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  1. Hello, Andy, no need to apologise mate. I hope @Richard Tremain can answer some of those questions I asked, because a lot of it doesn't make sense to me. Anyhow, I was asking @Richard Tremain whether he was making these changes by lifting or lowering the stylus or lifting or lowering the tonearm base, not relative to a level tonearm [which I presume your level is the centre line of the tonearm parallel to the record surface?] I based my math on 5mm change at the tonearm base resulting in 1 deg of change in SRA for a 9" tonearm [I'm working on 1.0 mm of change in tonearm
  2. I'm glad you accept that some people can't detect changes in SRA, but just to qualify what I stated earlier in this thread, I can't hear minute movements of the tonearm base manifesting in an audible change to the sound of the record. Certainly, movements that result in more than 1 deg of change in SRA are generally regarded to be able to cause an audible change. I'm not sure what you mean when you mention connecting cables to the output of a cassette player, or for that matter what that has to do with detectable changes in SRA? I'm a big fan of Willie Nelson, so I'm with you on that
  3. Yeah, as I said, I was reluctant to get involved for this very reason. If you can hear a change in sound by lifting or lowering the tonearm base by 1mm, then good luck to you, but I’ve not been able to achieve it, however, I’m obviously not as clever as the great Allen Wright!,🤪
  4. I'm curious as to what you mean by 'relating other settings to 2nd place'. I can't see the context and you didn't quote anyone and I'm probably too lazy to search back through this thread to see where it is. I've been reluctant to get involved in this and I've read some comments about VTA/SRA that, as you say, don't make any sense. It is generally agreed that you need at least 1 deg of change in either direction to the SRA to achieve any audible difference and using a 9" tonearm you would need to lift or lower the tonearm base by around 4.5mm - 5.0mm in order to achieve that 1 deg of chan
  5. Yep, I had that long association too, but not as far as being employed there. It was Klosters I went to for vehicles for my own business back in the mid to late ‘80s, so their return business was certainly very strong. When I think about it, it must have been ‘69 when dad bought his XW GT because I was working in 1970 and he bought that when I was still at school. I wish I had that car parked in a garage today actually!😄 Cheers, Keith
  6. OK, I probably should have been clearer, but you were being fairly cryptic too! I got that you were talking about the cubic capacity of a ford engine, but my post to you initially was a show of mock indignation at your blatant off topic remark. I'll have to brush up on my attempted cryptic comedy, me thinks. Cheers, Keith
  7. I certainly do know Klosters at Hamilton and I went to High School in Hamilton too. My introduction to Klosters went back to my late teens and my dad's business had a good relationship with them and dad bought his XW GT from Kloster Ford, circa 1970. I was hooked on Fords and in particular high performance V8s from an early age. Was it a motor mechanics apprenticeship you did there? Cheers, Keith
  8. Just to get back on topic, I saw John @scuzzii post this album up earlier today and it is a very good collection of America songs.............thanks mate. America 50th Anniversary - The Collection. 33rpm 2LP on Rhino label.
  9. Thanks, FR, I’m not as one eyed as I use to be, but not that long ago, if I cut myself I bled blue.😉 I’ve just been adding them up and I get to 7 different Fords that I have owned that used 351 cubic inch motors, mostly Cleveland, but a couple Windsor 351s as well. The ‘what’ was an exclamation of it being ‘off topic’...........it is your thread, so apologies for going off topic.😊 Cheers, Keith
  10. Que?😲..............off topic, really!😄
  11. Yep, single driver TLs when done right are bloody hard to beat. Our CH2s are still one of my favourite loudspeakers and you've got to look hard to find a multi driver loudspeaker that will better them. This album below would have sounded great on your old TLs and SET amps.
  12. The best examples of both are going to do the job very well, 2 way or 3 way. What happened to the 1 way full range single driver loudspeakers in your listening quest? Cheers, Keith
  13. The Wonderful Sounds of Female Vocals - 33rpm 2LP on Analogue Productions/Quality Records. Great collection of female vocals and a terrific recording. Thanks John @scuzzii
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