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  1. maybe try untreated sheep wool as stuffing?
  2. cant go wrong with that collection of drivers
  3. Show us your tubes

    Big bottles glowing
  4. I have a quad of Mullard I would swap?
  5. Show us your tubes

    I love 6L6s in my Quicksilver amps they are the best sounding - tried EL34 & KT88s. I was lucky enough to score an octet of NOS RCA black plates - bloody amazing. These amps are for sale
  6. I have a single in my phono preamp which is spectacular I would like another so I could use them in my main preamp - don't suppose you have an orphan?
  7. what are your valve test readings please?
  8. Show us your tubes

    My favorite 12AU7 hands down is the Mullard ECC186 simply amazing
  9. I use balls & cups on my very heavy rack & it works a treat - 100mm high density MDF shelves & rack.
  10. Easy solution for those worried about the 'fake' face-plate. Just remove the 4 x Allen screws & turn the plate around & screw back on - done ;-)
  11. Show us your tubes

    RCA bottles doing the top end business ;-)
  12. JBL 4350S Studio Monitors For Sale

    yes to hear a symphony through these speakers at full flight is an emotional experience worthy of a cathedral. Likewise Deep Purple Highway Star will rip the roof off. Many DJ's have loved them. They are studio monitors & will play the sweetest ensemble or the most violent punk without reservation ;-)
  13. Item: JBL 4350A Studio 4 way bi-amp speaker monitors Location: Auckland New Zealand Price: Current international prices range from about $10,000USD - $20,000USD - looking for $12,500.00 NZD ono - plus shipping charged at calculated cost Item Condition: Good vintage - all drivers are good working condition with all bass driver surrounds replaced professionally approximately 2 years ago. Reason for selling: Considering a change Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal + 3% Cash into Kiwibank account. Extra Info: These are outstanding speakers. The biggest & some would say the best studio monitor JBL ever made. In perfect original working condition there is much that could be done to make them a super-monitor. They are rare with only ever less than 10 pairs available internationally. Though they are large they are for studio monitoring & sound great even in mid field listening position. JBL active crossover included Grab a rare chance to own the mac-daddy JBL Studio Monitor. Taken from the 20K USD Ebay ad The Ultimate Studio Loudspeaker Original JBL Model 4350 Studio Monitor. The JBL 4350 is a four-way system designed for bi-amplification. It achieves smooth reproduction within 3 db from 30Hz to 20 kHz with controlled high frequency dispersion and exceptional transient performance. These Studio monitors are capable of wide dynamic range with low distortion and of the high acoustic output required for precise reproduction of the original sounds. Bi-amplification The two low frequency loudspeakers are driven independently of the other components in the system. This allows the utilization of two moderately powered amplifiers rather than a single large model lessen the possibility of distortion, even at high volume levels. Low Frequency Loudspeakers Two 15 inch (380 mm) low frequency loudspeakers are mounted in in a ported enclosure that provide accurate reproduction and high power handling capacity at very low frequencies. Each loudspeaker is driven by a 4 inch (100 mm) diameter voice coil, fabricated of edgewound copper ribbon wire and an 18 5/8 lb (8.5 kg) magnetic assembly with a flux density of 12,000 gauss (1.2 T). Midrange Loudspeaker Music fundamentals lying in the region between 250 Hz and 1.1 kHz are reproduced by a 12 inch (300mm) loudspeaker housed in a sealed sub-chamber and driven by a 4 inch (100 mm) edgewound copper ribbon voice coil. The driver achieves high acoustic efficiency and effortless reproduction even at extreme volume levels. High Frequency Compression Driver Reproduction from 1.1 to 9 kHz is accomplished by a massive compression driver energized by a magnetic assembly weighing 23.75 lb (11 kg). Its 4 inch (100 mm) edgewound aluminum ribbon voice coil suspended in a magnetic field of 18.000 gauss (1.8 T) drives a diaphragm pneumatically drawn to shape 0.003 inch (0.08 mm) aluminum alloy. Horn/Lens Assembly High frequency output is distributed by an exponential horn combined with a slant plate acoustic lens. The 11 plates of the lens is set an angle of 38 degrees and operates in a manner analogous to a divergent optical lens. The lens provides controlled propagation of high frequency acoustic energy. Ultra-High Frequency Transducer The highest octave of the audio spectrum is reproduced by a compression driver specifically designed for ultra-high frequency reproduction and dispersion. Its 3.25 lb (1.5 kg) magnetic assembly develops a flux density of 16,500 gauss (1.65 T) and drives a 1.75 inch (45 mm) edgewound aluminum ribbon voice coil. The driver utilizes a ring diaphragm pneumatically formed of 0.0022 inches (0.06 mm) in anodized aluminum foil stock. Output is directed through a diffraction horn providing 90 degree dispersion in the plane perpendicular to the diffraction slot while restricting dispersion in the vertical plane to approximately 40 degree. The maintains smooth response within 3db to 20 kHz. Frequency Dividing Network The low frequency loudspeaker operates to 250 Hz and require an attenuation rate of 12 db per octave below and above the crossover frequency. Transition may be accomplished with Electronic Frequency Dividing Network or with several electronic crossovers or filtering devices commercially available. Enclosures Components of the 4350 are housed in a rigid enclosure incorporating two acoustic chambers. The two low frequency loudspeaker are housed in a bass reflex chamber which has an internal volume of 9.5 ft (265 liters). Proper loading to 25 Hz is accomplished by a distributed port consisting of 6 openings. The midrange loudspeaker is mounted in a second sealed sub chamber. Specification Maximum power Input Below 250 Hz 200 watts continuous sine wave at 4 ohm Above 250 Hz 100 watts continuous sine wave at 8 ohm Nominal Impedance Below 250 Hz 4 ohm Above 250 Hz 8 ohm Power output 110 db SPL pink noise measured at 10 ft (3 m) in a room volume of 2000 ft (57 m) with ½ rated power input (-3 db) 126 db SPL approximate program peak output measured a 10 ft (3 m) with ½ rated power input (average) Frequency Response Sine wave, on-axis 30 Hz – 20 kHz, -3 db 1/3 – octave band -3 db at 31.5 Hz, +2 db at 1 kHz (500Hz reference) +2 db at 16.5 kHz Polar Response No less than -3 db at 60 degree horizontal and 30 degree vertical to 12 kHz Distortion ½ power, 108 db SPL 1% or less third harmonic from 10 ft (3 m) 35 Hz to 1.2 kHz single frequency 3% or less third harmonic from 1.2 to 5 kHz Crossover Frequency Low 250 Hz electronic, 12db/octave Mid 1.1 kHz High 9 kHz Finish Verneered oiled walnut Enclosure Volume Low Frequency 9.5 x 9.5 ft (265 litres) High frequency 1.6 x 1.6 x 1.6 ft (45 litres) Net Weight 260 lb (118 kg) Shipping Weight 303 lb (138 kg) http://www.jblpro.com/pub/obsolete/4350b.pdf Edited June 24, 2015 by Beeman skies2clear, Ozcall, Muon and 2 others like this
  14. wow turntable is worth at least twice the asking - this is a very nice combo
  15. Can't believe this beautiful piece of kit is still around. I thought the price was good but what is needed to sell it?