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  1. My grandfather had a manual for a Rola 77 of some description in his collection. Sadly. I believe he moved the tape machine on (he had a Realistic tape machine at the time of his passing). He had the Plessey service centre details handwritten on the manual. He was a film editor at the ABC so perhaps he acquired it from the station.
  2. Sadly I think this is unlikely to fall through to the point where I have the opportunity to buy, but the thought crossed my mind if I can't get a local friend to pick it up for me. Statistically, I'll be waiting another three years for one of these to go up for sale again
  3. If you will ship to Melbourne, I have the cash ready to go. I'll be #3 in line. Edit: have someone in Sydney who will pick this up for me. I literally check these forums multiple times a day hoping for one of these. ugh.
  4. That's a sensational price! If this were in Melb, I'd be snapping this up within two cycles of a 20Hz test tone.
  5. Have the crossovers been refurbished as well? When did the new tweeters go in?
  6. Argh. Bother. Just came here to send you a PM to buy. Whoops!
  7. I've been keeping an eye out for either one of these (or the 30.5, due to cheaper price and already have two A32s for the rest), an Elektra Theatre HD2 or - the end game (for me) the Denon POA-A1HD. I can't justify anything bigger or higher end. Is the top black or silver as well? How deep is the unit? It'll look awesome next to the silvre A32s and the R32 pre Curious to know what you upgraded to!
  8. Oooohhh this one is in silver!! and 7 channels! And XLR! Hmmmmmmmm..... Hmm. What did you upgrade to?
  9. So tempting! Was hoping for a pair of these to come up when I get my own place next year... Perhaps if I sold my N804s... hmm... where in Melbourne are they located?
  10. Heya, Thanks for the info. Will give that a shot! Cheers, Tristan
  11. Wow! This was the top of the line dream processor for me when this came out (and I bought the Onkyo 595). I since ended up with a 989 which has been relegated to three channel power amp duties. I'd consider it if I wasn't a little overstocked on home theatre boxes. Oh, also, 'dat motorised door, yo! Brings a smile to my face every time on the 989. Good luck with the sale!
  12. Hi all, Recently acquired the 10" bipolar Infrabass subwoofer by Elektra Audio on these forums. The amplifier seems to have an audible hum, not just from the plate amp itself but also through the speaker drivers. In addition, one of the woofers seems to be bottoming out well before what I'd consider to be a reasonable SPL for such a system. Is there a way to get in touch with the original manufacturer or an authorised repairer who knows the unit to look at it? Cheers, Tristan
  13. Very excited for this one. The DOOM remake, I felt, still retained the essence of the original DOOM's gameplay. Let's hope I'm not disappointed. And on the topic of feeling old - don't - when I ran the PC gaming area at PAX Aus, we had 64 people consistently sign up for the DOOM 2 deathmatch tournament (we capped the tourney at 64).
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