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  1. FS: Audio-gd R2R DAC-19

    Item: Audio-gd R2R DAC-19 Location: Northern Tasmania Price: $549 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Unused as now into balanced audio Payment Method: Bank transfer This is another extraordinary DAC and, by itself, weighs 3.2 kg because of the hefty internal 50W power supply. But it is time to part with it as it is unused and needs to go to an appreciated home. I'll not rave on about it, better if you read one of the following reviews: 1. http://www.audio-gd.com/pro/dac/dac19/dac19en.htm (has a heap more links) 2. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/new-audio-gd-dac-19-10th-anniversary-edition.759872/ (shows pictuires of the internals) 3. Pictures:
  2. Item: Arcam irDAC with Linear Power Supply Location: Northern Tasmania Price: $549 Item Condition: Mint with original box Reason for selling: Unused as now into balanced audio Payment Method: Bank Transfer Extra Info: I could not believe the puny power supply which came with this lovely DAC so purchased a linear PS and inserted into the container as shown in the pics. Note it is NOT an Arcam PS but is far superior and makes all the difference to the effectiveness of the DAC. The heavy PS brings the all up weight of the package to 2.2 kg so, FYI, postage from here to Sydney is $33. I part with it with some reluctance as it is one of the best single ended DACs I've had the pleasure to own - you can read glowing reports of it on the net but remember those reports are with the original wall wart PS. The linear one with this DAC takes it to a new level. Pictures:
  3. Weakest Link(s) in the Audio Chain?

    Interesting responses but no one comenting on how headphones overcome those two biggest problems most identify - speakers/room. But then I guess that is a personal taste issue where some do not like the "in your head" sound from headphones and prefer a more social speaker system. And in a headphone system that does eliminate that speaker/room problem, I feel it is much easier to detect that the DAC is the vital "brain" that controls how awful or how good digital sources can sound. But then I guess many are convinced, as I once was myself, that digital sources can never ever sound as good as analog but I'm not wishing to open up that debate.
  4. This is probably the most frustrating problem facing an audiophile - which link is the weakest and should be upgraded? FWIW here is a personal appraisal of each of these links (not in any particular order) in a digital system - the more stars, the more likely it could be the culprit. 1. The recording * 2. The item responsible for digital output of the recorded media - if a CDP (omitting the DAC) ** - if a PC music file via USB **** - if a music file from a server * and handled by a bridge *** tranmitted via SPDIF **** or transmitted by XLR ** [in both cases cable quality could be significant] 3. The DAC ****** 4. The amplifier(s) *** 5. The speakers **** and room interaction [resonances etc] **** OR Headphone *** 6. The listener - anything from ** to ***** with the variation depending on the genetic link of ears [their structure] to the rest of the brain functions, modified by the environment, meaning listening experiences leading to prejudices for or against bass etc etc. Generalisations are dangerous but it can be helpful to seriously examine each of the links in the audio chain from the music file on disk or server right up to the end product, the music being appreciated. And I've avoided mentioning balanced vs unbalanced as, it appears that balanced is superior. From the above you can interpret that I consider the DAC to be the crucial link that is weakest in many systems. And it is the very valid reason why many prefer vinyl or other analog media that avoid the digital transformation at all. And it is the reason why most early CDPs sounded harsh and unforgiving. But it does seem that we are finally getting there because some of the recent crop of DACs like the Schiit YGGDRASIL and the LKS-D004 [my current favourite] and turning the corner to make vinyl lovers sit up and take notice [of course that does not mean a digital conversion will follow!!]. It is far too easy to get sucked it to a rave product review, buy the item, be initially overjoyed at how good it appears to be, but then later come to the realisation that just because the sound is a bit different, it does not mean it is better. One has succeeded in enriching the retailer but in fact have only moved sideways and not forward. Been there, done that, far too often. Spending large sums on e.g. headphones, and expecting to hear all sorts of hidden musical nuances might in fact reveal more clearly all sorts of nasties earlier in the chain. This can result in condeming the headphone as "bad" when in fact it is revealing those earlier problems, very possibly in the DAC. So the disillusioned audiophile goes for a headphone that "sounds better" when in fact all it does is mask the problems! And of course a similar situation can occur with revealing speakers who have the added challenge of careful placement. And so the merry go round of audio upgrades goes on, and on, and ........ .
  5. No, still here and 3 are being used. But I guess still FS as one is not being used and that is a shame.
  6. Sennheiser HD800S prices dropping

    Not so dumb as the Chinese are getting very clever at imitations. However, EVERY detail of the packing, the brocures, the cables and the headphones themselves are identical to the pair I purchased new some time ago in Australia and paid $2250 for that pleasure. And of course the AQ they reproduce is the same. Replicating that would be a much more difficult task.
  7. Sennheiser HD800S prices dropping

    Agree and shared your initial concern but mine also arrived as the genuine article. The Sennies are VERY comfortable and can reproduce stunning audio with the right input. I'm also impressed with this cabling - http://www.lunashops.com/goods.php?id=4782 Another Chinese site offers made up cabling FS. I initially inadvertently purchased two 1m cables and used one for awhile after soldering in an AES 5 pin balanced plug but it was a bit uncomfortably short so I ordered a 2m one and transferred that plug across. I'm using one of the 1m cables with a Pioneer 30S - sounds great, and have orered another 1m length to extend that shorter cable for the second Sennie 800S, Yes, I love them so nuch I have more than one with the main reason being convenience + those plugs on the headphone are not easy to pull out and the fine gold wires inside can be inadsvertently bent if one is not careful. In the past I have soldered up those plugs but there is minimal space inside so it is not an easy tak - best left to others
  8. SOLD: FS: Schiit YGGDRASIL hi-end DAC

    Yup, that's me. I did a stint moderating the vinyl asylum for awhile, then Music but have now handed over that to others.
  9. SOLD: FS: Schiit YGGDRASIL hi-end DAC

    Try emailing me jcoulsonATiprimus.com.au In the meantime I'll attempt to clean out the message box here.
  10. SOLD: FS: Schiit YGGDRASIL hi-end DAC

    LOL. I understand where you are coming from and I will not be stressed out if no one wants it! But you have reminded me to do a digital extraction and sell some of the other unused audio gear cluttering up the place.
  11. SOLD: FS: Schiit YGGDRASIL hi-end DAC

    No problem. He is unlikely to get one, particularly a 2017 one, for less, but of course you never know!!!!
  12. SOLD: FS: Schiit YGGDRASIL hi-end DAC

    Ahah, so he is made of anti-matter? I'm just reading about it at https://cosmosmagazine.com/physics/universe-shouldn-t-exist-cern-physicists-conclude
  13. SOLD: FS: Schiit YGGDRASIL hi-end DAC

    Now how am I supposed to answer that? But I'll try - In a nutshell I'm, appropriately, an 82 YO A/V nutter who has been messing around with this mania since constructing my first crystal set back in the late 1940's and have now come full circle by again listening via headphones, but now it is generally classical music. And who might you be????
  14. SOLD: FS: Schiit YGGDRASIL hi-end DAC

    Hi Amisty Sorry, but not interested in any trade and actually have a few DACs I should sell. But keep in touch by email and, if no one else wants it, we could maybe work something out. My email is jcoulsonATiprimus.com.au with the AT replaced by @ of course.
  15. Item: Schiit YGGDRASIL hi-end DAC Location: Northern Tasmania Price: $3250 Item Condition: Mint (only 4 months old) Reason for selling: Contact me for the embarrassing details Payment Method: Bank Transfer Extra Info: It was purchased direct from Schiit only 4 months ago (at higher cost than if from Addicted to Audio) so it can be assumed it has all the latest modifications etc installed. I will not rave on about how good it is but simply refer you to a couple of reviews if you want more information: http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/schiit-audio-yggdrasil-dac/ https://www.stereophile.com/content/schiit-audio-yggdrasil-da-processor It is currently hooked up in this office system so I'm being lazy about the hassle of pulling it out for more photos so the front one is of the unit here but the other showing the rear connections was taken from the manual and is more informative anyway. I guarantee the DAC has no scratches and is a good buy for anyone lusting after it!. Pictures: