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  1. Heya, Thanks for the info. Will give that a shot! Cheers, Tristan
  2. Wow! This was the top of the line dream processor for me when this came out (and I bought the Onkyo 595). I since ended up with a 989 which has been relegated to three channel power amp duties. I'd consider it if I wasn't a little overstocked on home theatre boxes. Oh, also, 'dat motorised door, yo! Brings a smile to my face every time on the 989. Good luck with the sale!
  3. Hi all, Recently acquired the 10" bipolar Infrabass subwoofer by Elektra Audio on these forums. The amplifier seems to have an audible hum, not just from the plate amp itself but also through the speaker drivers. In addition, one of the woofers seems to be bottoming out well before what I'd consider to be a reasonable SPL for such a system. Is there a way to get in touch with the original manufacturer or an authorised repairer who knows the unit to look at it? Cheers, Tristan
  4. Zardoz

    Monsters of doom

    Very excited for this one. The DOOM remake, I felt, still retained the essence of the original DOOM's gameplay. Let's hope I'm not disappointed. And on the topic of feeling old - don't - when I ran the PC gaming area at PAX Aus, we had 64 people consistently sign up for the DOOM 2 deathmatch tournament (we capped the tourney at 64).
  5. Zardoz

    SOLD: FS: Primare A30.5 MKII

    If that was silver, I'd be snapping this up in a heartbeat! Good luck with the sale. This is excellent value.
  6. Still one of my favourite disc spinners. I've got two of these and extensive experience listening to them. I still prefer the sound vs. my Denon DVD-A1XV for some reason, which was a 6.5k player in its day (the Marantz sold for around 2200). Excellent two channel performance for the price here and does a solid job of the higher end formats, too. For $300, this represents excellent value even as just a redbook CD player. Nope. For SACD, you'll need (and probably want) to use the analog section in this unit.
  7. Zardoz

    Free: Yamaha YST-SW300 Subwoofer

    JPete9 has dibs and it looks like they'll be picking it up if they haven't already. Of course, I bet they'll absolutely hate the [size/sound/wife acceptance factor] of the subwoofer so I'll gladly pick up from them once they've decided they want to get rid of it! One can only dream
  8. Zardoz

    Free: Yamaha YST-SW300 Subwoofer

    If JPete9 falls through, I would love to pick this up ASAP. Been on the hunt for one of these specifically for my dad's system.
  9. Zardoz

    SOLD: FS: Bowers and Wilkins 805s

    Stunning bargain of the century for that price!
  10. Where in Melbourne are these located?
  11. I love my B&Ws but looking for a new sound. If these were in Melbourne, I'd be doing the impulse buying thing. Hmm, quote to postcode 3168?
  12. The current model has the 4KVM module to support 4K video, but this is still worth the asking price and then some! It really came down to the Denon AVP or one of these, but sadly nobody had one of these on the market - at your asking price, I'd be snapping this up in a second! Two XLR balanced inputs is a decent feature! Glad it's not in silver, or I'd be making a very bad decision right now
  13. ..and every other vendor who uses their platform. The answer is simple: accept UHD and disc spinners as obsolete and invest in digital streaming technology. This is, assuming that Oppo are ceasing development of OEM as well as end-user products. Keen to hear more about what this will mean long-term for the Oppo intellectual property and R&D. Perhaps Oppo were hoping that more big brands would take up their technology like they did with Blu-Ray but didn't? Interested to know more about the Apple TV 4K experience. I believe all the HDR stuff is there now and Atmos is still roadmapped. Given that I feel Apple have the most robust and mature video distribution system that seems to be studio-friendly (and has app support for those who are not, unlike the Oppo which has no app support anymore), I suspect the Apple TV 4K is the one to go for. I wonder where UHD BluRay will be at the start of 2019. Slight change of topic: what of Oppo's headphone business? Their PM-1s have been some of the smoothest cans I've heard.
  14. The MediaTek SoC used in these was a joint venture between Oppo and MediaTek. It looks like that Cambridge have used the reference design here as well for some of the layout. Perhaps this R&D work will continue, but will be subsidised through license fees etc, or the IP and/or company sold to another organisation or perhaps MediaTek will take up further development. The lack of development on flagship disc spinners from D&M is obvious. Their latest truly high end spinners were the Denon A1UD and the Marantz UD9004. I keep lusting after the UD9004, but the Oppo 205 has significantly better utility value, albeit at a hit to audio performance. Software distribution over the Internet is a lot more practical than delivering 4K Dolby Vision content over a consumer-grade broadband connection, even in 2018, hence why the Apple transition was successful. USB sticks were the obvious stop-gap between this and cloud-based storage (and outside of Apple's AirDrop, there's no frictionless way to send files to people. In 2018. It's. Still. Convoluted). Incidentally, the Oppo players I've used do a fantastic job of reading files from USB sticks, although I haven't tried with any 4K video content yet on a 20x series. The current state of the streaming ecosystem should not be a basis for predicting the future. There's a lot of noise with publishers wanting to pull their content off Netflix and forcing you to subscribe to their own streaming service. It's looking like a mess. Maintaining several subscriptions per month may not deliver as much value as the occasional Blu-Ray purchase. Per-dollar rentals may be a good middle-ground, which is why I expect Apple to be investing a lot more heavily in visual content as they have the perfect platform for this. I can understand why Oppo may not wish to invest in next-gen R&D given the market situation, but continued development on the 2xx series (HDR10+?) is a concern of mine.
  15. The rear panel from their website looks identical to the Oppo 203.