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  1. having owned one of these, i can say this is the bargain of a lifetime, especially with the 3d printed arm. rock solid build quality, brilliant sound, and i used a fair few cartridges on it. If you are in the market for a T at this price point, jump on this one very quickly. You can also add extra arms to these now I dont know the owner, nor have anything to do with the manufacturer, just an owner who loved his and never thought of ever upgrading.
  2. yea bugger weighing in everyday, i use to weigh in once a week, and now lucky if i weigh in every 3 weeks. I go by my pants size
  3. of course you can be skinny, but if you only want to lose a few kilos and feel better thats fine also.
  4. i do visit a dedicated coffee forum and bike forum, so have no issues if they were to disappear from here, but since they are here, i think i'll continue to visit. Though i would be interested to know the break up of posts/threads from the audio forums, vs the for sale section vs the off topic sections.
  5. After selling all my gear i simply dont post as much and didnt visit for a while either. These days i mainly look in the chill out rooms, bike and food, coffee sections
  6. id give that a go on my roadie MADNESS
  7. wow, id be all over this if i was still into hifi GLWTS
  8. looks great Al, i love a good Paella
  9. @mtf sorry mate forgot to reply earlier on. It is a very smooth drop, nice and spicy straight. I also had it with ice and it mellowed it out just a little. Personally i preferred it straight though. Will be getting this one again for sure
  10. I hear what you are saying Shaun. Great machines but looks that only a mother could love. Thank goodness for mods.
  11. well this has been my last setup for around a year now. Finally finished with custom parts and am happy with the finished product, though i think i may change the feet to some taller s/s ones. The side panels are billet aluminium and have been anodised in an electric blue, a creation From Rick @ the coffee machinist. The steam lever has also been altered from the standard toggle switch at the front to the lever on the side. A joint adventure from the coffee machinist and specht design. Machine was powder coated in matte black and the group cap was the final piece which was delivered yesterday. I didnt like the boring flat group caps so had one made to look like the stada style one. Both these were thanks to Dan @specht design Portafilter handles and temper from pesado
  12. Item: Matrix IC7 spin bike Location: Melbourne Preston Price: $1800 Item Condition: Perfect Reason for selling: not used by the family as they had intended Payment Method: cash on Pickup only due to size and weight Extra Info: One of the best spin bikes on the market at the moment, used in many high end studios. Built to last a lifetime. rrp on these are around $3200 all info can be found her https://www.teamicg.com/is/bikes/ic7/overview Pictures:
  13. watching that now and am hooked, its my kind of weird
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