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  1. Item: Natural Timber Round Dining Table Location: Forster NSW Price: $4,000.00 now $1500.00 Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Custom made for a customer that was unable to take delivery and now it is simply taking up too much space in the workshop and has to go! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT. Extra Info: A rare opportunity to buy a unique round dining table, professionally hand crafted using recycled Australian hardwood timber. Will sell for $1500 dollars just for it to go and make urgently needed space in the workshop. This is a new table and well finished in the TC Loudspeakers tradition......................it’s value is well over $8000 dollars. The table is located in Forster NSW, at the manufacturer's workshop and to view the table and any further queries contact me by PM and I'll give you details to contact Tony at TC Loudspeakers. Pickup is from Forster and the buyer is responsible for transport costs. More photos and full specs for the table here.
  2. cheekyboy

    My System this morning

    LOL, Grumps, I thought the same thing, that they must be named after some bad bit of a race track or a crook hand in poker.
  3. cheekyboy

    Room Query

    Hello NKMA, it's normal for the bass to load up in the corners, but you are probably sitting in a position in that room where the bass is being sucked out. First consideration should be to place your listening chair where the bass is best and if that is in one of the corners, that would be where you probably should place your listening chair. This of course is probably not going to be ideal for many reasons, but you could try swapping your listening position and sit back against wall A/B. You might also find you have less negative interaction in the room if you place the speakers along wall B/C and listen across the room.............that gap over your right shoulder and behind your listening position in that configuration could be of assistance. Good luck with it and you should try different loudspeaker placements first, even if it is a small movement and you don't think it will make much difference. Cheers, Keith
  4. cheekyboy

    No more riding for me

    Hello R, my guess is the tree hardly felt a thing.
  5. cheekyboy

    No more riding for me

    Just caught this thread, Marc, wow, it really busted you up. Hope you recover quickly and well. My son had a major stack on a mountain bike in Kosciuszko in 2017 with very similar injuries to you, when he was high ended going down hill on a track pretty quickly, but no tree involved. He's fine now and still riding, but I'm not sure I would be. Cheers, Keith
  6. cheekyboy

    Aus Open Tennis

    Yes, Shane, there were many great players that couldn't play till the open era started in 1968, but the standouts for me were Gonzales, Rosewall and Laver and it is subjective, but I think Rosewall was the best. Cheers, Keith
  7. cheekyboy

    Aus Open Tennis

    Thank you too for that, I wasn't aware of her Wikipedia entry, but I'll have to take a look now. There have been lots of stories over the years, not just the obvious ones, but also those that fall through the country cracks of tennis along the way and most of those would probably be of little interest to the majority here on StereoNET. Cheers, Keith
  8. cheekyboy

    Aus Open Tennis

    Hi Jeffk, if you want a good site for tennis stats, take a look at Steve G Tennis Been around for decades but a really good site for that sort of thing. Have a look at Rosewall's domination in the pro ranks during that time he couldn't play the Grand Slams. Cheers, Keith
  9. cheekyboy

    Aus Open Tennis

    Apologies, it was the first Open tournament in 1968 and you're correct, it was the French, not Wimbledon. Ken is a lovely bloke and I was lucky enough to be part of two week long squads/clinics that he ran in the late '60s in Sydney and I was the only country boy selected in them and it was a real honour to be there and to be taught by Ken. We all got to play several sets against Ken over the course of each week and we all thought we were pretty good, but if he didn't want you to win a point, then you weren't winning a point! He would have been in his mid to late 30s at the time and was such a good mover and had incredible ball control............I think the best 1st volley I've ever seen. Cheers, Keith
  10. cheekyboy

    Aus Open Tennis

    Hello Bill, FYI, Rosewall played Roscoe Tanner twice. 1974 Wimbledon Semi Final - Rosewall won in four sets, surface was of course grass. Rosewall was 40 years old and Tanner was 23 years old. 1977 Australian Open R16 - Tanner won in four sets, surface was grass. Rosewall was 43 years old and Tanner was 26 years old. Tanner was a pretty good lefty with a very good serve, particularly on grass, but on the two occasions they met, Rosewall was well beyond his best years and Tanner would have been close to the peak of his game. I'm sure Rosewall would have disliked playing Tanner especially on grass, but Roscoe was not in the same league as Ken and he would probably be the first to admit that. I often wonder how Roscoe Tanner is these days, as he has spent a lot of time in and out of prison in the last 20 years or so..............I hope he's OK, he was good to watch playing tennis, especially on a fast court. Cheers, Keith
  11. cheekyboy

    Aus Open Tennis

    I think Ken Rosewall would have been a great tennis player in any era and it doesn't surprise me for him to make a comment like you've quoted. Rosewall has 8 grand Slam singles titles, but he was not eligible to play the Grand Slam tournaments from 1956 to 1968, when the game went open. That was 12 years away from the majors at the time he was for most of those 12 years, the undisputed best player in the game.............that's around 50 Grand Slam tournaments he was not able to compete in while at his peak as a player . I think Rosewall would have amassed a Grand Slam singles record beyond Roger's 20, but we will never know unfortunately how many more he would have won had he been able to play the Australian, French, Wimbledon and the US during those years? There were a lot of great players around during those years too, with Laver winning his first Grand Slam in 1962, turned pro and was dominated by Rosewall on the pro circuit for the next couple of years. Even Roy Emerson, great player that he was, won all his Grand Slam titles during those years that Rosewall was not able to play them. Actually, the first Grand Slam tournament of the Open era was the French in 1968 when all players could compete, both amateurs and pros together and yes, it was won by Ken Rosewall. Another consideration during most of Rosewall's career, the weather was no cooler back then, they still played best of five sets at the Grand Slam tournaments, they were all advantage sets too, so no tie breakers back then and they didn't sit down at the change of ends, they just walked to the other end of the court and got ready to serve or receive. I'm not sure a lot of today's modern players would be able to handle those conditions to be honest. Cheers, Keith
  12. cheekyboy

    Aus Open Tennis

    Rafa and Novak, what absolute class acts they both are...........please take note B. Tomic and N. Kygrios. I doubt they would have been closing the roof for the presentation, Shane, but perhaps there was a threat of rain. You had a great ticket in the women's final, it was a cracker this year. I agree with you about Novak in 2019 and it will be interesting to see if he can match Rod Laver's effort in '69. Cheers, Keith
  13. cheekyboy

    Aus Open Tennis

    Well, I was thinking early in the 3rd set that the women's final was the ticket to have this year. Fantastic though to watch Novak at that level and you have to remember that Rafa is not easy to beat on any court, let alone in the final of a Grand Slam and let alone with a score line like 3, 2 & 3........wow!! 15 Grand Slam titles for Novak now, so can he get to Roger's 20? Will/can Roger extend that and how many more French titles does Rafa have in him? Novak has got to be Rafa's biggest hurdle this year in adding another French to his list of Grand Slam titles.............should be a very interesting year at the top of men's tennis, particularly if Novak can win the French title this year. Cheers, Keith
  14. cheekyboy

    Aus Open Tennis

    I did contact Jon by PM and yes, he did respond and explained that his comments were not directed at me and that I must have misunderstood his remarks. I guess that is the trouble with interpretations in posts and why I also told Jon, that I would be more than happy to participate in a thread about Osaka and her possible mental health issues, should he like to start one as a new topic and as a new thread. I agree with Jon that it is a discussion we should indeed have, just not here in this thread. Anyhow, back to the Australian Open please and what a sensational start Novak has had, currently with the first set in the bag and on serve in the second. I was in Rod Laver Arena back in 2012 and that was one of the greatest tennis matches between these two I have ever witnessed............I hope this one can come close tonight, regardless of who wins. Cheers, Keith
  15. cheekyboy

    Aus Open Tennis

    I don't think Osaka has mental health issues and my comments were along the lines of a very good tennis player and a breath of fresh air to the game. If you want to make it into something else, well that's your business and you're entitled to do it. I prefer to talk about the game, the matches we're watching and the tennis in general terms with regard to the Aus Open, as the title of the thread reads. I'm sure Osaka is well looked after and has a strong and supportive team around her. I've had a couple of very close family members with mental health issues and I'm more than familiar with having to deal with them. This is a thread regarding tennis and more specifically the Aus Open, so if you want to discuss these issues or whether I'm ashamed or not, send me a PM and I'll give you a contact number and we can discuss it privately, but not in this thread. I must admit that I've struggled with my own demons of late and in the last 7 - 8 months, I can assure you that life has a way of blindsiding you when you least expect it, believe me. Keith