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  1. Oh ok. Thats interesting. Might be time for a new one if thats the case
  2. I wasn't confident in cleaning myself so I bought a Maxell lens cleaning disc From what I can gather they seem one of the better ones.Just waiting for it to arrive
  3. Would a store bought lens cleaner be sufficient?
  4. Player is similar vintage to tv......that being from @ 2011-12 Has had a fairly easy life in my man cave,not a great deal of use
  5. Thats interesting What about compressed air ,would it need a good blow possibly....ahem?
  6. It comes up with "disc incompatible" Nothing has changed since when it used to play fine...same tv. Its a Samsung 64 " plasma Smart TV from around 2011-12
  7. Every other BR disc plays fine too
  8. Tried wiping (again) Still no joy. Has latest firmware,not a scratch or mark on it. Used to play without issue.Plays on neighbours cheapo LG player
  9. Should have mentioned that......yes it is
  10. I have a Panasonic BDT310 BRP that all of a sudden won't play/recognise one disc Have tried many others and they are fine. Went to neighbours place and tried my disc with his player and you guessed it......played fine Disc was brought brand new and has zero marks and used to play fine I'm stumped..........any help appreciated greatly!
  11. FS: Proac D80 speaker

    Yeah, was kind of thinking that would be the case. Even though my 4.5m x 5m with 9" ceilings man cave has room treatment, I don't want issues again like I did with Lenehan Refs 3
  12. FS: Proac D80 speaker

    Thanks for that What about room size?
  13. FS: Proac D80 speaker

    Gentlemen, What size room would be the minimum for these? I would imagine you'd need at least a metre of breathing room from the front wall also?
  14. Well, I have a room 5m x 4.5m with 9 ft ceilings along with bass traps.......and I have still had issues in the past with certain speakers