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  1. Willie Nelson - That's Life. 33rpm 2021 release on Legacy label. Very good collection of Sinatra covers and delivered with Willie's impeccable style. Great recording too.
  2. Shintaro Quintet - Evolution. 2LP 45rpm 2021 release on Streetnoise Records. Just sensational. Thanks John @scuzzii
  3. Thanks, Simon, for letting us know that you've made contact with John, he's a terrific bloke and GSP in general are just a great business to deal with. I've had some very recent email correspondence with John and he has been quite unwell with side effects from his second Astrazeneca jab, so good on him for getting the loaner Reflex M off to you so quickly. The Enigma PSU1 upgraded power supply is a very worthwhile upgrade for any of the Slee products and I can highly recommend it to you over the stock PSU1. I'm sure John would have told you, but leave the Reflex M powered up 24/7 i
  4. Good to see you back, Andy, and the room is looking good, albeit a completely different room to the last time I was at your place. Cheers, Keith
  5. Hello Tax, I listened to that arm many times but I can’t recall handling it and certainly had little to do with it compared to Duc’s Univector tonearms. I’m certain it isn’t a unipivot bearing and I would rate it a high mass arm and match with a low to medium compliant cartridge. Cheers, Keith
  6. Another Blue Note Tone Poet series, thanks John @scuzzii Herbie Hancock - My Point Of View. 33rpm on Blue Note label, Kevin Gray remastered release 2020 and origianl release 1963. It doesn't get much better than this folks.......simply superb. Herbie Hancock on piano, Donald Byrd on trumpet, Grachan Moncur III on trombone, Hank Mobley on tenor sax, Grant Green, guitar, Chuck Israels, bass and Anthony Williams on drums.
  7. Hello Simon, I wouldn't rubbish the Whest phono preamps as I'm sure they make a very fine product, but so does Graham Slee and the remark here earlier @andyr that a Whest phono stage would kill a Slee phono stage is exactly that........rubbish!! You're in the UK, so drop John Cadman or Graham himself a message here and ask about the UK Loaner Program, which will allow you to trial any of their world class phono stages in your own system and all free of charge. Good luck with the search. Cheers, Keith
  8. Paul Chambers Quartet- Bass On Top. 33rpm on Blue Note label, Tone Poet series 2021 release and original release 1957. What a superb recording this Kevin Gray remaster is and Paul Chambers on bass, Kenny Burrell on guitar, Hank Jones on piano and Art Taylor on drums are just sensational musicians. Thanks John @scuzzii
  9. cheekyboy

    Tennis Talk

    Yes, well done to Novak, one hell of a competitor over five sets and I think that was the difference last night. I got to bed around 3:30 and probably should still be there, but glad I sat up to watch. The win keeps the possibility of a Grand Slam this year alive, so it will be really interesting if he manages a win at Wimbledon. Novak also joins a very small club alongside two aussies, who have won all four slams at least twice. Cheers, Keith
  10. cheekyboy

    Tennis Talk

    Yeah, Ken and Roger are good examples at playing well up to and into their 40s, but they don’t or didn’t put anywhere near the physical impact on their bodies with their playing style like Rafa has and Jimmy Connors did, which was the point I was trying to make. Another player with great longevity while we’re at it was Pancho Gonzales……….check that record out.👍 Cheers, Keith
  11. Welcome, monsta, from a old former Novocastrian…………..where’s the fresh meeting at?😄 Cheers, Keith
  12. cheekyboy

    Tennis Talk

    I think Rafa has at least a couple of good years left, but it is a hell of a grind to win 7 best of five set matches on clay, but I think he has another French Open in him yet. Rafa has had his share of injuries and he is a very physical style of player and he is red lining on every point, but think back to one Jimmy Connors and you could not have got a more physically demanding style, yet he was still playing to a very high level at 39 & 40 years old. Cheers, Keith
  13. cheekyboy

    Tennis Talk

    Seeing as this is a tennis talk thread, the Twin Towns Open at Tuncurry on the mid coast of NSW started yesterday and it was great to go locally and watch some very good matches and I'm looking forward to watching plenty more over this long weekend. NSW closed Country Championships are also held here in two weeks at Forster/Tuncurry, so a real treat for tennis fans in this area.👍 Cheers, Keith
  14. cheekyboy

    Tennis Talk

    Yep, it was very good tennis, but thought Rafa faded in the last few games. I wouldn’t be that quick to write Rafa off as gone though, especially at the French. Soderling beat him there 10 -11 years ago and the only other player to do that, twice now, is Novak. Glad to see a Tsitsipas v Djokovic final and looking forward to it. Cheers, Keith
  15. That is Hotel California, which was indeed released in '76, although Glen @gat474 I'm sure was referring to 'The Long Run' which was definitely released in September 1979. Cheers, Keith
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