄 Cheers, Keith
  22. Gerry Rafferty & Stealers Wheel - Collected. 33rpm 2LP on MOV label. Excellent, as are all the Music On Vinyl Collected series I've played.@scuzzii
  23. Robert Cray Band - That's What I Heard. 33rpm on Nozzle Records. Very good blues album from one of my favourite artists. @scuzzii
  24. Hello Rod, The Brinkmann 10.5 will go onto the Techdas no problem, you’ll just need an arm board from them or the Italian dealer to suit the Brinkmann arm. Cheers, Keith
  25. Hi Rod, I just picked up on John's @scuzzii post above and what he is saying is correct regarding the phono cable 5 pin DIN at the arm end and any termination you require at the other. Regarding the mounting, can you tell me what turntable you have? Depending on the turntable you have, you may need to have that manufacturer produce an armboard to suit the P2S of the Brinkmann 10.5, which is 244 mm. Cheers, Keith
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