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  1. I find this unit to sound more realistic than any commercial Home Theatre amp I’ve used including Sony, Marantz, Yamaha and Panasonic. The Surround Master can be used with any two channel stereo system to give VERY realistic movie watching results - especially sitting dead centre of the speakers where it sounds like five speakers are running, when only two are going. The Surround Master’s movie soundfield processing seems to be better than the big boys from Dolby, Neo 6 etc ...imho.
  2. I can appreciate your concerns, Thomo. See my sad tale about Telstra & NBN Co here:
  3. Telstra NBN disaster! I was hoping this was not going to happen to me, but sadly it has. As at 12 December 2019, my house was connected via Telstra cable broadband yielding up to 80MB of speed, which was fantastic. As such I have been holding back connecting to NBN. On that day, I receive a call from Telstra saying I needed to connect to NBN urgently before the 28 February deadline to avoid potential higher costs after that date. Subsequently, they booked me in for an NBN connection on 19 December. All sounded OK ... Problem #1. Nobody from Telstra turns up at my door after me waiting around all day for them on 19 December. I ring them and they say “Oh, didn’t anyone inform you your booking has been rescheduled to 30 December”. Nup, no one from Telstra advised me. Problem #2. On 30 December The NBN is connected to my home under a 46MB plan, except that there is something wrong at the tap in the street and my house is only getting a pee-poor 1-3MB speed! Problem #3. Telstra tech says the issue should be fixed by late afternoon. No it isn’t fixed that day! Problem #4. Next day I ring Telstra, they say wait for a couple of more business days. Nope, still not fixed after that time. They say again wait a week and it should be done by then. You guessed it, still not done by that time! Problem #5. I ring Telstra again and now I am advised that the NBN contractor has logged me for a resolution by 16 March 2020! Someone on the Telstra tech team suggests that I disconnect the NBN black box and white modem and to reconnect my old Telstra cable modem and it should be fine and I will get back my previous good speed. Problem #6. I reconnect my old modem and nup - it doesn’t work anymore as something has been reconfigured at the Telstra end?? Problem #7. Here we go again, I ring Telstra about the above and firstly this new technician says my NBN job to fix the street problem has now shifted from 16 March to 25 March Problem #8. Again, why has no one from Telstra advised me of this change of date? Problem #10. Secondly, this latest technician tells me I was given the wrong advice about reusing my old modem, as it will no longer work as NBN has been configured for my home and I have no choice but to use the slow connection at 1-3MB until the 25 March. So there you go, it seems I have to tolerate 3-4 months of SLOW internet until the problems are fixed in the street ...is this Telstra/NBN Co’s service at its best? what a schermozzle! *I’m not sure what to do here folks? I have thought about moving to TPG or Tangerine service providers, but I am concerned that the 25 March commitment to fix the problem may be further delayed. (Sorry, but I can’t use my usual ‘Cheers, Steve’ salutation as its all just too sad)😪 .
  4. To continue the discussion about smaller rooms being beneficial ... This defies logic and should not work, but tonight I put the largest bass reflex box speaker in my collection into the spare kids bedroom at 3.6m x 3.2m ...and it sounds incredible in there! I was expecting a muddy ‘overdriven room’ sound, instead I have superb clarity, good soundstage depth and width and accurate tight low down extended bass. The Are You Authentic AYA, Improvisation track which is my go-to test for good imaging, sparkling treble and low bass has never sounded better. Beats me why it should sound that good in the small room. Seems to go against what we understand about the physics of small rooms not being able to portray good imaging and expect to fail at producing low bass due to the correct wavelength not being able to form? Steve. .
  5. Topping has now entered the same territory as other higher priced dacs with the $1,100 D90. In ASR group think, why would you buy the D90 at 10x the price, when the D10 already measures superbly and is therefore likely to sound the same (in their way of thinking)??
  6. At the end of the day Amir is not an audiophile and ASR as a website, does not take an audiophile approach. This may or may not be a good thing for us and is open discussion? However, I feel that something is lost on the ASR website for audiophiles who want to consider both how perfectly something measures and how it sounds. Imo, the ASR site is oriented about 98% towards Amir’s measurements (be it limited or not as @rmpfyf suggests) and about 2% towards how something sounds. For me personally this can be as boring as batsh*t, once you get past the interesting measurements and the posts from the ASR membership who have purchased and make comment on the tested product, which can be helpful at times. Its just a guess and please don’t take umbrage, but I think that Amir (and a lot of his membership) are not able to express clearly or with some imaginative prose ’how something sounds’. That is probably just in his psyche and brain chemistry and can be a good or bad thing depending on how you view it - objectively or subjectively. Also, he may not have had extensive experience with hearing a lot of hi-end audio equipment and just doesn’t go there or have any belief in these things from first-hand encounters, who knows? Personally, I think that a good audio review is a combination of about 70% discussion on the science and construction of the equipment and 30% on how the designer may have wrought a particular sound that keeps the listener engaged and interested in the music and warrants the extra price for the effort. Btw, I currently have about six dacs in my collection with one of them costing about RRP $5K in it’s day and the little Topping D10 does acquit itself very well. Like I have said often on this forum, DA converters are not the weak point in our sound systems. Cheers, Steve. .
  7. I can confirm that WAR Audio and it’s owner Pat O’Brien are a legitimate business and can be trusted. They have been operating here in Perth since early 1990. Steve.
  8. Anyone tried this point source driver Lii Audio Crystal 10? Looks to be a nicely done modern take of the classic Coral Beta 10 which I’ve tried before and quite liked. The Crystal 10 sells for $1K USD/pair and I am a bit tempted to get the Fast 10 model to try out @$450, they are essentially the same driver with the Crystal being an updated version. https://www.lii-audio.com/index.php/product/new-top-hifi-audio-speaker-driver-10-full-range-crystal-cone-high-end-crystal-10-in-pair/ On DiyAudio.com it is said that the Lii Audio drivers are on par if not better than Lowther, Fostex and even the Voxativs, which is saying something. The Lowther ime are very transparent, but their fragility over time is not good. Whereas, the Lii Audio drivers have treated cloth roll surrounds that will supposedly last 20 yrs+. I have been listening again to my Fostex 206FE drivers in 25L BR boxes with the Eton 11-581 bass modules and the extreme image lock and low level detail retrieval of point source drivers is quite magical, imho. Steve.
  9. I’ll give that a try as I know it can work well sometimes ...
  10. Hi All, We’ve all heard the comment that the ’room is everything’ with our systems, with which I agree allowing for the fact that we have to achieve domestic harmony and consequently our main rig tends to sit in whatever room strikes the best balance between good sound and domestic bliss. I am making this thread because recently the last my kids moved out of home and I have a system/(s) set up in his bedroom which is 3.6m x 3.2m, just for a laugh and to see what it can do in that more intimate space than my main lounge area which is a large 6.5m x 8.0m space. Well, there are both positive and negative results in the smaller room. First the positives, gobsmackingly good bass! from my 1m high WAR Audio Reference One loudspeaker with the sota 8” Cabasse 21NDC bass driver in a 50L bass reflex box. Never heard anything like it and didn’t think the speaker was capable of the loud dynamics and impact it is giving in the smaller room. And, the first time I am hearing intonation, shifts in articulation and depth, super tight super fast mid bass and low bass that this RRP $8K speaker is engineered to do - loving it and triple thumbs up. 👍👍👍 The overall sound is also in your face and dynamic, firm not soft and very realistic ...perhaps a little too much so in the small room, but very involving in its own way. As to the negatives, firstly it is quite easy to overpower the room with too much bass output and an excess of coloration/resonance in the room, so the volume control has to be kept below 12 o’clock. Secondly, I’ve experimented with various levels of sound absorbing foam in the room to control this, too much foam kills treble extension and life, a small amount of foam seems best in this room. Also, the small room does not sound very sweet for some reason? it is an exciting room to listen to in there, but maybe not so engaging in a musical way that the big room achieves. Anyway, the purpose of this thread is to say that while most of us probably have our main systems firing into a large space for maximum effect and trying to achieve the best with spatial imaging etc, are we missing out on other benefits that a smaller room may yield? Cheers, Steve.
  11. Agree that Nordost cables are difficult to terminate. What I do is make long cuts of each strand with a sharp Stanley trimmer, then remove the Teflon insulator with a wire stripper. It takes care, attention and the correct pressure with the wire stripper and inevitably there are some losses of individual strands with inadvertently cutting them. I’ve read that at the Nordost factory, the hard Teflon insulator is removed with a heat device.
  12. A phase shift will cause smearing, which will lead to blurring and a loss of accuracy - including a sense of loss of timing in the music. The timing that I am talking about is difficult to express in electro-mechanical terms. You need to listen to the music, good timing is where you can easily discern, make sense and follow the performance as the artist intended ...the very real sense that the musicians are timing their individual performances on the stage very well (or not so well). This sense of timing is not revealed by a low resolution less accurate sound system. I find that a highly resolved well-timed system almost seems to ‘slow down’ the music, where you clearly notice the rhythm and timing in the music. It’s an accuracy thing, but also increases the level of musical enjoyment, in my experience. My explanation of timing almost sounds airy-fairy I know, but it is definitely associated with exceptional phase coherence and accuracy in the electronics and mechanics of audio systems. Steve.
  13. Peter, Sometimes this is the ‘right’ thing to do. I find that my own attempts to marry large outboard bass units with either my Edgar Horns or the Orange Direct Drive ESLs it is better to run the woofer settings higher up the frequency range and increase the volume level to get the woofers moving and be reactive. This better keeps up with the impact and speed of the horn section. Btw, AlistairM or Tax/Taksil on this forum are good people to pick their brains about bass settings with Avantgarde. Both are long term Trio users, Tax was using a pair of sealed 10” Duo woofer boxes to good effect in his pseudo Trio/Azurehorn spkrs, similarly Alistair with a true Trio set-up. You can make these speakers sound however you like by adjusting the bass output, Tax’s was strong and impactful while Alistair’s accurate and lighter on its feet. Cheers, Steve. .
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