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  1. Love how they get the full R performance drivetrain, even if it dilutes the R brand a little more. Wonder if this spells the end of the Golf R wagon. Between this and the Arteon R shooting brake, I think there's a lot of fragmentation in the product line-up now.
  2. This was one of my favourite games *ever*! I had a thing for the Ferrari Testarossa when I was growing up, then the Holden Commodore VL SS Group A Walkinshaw. I never thought I'd ever be driving a Golf R wagon!
  3. I have one as my daily (ex @betty boop) and one that's currently in for repair. There's nothing else that's obtainable for a realistic price that will touch this in terms of audio quality. There are still spares of the DSP board available (at a price! but they exist despite the Internet telling people otherwise) and the main thing that goes wrong with these is usually the capacitors, which can be replaced with higher grade ones to prevent any future issues at a component level. From your images, it looks like your unit was kept exceptionally ventilated so I'd be confident that the new owner shouldn't run into any such issues. Sadly I can't justify owning a third! Nice to see that you have the POA-A1HD! I bought one secondhand that's currently being attended to for some very serious repairs (two channels, plus the VU meters). Are you planning on selling yours at some point?
  4. The gory details! The missing pieces are safely kept away in a zip lock bag. The replacement tweeter looks a bit different, though... (see 3rd and 4th for different speakers). Did I get the wrong tweeter?
  5. Thanks! Just letting everyone know that they were able to swap the tweeter over for me. $950 which seems to be the going rate, but they had one in stock! Plus, they are located two minutes from my office and gave me an excuse to go to the office for my weekly visit Also some very nice gear in that store. Got very distracted by a pair of 1028Be's sitting there which are tempting me - might have to pop back at some point to have a listen...
  6. Item: Pair of full range Magnavox 8WR Mark V 8 ohm speakers in cabinets. Seen better days; one faulty (treble only) Price Range: Free! Item Condition: Very much used. Some damage to boxes. Drivers look okay but not brilliant. Extra Info: Pickup from Croydon North 3136 Victoria A pair of Magnavox 8WR 8 ohm speakers with enclosures. Both have old connector plugs on them but cables are included. Front grilles pop out so you can get to the drivers. Only one of them works properly - the other is treble only. Could be repairable or a fun project. Drivers allegedly top out at 12kHz.
  7. Never owned any pre-recorded material. but still have all my minidiscs (some still sealed) and various portables and two decks (JE330, JB980). Not selling any of it just yet though I'm trying to get my hands on a battery for the MZ-RH1 as the battery is no longer made and the only ones still available are 10 years old and fetch three figures. Sigh!
  8. @Reminiz posted on another thread suggesting that they are after a MD deck. Could be worth sending them a message!
  9. I still use my MD gear on occasion! JB980 deck, MZ-R90, MZ-R55, MZ-R91 (needs repair - my original unit), MZ-R900 and my pride and joy, the MZ-RH1 (which uses a proprietary lithium polymer battery that nobody makes anymore). Never purchased a pre-recorded disc, as I never got around to it but I did a lot of bootlegging of local ska music gigs in the early to mid 2000s. I'm glad to see that minidisc.org is still running, although it hasn't seen an update in over a decade.
  10. A lot of the older MD decks have rubber belts for their loading mechanism that can fail and cause issues with the eject mechanism. They are a bit fiddly to replace, but the part costs around 15-20 bucks shipped on eBay. If you can find an old Sony deck with that issue that they don't wish to repair, you might be able to score a bargain! Also, WTF, the JB980 is selling for more than I paid for mine. y i k e s.
  11. I'm not really sure where one goes to upgrade *from* these... I'd be genuinely interested in these, but sadly I'm about 12-18 months away from having the house of my own to put these in (assuming the housing market dips a bit and I still have a job)... I mean, I could put them in the corner of the living room in their boxes and hope the cats don't figure out how to open them and hope my mortgage broker doesn't ask about the hole in the bank account... These are an endgame speaker for me. Hopefully a pair just like these comes up in a year's time. But I'd be lying if i said I wasn't going to be open to a Bad Decision(tm) if there's a price drop that makes this too good to refuse.
  12. The obligatory "if they were in Melbourne..."... I'd consider these in lieu of replacing the tweeter on my 1007be's. Curious to know how much better the sound would be, though!
  13. Fancy seeing you here! I was eyeing this off - a third channel on a power amp (for a front surround stage) is super, SUPER handy. This would be +/- in the same league as the A32. I highly recommend you buy it, because I've run out of space (and budget) for more amps (for now) and I don't want to make bad decisions!
  14. Nice! My pair of K712 Pro headphones does not have a "made in... " moniker, so assuming they were made elsewhere (purchased new from an Australian dealer). I suspect if you are in the market for a pair of these, you are better off buying these than buying new! Good luck with the sale. These are amazing cans and the replaceable cable is a really nice touch coming from the K701.
  15. Literally just found out that the R35 with a front panel standby button unlike my R32 which requires me to reach around the back to turn it on/off every time (*and* has 12V trigger support - neat!). I very much love my R32 and it cost me a pretty penny (it's one of the few components I purchased brand new), but the extra usability of not having to reach around to the back of the unit is somewhat attractive. Curious if anyone has heard one and compared it to the R32. Is it worth the extra cash? I also note there's an R15 as well, to sit below the R35, which seems to be at a similar price point of the outgoing R32. Keen to know more!
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