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  1. thanks guys for the feedback. I am confused about nucleus v s nucleus +. it seems the plus model offer very little if I don't have a massive collection and the standard i3 model is plenty fast enough? any processor speed issues for Roon Nucleus (non-Plus) owners?? and is a Samsung SSD 860PRO a good choice for storage? they are doing $50 off on their website atm. thanks.
  2. Hi, for users of Roon Nucleus out there. what's your opinion after owning it? ie for Tidal or stored music. and any recommendation where to get them for under rrp? rang a few shops, they don't seem to discount them. cheers.
  3. Hi, what component did you use this one? is this rated for use for power amps?
  4. Hi, Just hooked up my Pana 820 and upgraded by Netflix to UHD tier. however, when I choose a UHD show, eg Stranger Things S3, it's still only showing as 1920x1080, not 4k resolution I was hoping for. but I am getting Dolby Atmos from my receiver. is it cos of my less- than-acceptable internet speed that's restricting 4k streaming? or I have set my Pana wrongly? I average about 8-12Mbps download evening speed, TPG adsl. FYI, 4k runs fine when I play a 4k blurray disc. thanks all.
  5. Hi, bought a new mono cable but still not working?! I went thru the Denon Trigger-on menu but still not working. as soon as I turn on the "trigger on" for input BLURAY (ie the only HDMI input I am using), the power amp turns off. and power amp turns back on when I turn off the DENON AV. So that at least proves the trigger function IS working and seeing the signal thru. if I disable the "trigger ON: for input BLURAY, power amp stays on forever. any solutions guys? its driving me nuts and wasted $5 on another mono cable.
  6. Hi all, a strange thing is happening with my Denon 6500H. When I plugged my trigger cable into my power amp, it's doing the opposite of what it's supposed to do ie, Denon turns on, the power amp turns off. vice versa. I tried different settings in the Denon menu, but it either turns the whole thing trigger function off, or if I set the trigger function to "on", it's doing the above. is it my cable? mine is just a single 3.5mm plug I found laying around. anyone with a solution?
  7. Anyone seen better price than $9299 (down from 12k) for the JVC N7? might go with JVC as (to my eyes), it's very close to Sony.
  8. Upgrading my projector soon. seems JVC/Sony are neck n neck and similarly priced. any users out there that have compared/owned both? for me it's 100% movies, no games. I am using a JVC HD350 atm and it's been fabulous and faultless for many years, so my heart is leaning towards another JVC. any real world experience out there? thanks
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