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  1. I've had a couple of conversations with the old the old patriarch, Wyndham, at Expert Stylus and he is the type of perfectionist that would not allow anything to leave after repair, unless it was A1. My remark about hazarding a guess at who the seller might be, was made with tongue firmly planted in the cheek..............the remark would not be lost on several other members here who all know who I was talking about. Probably not the same chap, so you are correct to leave it as a mystery. Cheers, Keith
  2. Hi @Happy, I've had several cartridges uprgraded by Expert Stylus and I would recommend you go ahead with the repair............it will be 1st class and probably a much better cartridge with their Paratrace diamond fitted too. Expert Stylus are probably referring to that AT model or AT in general and thus the reference to the '60s. It is possible the seller was a bit dodgy and I could hazard a guess as to who that might be. Cheers, Keith
  3. BR1 Review

    Hello @Cardiiiii, the GTG at John's place went very well over the two days and the BR1s performed exceptionally well. There are some pics and more to read in the NSW GTGs forum here. The demo BR1s are actually with another SNAer now, after liking what he heard so much in John's room, he has picked them up on the weekend and is currently trialing them in his own system. Any Sydney SNAers that would also like to trial the BR1s can contact me by PM here and I'd be happy to try and organise their pick up and set up in your own system. Cheers, Keith
  4. Thanks, F, @Szeitszam for the fantastic, detailed review of your BR2s and we're very pleased they are performing so well in your system. I'm looking forward to seeing the pics of the BR2s in your system, but in the meantime, I'll post a pic of one of your BR2s before they were shipped them to you. Cheers, Keith
  5. Hi folks, Thanks for a great two days down there John and as usual your hospitality was first class, mate. Apologies for not responding here earlier, but I hadn't been well with a dose of the flu during the week leading up to the GTG and I was feeling a bit washed out by Sunday afternoon and still had a three hour drive to get home. It was great to meet so many SNAers for the first time over the weekend and what a terrific bunch of blokes to spend a couple of afternoons with too. All John's guests were clearly very knowledgeable audio enthusiasts and it is great to spend time with such like minded folk. The CH2s were superb as usual and the BR1s suited John's room perfectly. The shift by John to the Brinkmann 10.5 tonearm has given his system a clear lift in performance and that lift coming from a system that already sounded fantastic to start with. I thought the Whest phono stages performed marginally better than the Slee combo, offering a warmer presentation than the Slee, with a noticeably broader sound-stage and I felt the detail was on par, but that could have also been down to the Slee's less warm, more clinical presentation. I guess if nothing else and given the huge difference in price between both units, it just proves what sensational value the Slee combo actually is, at it's comparatively modest price point of a little over $2k. @metal beat LOL, Shane, I clearly had just finished swallowing a bucket of lemons, mate! I didn't realise John had taken that shot, so I'll see if I can get him back below. Cheers, Keith Our host enjoying one of his wonderful Wagyu sausage rolls and a glass of red. CH2s and BR1s in John's system. CH2s in John's system.
  6. Hey, it came that way! Didn't it?
  7. Been in high rotation here too for the past three to four months. One of my favourite discs this year. Cheers, Keith
  8. Great pics of a great system, John, looking forward to making it down to Sydney for that weekend and hopefully meeting some new Sydney SNAer faces too. The BR1s will be available for anyone wanting to have a listen to them, along with of course John's beautiful CH2s. I've had a lot of enquiries from Sydney members asking about the BR1s, so John has been very gracious and will allow me to leave them with him for a short while for anyone else who can't make it along on the 23rd and 24th to audition them. If you haven't experienced John's system, do yourself a big favour and send him a message and put your name down for one of those days on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of this month. John is a great host, you'll have a great time and you'll get to experience an absolutely fantastic sound system. Cheers, Keith
  9. Vinyl v Digital

    You're saying that your CDP is missing detail or the vinyl rig? I still think you're asking the wrong question, when you say, "how much would I need to spend to get that from vinyl." Probably the better question is, what would I need to buy to get that from vinyl. This, I am assuming is for getting that missing detail from your vinyl rig? Drop me a PM and I can give you some recommendations, not amounts to spend, but rather equipment that might work for you and someone also who might be able to help over there in Adelphia. Cheers, Keith
  10. Vinyl v Digital

    It doesn't come down to this amount of money compared the another amount of money................it doesn't work like that in this hobby and I wouldn't shop on price tag or necessarily brand either, although many here do. Going back a few years now, I had a Rega Planar 3, stock standard that I bought second hand, a stock RB300 tonearm and fitted with a Denon DL103 cart running through a relatively cheap SUT and a Slee Reflex M. That rig I know I had no right sounding as good as it did, but sound good it certainly did and I had it up against several expensive CDPs at the time and the vinyl rig had them more than covered seven days a week and twice on Sunday! All up including the SUT and Slee Reflex M would have been less than $2k, so I would say 'not a whole heap of money" for me would mean less than $2k. Cheers, Keith
  11. Vinyl v Digital

    What is 'best equipment' is really subjective, but no, you certainly don't need to spend a whole heap of money to get a vinyl rig that will outperform your digital front end. Cheers, Keith
  12. Vinyl v Digital

    LOL.................now come on, Trevor, you know there are no prizes for second place, mate, but good try anyway.
  13. BR1 Review

    Hi folks, I hope to be getting down to scuzzii's place later this month to have my first listen to his system following the introduction of the Brinkmann 10.5 tonearm and it is my intent, which I have cleared with John I hasten to add, to take a demo pair of BR1 loudspeakers with me and leave them with John to demonstrate to any Sydney SNAers who would like to hear the BR1s in John's wonderful system. Audition of the BR1s will of course be by appointment with John, but I highly recommend that you contact him and organise a time to have a listen. Cheers, ' Keith
  14. Vinyl v Digital

    Hi Lindsay,I posted here in Terry's thread mainly with the aim of poking some fun at the digital boys here on SNA, so most of what I've said above should be taken in that context, please. I don't wish to hijack this thread anymore than I've already done, so I'll shoot you a PM soon. Cheers, Keith
  15. Vinyl v Digital

    Shoosh, not so loud! I don't think you're allowed to mention those words here, are you?