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  1. Mark, I have the Atronics C2000A $14ea driver running at the moment in a bass reflex 25L box, put simply it sounds superb. As Thomo has suggested it actually sounds more balanced than the more expensive Lowther and Fostex drivers, the C2000A sounds great plugged straight into the amplifier no crossover or Baffle Step Compensation circuit required. I would encourage anyone wanting to experience Fullrange magic to try the Altronics driver out with a decent subwoofer, it costs nothing and is basically as good as a $1,500 Lowther driver. Btw, in case people have forgotten the C2000A fullrange driver was first brought to our attention by Kye in this thread:
  2. Yes, and on a variety of speakers. The standard speaker position is sounding a bit flat and 2D now. 😕
  3. Mark, my normal speaker positioning is side by side of the equipment rack and you may have seen this in past photos posted by me. However, what I am describing in the post above is that the triangulated speaker position into the corner - works amazingly well in this room. I would almost encourage people to try this speaker positioning, if your room allows it.
  4. I forgot to mention, the Fostex box has a Baffle Step Compensation circuit design by Martin J King installed which supposedly cuts about 9-12 dB from the Fostex’s hot upper mid-lower treble region. This definitely tames the driver significantly, but like Planet10/Dave I often (depending on the music) like using the Fostex/Lowther drivers without the BSC, to keep it pure. .
  5. Inspired by this thread, I am listening to this point source driver system at the moment. Sounds superb and does most things right considering the main driver, a Fostex FE206 cost peanuts. The Fostex is reflex loaded into a vented 25L box and good to about 80Hz, low bass is my favourite Eton 11-581 driver in an 80L BR box yielding bass down to 26Hz +/- 3dB according to WinISD modelling. I also really like the unusual speaker positioning into a triangulated portion of the room. This creates a 2-3m space behind the speakers (into the apex of the room corner) which results in a 3D soundstage, great depth, spread and incredible bass response in my room ...the music just ‘hangs in the air’ in front of me, too. Cheers, Steve .
  6. It is a total crap shoot out there with CDs and all recorded music for that matter. Sound quality is not determined by the time period, genre or medium it’s recorded on ...there is good and bad in all of it be it vinyl, CD or digital downloads. It is purely about the skill and care taken by the recording studio to keep it ‘natural’ when the music is first laid down. A good recording transcends all, I find even 320 kbps Spotify Premium can sound very good if the recording is good. Steve .
  7. Oops! sorry Cafad mixed you up with someone else. I can post the Bybee black boxes to you, they weigh nothing so might be $10-15? .
  8. It’s now $185 USD as of this morning. Tempting, but I’ve got too many dacks in my draw already. .
  9. Hello Cafad and All, Sorry for the late reply as I’ve been a bit busy. Yes, still got the mysterious Bybee Black Boxes @ a cost of $1K that we experimented with in 2016. If you want to trial them come and grab ‘em as I also live NOR Perth in Woodvale, so probably close to you. Truth be told they really belong to Jones99, as he was the major contributor in purchasing the Bybees, thanks Grant. I was merely the enabler to coordinate and get the Bybee experiment going. While there is a lot of debate and scepticism with the Bybee’s black magic and rightly so, in retrospect. I found the Bybees did have a subtle effect in my system/(s). What I found was that they exerted a smoothening effect (enhanced a sense of refinement and depth) on my more incisive and attacking loudspeakers, that is, the NS1000 and WAR Audio Reference One with Accutons and Raven drivers which are good at revealing low level details at the transient edges of music. On lesser speakers, the Bybees did not ‘reveal’ themselves ...as usual ymmv. Maybe this is an effect wrought by the fact that at the basis of the Bybee design is that they are simply a low value resistor and if placed in line/series with the loudspeaker- that is what a resistor does?? There are claims of quantum science behind the product, but who knows ...it’s probably unlikely and just a sales pitch? There will always be debate in these audiophile claims such as valves vs transistor; Class A vs AB; cable differences; power cables; power conditioners; expensive vs cheap speaker drivers; cable lifters; to bi-wire/amp or not; capacitor/resistor differences; Shakti products; the Mad Scientist discs etc. The Bybees are but another product in the discussion/ determination of the truth, though I will say their overall effect is quite low level and does require a greater leap of faith and I wouldn’t bet my house on it. Anyway Cafad, come and get the Bybee Boxes and try it for yourself and let your ears, heart and mind decide. Cheers, Steve.
  10. Be very careful taking the mesh grills off the NS1000 and shattering the beryllium mid & tweeter dome material, the domes are both fragile and toxic! I personally would not interfere with the diffraction rings/frames around the drivers ...the rings are engineered to be part of the speaker and nothing to be gained in removing or adding to them. Steve .
  11. Tony, those Yams in an audiophile setting are a wonderful thing. I’ve had or heard a lot of very good box speakers across quite a few decades and they are right up there with the best, probably the best in terms of sheer refinement, detail retrieval and tone. I don’t think the uniqueness and super high quality of the Zylon drivers in the NS5000 can be ignored nor the effectiveness of the pipe tuning devices behind the drivers. What I heard was an absolute absence of any box, driver or crossover coloration ...something really only achieved with pure electrostatic speakers in my experience. I suppose to some people in a HiFi Show setting the NS5000s may sound a little laid back and a bit ho-hum, but give them plenty of space in a treated room and they just sound ‘right’ ...uncoloured, pure, musical with a complete lack of artificiality. This whole discussion reminds me of when I attended the Melbourne HiFi Show several years ago where I heard a few rooms not sounding quite right. I recall the the D’Agostino Momentum monoblocs on the Wilson Alexandria speakers sounded a bit shrill, same with the Vivid and TAD spkr demos which were brightish and not to my liking either. This said in the context that I normally like speakers with a bit of attack and fast transients, but I don’t think the hotel rooms did any favours for those systems? Steve.
  12. No worries Jake, and taste in speakers can be a personal thing.
  13. Nah, you guys are underestimating the Yamaha NS5000 loudspeakers. I’ve heard them at length in an ideal situation, not a HiFi Show hotel room, and they sound superb. Very refined and plugs the holes in every area in a way the NS1000 does not( think better bass, musicality and even greater levels of inner detail. The NS5000 is a modern tour-de-force, an entirely different take on the old NS1000 technology and the better for it sonically. This coming from someone who currently has a pair of the 1000 and has owned about six pairs in the past. .
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