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  1. No worries zippi, I thought you were talking about Wimbledon. Stephanos did really well at the Australian this year and he is a very thoughtful and generous bloke too...............he'll be good for the game.
  2. I agree that Pat Rafter was a bloody great tennis player, you don't get to No 1 in the world if you're not! Reading some comments here that people are finding Rafa and Novak mechanical and boring, but when you look at Rafter's game, he built it entirely on being able to serve and volley, first and second ball and doing it frankly better than any other player on the planet. The thing is though, that many tennis fans back when he was playing would say that his style of tennis was boring, they didn't see long rallies anymore and there was a concerted effort by the boffins that run the game, to try and slow the game down, to have more baseline rallies and deter the serve and volley players. I think they've gone too far in that direction though, but the racquet and string technology these days is so much better then it was even ten years ago. I've been watching my nephew compete over the last week or so in the NSW Country Champs in Forster in both the senior event and the juniors. It is amazing the amount of pace they can hit the ball with now, still maintain control and get the ball up and down and keep it in................this is all down to the racquet technology and probably even more so, the strings. No, Tsitsipas defintiely lost first round, have a look here. Yeah, I thought McEnroe's pronunciation was pretty funny and he continued with it despite the other commentators pronouncing it correctly.
  3. I presume you mean Tsitsipas who was seeded 7 and lost first round to Italian Fabbiano. Zverev and Thiem didn't fare any better than Stephanos and both lost in the first round too. Zverev was seeded 5 and lost to the Czech Vesely and Thiem who was seeded 5 lost to Querrey from the US. Cheers, Keith
  4. What an absolutely sensational men’s final. That 23rd game in the 5th.........incredible! It’s a pity someone had to lose, but well done Novak, Wimbledon number 5 and slam number 16.
  5. Yep, and probably more so with Novak than Rafa, Martin. Roger has lost the last three against Novak and even though he lost the last outing against Rafa at Rolan Garros [but who beats Rafa there anyway!] he was 6 - 0 head to head against Rafa going back to 2015 prior to that. It'll be different on grass of course because clay is not Roger's favourite surface, with hard court probably his best surface, but he's pretty handy on the Wimbledon grass too! Cheers, Keith
  6. Welcome, John, hope you enjoy your time here on StereoNET. My youngest daughter has just built a new home near you at Diggers Rest and that whole area is not a bad part of Melbourne. Like that vinyl or nothing comment too! Cheers, Keith
  7. Shane, I've got no evidence that Rafa is a drug cheat and I do know these players are tested constantly throughout the year. Apart from all that though, Rafa is a class act and a great ambassador for the game and Kygrios is the exact opposite, IMO of course. I may be old fashioned in this regard, but the sooner Kyrgios and Tomic finish their careers and get out of the game, the better....................there is nothing that can be said to condone their behaviour on or off the court.
  8. I was cheering for Jordan Thompson and disappointed that he lost, so go Rafa!! Tomic was pathetic and only turned up to collect his first round prize money. Well done to Ash Barty, that was a tougher match than the score indicates, both from the mental hurdle of getting past that first round and the fact that Zheng has a pretty decent grass court game.
  9. Hello Miles, welcome and I hope you enjoy your time here on StereoNET. Hey @djb, have you resigned from doing all the welcoming here and handed the baton onto @Music monster Cheers, Keith
  10. Come on mate, that's a bit selfish! Everyone else aside, what about @djb when he calls in for a visit and a listen to that beautiful vinyl system?
  11. Haven't played this album for years, but it was a go to demo back in Melbourne and I'm wondering why I haven't pulled it out more often up here now. A collection of very good songs and sounds, everything from thunder storms to planes flying across the sound stage, it is a great album to show the best from your loudpseakers, that's for sure...............don't be scared to turn it up a little!!
  12. Wow, a lot of my favourite albums in that lot, mate. Mighty Sam McClain, Clare Teal and Keb Mo just mention a few
  13. Except if your name is Bjorn Borg.
  14. Hello Martin, Torben Ulrich was similar to Rosewall in that he played well into his late 30s and early 40s and I was playing Metallica's Black album for someone here only a few days ago, but didn't think of Lars being Torben's son. I was fortunate to see all those players you mentioned above play live, but with the exception of Arthur Ashe. It was a great era of tennis, especially for Australian players and for me, Sedgman and McGregor led the way, followed by Hoad and Rosewall. Emerson and Stolle, Newcombe and Roche..............a few very good doubles combinations there! Cheers, Keith
  15. Welcome, John, @Roadrunner8699 Are you in the Forster/Tuncurry area? Hope you enjoy your time here. Cheers, Keith
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