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  1. Steve M

    Which way to orient capacitor in crossover

    Is all this specific to Mundorf capacitors? I always thought film and polypropylene caps were not directional nor have a polarity. I’m aware that electrolytic types are definitely marked with (+) and (-) lead outs and therefore do have a polarity. Steve.
  2. Steve M

    Accuphase A70 & Doge 7 DAC

    Haven’t heard the Doge, but the Holo Audio Spring DAC Level 3 (with silver transformer) at about the same price as the Doge, is very well reviewed and liked by all those who own it. I had the Holodac ...it sounds pretty special. The Doge could be good, but may be more of a risk if you have not heard it. https://kitsunehifi.com/product/springdacgreen/ Steve .
  3. Steve M

    USB Cable

    Nah, I think you’re better than blind testing as you straddle the line between belief and truth (what the science tells you) ...hence your leap to valves and Supratek which is not misguided. Things either sound REAL to you or not - regardless of topology. Steve .
  4. Steve M

    USB Cable

    I reject the bet Trevor ...instinct and experience says the Curious USB cable does something positive, but I wouldn’t bet on it.🙄 Steve.
  5. Steve M

    USB Cable

    No worries Con ...I don’t like bs in this hobby either and as you may have seen in my eclectic collection of system components, I use what I use based on what pleases my ear and what I personally perceive to be realism in audio reproduction. http://stevem1960.blogspot.com/ I was highly sceptical of USB cable differences too (its only data transmission, right?), but the Curious was trialled over a couple of weeks and I felt that there was an increase in overall timing, separation and coherence with it in place. Though I wouldn’t bet my house on it and it is one of those 1-2% incremental moves rather than anything dramatic. Steve .
  6. Steve M

    USB Cable

    Con, Have you tried the Curious USB cable? It’s the only one where I think I heard a positive difference. The next best one to me was the Oyaide Continental 5S, both $300-400 cables ...both small potatoes improvement, with the Curious being a larger potato. 🤔 Steve .
  7. Thanks guys, maybe I should adjust the price? Just kidding of course, I think at under 1/3 retail the pricing is fair. 🙂
  8. No not the DEQX active version, wasn't aware there was one? Factory passive crossovers in my pair of i93's. As to what else I am using ...its active drive electrostats, horns and other things for variety sake only. I have the greatest respect for the big VAFs. I consider them to be VERY accurate and musical with lock-tight imaging from the d'appolito driver array (good phase coherence from a perfect driver arrangement, crossover and quality drivers). With the proper ancillaries used to reveal it, the VAF i93 is probably the only speaker that 99% of audiophiles will ever need or want, in my very honest opinion. Cheers, Steve. .
  9. Item: VAF i93 Flagship Loudspeakers; Palisander Gloss Finish RRP $17,000 Location: Perth WA Price: $5200 Item Condition: Excellent 9/10 Reason for selling: too many good speakers in collection. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: see below Pictures: see below For sale is a pair of VAF i93 flagship loudspeakers in the desirable Santos Palisander piano gloss finish. These speakers weigh 100 kg each and are proudly Australian made and cost around RRP $17,000 delivered to Perth from South Australia. They are in perfect working order, in excellent 9/10 condition and come from an audiophile home, never abused and always treated with care and attention. The i93 model in the Santos Palisander veneer finish is VAF's top of the range model, it sounds superb and is very competent from top-to-bottom - bass response is quoted as being capable down to 21 Hz @ +/- 1.2 dB and 17 Hz @ 6 dB (definitely no subwoofer required here!). They use the expensive high quality Seas Excel Magnesium drivers from Denmark. The VAF i93 sounds musical and sweet, detailed and accurate. They are suitable for the critical audiophile listener as well as being excellent in a top-flight Home Theatre set up. *Perth buyers are welcome to come and hear the VAFs in my home in Woodvale at any time and I am willing to ship the speakers Australia wide. I do not have the original boxes so it would involve Pack-n-Send, quoted at around $750 boxed up, on a pallet and insured to the East Coast Melbourne and Sydney. Item is listed elsewhere for sale so is offered on a first come first served basis. Regards, Steve.
  10. Steve M

    Aus Open Tennis

    Gotta say too that Channel 9’s coverage of AO was refreshingly different and better than 7’s in recent years. Sometimes change is for the better.
  11. Steve M

    Aus Open Tennis

    Don’t know about all that Bill ... Those old news reels of vintage players show them tip-tapping the ball around the court in a gentlemanly passive fashion. They would simply be blown away by the shot making and physicality of the modern players. Tennis is a much more competitive sport today with all the money, sport science and technology involved. Even Rosewall has said he would not like to face any of today’s top players. Steve .
  12. Steve M

    Aus Open Tennis

    Novak at the top of his game tonight, well done. Here is a good post match interview by Rafa on why he lost. Basically that he needs more match play to win at this super high level and also he needs to improve on the defensive aspects of his game to counter Novak’s deep and attacking game on display tonight. Steve.
  13. Steve M

    My System this morning

    Speakers looking good Russ, are they ready for me to come around for a listening session? Cheers, Steve.