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  1. Hell yeh, thats no worries. I can make them too! Even easier and cheaper than DD55000 Everest. Seriously
  2. Item: pair of JBL Everest horns with detachable 2" throat Location: Bunbury WA Price: $1200 ono or talk about price to me if need be. maybe we can agree on a price to suit you?? Item Condition: brand new, just made Reason for selling: making more Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have made these fibreglass horns casting from an original and have been made with a properly transitioned throat to suit a 2" (or less?) driver. Flanges are bolted together with 1mm gasket in between. Bolts only loosely fitted for pics, thats why some are angled in and sticking out. Bolts and gasket supplied. More pics and info to come tomorrow. As I have the moulds and designs for all bits, they can be customized to suit almost any need. The 2 piece deisgn was intended for a tweaker who may wish to run compression drivers with different diameters, say 1.5" or 2" or 1" as the orignal speaker/horn/driver was developed or absolutely any other diameter. "short horns" with other and any diameter can be made to suit. This allows quick driver changes, each with proper tranistions into the rectangular section of the main horn. Anyway, enough of that. I am happy to answer any questions that may be asked Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. As an ambitious "DIY and have a goer" I tend to be a bit more optimistic too dependant on your determination, DIY skills, budget and timeline to get something up and running. Containers can be cut and joined either length ways or width ways, then clad inside etc. Not impossible to get a half decent result I say dont completely discount too soon before the concept has been explored properly
  4. welcome Chris. Your system sounds very interesting. Please tell us more about it when you have the chance
  5. Nice work Richard. Keep us posted on how you are doing and what you find with your horns. There are quite a few horns guys on SNA as you might have seen. Cheers
  6. Item: Azurahorn AH-340 (340Hz) horn pair Location: Bunbury, WA Price: $550 Item Condition: excellent condition as new. Not sure if even used at all Reason for selling: I never used these horns and dont think I will as my direction has changed somewhat Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These are exceptionally well made horns. This pair has 1" throat with threaded fitting for driver attachment. I may be able to assist with a flange to convert threaded connection to a bolt on flange-no absolute promises as yet but can look at possibility of supplying a custom flange to suit your needs. This may also include a reduction of 2" or 1.5" to the 1" throat if required. There would be a cost incurred which would be kept to an absolute minimum. I can pack very carefully and economically to ensure lowest price shipping. These are big-ish but not monsterous horns. I am not sure Martin Seddon makes this model any more either. He seems to have rationalised his range a bit Pictures:
  7. I'm hearing you Nick . And trickier/expensive to ship due to their behemoth volume. I'm hoping to find them a good JBL appreciating home down south of Perth
  8. all box sets are sold pending payment. Thanks for the interest. Alan
  9. Item: 6 opera box sets on vinyl-as pics show Location: Bunbury, Western Australia Price: $130 for the lot-is negotiable too SOLD pending completion of payment Item Condition: all near mint to excellent Reason for selling: not owned by me, selling on behalf of my 90yr old uncle Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I am figuring the single pic attached will provide enough information for potential buyers to work out if they are interested or not. I can answer specific questions on records and their conditions if asked. My survey of the boxes and thier records seems to indicate they are in excellent condition. Boxes are excellent to mint with only the La Boheme showing some signs of wear. These are great recordings as I understand Prefer to sell as complete set. Can pack very securely and post anywhere at lowest possible cost Pictures:
  10. ya gotta consider the theory, but I just cant help loving the practice a whole lot more . Thanks Anthony for your observations noted here
  11. I have no desire to argue about this or that. No time or inclination. I didnt post to confuse anybody. If somebody doesnt understand the question posted or otherwise has difficulty processing it........simply dont respond to it. I am happy to hear from those who can understand what I mean and have first hand experience. There are several here who are in this category and I thank you all for providing the information I need. In fact the information I seek has pretty much been answered already. I didnt want a thesis or white paper, just simple guidelines relative to my question-and I have it My posts he are written in sound English and explain all that is needed to be explained-if read. I dont have a 4 walled room at all (the post at the top of this pg2 from me explains what I have). Because I dont have a completed (or actually a 4 walled room/floor/roof space) at all, I dont have the opportunity to "hear" it so I dont have a problem to fix at all at this stage. Pretty basic really. This seems to have been selectively overlooked in some responses The question was asked as if a room was to be designed and built from scratch (which is the freedom of design I have) with the consideration of benefits of 2 elements-GG and isolation channel/clips. I didnt indicate there was a problem to fix....somehow it was assumed. So if that were you what room characteristics would you think might be desirable-considering my descriptive details provided? No need to answer as we both know what they are Thank you all. No real need for further tedious debate and some sort of intellectual arm wrestle. I didnt ever join SNA for that all those years ago. Thats what marriage is for?...dont they say ? (from a 34yr old marriage veteran) all the best to all who took the time to reply. Much appreciated. Over and out Alan
  12. thanks for all that Anthony-all very appropriate and doable for me. I can insulate inter-floor cavity no problem. There is no insulation there now, just bare formply floor fixed direct to joists and it is noisy as hell Interesting to hear again that you dont have 2 typically recommended design features incorporated in your room (isolation channel and clips and floor insulation) and (along with all the other inclusions) still achieve very favourable results. Exactly what I was hoping to hear in terms of which of the myriad of audio room design options available can be included or excluded and what result will that achieve It tells me clearly that if there are reasons why not all design features can be included, it is not the end of the world as a very good result is not unattainable. No doubt the all in approach is best but that is more time and $$ committed and not every audio punter can committ to that. In the context of a hundreds of thousands of $$ reno of my joint, the audio room must be put into some perspective......sadly I have to say too Alan
  13. I can handle caveats Peter-no problem. Can I ask you to spell out just a bit more on your clips for ceilings? Are you saying using clips only with no channel? And retro fitting them? How about rubber strips fixed to timber wall or roof frame, under board for isolation? any thoughts or experience there
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