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  1. Axent Audio, Auckland, Have replaced the donuts - now have foam donuts on all four woofers. Prior to that, a friend installed the replacement capacitors on the crossover boards. I disassembled the speakers myself to save labour costs (and the effort of transporting two 35kg spkrs). Put everything back together two days ago and have had about three hours of music through them. i know it will take several hours for the new capacitors to settle down, but I am very impressed so far. It seems I may not have to replace the tweeters after all, as the edginess previously experienced is gone. The problem must have been in the xovers. They sound superb. Axent Audio did a perfect job. There is a previous post on this site where Axent are recommended, and the author praised the expertise of someone named Barry who was the expert tech at Axent. Sadly Barry died last year, but it seems his apprentice is carrying on the good work.
  2. PeterF, they look gorgeous, and must sound awesome as well! Well done. As per my photos in my previous post, mine are in excellent original physical condition, so will be staying as is. Interesting that the lamination finish changes the sound. Rockman, I didn’t respond to your suggestions re replacing donuts. My nearest reliable technician is a 4.5 hour drive each way from where I live, and while I did contemplate just replacing the rotted donuts, then comparing side by side before deciding to replace the rubber donuts, that isn’t going to be practical. Doing it myself is not an option thanks to worsening essential tremor! i will be going to Axent Audio in Auckland, loudspeaker specialists who have been in business for over 30 years, and know the Kefs well. Who knows, they may well still have rubber donuts in stock! Love visiting there, a large sprawling display room with side demo rooms. They sell an enormous amount of second hand gear along with selected new brands.
  3. Interesting Rockman! The biwire info I read was on the KEF USA historical website, which stated biwire was introduced in 1990, your photo proves that wrong! Also seems that you have to have reached 3 score and 10 + to appreciate and have knowledge of these speakers. I’m in that bracket as well. Re capacitors, I am encouraged to replace them with the caps from Falcon (they cost me $160NZ so I don’t want them to go to waste) by the discovery that some non standard work has previously been done on the xovers. On spkr A xover, caps at C13&14 in the HF circuit, have had a polyswitch connected to them in parallel. On spkr B the same caps at 13&14 have been replaced with no name ring ins. Before purchasing from Falcon, I did a lot of searching for info on line, and Falcon was highly recommended by many. They claim to use caps made by Alcap to the same specs as Kef (who no longer have genuine Kef parts for these speakers) and then Individually tested to ensure within 2% tolerance. i only have a multimeter whereas I am told a properly calibrated deviation bridge is necessary for checking caps accurately. Having the caps replaced tomorrow. At least there will be no charge, but taking some home preserves down to give to the guy!
  4. Thanks Rockman, very informative. i already have the replacement capacitors - bought from Falcon Acoustics UK, and a skilled friend will be doing the de-soldering and soldering job for me tomorrow. No charge! You are probably right about the Morel tweeters, but I did read that claim on someone’s website. However, will wait and see how they sound after new caps and new donuts installed before deciding about tweeters. Re the rubber donuts, I recently learnt that KEF introduced them late in the production run and rubber replacement sets were also available for a while. Re date of manufacture, the answer was staring me in the face! All four B200 woofers have date made on them - 22 May 1990.
  5. I’ve read that too, but also read it doesn’t always work. Besides, that’s not why I created this post! Just want my two questions answered, if possible. Not here for an argument!
  6. Yes, I’ve heard that foam surrounds may sound better/different (as opposed to donuts) which apparently always were made of foam) but production models of this spkr were produced by Kef using rubber on the woofer surrounds. The mid surrounds were always made of rubber.
  7. Yes, have read that advice before, and I believe it could be very relevant. However, the Morel MDT29-4 was designed as a replacement for the T33, and from many, many posts and YouTube DIY vids i have seen, they work very well with the SP2050 crossover. As I said, will only replace the tweeters if the new caps don’t improve things - presently just a tad of edge in high tenor and soprano voices. General consensus is that after circa 39 years the cooling ferro fluid can harden and replacement is recommended. The T33 is no longer made. My point about the metal connectors, was to provide a clue as to manufacture date. The donut replacements on spkr B could very well be a mistake, they look professionally installed, but, out of interest, I am really looking for info as to when and by who rubber donuts were made. Finding these installed has created a bit of a mystery which I would like to find an answer to. It is my intention to replace donuts on all 4 woofers with the same material. Once repaired I will be keeping these spkrs (barring winning lotto!) for the rest of my life.
  8. Hi all, transferred here from the old NZ forum. Have recently purchased a second hand pair of these iconic speakers, and in process of refurbishment - even though they sounded pretty awesome as is. Am replacing capacitors, replacement sets supplied by Falcon Acoustics, on the xovers, and donuts on the bass drivers. Following the advice of only making one improvement at a time, will wait to hear how things sound before deciding to replace the T33 tweeters. If they need replacing will go with Morel MDT29-4s. While searching for information online, and when disassembling the speakers, I have come across a couple of mysteries that perhaps knowledgeable folk here may be able to help with. Have searched prior posts here without result. 1. How old are my speakers? In production 1984-1996, and biwire terminals introduced 1990. My spkrs have only single wire terminals, so I assumed 1990 or prior. However, my spkrs have metal gold coloured terminals. Photos on line show older models had plastic terminals. I read somewhere that gold coloured metal terminals introduced “late in the series”, but no dates given. Have also read a review where the guy said he owned two pairs of these speakers, one set circa 1985, and the other made in 1993, and gave the serial number which is only a few digits away from mine - 28583 A&B. I read KEF data lost when company changed hands, so KEF cannot compare serial numbers to date of manufacture. So, were single wire versions still made post 1990, and were the Raymond Cook Signature versions the only ones biwire capable? 2.. When disassembling, all speaker surrounds found to be of rubber and in sound condition. Speaker A had perished foam donuts on both woofers, whereas speaker B had intact “rubber” donuts on both. I have never seen rubber being used for donuts, and online searches finds no reference to them, all replacement donuts on the market are made of foam. Were rubber donuts ever on the market? It seems strange that someone would have gone to the bother of replacing donuts on one speaker and not the other. So, did KEF ever use rubber donuts when assembling these speakers? If so it seems impossible to believe they would have provided a matched pair, one with foam and the other rubber donuts!
  9. It annoys me that I am blocked from viewing the forum without logging in. Have been a member here for many years and usually cannot be bothered, logging in - as it is a bit of a PITA to do do so. But now find I have “viewed too many pages and am not allowed to view any more”. A real put off. same on the StereoNet.aus site, joined there many years ago, can’t remember my log in now, and being constantly blocked have given up on that forum. being compelled to do something means I will refuse to do so! Despise most forms of authority.!
  10. Not sure of age, as bought 2nd hand off TM in April this year. Very pleased with its performance and would keep except managed to score a Plinius 8150 at a very reasonable price. In use, the 8150 is only marginally better than the 2100i, mostly in the treble from a smoke free, child and pet free home, used only with good gear, running a pair of Kef LS50s -never thrashed. The amp lives up to its reputation as being a top notch performer (it is praised by others here - see postings about Plinius phono stages.). The 2100i apparently was in production 1995-2000 when Superseded by the 2100i Mark 2. I believe the major change was remote being added to the Mk2. The Mk2was quickly Superseded by the 8100, which - according to an article onAudio Asylum - is identical in all but model number to the 2100i. i do not have original packaging but will be well packed in an old Sony vcr box with plenty of polystyrene and shredded paper.. if you live within the boundaries of the Far North District Council I can organise pick up, delivery or meeting up. Otherwise will be sent by nzpost. Tracked parcel $26.40 nationwide + $3.70 extra for rural.. courier would be $65. i have seen two other 2100i listed on TM this year, one sold for $750 and the other was listed for $1100,but it was overpriced and I dont think it sold! I paid $535 for this one from a reserve of $500 - two bidders. So, price here is $500 plus postage/courier. In very good condition, no known issues, odd mark, eg a pinhole mark showing shiny aluminium at top of face plate which cannot be seen unless you look closely. The person I bought it from said they had a technician replace the volume control.
  11. sub


    See TM listing 1139767678 - amazing, a 1960s classical LP with one bid of $4K, which was the reserve! Buyer is zebranski, wonder if it is heading off shore! Closes in 3 hours.
  12. I have a pair of these fantastic speakers, but not in use as my housemate not happy about the aesthetics. It is not so much the speaker itself with its distinctive rose coloured metal dome, as being gloss black they can fit in, but rather it is about the stands. Accepted wisdom says these speakers should be on heavy, rigid stands. I have a pair of Sound Creations stands, with one central sand filled upright. The platform for the speaker to sit on is exactly the right size for the KEFs and I use blutak to keep them in place. But, the stands are grey and stand out. Could spray them a matt black, but that does not get rid of the biggest visual obstacle - they have a larger footprint than my floorstanding Mission 753s. If a lightweight stand would do, I envisage buying a matching pair of, say, wooden bedside cabinets, of a colour, size and style to suit the decor. Anyone have experience of using these speakers on lightweight stands? Will it work?
  13. Stuck inside because of the weather and a bad cold, so have been going through some CDs I have. At same time have been browsing some older, circa 2003-06, hi fi mags I scored off TM. The mags have many articles about the "new" formats of SACD and DVD-A. I remember visiting the old Sony Shop in Newmarket back when, and the shelves were full of the new SACDs. I had in mind that "one day" I would have the hardware and start buying those discs. Have had Oppo 103 now for about 2 years and before that the Denon 3090, but the new format discs seemed to have disappeared from mainstream sale. I was off the radar hifi wise 2007-10, but it seems that in that time those formats lost the battle for mainstream? I have a small number of DVD-As, but it seems that format wasn't seen much here, and have scored several SACDs here and there - often in The Red Shed bargain bins. Even in stereo the discs I have played sound just s little better than standard red book, and when I had my HT 5.1 set up, they sound awesome, e.g. Dark Side of the Moon. Other formats also seemed to have gone - HDCD and Sony Superbit Mapping. Listening just now to some Mozart Quartets in the Sony SBM format - sounds very good, lacks the redbook glazing, then put on Vaughan Williams (The Wasps, Lark Ascending) a digital recording on the Nimbus label. Straight redbook and lacks the dynamics and intensity of SBM. So does that mean quality digital music can now only be found by streaming and downloading? If so I will have to buy more and more and play more and more vinyl!
  14. Where has all the top vintage gear gone? Has been a long time since I have seen a regular supply of good stuff on TM. I recall someone mentioning that some regular buyers on TM a few years ago were buying and shipping items to Asian markets. Not sure if that was true. Loudspeakers such as vintage Tannoy, KEF Reference, used to appear regularly. And in that regard, around late 2007 I sold off about 1000 classic vinyl. They guy who bought them said he was sending them overseas! Just asking, as recent listening experiences reminded me of an old pair of speakers I owned in early 90s. Not classics per se - KEF C95s, 3 way, mid and tweeter in a sealed enclosure, the tweeter being KEF UniQ, and what looked like a third driver below, was a passive radiator, with the bass speakers (two of them) inside the cabinet coupled together. The C95s were the top of the C series, but no where near the quality of the current reference series, where the methodolgy used had been much refined. I have this aural memory of the C95s that is hard to shake! They suited classical and melodic jazz better than rock, and had a marvellous sonority about them. Two CDs in particular stand out. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here, especially "Welcome to the Machine - where the bass was palpable and could be felt through your feet; and Barenboim, Zukerman & Du Pre - Beethoven Trios, especially "The Ghost", which is still sublime, but the heart breaking sonority I heard then is no longer there! The C95s at 4 Ohms were very hard to drive - needed 150W a side. I could only afford 50 Watters and after blowing tweeters twice they were traded on Mission 753s, lovely expressive, dynamic all-rounders. But, they do not have that sonority I crave! That memory made me keep a look out for good KEF reference models, used to see them when fairly new and over my budget, but listings seem to have dried up. Have they all gone!
  15. In my posts on the thread "my new turntable", I detailed difficulties I was having in getting good sound on three albums in particular. Van Morrison, Astral Weeks - Live at the Hollywood Bowl. Bass muddled, too loud, overpowering vocals; Freddy Mercury, The Freddy Mercury Album. Freddy's voice was dark and didn't sound like him at all - a friend visiting asked "who is that?", and when told said "doesn't sound like Freddy at all!" Impressions - an HMV/EMI compilation of Jaqueline Du Pre performances, where side four (Beethoven's Ghost Trio) had the performers jumbled together, no separation of instruments, little sound staging, and the piano overpowering the other instruments. Thought it must have been lack of synergy between my new TT set up and my 22-23 year old Mission 753s, and when I swapped in my KEF LS50s, things changed for the better, which seemed to prove my theory. I'm inside with the lurgy, so having time to play with, thought I would check out my venerable Missions. Checked all cone surrounds - rubbers good, no sign of perishing; Cleaned banana plugs in and out with contact; then I remembered reading years ago to check cone mounting screws to ensure tightness. So found an Allen key to fit - four mids and woofers on each speaker with 8 screws each, and 4 on each tweeter. They all needed tightening by one half to three quarter turn. Put everything back in place, following manufacturers recommendations for placement, (not that they would have been far off optimum placement before, but someone does move things when cleaning!), and the three albums above all sound great again! Very happy, as my Missions have been my go to speaker for years. Have owned Proac Tablette, Dynaudio Audience 85s, and Terry Muir let me bring home a whole range of more expensive speakers to try against the Missions. However, the KEF Ls50s do give them a run for the money, and I think with a decent MC cartridge to tame a little fizz in the high treble, they will probably be better, to my ears, than the Missions. Surprisingly there is little difference in in-room bass response. The Missions go a little deeper, but not by much.
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