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  1. Hi all, I've recently purchased some B&W DM601 S2s however after receiving them, both woofers are stuck inward and have no moment on them. When hooked up, I can hear a very faint noise from the woofers. I would guess that the courier may have dropped the box, as the nautilus tube on the back from one of the tweeters was loose inside the speaker box when I received them. Googling suggested that there may have been magnets internally within the woofer that may have moved. Is this likely? Is there a fix to this or am I tossing these (the secondhand value on these aren't really worth spending 100s on repair). Before they were shipped, one woofer was blown (but still moving just fine) and the other one was in perfect working order. Thanks!
  2. SOLD: relisted

    I've still got one of these in daily service! The comments re: 4 ohm loads are indeed correct, but for anything else, this was up there with the separates at the time. With *two* discrete 8ch inputs (EXT-IN 1 and EXT-IN 2, something I really wish my AVP-A1HD had), you can easily connect a Blu-Ray player such as an Oppo and/or a high end SACD player or even an HDMI audio extractor. The quality of the amplification is really unmatched by today's crop of integrated receivers. There's also a way to configure the SPDIF channels as a single EXT-IN digital multi-channel input (4x2ch coax SPDIF). In terms of getting these serviced - I had dry solder joints on the amplifiers that cost around 300 or so to get repaired and the amp has been doing daily service ever since. The folks at Quali-FI here in Melbourne are familiar with these units. Sadly, I don't really have a use for another!
  3. Was great to meet everyone at the dinner! Here's some photos from the event.
  4. Woah. BTC is trading at 20K AUD now! Insane! Friend of mine just bailed and cashed out his ~10 or so BTC. Plenty more people I know buying in!
  5. Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    My Sansui SC-3330 deck is sadly in need of repair - looks like it's going to need new belts and there's something wrong electrically (loud humming sound and VUs are 100% whenever I attempt playback). Hopefully not going to be a complicated fix - that deck did an awesome job in its day and did a top notch job of metal tape recording. I still have my (sadly not 100% working due to battery terminal issues, but will work with an AC adapter) AIWA J202 Mark V recording walkman - got that one for my birthday when I was in primary school and it was literally the best day of the year. My grandmother would buy me a ten pack of BASF Chrome Super II tapes for Christmas for a few years in a row (I had a few Chrome Maxima tapes but not many) - they'll be packed away somewhere. My parents had (and still have) a drawer full of classical music recorded to Maxell XLII tapes. @[email protected] I had one of those Maxell VHS-C tapes for when my dad would let me play with the camcorder!
  6. Item: The Space Project 7" "box" set RSD release Location: Melbourne (3136) Price: $90 Item Condition: NM records, slight damage to outer box as pictured where there is a tear in the opening (but still unplayed/unopened) Reason for selling: Impluse buy during RSD Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Purchased this as an inpulse buy during Record Store Day and have yet to give it a spin. Listened to some tracks elsewhere and thought it was alright, but couldn't get behind swapping discs every five minutes. Reviews: https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/19271-space-project/ http://www.nme.com/reviews/album/reviews-various-artists-15246 Pictures:
  7. Has anyone gotten their hands on a pair yet? I'm still on the wired QC-25 cans and am considering an upgrade as I have never been completely impressed with their sound quality, although noise cancelling is on point. I also love the ability to make great phone calls in a noisy environment (eg nightclubs) - I'm told the QC35s do an even better job of environmental noise cancellation for the remote caller, too. I do like the ability to use them without a battery, though.USB-C is a really useful feature, as that's one more device I can charge with the single USB-C adapter I carry with me. Battery appears to require service to replace, though!! Yikes.
  8. Politics aside, I am deeply passionate about the Hottest 100 and I felt that having it on a public holiday was a sensible idea. A considerable portion of their target demographic may work on a Saturday, so the public holiday is a blessing for them. Other than that, I don't care for Australia Day - it's always been Triple J day for me and has no other significance. This also messes up my plans for next year!
  9. Keen to know how the AudioLab works out. I like the small size - and the fact that it has XLR is a plus! Could make a great zone 2 amplifier given the size!
  10. I have one of these docks and haven't encountered any issues with it. I use it for SPDIF optical out, I use the USB ports, the thunderbolt 3 port (to connect to a 10GbE NC) etc, so I'm confident that it's a decent product. Running 10.12.x on a 2016, but the 2017 should work just as well. Do you see the OWC dock as an output at all? I haven't tested the headphone socket but can do so tonight. There are drivers for the dock that mainly pertain to USB - it looks like the higher output power requires a driver. Have you tried these? https://www.owcdigital.com/support/software-drivers Cheers, Tristan
  11. Great Buys on Gumtree

    For anyone local to these (QLD), $150 for a pair of B&&W 602 S3's is a bargain. If these were local, I'd be en route to collect them. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/newstead/speakers/speakers-x-2/1165627967
  12. I'd agree with that, however the noise etc may be an issue. I'm a network engineer and we've got a decent amount of racks that are in the equivalent of sheds, building sites etc and while this sort of stuff does make an impact, it's probably not going to be a big one. That said, enterprise gear is a bit more resilient. Getting dust in the fans is going to be the biggest problem. Consider fitting some sort of filtration to the air vents in any rack that's going to have exposure to the elements. The cost of CAT6 vs. CAT5e makes this a moot point; if you're running 10GbE, you'll want CAT6 just to be sure. I've got some NBASE-T gear that's negotiating at 10GbE over some decent cat5e runs, but that's today. I'd be surprised if any residential run is going to exceed 55m, so you're good for 10GbE with CAT6. There may be future uses for that cable that will require the extra bandwidth of CAT6a or CAT7. HDMI 2.1 is up to 48Gbps and there may be an appetite in the future to run that over your structured cabling network. Cabling a house is something you don't want to re-do if you can avoid it. Most residential deployments won't find issues with CAT6 bend radii limitations (but CAT6a/7 is a different story and is a pain in the ass to work with). Selecting a good, reliable vendor with decent warranty is my recommendation here. Especially if you're running cameras, wireless APs etc, you'll want PoE capability. Take a look at the Ubiquiti switches. Many 24 porters have active cooling, anyway - and those that don't, will benefit from a lot of ventilation and air movement. SFP won't make a difference if it's still gigabit - only if you're running SFP+ for 10GbE will it result in any improvement- and I'd question any passively cooled 10GbE switch. I'm running Cisco and Ubiquiti kit at the moment - so far, so good! Some of the HP ProCurve switches carry a lifetime (transferrable!) warranty but this may have changed recently. I've heard plenty of stories where people RMA secondhand switches and get a new replacement. On the topic of fanless devices, some may emit a high pitched squeel or buzzing noise - like my Cisco 3560CG compact switch. Fanless, but still makes some irritating noises that are "perfectly normal". This. Guess who has to run a bunch of additional cabling again this summer... 2.4GHz has gone to the dogs; dual band should be mandatory (all 802.11ac APs have this as part of the standard). 802.11ax is the next generation standard and we'll start to see this in consumer tech by the middle of next year. For consumers, I recommend the Ubiquiti AC-AP-PRO as it's PoE powered and very decently built for the price. If dual-band 802.11n is acceptable, you may be able to find a decent deal on some Cisco 3502i/3602i APs which have got some of the best RF performance in the industry. Source: I manage one of the biggest single-site deployments of these in the state. Most of these will be actively cooled. I've had great results with the Ubiquiti Secure Gateway / Secure Gateway Pro (rackmount version, but noisy). The regular SG may be sufficient, even for NBN 100/40 traffic. Don't forget battery maintenance! Also, it's a good idea to keep away from some of the newer APC units -these will overvolt the batteries which will not only result in a reduced cell life, but they swell up and become murder to remove from the chassis. Port bonding is a method of load balancing with multiple source or destinations. A single device won't capitalise on an etherchannel link without a great deal of messy configuration (read: not for the layman). If you want >1G between a single source and destination, you'll want to move to 10G. On the PoE noise/network noise interfering with audio, I would love to see some evidence of this (with measurements). Networking equipment is VERY sensitive to interference,, especially at 10GbE, so I'd expect your network to fail in a spectacular way before you hear the effects. An interesting topic for me to raise with some IEEE members who run/participate in the standards boards. I'm not at all convinced that the AQVOX gear has any technical merit whatsoever. Perhaps the better quality power will improve the life of the switch, but that's negated by the astronomical price.
  13. What are your requirements HT-wise? Do you need 4K? HDR? Given your space, I'm assuming that Atmos is not in your immediate future, so this opens up the world of last generation, higher end AVRs that can give you very decent performance for their secondhand coin. My current systems don't even take HDMI, but are based around former flagship AVRs, for example, the Denon AVC-A1SR in 2003 had an RRP of nearly $9k but can be had for less than 10% of that secondhand now and has a glorious 7 channel integrated amplifier section that can even do 2ch well enough to justify it vs. buying a secondhand 2ch amp. I've since started moving one of my systems to power amplifiers and have a dedicated preamp/processor to swap in over this weekend (I've decided it's time for HDMI and to loosen the wallet). I can't wait! I'm assuming you'll need HDMI, though. I saw a Denon 4520 on the forums recently for $900 - it's got Audyssey XT32 room correction and all the things you'll need and can even switch 4K. An older model Yamaha (eg,RX-A3030) may carry similar discounts as it's not the latest-and-greatest, will still switch 4K and have the integrated amplifier section that won't be terribly different from the 3070. You can always add outboard power amplification at a later stage, so you can start enjoying parts of your system now. Speakers. Have a listen. Musical tastes, your ears and preferences will dictate your choices here. Check out all the major and minor brands - B&W, Dynaudio, Paradigm, Klipsch, KRIX, VAF, KEF, the list goes on. Take some of your favourite music and movies with you and shop around. Listen to some systems. Also, keep an eye out on the classifieds section here - sometimes you can pick up quite a bargain. Floorstanders will typically do a better job in a larger space such as the one you described. It's ideal if you can have a tonally matched centre channel so the channel blends in more seamlessly with your front speakers. For a subwoofer, are you looking at something for music as well as movies? If you listen to music with a decent amount of low frequency content, you'll want something that'll blend well with your front speakers and be forgiving with placement. Importantly, have fun! This is an exciting journey and your budget is certainly not small and very generous. If you're able to research and listen to enough equipment, I am confident that you'll find something you'll be happy with for many years to come.
  14. My previous Sat evening plans fell through! Would it be at all possible to squeeze in somewhere?