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  1. Item: Tang Band, B&C Speakers & Eighteen Sound Drivers [See list below] Location: Forster NSW Price: See pricing below Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT. Extra Info: I'm listing brand new drivers below from manufacturers B&C Speakers, Tang Band and Eighteen Sound that are no longer required by TC Loudspeakers. Ribbon Tweeter 2 x Tang Band - RT-1516SA - 8ohm. $90.00 for the pair + shipping. Tweeters 6 x Tang Band - 28-1582S - 8ohm. $100.00 per pair + shipping. 8 x Tang Band - 28-11776SB - 8ohm. $40.00 per pair + shipping. 2 x Tang Band - 25-1744S - 6ohm. $40.00 for the pair + shipping. Woofers 4 x Tang Band - W6-659SA - 8ohm. $40.00 per pair + shipping. 6 x Tang Band - W6-658SA - 8ohm. $40.00 per pair + shipping. 4 x Tang Band - W6-789E - 8ohm. $60.00 per pair + shipping. 4 x Tang Band - W6-1108SD - 8ohm. $60.00 per pair + shipping. Full Range 2 x Tang Band - W8-1772 - 8ohm. $360.00 per pair + shipping. 2 x Tang Band - W4-930SA - 8ohm. $30.00 per pair + shipping. 8 x Tang Band - W4-655SH - 8ohm. $30.00 per pair + shipping. Woofers 14 x Eighteen Sound - 6ND430 [6" drivers] - 8ohm. $140.00 per pair + shipping. 2 x B & C Speakers - 6NDL38-8 - 6ohm. $120.00 per pair + shipping. Pictures:
  2. No worries, Ian, although I think perfection is impossible, but feel free to keep chasing it! Amplifiers should amplify, regardless of whether they're tube or SS and they both have their pros and cons. It would be a mistake though if you based your purchase purely on the fact that it was either tube or SS. I think you might have been trying to advise us to trust our ears and I think that is good advice and it should be applied to not only amplifiers, but loudspeakers and source equipment as well. Cheers, Keith
  3. People with good systems and good hearing could be somewhat subjective, wouldn't you say, Ian? Perhaps, listen with your ears would be the way to go, although pretty obvious I'd say. Glad you are staggered with valve amplifiers, but I have heard a few valve amplifiers that were very ordinary indeed. I've also heard plenty of outstanding valve amplifiers, but I wouldn't be saying that all valve amplifiers are better. Cheers, Keith
  4. Surprisingly good soundtrack and I haven't yet watched the film, but I think I will be soon. I'm surprised, not so much from the performance of Lady Gaga who is excellent here, but rather how good Bradley Cooper is. Cheers, Keith
  5. Very good recording on Groove Note from jazz guitarist, Anthony Wilson.
  6. Relaxing with a bit of Bill Frisell on a Sunday morning. Cheers, Keith
  7. Hello Pim, Tony is up in Queensland at the moment and I've sent him a message to call me, as I may be able to open the workshop where the table is stored. Can you PM me with a contact number please? Cheers, Keith
  8. Hello Terry, You were a better chance when you were down in the Port Stephens area, but unfortunately we have not sold a pair of CH2s to any customers in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area. An audition is possible in Sydney or Melbourne. The CH2s are a sensational loudspeaker and currently, John's @scuzzii system highlighted here in this thread has improved over the years with each upgrade to John's vinyl front end, including cartridges, tonearm and phono stages that all gave significant lifts in performance, to the extent that I regard this system now to be one of the best sounding systems I've ever heard............and I have been fortunate to have heard many very good systems. With regard to John's CH2s, they have moved/lifted with every upgrade John has made and it makes me wonder just how much more improvement there could possibly be. I hope you get to hear a pair of CH2s and if you're ever planning on being in Melbourne or Sydney, let me know and I'll see if I can arrange an audition for you. Cheers, Keith
  9. Hello, Mick, I don't suffer from Tinnitus badly, but I do have a couple of mates that have severe Tinnitus and one is a member here too. He may pick this up, but I'll drop him a PM and see if he'd like to respond. Cheers, Keith
  10. There is some reference to events in Season 1 in Season 2, but both stand alone well.............both good seasons too. Cheers, Keith
  11. Well done, @rodders3, it did seem like the only way you were going to get that Delos cart to align properly. Typically, I would expect at least 20 - 50 hours of playing for that cart to come fully on song too. Cheers, Keith
  12. Looking at that pic you've posted, it looks like there are jacks at the end of the tonearm too and they are impacting the cartridge. Perhaps a new set of cartridge wires with smaller terminal jacks, especially at the tonearm side. Sorry I can't offer any better solution. Cheers, Keith
  13. Here's an old pic of a set up I had using an SME arm and you'll note that the terminal jacks are pretty long. Because of the offset angle of the headshell, very similar to your tonearm, you can see that the cartridge really can't impact with the tonearm wiring. Is your P2S distance correct? Cheers, Keith
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