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  1. I find a lot of the cost seems to be associated with logistics and shipping. Buying vinyl from overseas usually attracts 20-30 AUD shipping (or more). I usually buy from JB when they do their 20% off vinyl sale, but I missed the boat last year on that one. I've run into a bigger issue with vinyl than financial, and that is that I've run out of room to store it all. So I've put the brakes on my vinyl purchasing to at least slow to a few titles a year until I have a bigger place to store it all.
  2. Woah! Someone call the police - this price is criminal and costs less than a current repair I have booked in for the same model. Yikes.... this is also the cheapest I have ever seen one of these go for in AU. I can't justify owning a third (heh) but for current owners who need spares, this would be a great pickup. The audio section in this beats everything for pure audio quality until you step up to the likes of Datasat and Trinnov. I can't believe this is still available.
  3. I recall Lincoln Dale loaning me some Cisco Nexus 5K gear (when it was new) to run some LAN gaming events with. Hearing some great names being dropped in this thread
  4. Curious to know more about this box. Looks like 10G. Noisy? My "audio" needs when it comes to switching and routing is something that doesn't sound like a jet engine. That means the 40GbE switch that I would dearly love to kick into production is sitting on the floor collecting dust. The house is such that I don't have a single space where loud, screeching fans can't be heard from a nearby room where either sleeping, or audio listening takes place. Plan is to ensure the next place has a garage with sufficient space to drop an APC NetShelter CX in there and then I'm sorted, but u
  5. Came here to see what people thought of this. They come in significantly more expensive than the 8500H. The big kicker is that with all that "HDMI 2.1 upgradability" stuff that was going on, there's no 8K60 support on the X8500H; a lot of the tech made it into this one, though! The amp appears to be the same design, or at least incredibly similar to the X8500H. I really do wonder why there was no upgrade architecture developed for these. At least the good news is that there should be some cheaper X8500H's out there. I'm not sure what 8K sources exist yet, but all I need i
  6. I'm using ARC so I can run the Apple TV directly in the Sony X95G to get Dolby Vision. I'll test with the Apple TV via the Oppo as an input to see if I still get the delay. Unfortunately I haven't got anything else that supports ARC to test the output of the TV to see if that's the source of delay.
  7. Hi, Firstly, apologies for bringing this up here or if this is not the appropriate place. I've exhausted other avenues and wish to leverage the experience from people here if possible, in resolving this issue. I purchased some rather expensive (for me) audio gear around the start of the year from a member, as they responded to a WTB listing I had. Everything seemed legitimate until I received the gear and noted that there were a few issues. They suggested I contact the manufacturer and after I brought the equipment in to be looked at, am staring down the barrel of se
  8. Might still be on the hunt for one of these in working condition. I purchased from @Gtr35 and the amp had several faults and he is no longer responding to any attempt at contact to resolve the issue (two channels faulty, all three VU meters not working, hum from one of the transformers). Here's hoping there's a better example out there.
  9. Heya, If you're looking to transfer a bunch of MDs to digital, the easiest way to do this is with a mid to high end deck with optical out (I'd recommend the JE480 or JB980) but they seem to be hard to get. The other alternative is the MZ-RH1 which is the final Sony Hi-MD portable that allowed full PCM uploading and transcoding of ATRAC material originally recorded to traditional MDs. This is possible for material that was recorded via line in or mic input (but not NetMD transfer). If you're just after a way to transfer recordings from MD discs, I'd be happy to assist.
  10. Love how they get the full R performance drivetrain, even if it dilutes the R brand a little more. Wonder if this spells the end of the Golf R wagon. Between this and the Arteon R shooting brake, I think there's a lot of fragmentation in the product line-up now.
  11. This was one of my favourite games *ever*! I had a thing for the Ferrari Testarossa when I was growing up, then the Holden Commodore VL SS Group A Walkinshaw. I never thought I'd ever be driving a Golf R wagon!
  12. I have one as my daily (ex @betty boop) and one that's currently in for repair. There's nothing else that's obtainable for a realistic price that will touch this in terms of audio quality. There are still spares of the DSP board available (at a price! but they exist despite the Internet telling people otherwise) and the main thing that goes wrong with these is usually the capacitors, which can be replaced with higher grade ones to prevent any future issues at a component level. From your images, it looks like your unit was kept exceptionally ventilated so I'd be confident that the new owner
  13. The gory details! The missing pieces are safely kept away in a zip lock bag. The replacement tweeter looks a bit different, though... (see 3rd and 4th for different speakers). Did I get the wrong tweeter?
  14. Thanks! Just letting everyone know that they were able to swap the tweeter over for me. $950 which seems to be the going rate, but they had one in stock! Plus, they are located two minutes from my office and gave me an excuse to go to the office for my weekly visit Also some very nice gear in that store. Got very distracted by a pair of 1028Be's sitting there which are tempting me - might have to pop back at some point to have a listen...
  15. Item: Pair of full range Magnavox 8WR Mark V 8 ohm speakers in cabinets. Seen better days; one faulty (treble only) Price Range: Free! Item Condition: Very much used. Some damage to boxes. Drivers look okay but not brilliant. Extra Info: Pickup from Croydon North 3136 Victoria A pair of Magnavox 8WR 8 ohm speakers with enclosures. Both have old connector plugs on them but cables are included. Front grilles pop out so you can get to the drivers. Only one of them works properly - the other is treble only. Could be repairable or a fun project. Drivers allegedly to
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