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  1. Item: NEW 1.5 m Vero Reference headphone cable for Audeze Location: Northern Tasmania Price: $699 including postage. Item Condition: Brand new - still in sealed packaging Reason for selling: Surplus to needs. I had intended to change it for use with my Sennheiser HD800S cans but decided against that. Payment Method: Bank transfer Extra Info: I had two but have converted one for personal use for my Focal Utopia headphones. So the second one for the Audeze is up for sale. It is terminated in a 3.5mm unbalanced plug but could silver solder in a 4 pin balanced one if required for a little extra cost. The US cost is $USD899 [$AUD12165] so at $699 it is a bargain for someone (and a bit of a loss for me). The Vero reference got high praise from TAS: http://www.mitcables.com/us-reviews/absolute-sound-2017-top-pick-vero-reference-headphone-cable.html My Focal Utopia headphjones, away for 7 months being repaired, are about to be returned so PM me if you want my impression of this VERO cable as it will not be long before I've tried it out myself. However I have used the Vero dongle and am impressed with what it can do [I do have another new dongle FS so PM me if interested]. Please ignore the picture for the HD600 cable as it has been withdrawn from sale and converted for use with the Focal Utopias. Thanks for reading John Pictures:
  2. I guess so, I have it somewhere. John PS: I think I've located it. It is a standard 12V 1.5A and that relatively low power rating has always puzzled me when the Arcam specs show a higher power rating is specified. The wall wart is here in Tasmania - the rest of the Arcam is in Adelaide with my friend.
  3. Item: Arcam irDAC with Linear Power Supply Location: With a friend in Adelaide Price: $495 Item Condition: Mint with original box Reason for selling: Unused as now into balanced audio Payment Method: Bank Transfer Extra Info: I could not believe the puny power supply which came with this lovely DAC so purchased a linear PS and inserted into the container as shown in the pics. Note it is NOT an Arcam PS but is far superior and makes all the difference to the effectiveness of the DAC. The heavy PS brings the all up weight of the package to 2.2 kg . I part with it with some reluctance as it is one of the best single ended DACs I've had the pleasure to own - you can read glowing reports of it on the net but remember those reports are with the original wall wart PS. The linear one with this DAC takes it to a new level. Pictures:
  4. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    Excellent post MLXXX. The problem with audio topics of this nature is that rationalism, as illustrated by you, gets ignored in favour of emotionalism with subsequent ego grandstanding leading to pissing contests. It has been said that if one person believes "XXX" then that is enough to substantiate it. Sadly beliefs in "XXX" can lead to the formation of cults with disastrous consequences to believers. Obviously that is not the case in this audio discussion but other similarites do exist, particularly the "comfort" a person achieves from a certain conviction. So, as I said before, we must be respectful of others who hold beliefs we disagree with, as long as those beliefs do not impinge on our own personal freeedoms. Bottom line to me is that "burn in/break in" appears to be an unprovable concept. If it was provable, as has been stated here many times, there would be respected papers of research showing it. There are some odd arguments being used in all this discussion with one being that if it has not been disproved, then logically it could be true. To this old brain such an argument is illogical and many posts have repeatedly pointed this out. The human brain is a very complex organ and no two brains, even identical twins (althought they are extremely close), are absolutely identical. We all "see" (brain interpret) colours slightly differently so it should not be surprising that we interpret sounds differently. So it all boils down to whether or not the brain interpretation of sounds in some people is more sensitive than in other dummies like myself, again, something which so far has neither been proved or disproved. So if believing in burn in gives more musical satisfaction to some audiophiles while others like myself enjoy the reproduced music just as much, it really does not matter who is right or wrong about the topic. No arguments will convince the burn in belivers they are wrong and conversely noithing in this humongously long series of posts has been produced to persuade those of us in the non believer camp to change our minds. Guys, it has been an interesting ride, but it really is time to move on.
  5. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    Guys, I think this topic is exhausted - rather obvious in the last few interesting, but not completely relevent posts in this thread. Mood affects our listening to most people and could, or might not be a factor in observed burn in. Being so subjective it is unprovable. Yes the burn in observed by some could be due to mood, to placebo, to ........ Bottom line is that individual expreiences are enough to convince some of its existence but are not enough to convincve others like myself. But it really does not matter if you enjoy the music from your toys, whether burnt in or not.
  6. I've never used the iPad or iPhone in this house for portable music and have been prejudiced against the popular iPod. My first venture into quality portable music was via the Korean Cowan but the operating system was a PIA so the player was not simple to use. Then SONY finally did a digital extraction and came out with small, functional hi-rez players the NWS A16 and later the NWS A25. Many of my friends bought the inexpensive and fine sounding NWS A25 and we still have one here for my wife. Next graduation was to the SONY Z100 which was better than than A25 and just as functional. I flirted with an Askel & Kern very briefly but hated its touch screen. My current choice is the Pioneer XDP-30R (same as the Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato) which has two micro slots which will take 200GB cards and a huge library of music. The AQ is up with the best but the small screen can be frustrating for navigation. But using Sennheiser HD800S headphones with an MIT dongle, the music quality (mainly classical for me) is awesome. and that is THE most important feature for me. The music is already ripped into Roon so filling up the cards for players is a simple operation. So your history & experiences?
  7. There have been many significant purchases but the most recent has been the LKS D-006 DAC - a remarkable item that removes all traces of digital harshness, something which initially had me hating digital and sticking with vinyl for many years. IMHO the DAC is the most significant item in the digital audio chain and recent innovations have been significant. Previous others: Roon (replaced Sooloos, another significant purchase 8 years ago) Sennheiser HD800S headphones (replaced HD800) Anthem VAVM 50V A.V processor (replaced Onkyo) Sound Labs electrostatic speakers (replaced locally made Moss electrosts) Plinius and Halcro amps (replaced .... gee I really cannot remember)
  8. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    No offence meant - just could not resist, something which does not reflect positively on me. And I'm sure your IQ is a bit better than 65!! If you judged by typos mine would be nearer 50. Yes I'm a genuine 4th generation Tasmanian living in the same area settled & named by my great great grandfather in the 1800s. At 82 I'm a bit of a fossil myself but have been messing around with audio since I learned to solder and put together a crystal set to listen to FTA steam AM radio in the 1940s. Headphones were needed for that so life has come full circle with second childshood so headphones are again the choice of serious music listening. But if you, or any other SNite are ever in or near Launceston (I live 15 minutes outside it on the East Tamar) then please call in. PM me and I'll send you a map on how to get here.
  9. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    No time for coarse comments on SN
  10. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    Good post but like many other posts here, you are making assumptions. Yes I have read EVERY post, and many were informative and interesting, but my RIP suggests there is really nothing more constructive to be added to the topic. As I said before, those than consider they have heard an affect of burn in in amps and cables will stick to that belief because it is their own personal experience which has led to a conviction it exists. And it irritates some that others like myself have never experienced that or seen any evidence to support its existence. The two poles are diametrically opposed so there is really no hope of resolution and agreement. So don't you think the topic is now exhaused of new ideas so RIP is appropriate?
  11. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    And that was the cruz of my first question which started this unpredicted massive response. And I guess there is no clear cut answer. If you have faith in what your brain tells you what you hear, then you believe one aspect of this debate. If not, then you remain a sceptic and are unconvinced. Like so many aspects of faith, logical argument is water off a ducks back. If you have faith, end of story. It is just as impolite for those of us without that faith to try to denegrate others as it is for those holding a faith to use missionary zeal to try to convert those us us in the sceptic branch of audio. Perhaps it is time to let the topic RIP?
  12. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    Correction - only 7 days. Yes, some of the discussion is pointless, particularly those trumpeting ego and degenerating into pissing contests which will obviously never have a winner, but some very intelligent and informative and interesting posts have evolved. However I must admit I never expected the passion that this topic would generate and that is not great. But then again we are dealing with the best ways of appreciating recorded of music so passion in inherent so if burn in of gear does it for some, then end of story. If others, like myself can still get wrapped in music through our toys but never encounter improvement through burn in, then we really do not care. The important issue is to be passionate about the recorded music your hear, no matter what the journey you take to get there.
  13. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    Of course not and that is the mature attitude we should take.
  14. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    Sorry guys, I just do not buy burn in as I personally have never experienced. And I'm perplexed that no experiments seemed to have been done to verify or deny its existance. This is such a hot topic it is hard to believe absolutely no tests of any kind have never been performed with statistically significant findings. Lots of good ideas here on how to conduct such test but why has no one ever gone ahead to answer the question?
  15. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    I have no argument with this. However the basic problem is interpretation of what we hear and it is well established there can be a significant placebo affect. As someone pointed out earlier, it well might be it is individual burn in (meaning getting more accustomed to the sound) that is in play here. I'm extremely skeptical about auditory memory, even at a space of a minute so really cannot believe that someone can reliably observe small changes over time. Our moods, health, tiredness etc vary far more and affect auditory perception. And please guys, forget about speakers, headphones and other transducers in this discussion. No one is arguing about the fact they change over time. I remain unconvinced about amplifiers unless maybe built from inferior parts which are altered by heat over time and cannot accept burn in occurs with interconnects etc. But that does not mean I'm right or wrong, just my current feeling without any evidence to show it right or wrong. Not much point in getting steamed up about something neither side of the debate can demonstrate one way or the other. That said some interesting points have come to light in the very extensive discussion and that is the whole point of SN.