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  1. Hi Mike, Sorry, my comment probably came across a bit off-hand and you obviously know your stuff. I was alluding generally that the midrange quality from an LS35A as good as it is, is still behind in terms of sheer accuracy compared to the midrange frequencies produced by a high quality (usually expensive) dedicated midrange driver. You can talk about direcitivity, but driver quality overrides any such discussion of midrange quality that a good threeway speaker produces over a twoway. In terms of directivity, I prefer speakers that beam directly at you with a narrow swe
  2. With all due respect Mike, the things you talk about might be theoretically correct, but do not translate in a listening assessment - well, not for me anyway. It’s not just about the good bass response from a threeway, it’s the lack of a dedicated midrange driver that is the problem for me. All two ways to me, fudge both the midrange and bass frequencies, resulting in coloration and inaccuracies. A true midrange (produced by a dedicated midrange driver) like in the speakers mentioned by Al M are just more accurate to me. You can hear this as a truly fleshed out and expressed vocal,
  3. Well, call me crazy but I am currently using a 5way loudspeaker to close all the gaps. Active system, five drivers, five amplifiers, five sets of interconnects and five pairs of speaker cables. Kind of nuts, but sounds good to me, engaging to the music. Cheers, Steve.
  4. Not sure why this is even a discussion - when you aim for the very best. There is no way a two way is better than a threeway when all things are considered. You cannot close the anomaly (gap) that occurs when the dedicated midrange driver is missing in a good two way design vs a threeway speaker. Its like asking Wilson Audio, B & W or Magico to design the best loudspeaker that they can, and ask them to leave the midrange driver out of the the equation ...they just wouldn’t do it? Cheers, Steve
  5. Audiophile worthy music does not have to be from an ‘audiophile label’. There are some beautiful mainstream recordings that are absolutely top notch, for example, Tracey Chapman original self titled album (with Fast Car, Mountains of Things), Eric Clapton Unplugged, KD Lang Ingenue, Suzanne Vega Solitude Standing, Little River Band, Joe Cocker Sheffield Steel and Angus and Julia Stone Down the Way to name a few. All of these superb recordings sound fantastic whether played on vinyl, CD or digital download and quality is not determined by label, price or format. In comparison, some aud
  6. Happy for you and it’s all about how you perceive it, nothing else matters. Cheers Steve.
  7. I think that if you take this rather manic hobby seriously, then there is nothing for it but to listen to seriously good ‘high quality’ recordings. Anything less does not satisfy or comes across as pointless to the hobby and the par excellence equipment that we pursue. I personally cannot listen to sh_te or even average recordings, the performance comes across in an unrealistic way ...it spoils the illusion of good stereo replay, like its coming out of electronic equipment or man-made boxes. Are we not after all, trying to recreate a live performance in our lounge rooms with our ex
  8. Oops! Didn’t quite read the fine print about the OP needing a phono preamp rather than a general preamplifier. Glad it worked out that Chris Daly will be building you a one-off Stereo Coffee phono preamp. It’s likely to be excellent judging by how good his LDR attenuator sounds. Keep us posted on how it turns out. Cheers, Steve.
  9. No brainer in that price bracket ...Stereo Coffee passive unit from NZ.
  10. Not at all ....the Yamahas are in a different (higher) level of construction only able to be done by a billion dollar hi-tech Japanese company. With unique pistonic distortion free Xylon drivers, specialised tuning ports behind each driver, superbly engineered crossovers and cabinets befitting of a grand piano. I have had $24K Wilson Benesch speakers in my house and have also heard the Yamahas, the WB sounded miles behind the Yamaha NS5000 for sheer refinement and low level detail retrieval.
  11. You should check out the Yamaha NS5000 loudspeaker. Nothing beats it for sound quality, build and technology at its price point of $20K.
  12. Haha ...Clive the friend of West Australians - not. Trying his best to send the State broke while potentially in cahoots with the CCP for personal profit?
  13. Well, I finally found a suitable caravan transporter. It took more than 30 phone and website enquiries including 22 rejections due to the downturn caused by Covid19. The remaining 8 quotes ranging from $2100 to a staggering $6780! I think in these uncertain Covid times - some carriers are definitely trying to price gouge.
  14. Is it an exceptional TV picture quality-wise and functionality, Tasso? Would imagine so considering it’s RRP. Thanks for the heads up. Cheers, Steve.
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