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  1. Further information: 1060mm long from end to end, BNC connectors fitted and RCA to BNC adaptor supplied which came with cable. I cant remeber the brand as I bought it a while ago and used only briefly when I had BNC source. Very decent digital cable. Price includes postage within Australia
  2. Further information: SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Bought from Yamada san of Zanden Audio, Japan as special order when I had my Zanden dac. Paid about $550 new. Never ended up using this cable, so never connected. Brand new condition. Cable is 1500mm from end to end. Neutrik 3 pole XLR connectors with nickel housing and silver contacts. Cable is copper based as I understand. Very well made quality by Kazutoshi Yamada himself, typical of Zanden products. Price includes postage within Australia Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Sorry, but I fail to see this is relevant. The seller and the buyer decides what it will sell for. why didnt you ask $50 more for it at the time? The answer is in the previous sentence
  4. I might be able to help from WA. PM me if interested and I can give some details Alan
  5. Sure there are no guarantees with any shipping, but with proper due dilligence a seller or buyer can significantly reduce the risk to an acceptable level. What I am saying is, take steps to ensure a successful shipping takes place. Do not assume. That is, either pack yourself to a high standard-but it is generally this step alone which initiates this sort of post in the first place. It is either seller who cant or wont pack themselves for what ever reason. No ability or deisre to. Thats why P&S are in business as there is a void in willing packers. Shipping is less difficult Then, if you use P&S, your due dilligence is following through with them if you are buyer or seller. I never use them to sell as I have no issues packing pretty much anything to go anywhere. So far after about 20yrs......no problem. If you are buyer, also follow through. I am doing this right now for some mono SET amps and boxes of tubes and stuff coming from Sydney to Bunbury, WA. They are in transit. As seller or buyer, get P&S contact names and phone number. As buyer, call them and then explain the delicate nature of the job. Make sure they get it. Dont stop until they do. Tell them it must be double or triple packed etc. Ask them can they make sure they can do this? I generally end up having decent conversation here and building some sort of relationship so we understand each other and proceed. With these SET amps (and me as buyer, 3500km away), shop owner tells me he sold high end hifi gear years ago in Israel and understands how they must be packed. He desribed what he will do to personally pack them for me. Sounded perfect to me. Gives confidence to proceed. I will receive them this week Have the conversations, establish the details, emphasize what needs to be emphasized, get contact information. That has always worked for me. Or, if you are uncomfortable with all that information and detail, there are 3 choices:- 1. only buy or sell locally 2. dont buy or sell at all 3. as seller, pack and send your self There are greater dilemmas in life. At least for me. Good luck (update: recieved SET mono amps with 6 big 45 tubes and numerous other tubes-all perfectly packed and no indication at all of any damage. As good as ever)
  6. Thats chicken feed for your local Pack and Send. I sent 2x60cm Gaggenau ovens and a Gaggenau range hood, with no packaging at all supplied by seller from Bondi to WA by P&S. total weight about 100kg, total value about $12K. No problems at all. Then there was another Gagg oven from inland QLD to WA-same deal. You drop off as is to P&S-they pack and courier to buyer via buyers P&S. Buyer pays for the service. Easy as The way to go is send it from sellers P&S depot (you drop off to them) to buyers nearest P&S. Is pre-arranged of course. Buyer simply picks up from local P&S direct. Any problems are easy to resolve then. I have shipped countless items by P&S from non-packing seller and never ever had any problem. Is a no brainer They pack impecably. It does cost for them to pack though, so wont be overall cheapest option. But again for them to pack 40kg amp, its a POP
  7. yes, Dan there is no doubt that the Supratek sound be it 6SN7 or DHT is a very balanced and engaging sound
  8. thanks Pop110. Will follow up and see how we go
  9. pleas pm me if anybody has anything or knows of anything taht vaguely could fit the bill. I am all ears and eyes
  10. yes Dan, Supratek is an option. And there is Thomas Mayer's (Vinyl Savor), Radu Tarta (Simplepleasuretubeamps), Josh Stippich (Electronluv) pre's too......for a price. The well engineered, sometimes home built options are attracting me at this stage
  11. Item: DHT tube preamplifier-could be linstage only or with phono Price Range: will pay very fair price for the right unit Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: A home built unit with all the circuitry to make it perform exceptionally well (including quietly-Coleman regulators and the like) is what I want. Typically these units could have circuits developed by Bartola (Ale) and the enthusiastic group of followers of DHT preamps. Also there are other designers around. Tubes could be 01A, 4P1L, 26 or similar DHT. Doesnt matter about looks, just performance. Let me know what you have got Or maybe you could build a preamp for me from a schematic I could provide? If interested in this path, drop me a line
  12. Take every opportunity to listen to as many speakers as you have an interest in. Read the commenatry and then trust your ears. You will find what you want that way. It may take a bit of time, but thats ok with this (what can be) journey of a life time A great place to audition speakers is those that come up on platforms such as Gumtree and the like. GT particularly has a vast array of speakers for sale in that price range. If you are close to a city or big town you will find a good variety. A friend just coming into audio has just gone through that process with a very similar budget. He ended up with some very fine VAF DCX-2 on GT after auditioning a few options Good luck, you will find what you want at the right price
  13. Welcome to SNA. Great start you have there. Enjoy and go forward as you choose. There is a big group of audio enthusiasts always ready to chat and provide comment. Go well
  14. Looks like Macassar ebony from Indonesia. Yes, it sure is very special. Very special enclosure design generally too. Simple yet stunning
  15. Packing and shipping included in price. More info and pics added
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