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  1. Were these speakers bought from cambam007?
  2. Spendor D9

    I'd suggest talking to Andrew( Audiofix) who is the Spendor distributor in Oz I have the Spendor ST's and think they are a fantastic all round speaker that is hard to fault. I can only imagine how good the D9's would be.
  3. Accusound Speaker

    That 5.1 speaker set is seriously good value Ive owned some Accusound Delta series speakers, as has my neighbour ,and a good mate of mine as well. All three setups I heard were really very good for the money. I know my neighbour paid $1500 for his 890's and was very p[leased with his purchase
  4. EOI: Wyndham Audio CH2 (grey)

    How would these fair with rock/metal. I'd imagine they'd be superb for vocals,smooth jazz etc but what about aforementioned genres? Cheers!

    For what its worth, I've had quite a few different speakers over the years but my Spendors are the nicest and least problematic sound wise that I've had. GLWTS
  6. Oh ok. Thats interesting. Might be time for a new one if thats the case
  7. I wasn't confident in cleaning myself so I bought a Maxell lens cleaning disc From what I can gather they seem one of the better ones.Just waiting for it to arrive
  8. Would a store bought lens cleaner be sufficient?
  9. Player is similar vintage to tv......that being from @ 2011-12 Has had a fairly easy life in my man cave,not a great deal of use
  10. Thats interesting What about compressed air ,would it need a good blow possibly....ahem?
  11. It comes up with "disc incompatible" Nothing has changed since when it used to play fine...same tv. Its a Samsung 64 " plasma Smart TV from around 2011-12
  12. Every other BR disc plays fine too
  13. Tried wiping (again) Still no joy. Has latest firmware,not a scratch or mark on it. Used to play without issue.Plays on neighbours cheapo LG player
  14. Should have mentioned that......yes it is