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  1. Hi TP1 love your Accupahse/Magico setup. I see you are trying to keep things Japanese.... this Esoteric interests me and with anything from Esoteric build quality is top notch. and as you said, it's prices very well considering what's out there. have u tried the AES/EBU output vs USB? any plans to add a clock? and have u seen the new Aurender N20? Looking at that too, but it's doesn't run Roon which sux.
  2. Hi Tony, Pls PM me re approx cost of calibration of my projector (JVC NX7- about 380hrs atm) and when is your next trip to Melb. cheers.
  3. @Assisi little off topic. Looks like you have a cracking setup. How's your Solution Pre+power matching ur Martin Mingus Quintet?? Havent seen a lot of Marten's pairing with Soulution, but world class stuff.
  4. thanks for the feedback. never heard of the Rhein Z1 until I realised it's made by the same guys as the Bonn N8 switches. And it makes the Nucleus look overpriced. interesting that it has comparable SQ to the Antipodes DX which costs more. But not sure how much further the new series Antipodes have moved the goal posts. keep us updated after the burn in. 👍
  5. @Assisi I see you are using the Silent Angel Rhein Z1 as a Roon core. what's your verdict on that compare to say Antipodes/ any other Roon servers u hv tried? did u add a LPS to it too?
  6. yes, tell us more about the Innuos after run in! and what's the rest of your system? love the rocking chair in the middle!
  7. wow amazing cable. is that extra cable a grounding cable?? where do u plug that into? i see its a BNC termination too?
  8. Hi, considering getting an Uptone ER as a 2nd switch @dbastin Can u help (for dinosaurs like myself) how to utilise fibre? i no fricking idea and all this talk about fibre being better than ethernet got me thinking.... so my setup now: NBN box with LPS---->(purist cat7)--->TP link standard modem from TPG with LPS---(PAD Cat7)------> network hub panel various rooms house---(10m of crappy builders Cat6? in-wall cable into music room) ----- >PAD CAT7 from music room wall LAN plug into Boon 8 switch w LPS ------> PAD Cat7 into (upcoming) ER
  9. thanks mate. appreciate the help. so if I am watching movies, I need to turn it on to warm it up before hand? almost like an amp. tbh, i doubt the few clicks of convergence drift is visible form my sitting position. sometimes it is tho.
  10. some help needed. Have a NX7. bought late last yr. No issues except this strange phenomenon: the convergence seems to shift on its own?? sometimes its a few clocks off when I turn it on, sometimes its spot on. why do I have to pixel adjust every frickin time I turn it on?? sometimes just need 1-2 (fine) clicks on Red/blue. some odd days its a lot off. and last night, even the focus is a bit off. So I had to pixel (fine) adjust PLUS readjust the focus. the projector is ceiling mounted and no one touches it, why does
  11. thanks guys for the feedback. I am confused about nucleus v s nucleus +. it seems the plus model offer very little if I don't have a massive collection and the standard i3 model is plenty fast enough? any processor speed issues for Roon Nucleus (non-Plus) owners?? and is a Samsung SSD 860PRO a good choice for storage? they are doing $50 off on their website atm. thanks.
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