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  1. Animal Logic - There's A Spy [In the House of Love]. 45 rpm EP on Virgin Records. Animal Logic was a collaboration of Stewart Copeland, Deborah Holland and Stanley Clarke and this is quite a dynamic recording and a pretty good pressing too and I like the three songs as well, but I probably bought it more for the cover if I'm being honest!
  2. Australian Crawl - Sirocco. 33rpm on EMI label. I've had this 35 - 40 years and it's still sounding great.
  3. Ian Moss - Matchbook. 33rpm on Mushroom label. Great aussie rock album from a great aussie rocker.
  4. The system they claim was used is their 'Gain 2 Ultra Analog'. Cheers, Keith
  5. Santana - Santana. 45rpm 2LP Original Master Recording - MFSL. An incredible blend of blues, rock and latin rifs. @hlov
  6. Hello, H, yes, Vinyl Eye was my business. I have my own copy of Abraxas on MFSL 45rpm and also Santana on MFSL 45rpm and both are very good pressings. I've had a quick look and it would seem unfortunately that Abraxas on MFSL is discontinued, but it is available on their numbered limited SACD though. Santana is still available though on MFSL 45rpm numbered ltd edition. Cheers, Keith
  7. Hello, H, I also have that pressing and it is my 3rd favourite Dire Straits album and side 2 is particularly good. I sold a lot of MoFi pressings for years with Vinyl Eye and thus generally ended up with a copy of everything I sold, but SQ wise they could be a little hit and miss, especially some of the early Original Master Recordings. They did a very good job with Brothers In Arms though. Cheers, Keith
  8. I'd like to hear it John, but the original Australian pressing I have does sound pretty bloody good here and not shrill either, Glen...................could be just my old ears though!! I like 'Life Death Love and Freedom' and 'No Better Than This' from his more recent releases and his 2016 John Cougar album is not bad either. I have a few more original pressings here to play and they are 'Uh-Huh [Polygram - Australian pressing],'American Fool' [WEA US pressing], 'Nothin' Matters and What If It Did' [WEA US pressing], and 'Big Daddy'' [Polygram US pressing]
  9. What about this one, John? John Mellencamp - Scarecrow. 33rpm on Polygram Records [Australian copy] This album was out a few years before Lonesome Jubilee and I don't know, this album I would have had for well over 30 years, it's on I reckon 120 gram vinyl, it's dead flat and still sounds bloody fantastic.
  10. John Mellencamp - The Lonesome Jubilee. 33rpm on Polygram Records [Australian copy]. I've been a John Mellencamp fan for decades and thought I give some of his early albums a spin today. Still sounding very good indeed.
  11. Neil Young - After The Gold Rush. 33rpm on Reprise. This is a relatively recent limited edition re issue, but 50 years on and this is still a great album.
  12. Neil Young/ Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Psychedelic Pill. 33rpm 3LP on Reprise. I'm a big fan of Neil Young, but particularly when he's playing with Crazy Horse. I saw Neil Young and Crazy Horse at the Bimbadgen Estate in the Hunter Valley [Cessnock] back about 5 years ago or so and I knew at the time he was touring and performing exclusively this album, Psychedelic Pill, so this album was in very high rotation in the months leading up to the show at Bimbadgen. I thought it was fabulous, but unfortunately it was obvious that the vast majority of the audience were disappointed, because he played only two old standards, well known Neil Young songs during the entire performance. When Neil Young and Crazy Horse first walked onto the stage that night, they stood in a circle and did Driftin Back and it was sensational..................no acknowledgement of the audience until it was finished, well over a half an hour after they walked on stage.
  13. Gerard Presencer - Groove Travels. 33rpm on Edition Records. A great big band recording with some real impact and presence..............just a bunch of bloody show-offs to be honest.
  14. That'll get your bass drivers pumping, Ken! Cheers, Keith
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