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  1. Packing and shipping included in price. More info and pics added
  2. Cymers are a huge bargain. I have exactly same amps and they are very good. Super quiet, relaible and dynamic. Just like the other Cymers I have own. I would'nt consider selling my M75's for anywhere near that price
  3. Item: Weston Acoustics Time Machine 300B Location: Bunbury, WA Price: $2350 includes packing and shipping within Australia (new price is about $3500 and a decent wait) Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: great amp, maybe try another low power SE amp Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: One of Ealre Westons classic amps which is highly regarded and not commonly for sale on s/h market. Liquid natural sounding as it should be. Passive output and active output. (passive after the volume control, active after the output transformers, then stepped down in voltage). The passive is suitable for light loads, and the active for sub 10K loads. Top feedback on/off switch The Time Machine 300B is rated at 9 watts per channel into 8 ohms. The output stage is self-biasing and provides maximum reliability. It also avoids the use of silicon diodes in the bias network. Amp has custom wound output transformers by Ealre. TM300B output transformers are wound with 18 layers of parallel 0.25mm secondary windings interleaved within the primary windings to offer a level of detail and micro detail only found in very few amplifiers Will be packed extremely well for transport, which is included in the price Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Item: JBL 2435HPL, 1.5" throat, 3" Be diphragm Location: Bunbury, WA Price: $800 Item Condition: excellent, very lightly used Reason for selling: I have a few too many compression drivers for what I need Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: JBL 2435HPL is pro version of JBL 435Be used in JBL K2 9800 flagship speakers of around 2000. Crossed from about 800Hz upwards. I used these on JBL Everest DD55000 horns sucessfully from 800Hz. Very smooth drivers on this horn. About 110bd I think. rarely available. Currently about US$ 1050 each new. Factory Be diaphragms still avaialble. Can be packed and posted anywhere in Australia for about $50-to be confirmed with post code Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Pack and Send could be your (and buyers) friend
  6. Anthony, have you thought about Commonwealth idler in good operating comdition? Not mine, but a guy I know here in WA. Alan
  7. Bloody hell, you are much too young for heart issues. I really hope you are on the mend. That Automobile Excellence in Dianella (huge plug here for a great German auto workshop in Perth!!) must be going as good or better than it ever did? Yes I have been to your workshop and house to hear both systems at the time and you did take my Wolcott PM220's. Seems like you are really enjoying the horns. There is a lot to like with horns if you enjoy music-thats my take anyway cheers Alan from Bunbury
  8. Hey Volker, thats you??? The BMW, Merc, Porsche guy with workshop? I just sort of twigged. You had those Wolcott monos and the Ambience in your workshop. I remeber now. How are you? I gather very well and filling the huge space with those horns of yours. Good stuff. We must somehow catch up again when the time is good cheers Alan
  9. yes they are. Cabinets copied from an original Good to hear you had success with the D-23 in your application. We must catch up soem time down the track. I am in Bunbury
  10. I'm "listening" in the background guys-interested in the experiences of others A9X your an east coast "westie" right? Not over here in WA?
  11. Thanks A9X and Andy. Thanks for taking the time to respond with the input you have. Just to clarify I have a D-23 but dont plan on building any active analogue variety at all. It is only the commercially available finished varieties I ask the questions of. I pretty much havent used the D-23 yet myself. D-23 has 6, 12 and 18db BW slopes I also dont plan on using such a crossover as an end point, rather a starting point tool for maybe several multiway horn based set ups with various driver and horn combinations I am gravitating towards having collected the numerous bit along the way Andy-looks like you has some success and satisfaction with Rod Elliott's P09 analogue active XOs? Cant be that bad as part of a crossover journey? Tuyen - thanks for your bit too. I had a feeling you had used D-23 at some point
  12. A general question I guess for those who have used analogue active crossovers in speaker projects along the way. There are several makes and models of course and both pro audio or home audio based types. Also older and new current designs. Any comments on 4 way Pioneer D-23 experiences are particularly of interest So, with above as background, what experiences have any users had in regard to achieving satisfying results in multi way speaker systems? Was flexibility limitations of the unit enough? Was there a need to move on to alternative crossover options quickly or did you live with the analogue unit for a decent period of time? All relevant comments would be of assistance
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