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  1. Yes, sealed 5” kevlar mids and 7” bass with dual ports at the rear. Each bass driver has its own chamber, top rear box houses the external crossover.
  2. Hello Mondie, Sounds like Colin was a true enthusiast mucking around with your stacked Quads, which had no relationship with his own box loudspeakers. My encounter with Colin was similar to yours, I reached out to him to buy a pair of Focal 8K-5412 bass drivers for a DIY transmission line subwoofer I was building for a pair of the ER Audio ESL-3 electrostatic speakers I was using at the time. Colin was very helpful and found a pair of the Focal drivers in his stash. I still recall him extolling the virtues of a d’appolito speaker array with box speakers, saying that it was
  3. The Focal Points sound very accurate and balanced across the frequency range. Then again, my room is quite large and does not really load up the bass.
  4. Oooh! they look very nice in timber finish. Some analogue film photos which sets the scene well. The Focal Point spkrs do sound v.good on a valve amplifier, your EL34 push-pull amp would’ve been great on them.👍
  5. @vinilink yes, totally agree about Colin and his reference speakers ...absolutely top-notch.
  6. Yeah, I like the Focal Point spkrs a lot Andy ...both for its modern Dalek-like looks and it has surprised me how coherent and top notch the overall sound is. I can't imagine how good Colin Whatmough's final opus the mighty Paragon speakers would sound like @ RRP $50K. I think he was a very talented Aussie speaker designer ....maybe slipped under the radar a bit of the world stage? I did have the privilege of conversing with Colin before he passed ...he seemed like a really decent person. Cheers, Steve.
  7. Hi All, I thought that I would dedicate this system thread to the late (and great) Colin Whatmough and the very rare Focal Point loudspeaker. Firstly, for those of you who have not seen my hi-fi journey and audio system, here is a link to my Blog site at http://stevem1960.blogspot.com/ . As you can see from this blog, I have tried many different speakers in the past and present, with an emphasis on trying out the different topologies including conventional boxes-monitors-horns-point source-dual concentric-open baffle-Apogee panels-and various electrostatics. So it take
  8. This topic comes up often …to each his own and enjoy what you have, can afford and be at peace. Me personally, I cannot listen to poorly recorded material unless I’m a bit inebriated and just enjoying loud dynamic music for the thrill of it. The term muddy is used to describe hifi equipment, it is also appropriate in describing poor recordings …like staring into a muddy pool of water, what’s the point of it if you have higher expectations with an evolved esoteric hobby like this one? Steve .
  9. Hi Chanh, Thanks for holding the gtg, good food and good company …we all had a great time. The camaraderie and exposure to excellent gear and music at these gigs is one of the best aspects of StereoNET membership. As to your question about the new server set-up, you have significantly closed the gap between it and the Accuphase transport+dac imho. I think for most of your visitors (me included) and the relatively short listening session that a gtg allows, we would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the server and the CD/sacd replay. Considering that it is a
  10. Just to clarify that I have no connection with this speaker other than I gave to Russell many years ago, the crossover boards shown in the pics which is actually a Baffle Step Compensation circuit designed to tame peaks in the 5kHz - 9kHz region of typically 8 ohm single driver speakers, such as from Fostex or Lowther.
  11. Good post John and you are quite the realist coming to this settled conclusion. Enjoy life, enjoy the music here forth. 😔
  12. @Nickynick have to agree with you, I have also tried to eliminate the preamp in my system, but its always better with the preamp in - whether it’s the Supratek Grange DHT valve or the Bakoon PRE 7610 MK II Satri solid state units I’ve got. It’s interesting to note that the user manual for the 15w Bakoon SCA 7511 Mk III amplifier I have, recommends the use of an active preamp. A cynic might suggest they are just trying to sell their preamplifier, but they know something’s up as it definitely sounds better using the preamp in my experience. Main difference is, the soundstage opens up and everyth
  13. Not sure why a fancy plinth turns an old Garrard 401 into something worth the price of a NEW Toyota Corolla hybrid car??
  14. One of the most musical speakers ever made. I have a pair and whenever I bring them out from storage, I’m flabbergasted how good they sound! Cheers, Steve.
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