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  1. Further information: A pair of original JBL Professional Series Model 4331A enclosures. The eclosures are Type 4503A-1. They are carpeted, used and reusable/restorable. Just boxes with no crossovers, drivers or speaker terminals. Very suitable for a JBL or other speaker project. I may be able to deliver within about an 1.5hrs drive from Bunbury for agreed travel cost. You would have to speak to me to arrange this. Much prefer pickup of course. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP),
  2. Thank you for replies. I think I am sorted now. Cheers
  3. ok, Darren. Let me know what you come up with. Maybe best to pm me from here if you do want to sell it? Cheers, Alan
  4. nothing so far? Still looking
  5. Item: Aksa amp-most models considered Price Range: what do you want for it? Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: happy to consider most all models but thinking maybe a 70, 80 or 85 may be most likely
  6. Greetings to you Evan. Welcome and enjoy your stay. That is a great part of the Central Coast there in Terrigal. Very scenic. Enjoy. Alan
  7. welcome Clint. There is a vibrant community here on SNA within Australia and also WA. Get amongst it and throw your ears at as many systems and take part as you see fit. There is much for you to benefit by on SNA. All the best, Alan
  8. I am not going to get into a great and unneccessary debate here but you have already up'ed your top end by $300 with absolutely no value assigned to anything else. Cab's $50-75 maybe $100?? I said a bit low on total value and thats what I was reffering to Anyway, and to finish, good luck to you powerslave. I hope it works out favourably for you in the end
  9. I think you guys are calling it a bit low on total value and being unsure of exact bass driver model. You will struggle to buy a good pair of simple old 2405's for anything significantly under $1000 in todays market. I have seen them for double that too.........and then there are the mids and bass drivers, crossover, even cabinets.
  10. he will build you a new one. S/h dont come up too often
  11. you should consider Elson Silva"s Cymer 13E1 single ended 27W for around $4500-5000 new. If you want silence, utter relaibility, drive, articulation, purity and great bass extension-take a good look. I have them driving 89db bookshelves with ease, 15" JBL/TAD bass drivers or big 3 ways with the 15" bass drivers. Alan
  12. Wow Roy Buchanan is some guitar player! Incredible. Watched a few of his other tracks-like Hey Joe and The Mesiah will come again. Very recommended listening
  13. Vashti Bunyan (now 75 yrs old and still recording. Her musical story is interesting and maybe not typical) album: Just another diamond day (from 1970) track: diamond day I have just discovered this artist by accident. Something in her fragile story telling resonated with me. Arrangements are simple but cohesive and musical. Worth a listen for English folk music genre enthusiasts
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