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  1. Hi Andy, The unit itself is not buzzing. When connected via the line out (RCA or XLR) to a power amp or headphone amp, the buzzing is heard from the speakers or headphones. This happens even when no inputs are connected. The purpose of posting here was to see if anyone had some idea on what it might be (I know that was probably pushing it, but worth a shot). I originally bought the unit from Jim Tate Stereo, so will talk to them about repair options (but was keen to see if any repairers in Adelaide were recommended). Derek
  2. My Linn Klimax Kontrol pre-amplifier has developed an intermittent buzzing issue. The unit was bought new by me in 2003. No upgrades. There is no on/off switch on the Kontrol. The unit is always in standby mode while plugged in. The noise is not a humming sound but more like a buzzing sound. The issue occurs at random, but if the unit is powered off, then powered on and left powered on, the buzzing normally doesn't start for 24-48 hours. If the unit is powered off, then on, once again the buzzing doesn't start for 24-48 hours. The buzzing sound can occur even if the unit is only i
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