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  1. Some months ago I ordered a bluetooth device which was advertised in $AUD and the ad implied it was via AliExpress in Melbourne. I waited patiently assuming it was coming on a slow boat from China rather than from Melbourne but it never turned up. When I queried what was going on I was told the order had been cancelled, something never communicated to me. So the next step was to get a refund.. That was like extracting teeth and took many emails to get it moving but I finally did get something back via PayPal in $USD - BUT it was over 10% less than I had paid.
  2. This ia a small quality DAC/headamp as reviewed here: https://www.listeningpost.co.nz/products/archives-discontinued/icon-dac-nuforce-force-__I.62364__C.50400__N.27756 Key Features Asynchronous low-jitter USB interface Supports Windows 7, 8, Mac OSX, Android 4.1.1* High-precision 32-bit DAC Powerful 8V output headphone amplifier 6.3mm headphone output jack 3.5mm analog input and RCA analog output Audiophile TOCOS volume pot Multiple stage filtering and regulated up-converted 24V rail power supply High-quality aluminum chassis
  3. I recently purchased this as a refurbished unit from Melbourne but is not being used and has had very little use by me so needs to go to another home. I see a similar unit is on e-bay for more than I'm asking so my price, which includes postage, should be attractive to anyone looking for a quality 30W amplifier. You can see more about this at https://www.hilberink.nl/codehans/luxman35.htm Specs: Power output: 33 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 15Hz to 60kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.03% Input sensitivity: 2.5mV (MM), 145mV
  4. That was my initial attitude after running a L/R analog feed to the room from the ROON system. A 50W amp would suffice to replace the old Arcam 7R integrated. And the old modded bookshelf speakers would do. But there was the first change of mind - the sound was pretty harsh so the speakers needed to be replaced (Yes. I know, silly to blame the speakers when the problem could be elsewhere). So in came a pair of B&W Diamond 9 bookshelf unit. Unsurprisingly the sound was still not good. Sigh. So off to a hunt for a good used Rotel or other amp. Nothing seemed
  5. Thanks ray. It has been a (expensive) labour of love. The room was designed (by me) in a pentagonal shape so no two opposing surfaces are parallel. Special tiles in the cathedral ceiling and carpet on the floor all contribute to a well damped environment which yields impressive surround sound assiciated with fine video on the 120" screen. However my advanced age has age related hearing problems so serious audio only, particularly classical music, is only fully appreciated with headphones. My mantra for some time has been that the DAC is critical for good digital conversion to
  6. Wow, this post is over 2 years old but maybe soon I can give you an answer, unless of course you have already purchased one? After the super experience with the Maste r 9 headphone amp, I've just ordered and paid for one to come here - email me if you would like to continue this conversation: jcoulsonATiprimus.com.au
  7. Item: 50Watt amplifier (NOT integrated) Price Range: Around $300 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: It is for a bedroom system so super fidelity is not required BUT, being an audio nut means that the AQ must be very good. No hurry for this - I'll try to be patient in this hunt!! Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  8. As far as I can see yes, but it would need XLR balanced in and the feed out would be Unbalanced RCA L/R to feed an amplifier. Later: I just checked on the manual https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1093662/Violectric-Hpa-V280.html?page=12#manual and yes, an internal switch described in the manual will mean those RCA terminals can be used to take the audio out.
  9. I’m embarrassed to be seen selling this superb headphone amplifier, but cannot seem to shake off the upgrade bug. It is a simplified version of the Violectric V281 which has other functions and the appeal of the V280 is that simpler is better as the basic amplifier section is the same. The review at https://drop.com/buy/violectric-v280-headphone-amp#overview states: Designed to amplify any pair of headphones with ultra-low distortion and rich articulation, the Violectric V280 headphone amp is one portable amplifier that doesn’t cut corners on performance. German-e
  10. In perfect working order, this distributed balanced digital (all formats and resolutions) to 3 points in the house but has been replaced by a more expensive powered 4 way splitter. You can read about a similar unit here: https://store.onair.com.au/audio/distribution/son-cm-aesx3 Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include phot
  11. The Audio-gd Master 9 has been on for a week now and, as expected is hot - too hot on top to leave your hand there. If that looks like being a problem in Summer I'll rig up a quiet 120mm PC fan to move air. But I am genuinely taken back by how the AQ has improved. The bass line is now more clearly defined and there is much more "air" and apparent space around the music than there is in the Office here via the Violectric V280. (also left on 24/7). It is much the same story re upgrading as happened with the move from the Sennheiser 800S to Focal Utopia - the previous "best" AQ was
  12. Thanks Guys. I decided to upgrade the schematic showing most linked A/V systems in this house so append it FYI. Madness I know but I'm in good company here 🙂
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