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  1. Just a couple very small tomahawks reverse seared for dinner tonight
  2. thanks for the tips, i was spritzing them every 30 min, think i may also try at a lower temp, and maybe when i wrapped them i should have done a double layer. Yea chicken wings in for the last hour with a dry rub then tossed in bbq sauce...
  3. Well the ribs were tasty but a little on tue dry side think i won’t leave them in as long after unwrapping next time The wings though were to die for
  4. just the pic mate as i did remove the membrane
  5. thats the plan mate and yep costco baby backs here also
  6. nice work guys, i'll be doing some baby back ribs tomorrow going to use the 3,2,1 method
  7. look forward to seeing the result
  8. bugger that, i'll even pick up the bone in restaurants...should be against the law to do it any other way
  9. Reverse sear on this 1.2 kilo baby
  10. looks the goods mate, doesnt seem you can order the billows just yet though??? im in no rush, as dont plan on doing any overnight cooks in a hurry, and do like getting to know how to use the kamado properly first wth controlling temps and trying to keep them steady
  11. ah bugger, ah well, looks like smart fire it is then, mind you, unless doing overnight cooks, cant see me using it too much, as i found temp is fairly easy to control in the kamado joe. But its a toy, and we must have more toys
  12. Came across this last week as I was researching and also love the fact can run from battery and is local may be the goer with ikamand I know the first one was dodgy can’t find much on v2
  13. and the finished product, melted in the mouth like butter....
  14. hmmm, somehow i doubt there will be any left, but you never know
  15. Yep, hardcore carnivore rub. i am planning to let them run naked through the duration, been following guga foods method will take them to 205f internal temp then start probing with toothpick till it feels like going through butter. Will then rest then wrapped in towel for an hour before digging in This was at 4 hours and reading 185f
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