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  1. Well, if it’s the calibre of the new Yamaha NS-5000 loudspeakers then the 5000 series amplifiers will be worth every bit of $24K combined!
  2. Don’t know about that Ken, I think the new NS-5000 are more refined and the bass is much more extended down low, much better for a domestic situation. I have had many pairs of NS1000 & the M’s and be careful of the 1000 ebony pairs, they are smoother and look better, but maybe lacking the attack and truthfulness of the monitor-like 1000M? Steve.
  3. Kaynin, is that meant as a Warning or a recommendation? Maybe the former ...
  4. Ken, Importing loudspeakers from Japan seems to a bit of a minefield these days. The Japan website that I use seems to flag all loudspeakers as ‘not suitable for export’. One reason being the spkr magnets are not acceptable for air shipping, second weight and freight costs up to $1000 for NS1000 and thirdly, some issues with the wooden cabinets and quarantine. Agree with Luke that there are plenty of local options, I also have a pair in my collection which I may sell later, like many others here on StereoNET. Regards, Steve.
  5. I use Google Home @$180 from JB Hifi , stream or Bluetooth using Spotify from mobile phone or computer. Very happy with it and it’s intelligent too. The ‘Hey Google’ function hardly gets confused on any verbal questions asked of it. I also bought an Echo Loft battery for about $80 which gives you 8hrs of portable power to use the unit disconnected from mains power anywhere in the house, garden or at work sites etc. My research showed that while the Apple Home Pod @$500 definitely sounds the best - it’s widely considered to be the ‘dumbest’ smart speaker on the market!? The usual Apple marketing ploys that point your music to go through its iTunes platform so that they profit from it with music sales. It also doesn’t seamlessly stream Spotify, favourites lists etc again forcing you to go through its Apple platform, nor does the Bluetooth work without issues. The Amazon Alexa smart speaker is a good alternative, but not sure it’s got a battery option for portability? So, I went with the Google Home because you have the smarts and the might of Google behind it. Steve.
  6. I still like the D10 and will use it for the DSD, dsf and other music files above 192kHz, with which it does a fine job.
  7. Yeah Trevor, must admit I was affected by your comments and made the shift to the D10 also. Except I am on a slightly different path now, being the Singxer USB bridge + any favourite old style DAC ...a better result in my opinion, for up to 24/192 replay than the D10, without costing $3K. Steve.
  8. Haha thanks, was feeling the 'old' bit last night playing pennants tennis against a 28yr old guy. He whipped my a _ s big time! Still, gotta keep on punching.
  9. This discussion of cost effective DACs is of great interest to a lot here on Stereonet, so I thought I would just share some of my recent experiences. I think the reason there is much discussion about the sound differences in dacs and whether to go cheap or expensive (and people's uncertainty about this), is because in truth dac differences are quite small regardless of cost. It is not the flawed part of most people's audio systems. In my experience, there is not a large gulf between the sound of a well chosen $200 dac and a $2000 one, and thereafter even to stratospheric price points ($50K+) it is often not chalk n cheese, the cheap (well chosen) dacs will perform to within 90% of the expensive one. Back to the the question of the Topping dacs. In short, I have had in house the D50 and D10 and they are very competent and do sound good. Impressed enough by them to have on-sold a $3.8K landed Holodac Level 4 ( the one from Wildism Audio HK with extra bits over a Level 3). Now, why did I do this you might ask when the Holodac is arguably the latest and greatest within its price point and way beyond? I bought a D10 for $120 and found it to be not much different in sound to the D50, the former uses a Sabre 9018 chip and the latter a 9038, in fact the D10 could be a little more open sounding? Yes, in comparison to the Holodac both Toppings were not as good, not as hyper detailed and nuanced as the Holo and soundstage shrank a bit, but the overall sound from the Topping was more than acceptable and they seemed to play the DSD material up to 512 faultlessly. I also figured that the best digital replay (most expressive and natural sound) I have ever had in my house is my CD94 Zen Transport + TDA-1541 Killerdac combination in i2s mode, so I decided to stop the DAC tail-chasing and to concentrate on and enjoy this player more. Btw, although I can hear the benefits of DSD replay, I am more than happy with Redbook 16/44.1 replay as long as the quality of the recording is good. Lately, with dacs and my computer audio (consisting of an Antipodes clone using SOTm USB and Chanh Power Supply), I am enjoying using old style nice sounding dacs via the Singxer USB bridge. What I found in playing around with this is that, the little Topping D10 does have its limitations. The other day I hooked a Perpetual Technologies P3A dac from the mid 1990's (a $1200 dac in its day) into the Singxer and lo and behold, it sounded much sweeter and a lot more open than the D10. Long story short ...I probably shouldn't have sold the Holodac?? Anyway, I can always re-visit that later as they come on the secondhand market. I also have a MF Trivista DAC 24/192 with Nuvista valve output stage coming, an RRP $5K dac in its day, which should elevate proceedings into the Singxer. I guess in the end it is about your personal budget what you want to spend on these things. In terms of DA convertors I would advise people to confidently move in the direction of cheaper dacs if funds are limited, maybe look at other parts of the system to make improvements, with loudspeakers being the most important part of the equation. Cheers, Steve. PS: All said in the context of this system ...
  10. Withdrawn from Sale: sorry, having second thoughts.
  11. @holliswhy hi, do you still have the Trivista dac for sale? Cheers, Steve.
  12. Steve M

    KEF 104ab Reference, a good buy?

    The 104ab is voiced beautifully and is an excellent speaker, and if in good condition is a good buy at $250. It is not in the league of the Gale 401A which has killer bass, but at a quarter of the going price the Kef more than competes.
  13. Agree George, Holo is a very nice sounding DAC ...it doesn't get much better in my book. Steve.
  14. Item: MIT Terminator 5 Speaker Cable 3m Length Location: Perth WA Price: $ SOLD Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: For sale is a pair of MIT Terminator 5 loudspeaker cable 3m length, with banana plug ends. It is a nice neutral sounding copper cable made in the USA. Pictures: see below
  15. Steve M

    FS: Brand New Noble k10 encore Ciems

    What is the product, is it Kryptonite crystals ...except it’s not green?