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  1. What a fantastic men’s Final last night. Both played at a very high level and Novak deserved to win, such tenacity, to retrieve impossible shots from Roger and send them back with pace and direction. None better demonstrated than by Novak’s neutralising of those two championship points of Federer’s. Yes, Roger sprayed many shots during the match, but if he didn’t play that style of risky game he would have been rolled by Novak in three sets - you have to go out and take it from Djokovic these days, not hope to play passively/safe .... sadly it didn’t quite work out for Federer. .
  2. You are welcome N, but gratitude must go to Thomo who was first to discover the Toshie spkrs, which belie their 1965 vintage having a passive radiator and tri-wiring. The SS-30 remind me of what is good about single driver point source speakers (Lowthers etc), but more full spectrum and not so quirky. They could do with deeper more powerful bass, but this might spoil their sense of speed I feel? Steve.
  3. I’ve heard that system at Thomo’s place in the past and it is incredibly good! It is fast, detailed and musical ...would teach a modern set up some important lessons. Cheers, Steve. .
  4. Good to see that you are well Hugh ...and thinking outside of the square as always with that creative mind of yours. Regards, Steve.
  5. Good amp, seems to be a decimal point missing?
  6. Hi Adrian, As you already know sourcing from the USA is probably your best bet. The cost of shipping from overseas is the same or less than the mark up charged by a local supplier. You are essentially looking for a PA driver with the 18” size so look for them at local DJ equipment suppliers or see here from USA for lots of choices. https://www.parts-express.com/Search.aspx?keyword=18” bass driver&sitesearch=true Cheers, Steve.
  7. Good to know the later model Klipschs are improved, Gary. Still reckon your La Scala stack looks awesome! Right up my alley, lucky bugger having those and the 30.7.
  8. Gary, I also am impressed with how your La Scala have been set up, I think you have closed any frequency gaps a normal pair has with the addition of the EV speaker and subs. The upside down arrangement (a D’Appolito array) will also help with imaging. By way of experience, I once owned a pair of Klipsch Belles (the domestic version of the La Scala in beautiful walnut cabinets). They sounded fun when played loud on dynamic music, but also sounded just downright ugly on a lot of other music. Essentially the Belles could not finesse on well recorded acoustic vocals and the bass signature was annoying and droning. I figured it might have been a room issue so moved them all around the room - to no avail. My room is 6.7m x 7.5m by the way. I do like and have fond memories of listening to La Scalas in my teenage years, and appreciate that your stacked array will have sorted the problems I have mentioned ...would love to hear them and your 30.7 one day. Cheers, Steve.
  9. To answer this question, no it is not risky buying from an Australian manufacturer. Especially in that there are probably hundreds of Supratek units overseas from Europe to Asia to North America and the preamp maker Mick Maloney backs his product for life. I am aware that foreign owners simply have to ship the unit back to him at cost and he will carry out repairs or upgrades - at minimal cost and often free of charge.
  10. Good idea ...could do it with some fishing line/trace wire, drill five small holes one for spk wiring. The Audax tweeter is quite obstructive/deep though with its own horn flare?
  11. Tremendous value and looks to be well excecuted, agree very tempting! This is Siegfried Linkwitz’s swan song loudspeaker design and the listing shouldn’t last the day, glwts. Cheers, Steve.
  12. I just realised that you are wanting me to create a point source with the tweeter-horn set up, which will be even harder to implement. Would involve major surgery and some spidery legs to hold the tweeter in place inside the horn throat ...too hard basket methinks? 🤔 Mark, I’ve entirely used digital amps in the past with horn spkrs and it works well. I have used Bel Canto amps with Tripath chip, B&O ICE modules and a few 5 channel digital Panasonic AV amps 5 x 100w/ch with Texas Instruments Equibit chips ...very handy amplifiers for active speaker systems, I like the overall clarity, power and grip of digital amps, but probably still in the valve or ss Class A/AB camp for absolute preference though? Steve.
  13. Hi La Scala, Thanks for the input and I will try the different tweeter placement, but it is a little difficult as the top surface of the horn doesn’t allow easy placement of the tweeter fore and aft. What we are discussing is time alignment of the drivers and I have tried to do this via the DBX delay settings, but it doesn’t make a big difference (with electronic manipulation, anyway). I think also, those Edgar horns, the top section, were built (not by me) on the theory of aligning the voice coils in a vertical array, which may or may not be the right approach? With regards to using valve amps actively, I have tried this many times in the past and I don’t think it achieves much for all the fuss and bother and excessive heat! I have found that correct driver choice, box implementation and tweaking the crossover/G or PEq matters much much more. I’ve heard the big $50K Lenard Audio horn speaker here in Perth, amazingly coherent dynamic sound and all they use is small and simple 40w Class AB amplifier modules. I had a notable audio person hear my horn system yesterday and his first comment to me was “gee, the speakers are imaging well ...that’s the best central image lock I have ever heard”. This to me indicates that I have the fundamentals of time alignment and driver phase pretty sorted. He didn’t quite like the bass coming out of the white 80L Eton boxes, but I find a lot of people are a bit unnerved by truly DEEP low bass down to 25Hz and find it too rumbling and slow perhaps, when in fact, that’s what ultra low bass sounds like to me ...you feel it more than hear it, and it does add to the ebb and flow of the music especially on some of the modern pop, ambient, reggae and techno music I listen to sometimes. Deep bass is also essential for modern jazz music I reckon. Always curious to know what other people systems are, yours obviously perhaps with the La Scala spkr? Cheers, Steve. .
  14. I’m enjoying these DIY Edgar Horns at the moment. Got the DBX Driverack analogue crossover dialled in ‘just right’ . Virtually zero coloration from the horn section, but still maintains a desirable horny effect. Reckon I’ve got all the theoretical frequency spectrum holes plugged for the first time with this set-up ...the excellent German Eton 11-581 is in an 80L bass reflex box is strong down to 25Hz; Acoustic Elegance Dipole 15” in an H-frame open baffle is good from 30Hz-500Hz gently crossing to the Dynaudio D54 Edgar Horn mid section; highs are taken care of by a 109dB efficient Audax PR120 Horn ring radiator crossing at about 4kHz; and the ultra high frequency rolled in around 14kHz is handled by the original Raven R-1 ribbon tweeter good to 40kHz. The whole shebang is run active with the Driverack and five stereo amplifiers headed by the Supratek Cortese VT-99 preamplifier, which is adding greatly to the sound with its tube goodness. Overall sound is close to the finesse (well, not quite) of my Orange Direct Drive ESL , but with the added dynamics and excellent image depth that a well set up horn system like this one gives. Steve. ...some iPad shots .
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