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  1. I was originally going to go the 18" joe, but thought there will be times i would have loved the 24" so decided bugger it, and BBQ galore did me a very good deal. Would have loved to waited for the V3, but apart from the new trolley and the sloroller, i cant see much difference. Can always purchase the sloroller separately at a later date. Thats the exact coal i did go and grab, value seemed so much better then the kamado ones, only other thing i want to get is either the IKamand v2 or the flameboss like you have. So looking forward to the first cook, did you season the kamado first before cooking in it, or no need at all. Been reading mixed opinions on this one
  2. it was not an easy task getting this bugger up a narrow flight of stairs and onto the balcony, let me tell you. But its done, and ready for its first cook, but will have to wait 1 more week as i am on a fitness challenge at the moment
  3. ohhh, i just splashed out today and got myself the kamado big joe and a few extras. Gets delivered on Saturday, so looking forward to start using the bugger. Will frequent here to get some tips no doubt
  4. JohnA

    Winter clothing

    last winter i grabbed a couple santini vega thermal long bibs along with their vega thermal long sleeve jerseys. I found them perfect and didnt feel i needed any base layers under neath. The jerseys are a very snug fit, which suits me fine, but some people may not like it that tight. apart from that, i just wear full gloves and a scull cap under my helmet, and some overshoes
  5. i would think so, her voice even with a full blown head cold was brilliant. I will be adding all her current music into my collection
  6. Went to see her last night at the forum theatre in Melbourne. Hadn't heard of her, and my daughter asked me if i would go along with her, so how could i say no. Was very good, defiantly another artist i'll be listening to more of
  7. ill be getting it even though i dont have a turntable... I am just a huge prince tragic
  8. got my tickets for the melbourne show
  9. having owned one of these, i can say this is the bargain of a lifetime, especially with the 3d printed arm. rock solid build quality, brilliant sound, and i used a fair few cartridges on it. If you are in the market for a T at this price point, jump on this one very quickly. You can also add extra arms to these now I dont know the owner, nor have anything to do with the manufacturer, just an owner who loved his and never thought of ever upgrading.
  10. yea bugger weighing in everyday, i use to weigh in once a week, and now lucky if i weigh in every 3 weeks. I go by my pants size
  11. of course you can be skinny, but if you only want to lose a few kilos and feel better thats fine also.
  12. i do visit a dedicated coffee forum and bike forum, so have no issues if they were to disappear from here, but since they are here, i think i'll continue to visit. Though i would be interested to know the break up of posts/threads from the audio forums, vs the for sale section vs the off topic sections.
  13. After selling all my gear i simply dont post as much and didnt visit for a while either. These days i mainly look in the chill out rooms, bike and food, coffee sections
  14. id give that a go on my roadie MADNESS
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