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  1. Yep, me too I guess.😳................but I still have absolutely no idea what the issue was here.🤪 Cheers, Keith
  2. Hello Markie, I must have misunderstood your original comment.....................see quote from your original post below. Should I not interpret "only when the stylus is in contact with a record" as meaning while playing a record? And then there is this.................... If the noise from tapping the suspended metal deck is not the problem/ phenomenon/ annoying issue, what is it that is concerning you? Cheers, Keith
  3. Agree totally, aussievintage, and I think the best way to eliminate this problem is to simply stop tapping the plinth while a record is being played. Cheers, Keith
  4. You could well be right, I can't see a spring there, but the resolution on my screen is not that great. I know tapping any surface that a tonearm is connected to will feedback through the pick up and arm to the loudspeakers if it's playing a record at the time. Maybe the sign behind the turntable is a bit of a clue! Cheers, Keith
  5. That's true and that is how I read the description too, but the tonearm is connected to that metal plinth, so I figure it wouldn't matter if the metal plinth was suspended, if you're going to go tapping the metal plinth, I wouldn't be surprised you're going to hear that. Cheers, Keith
  6. Hello Markie, I agree with Andy in that your tonearm looks to be securely fixed to the metal plinth, so tapping that plinth would have to resonate through your loudspeakers with the stylus in contact with a record.......................this of course would be amplified with more volume applied, as you say. If you want to stop that tapping noise, I would suggest not tapping the metal plinth while your records are playing, or alternatively, you'll need to isolate the tonearm on a separate arm-board with appropriate damping, depending on the construction of this arm-board.
  7. Hello folks, I proffered here in this thread last month, a pair of BR1s built from Camphor Laurel natural timber. Around the same time, I had a mate from Queensland stay over on his way home from the Central Coast and he asked if he could listen to my CH1s that I had stored away. Well, they're still sitting where the BR2s once were and I'm still trying to work out why I had them stored away for as long as I did. I was sitting having a very long session with them yesterday and I thought, to me anyway, that they certainly meet the criteria for this thread, so I hope you agree. I built thes
  8. Phil probably not there today, being a Thursday? Each album come with a new MoFi inner sleeve? Cheers, Keith
  9. Hi Jeff, I take it there are no issues with the proximity of the pick-up to those amplifiers? Cheers, Keith
  10. Future Islands - As Long As You Are. 33rpm on 4AD label. Just a very good album and one of my favourites currently.
  11. Howe Gelb - Future Standards. 33rpm on Fire Records. Very laid-back album and probably better suited to a late evening with a good single malt.
  12. Jimmy Barnes - Freight Train Heart. 33rpm on Mushroom label. What a great rock album and a perfect follow up to Working Class Man.
  13. Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls - Gossip. 2LP 33rpm on Mushroom label. I'm a Paul Kelly tragic and Dale and I would catch him live at the Espy and other venues around Melbourne every chance we got. I love his music and he was great live, on his own or with Uncle Bill [Gerry Hale] or the Stormwater Boys back in those days. Great to listen again to some of his older songs on vinyl from the mid '80s.
  14. I was around 10 or 11 years old, so it would have been 1963 or 1964 and it was a clay [antbed] backyard court on Main Road, definitely not bitumen. I hadn't been taught by a coach at that point, but had been playing socially with my folks for a couple of years, so I only spent a short time with lessons in Glendale. The coach was a school teacher by the name of Rodney Brent and I ended up being handed over to his dad, Frank, for coaching at another backyard court in Adamstown, which was the then Solgleam Club. Cheers, Keith
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