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  1. I'm not surprised it sounds a little better and at a minimum, what you need is another printer box for your LHS loudspeaker! All jokes aside though, they look to be about 2 metres apart now, centre to centre, but they do look like they could be a bit higher. A set of stands that gets the tweeter at around 90cm would be ideal and my guess the top of each stand will need to be 65 - 70cm from the floor to achieve that. Cheers, Keith
  2. Hello hlov, that is interesting and I don't claim to own every Neil Young album, but I'm reasonably up to date with his discography and I've never heard of a Neil Young album called Trans. Do you have a label and maybe a year it was released? Edit: Did find it..................Geffen label in 1982. Will try and have a listen. Edit 2: Just reading about this Trans album, I doubt he was told what to do by the record label, but rather many of the songs were recorded in that way in an attempt by him to communicate with his disabled son. Cheers, Keith
  3. I'm curious too @hlov. They're a diverse group of artists you've mentioned there and just to take Neil Young as an example, I can't imagine him doing any particular style of music because someone forced him to. Cheers, Keith
  4. I was assuming too, that your room is very small, but if you can get your listening position back to around 3 - 3.5 metres, you would find a massive improvement in performance if you could get those Kefs 2 - 2.5 metres apart as well. Cheers Keith
  5. Ah, I was going to comment a while back now, but I thought no, he would only have the Kef standmounts stored alongside the system rack...........I figured the speakers you’re listening to must be well apart and out of the picture. Their current position is near field listening and that’s fine, because your listening room obviously must be very small. They do need to be up on stands though, or temporarily on anything that will get the driver centre at about 85 - 90cm from the floor...................a couple of milk crates or something similar under each loudspeaker will probably do the trick. I’ve heard the Kef Q350s and they are a delightful sounding loudspeaker. Hope this helps. Cheers Keith Edit: I note now having read on in the thread, that others have also advised you on placement of your loudspeakers on stands or other furniture pieces. Regarding height, you should try to get the HF driver at around your ear height when you’re seated in your listening position............85 - 90cm is a good approximation for most.👍
  6. It's hard to make out...........is it Jack White? What's the white vinyl like? Cheers, Keith
  7. New palatial settings? It looks like the same room I’ve been in, but unfortunately, not for too many years now @joz. Looks a little different though, but that’s probably because the Illuminators aren’t there. Cheers Keith
  8. Yeah mate, he was a big influence on many of the jazz players that followed and when you go back to the basics, he was a jazz pianist who had a great voice and a good ear for what was going to be a commercial hit. He also took jazz away from the very large bands and worked with small bands and that opened the door for many smaller bands to follow and be commercially successful. Cheers Keith
  9. Nat King Cole - The Nat King Cole Story. 5LP 45rpm Acoustic Sounds release. My memory of Nat King Cole goes back to my early primary school days when mum and dad would play Nat King Cole records on our HMV three in one player. These 38 tracks are re mixed and mastered by Acous-Tech Mastering, Gray and Hoffman and they've done a superb job here and the result is simply stunning. Cole was a prolific hit maker and we can be happy that he was too, as he departed this world far too early.
  10. Fleetwood Mac - Tusk. 2LP 33rpm on Reprise Records. One I haven't spun for a while, so correcting that today. Not the commercial success of a couple of their other albums and I'm not sure why..................one of my favourite bands and Tusk has some of their best work on it, I reckon.
  11. I’m a big fan of Cohen and Cave and it is funny you say to you Leonard Cohen sounded ‘Nick Cavish’...............I’m sure it was the other way around though, with Leonard Cohen being a big influence on Nick Cave. Cheers Keith
  12. That is really sad news. I heard earlier in the day that Joe Diffie at 61 had died from complications from Covid-19 and now another country music legend in John Prine is on a ventilator in ICU..............terrible news.
  13. Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks. MoFi Original Master Recording. 2LP 45rpm. Yep, it is a PITA getting up and changing record sides every two or three tracks, but with the likes of this pressing, it is well worth the effort. MoFi have done an excellent job with this album and I can highly recommend it to you.
  14. you+me roseave. Just a delightful album, great songs and two very polished performers. you+me is a collaboration between Dallas Green from Alexisonfire/City & Colour and I'm sure you'll know Alecia Moore, even though I didn't.
  15. Reports are saying that Joe Diffie has died from complications related to the coronavirus. Joe was only 61 and country music fans will be very familiar with his music.................RIP Joe.
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