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  1. The Beatles - Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Edition. 33rpm 3LP boxset. Fantastic!! @scuzzii
  2. Hello, E, great looking room mate. Have you got a small step ladder to get up and change your vinyl over? They look like Stuart's [SGR] stands too. Cheers, Keith
  3. I just checked my account and they took September payment late last week and it was $24.70 for the same level of yours Joe. I enjoy my Tidal streaming but would also have to seriously rethink $35.00 a month though. Cheers, Keith
  4. Ah, good chance mate. How's life down there in the People's Republic of Victoria?
  5. Do they run particularly hot?......Joe? I thought they were passive. Cheers, Keith
  6. Hello Rangi, don't over think this too much, although I do think Lee's suggestion above may be just a wee bit too big for your purpose!! I think you said that you tried to crimp the terminal jacks to make them a tighter fit over the pins on the Ortofon cartridge. If you're doing that in future, use a toothpick again inside the terminal jack when you crimp it down, as it will give you a bit more control over how far you take it. A good pair of tweezers or a small pair of pinch nosed pliers should be all that you would need to hold the terminal jack with......................it's not an overly difficult job to do. Cheers, Keith
  7. cheekyboy

    Tennis Talk

    Agree, Shane, it’s one thing to win two sets against Rafa, but to win three on clay against Rafa is a whole other thing.😄 I watched the match and Schwartzman did play very well, but he had a very tough match against Shapavolov in the semi and I reckon he’ll struggle to beat Djokovic in the final. Cheers, Keith
  8. Hello @Rangi, I’ve had this issue a few times and what I found the best tool to spread the terminal jacks slightly with is a toothpick. Be careful not to spread the terminal jack too much, otherwise you will be looking for something to crimp it back with. Cheers, Keith
  9. It certainly does. By comparison of course. I didn't think Suresh @pine weasel was referring to me, was he?
  10. I don't know, it's probably an age thing on my behalf, but I must be missing something that everyone else is seeing.................that would not be unusual either BTW! I'm aware Hoffman stated that he never did that with his mastering of the same 45 and 33 pressings and in that case, he is saying that the only noticeable difference would be the possible increase in loudness. If the masterings are by different individuals, I read his comment as meaning that there could be a difference in the end result and hence, I asked my final question you mentioned. If the original 33 rpm pressings were mastered differently to the MoFi DS 45rpm pressings and mastered by different individuals, why would it then be a moot point? No strong coffee after my post this morning, but a long drive down to the Central Coast and spent the day with the grandchildren. Hasn't really changed my thinking on this by being away all day though, but as I said, I'm probably missing something obvious here that I hope someone will point out to me soon!! Cheers, Keith
  11. Yep, fascinating indeed, but I do feel like I'm tiring a little bit. Specifically, I actually found these Dire Straits 45s to be not as loud as their equivalent original 33rpm pressing. I hasten to add that I'm not saying that is the case with all 45rpm pressings. Hoffman does say [see quote again below] that he would expect the 45s to be '2 or 3db louder, if cut by the same person in the same way.' You'll note too that he starts off by saying that you cannot compare different masterings to judge 45 vs LP. Are the original DS 33rpm pressings completely different mastering to these latest MoFi 45rpm pressings? Cheers, Keith
  12. I am?😳 I read he is saying there might be an increase in loudness but he qualifies that and that a difference, one way or the other, is possible if the mastering is done differently between formats. Were the original LP pressings mastered by Krieg Wunderlich and if so, did he vary that mastering from the 33rpm original pressings? I’ve used the term “my ears aren’t just painted on” here before and I know what I’m hearing when I have compared these DS albums. You’re a fair bloke, take up John’s offer of his MoFi pressings for a trial in your system and I know you’ll hear what we’re hearing too, because I’ve seen your ears and they’re not painted on either!😄 Cheers, Keith
  13. Only in volume. I don't know how else to say it. If you're hearing a big difference between a 33 and 45 of the same thing mastered by the same person after matching volume of both, their mastering moves are different for each version. That is all. Hello Shane, I’ll put a quote by Steve Hoffman below from that forum thread, but I’m doing this with my iPad and not a PC, so it’s a bit like white man’s magic to me, but here goes.🤪 “Sorry, had to run. I'm back. You cannot compare different masterings to judge a 45 vs. LP. It has to be the same song cut by the same person at two different speeds. When I say that the 45 is louder, I'm comparing it to the 33 of the same thing, cut by the same person in the same way. The 45 will be 2 or 3 db louder maybe, but that's it unless they change their mastering style for one speed over the other. I never did that..“ Cheers, Keith
  14. Steve Hoffman does indeed know his stuff and I’ve spent a lot of time on his forum too and I have some recollection of that particular thread, which pretty much has Hoffman supporting the 45rpm format, other than the usual too much getting up to turn the disc and it breaking the flow of the album. @artaudio is saying that 45rpm pressings aren’t any quieter than his LPs, which is certainly possible, but depending on the mastering, they could be. He also says that the 45s don’t have any more dynamic range and again that is true, but not necessarily, depending on how they are mastered. The point I was making is that I couldn’t recall anywhere in this thread that anyone has said that and that is not what Hoffman is saying either, to be accurate. The other thing that artaudio has said, is the 45rpm pressings have many other issues and I for one would like to know what these many other issues are. Cheers, Keith
  15. Hello artaudio, that is interesting as I’ve followed this thread fairly closely and I can’t specifically recall the claims of reduced surface noise or better dynamic range being attributed to 45rpm pressings, so I’d be very appreciative if you can point me to these claims?😊 Seeing as I own a reasonable amount of music on 45rpm pressings, can you please let me know what these many other issues are that you mention above? Cheers, Keith
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