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  1. Maybe so, but my comment is comparing headphones to one another. I find the soundstage via headphones quite satisfying. No, it is not surround sound but still very acceptable and listenable.
  2. No argument Audio-gd amplifiers improve the sound, including soundstage, but headphones can be impressive in that area, particularly the Sennheiser HD800S. These are more comfortable than the Focals and usually have a better soundstage, but the Audio-gd headamp minimises that difference. in my experience.
  3. My prejudice is that USB is a poorer link than SPDIF/Coaxial so IMHO you are ahead. Yes the R8 is settling in nicely. I still would not wager it is better than the modded LKS but the music is sounding very nice. But I removed the FORZA headphone cable from the R8 system and am using it with the LKS system. I prefer the MIT Vero and now have a spare which I should offer up FS. The madness continues!!
  4. Only purchased recently, it has not been used so is up FS. An ideal small unit to sit on your desktop to listen to music as well as act with its DAC feeding another amp and speakers. A great toy to own!. Specifications: · Portable A5-sized 2 channel PCM D/A converter · Adopts 32-bit processing and equipped with Burr-Brown PCM5102 DAC · Selectable digital filters to switch it between FIR and IIR mode · B-type USB interface to connect USB digital audio input from PC or Mac · Available D/D converter function while connecting dig
  5. SPECIFICATIONS: Crystal DSD DAC CS4398 (BD32) 24/192 kHz Fully balanced analogue output stage (BD32) Outputs: 1 pair XLR and 1 pair RCA (both 4,3V) Inputs: 1x asynchronous USB-B, 1x AES/EBU, 3x Optical, 3x Coax S/PDIF Linear R-Core transformer Signal to Noise 120dB Dimensions WxDxH: 430 x 370 x 95mm (16.9x14.5x3.7 inches) Since purchasing another, I have no further use for this excellent DAC. I have a number of reviews in a WORD document I can sent to anyone interested but will append one of them below by Jason Kennedy. It is a very reliable DAC which does
  6. Yes I tried all formats and with both DACs, found CD quality for most albums as good as hi-rez.
  7. NO further plans re DACs - looks like I have one more than I need. Decisions will need to be made! If I can be bothered I might set up a comparison between the LKS and R8 avoiding G1 ROON input using SPDIF out (I have a splitter) from an OPPO 103, If I do and anything significant emerges, I'll let you know.
  8. Auralic’s Aries G1 Transport – How Important is the Bridge? Maybe more Important than the DAC? I’ll answer that question first up by admitting that for me, the G1 has been far more important than I previously realized in my pursuit of audio quality. You could find the same – it depends on the system of digital input being used for your DAC. In this house it is hard wired, not wireless, with quality Canare cabling being used to carry the balanced digital signal out from the G1 and hard wired input to the G1 being from the home network.. Bear with my while I relate my recent a
  9. Yes all sorted thanks. It seems there was a bad connection in a lead that misled me BUT I'm taking advice and letting it burn in for a few hundred hours before making any more critical comments. It is noe nonnected direct with no splitter and the LKS is off.
  10. A further correction. It was not the splitter at fault but the cabling from it to the R8. It was causing the distortion and the Canare splitter is now transmitting the signal OK. So, I’m not having any problems at the moment but do concede it is unfair to compare a well run in LKS to a relatively new R8 so should hold back further comment until the R8 had another few hundred hours on it. Currently I find it very difficult to distinguish between the sound via the LKS and the R8 but that could change. I might (or might not) be hearing a slightly smoother sound on some classical m
  11. UPDATE: The problem was NOT with the R8 DAC, but with the 3 way CANFORD splitter being used. It has been in the house here for quite some time and never gave any problems but has now been replaced with a 4 way powered splitter. Once the balanced digital AES was fed direct into the R8, it played DSD and all formats fine. When the LKS was working via the splitter input but the R8 was not, I incorrectly assumed the R8 was at fault.. It could be that the reduced signal caused by the passive splitter is the reason but I'm not sure but the final result was no audio via th
  12. This audiophilia can be confusing as often attempts to move ahead are often only moves sideway - the sound might be different, but whether or not it is better is debatable!! I've been able to set up the headphone system here so the balanced AES digital input feeds into a splitter and from there goes to both the LKS DA004 and the new toy. Switch the input with the headamp remote gives an instant change to compare these two DACs. Fortunately the are are no clicks or thumps when that input is changed so comparison is simple and smooth. Initially there seemed to be an odd change in t
  13. Further information: I have two of these but am parting with one. This is the best DAC I’ve owned and transforms good CDs to sound as good as SACDs and other hi-rez. I’m often surprised at the AQ being heard and find it is merely CD quality, not Hi-Rez. One acid test of a DAC;s ability to translate digital to pristine analog is a harpsichord recording. Most DACs turn this into a jangled mess but the LKS transforms all the complex harmonics into beautifully sounding music. This LKS was modded by Rick Schultz and was imported from the USA so comes with a quality step down transfor
  14. Against what I said before, some remastered 65 year old recordings can sound impressive and they are good enough to make imperfections no longer a distraction.' And on the hi-rez topic I'm guilty, as I suspect many others are, of being seduced by numbers. So, fully aware at the back of my mind that I'll most likely not hear any difference, I still choose to pay a couple of dollars more for as hi-rez download. It is this sort of illogical thinking that is keeping the hi-end industry thriving!!
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