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  1. Quick bump on this great tube 🙂
  2. Bump for this wonderful DAC. This could be your pathway to getting the cheapest Lampi Golden Atlantic or Golden Gate DAC at better than retail prices via the upgrade program, although imo the L5 is still a beast.
  3. Small bump for this. A few people have asked about it being NOS. This was purchased from a local collector a while ago and has not been used as it was for a future unit that I was intending to buy. The seller noted it was NOS and he had the relevant tube testers to prove test that at very least it was very strong. If someone buys this and that is not the case then I'm happy to take it back.
  4. Item: GEC U52 Curved Brown Base Tube Rectifier Location: Melbourne Price: $400 ono Item Condition: NOS Reason for selling: Purchased for a prospective unit which never eventuated Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (gift or add surcharge) 1 NOS GEC U52 Curved Brown Base tube rectifier for sale. Made in the UK. I believe this is generally the most sought after version of this tube. It is also known as the best version of the 5U4G variants, on par with the WE 274B. Prefer pickup as this is a rare tube, but will ship at buyer’s risk.
  5. Item: Lampizator L5 (Level 5) Balanced DAC Location: Melbourne Price: $4,500 ono Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (gift or add surcharge) Extra Info: Lampizator L5 DAC with all the bells and whistles: - Fully Balanced - Balanced Volume Control: R2R Ladder Attenuator with Remote Control - 2 Boxes: Separate DAC Box and Separate Over-Built Power Supply Box with Heavy Duty Power Umbilical Cords included - PCM up to 24/384 - DSD128 chipless solution via USB (as pure as you can get) - 4 Duelund CAST Copper Caps - Inputs: USB, Coax, Toslink - Active Preamp In: RCA and XLR - Outputs: RCA and XLR (simultaneous) - Tube Rectifier: 6x5 (2 tubes) - Tube Output: E182CC, 5687, 6900, 7119, 7044 (2 tubes) - Furutech IEC socket - Included Tubes: Bendix 5852 Rectifiers (Best version of 6x5), Misc 6x5GT tubes including Tung-Sol, E182CC tubes. This DAC speaks for itself with a focus on musicality. Basically an all in one unit, it served as the control centre for an active speaker system. The VC and preamp function is very transparent. Comes with test sheet and certificate. Lampizator also allows for a great trade-in/upgrade program. Can be sent back to Poland for a free check up. PM for more details. Pictures : (Sorry crappy iPhone photo. More photos by request)
  6. Item: Sony Playstation 3 Console, Games & Accessories Location: Melbourne CBD Price: $350 250 + pp Item Condition: Great Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (family and friends, or add surcharge) Extra Info: Available for sale is the following: - Sony Playstation 3 (CECHA00) 60GB Console from Japan (but this runs straight from 240v without requiring a transformer). - Firmware is 3.41 so it is compatible with the SACD ripping software (see https://beathau5com.wordpress.com/2015/07/28/sacd-ps3-ripping-guide/). Great to save and backup your existing or coming SACD collection direct to DSD to play through your awesome DAC. - Interface is in English - Can play SACD natively / DVD-A / regular CD's and backward compatible with PS1/PS2 games (NTSC) - 2 DualShock 3 Controllers with USB charging cable - Sony component and composite cables (HDMI cable not included can be used) - Power cable. PS3 Games: - Street Fighter IV - Final Fantasy XIII - Winning Eleven Soccer 2008 - Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 - Winning Eleven Soccer 2010 - Virtua Fighter 5 - LittleBigPlanet - Ridge Racer 7 - Enchanted Arms - Valkyria Chronicles - MotorStorm - Resistance Available for pickup in Melbourne CBD (preferable) or post at your cost. Pictures:
  7. shirane

    CX4F Mk II

    Without understanding too much on the tech side, I think the key with SGR's implementation of current drive is that the CX4F is an active speaker. This way Stuart can optimally match his custom drivers to the current drive amp. Hearing the CX4F MK2 at Stuart's house was great but when your own unit is back in your own room you can really appreciate the differences. Mine is getting better as all the new parts burn in. No regrets at all! Hopefully we will hear others' thoughts when they either upgrade or swing around to SGR to have a listen!
  8. shirane

    CX4F Mk II

    Had the CX4F MK2 for about 3 weeks now, having upgraded from the MK1 which I've owned for around 5 years. Firstly, a short comment about the packaging - Stuart has come up with an elegant wooden crate with wheels for easy transport. Unscrew the top cover and you will find the speakers with castor wheels attached, so you can wheel out the speakers and also allows you to experiment easily with positioning before you affix the included floor spikes. Couple of things about the upgrade. It is like owning a whole new speaker. Stuart has designed a new tweeter, mid-bass driver, associated crossovers, damping and there are even changes to the power supply box which has a bigger transformer and more capacitance. Not only that but perhaps the most important change is the implementation of current drive in an active speaker. Rather than pretend to understand what's going on those interested should read Marc's article or contact Stuart for more information. It is really a wonder that Stuart has been able to design, implement and produce this new speaker especially as Stuart and Belinda have have also recently welcomed a new addition to their family (congrats!!). Sound-wise in my horrible listening area (speakers possibly not positioned optimally), I have to echo everything Cazzesman has mentioned above. Key changes and notes for me: - much improved clarity especially in the treble and vocal range - treble seems more extended but not harsh in any way - noise floor has really dropped - attack and decay of notes are more defined (the above might lead you to believe that this is a overly detailed, bright speaker, but that is definitely not the case) - bass has so much more in-room presence even without playing with the parametric EQ options to further correct for room deficiencies - again all the above leads to much more vivid, cohesive and dynamic presentation of music. Some may call this PRAT but it is really conducive to musical toe-tapping goodness. I've run the gauntlet of musical genres - chamber, orchestra, jazz, acoustic, pop and electronic music and I can't fault the speaker in any of these. HT usage is also of course well done and is even more impactful. Another key feature hardly described is the wonderful convenience of active speaker technology. The speakers are smart enough to go into auto-standby mode when not in use and will automatically fully power up when a signal is detected. This helps a lot when family and friends want to use the system as it is one less item to turn on/off. There is also negligible "warm-up" time needed for the speakers so they are always up to producing music. Finally, many have written about it, but customer service from Stuart and the whole SGR team is absolutely first-class - brilliant and friendly. You really feel like part of the family, be it visiting their home to audition their speakers, being plied with wonderful food, conversation and music, to the after-sales support. You can read a lot of things online but there's no substitute for listening and auditioning the speakers yourself. I would highly recommend those in the market for new speakers to at least put the CX4F on their list and give SGR a visit. At the very least you'll leave with a stomach full of delicious food, having auditioned your own music in a pressure-free environment. There is no hard-sell there. I would also encourage all existing CX4F owners to audition the new speakers for themselves. The upgrade is substantial and well worthwhile!
  9. Brand starting with L I'm guessing
  10. shirane

    Coffee /espresso Machine

    Congrats on the new gear. Keep in mind as the burrs are new you'll probably be getting varying results for a while, but like Joz says weighing helps a lot in attaining consistency especially with easily accessible 0.1 gram scales. What baskets are you using? I use the VST 18 or 20 gram ridgeless, a bit more finnicky with technique but once you get that down then it produces to me a sweeter and clearer cup. Keep in mind VST's like to be dosed +/- 1 gram, not the older overdose like crazy type basket.
  11. shirane

    Coffee /espresso Machine

    Sorry to hear about the fire! Hope you didn't lose anything that's irreplaceable. Common knowledge but it's always grinder first, machine second. For similar money to the SJ you could get the HG One, which has a much better burr set, although it's a manual hand grinder. Bolt it to your bench and it's a breeze to use. I'm a sucker for bigger grinders, so for home I would get the EK 43 or the Mythos One Clima Pro grinder, as they are subjectively better than the Mazzer Robur (industry standard) and you can also single dose with both of them and keep grind retention and waste to a minimum. Machine-wise, depends on your budget and need for bling. On the top end with saturated groups you have the LM GS3 with Strada MP mod, Synesso Hydra Single Group, KvdW Speedster and the new Slayer Single Group. Domestic-wise, the Vesuvius is making a lot of waves, with it's electronically controlled gear pump giving you controllable and repeatable pressure profiles. Love the rock solid consistency of dual boiler machines so I wouldn't buy HX except for levers. Levers are great fun to use, the Bezzera Strega, Izzo Alex Lever and possibly the Londinium L1 are options. Good luck with the search. Other places you may consider to have a look are Coffee Parts and Jetblack Espresso.
  12. shirane

    Coffee /espresso Machine

    Check out http://www.home-barista.com/forums/userpix/1229_shot-series-ph.jpg for intrashot temperature measurement of the DB. More evidence on http://www.home-barista.com/hx-love-brew-temperature-profiles.html where you can see HX and DB temp profiles. Whether or not this is beneficial is another thing. Some have expressed a preference for the declining temp profile of a HX intrashot but for consistency you can't beat a DB.