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  1. I have owned Apogee Caliper and Stage loudspeakers in the past and was an active member on the Apogee Audioworld(?) Forum in the late 1990s which had many members from USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. Graz was a leading member. They were a good bunch of passionate and knowledgeable guys who in the main got along very well and the forum was a wealth of information on everything hi-fi. The Audioworld site folded after Graz accepted control of it due to lack of interest from others and started a sister website or some other intrigue at the time, can’t remember exact details right now? I think you will find that the original Apogee Acoustics company Trademark expired in mid 2000s and that Graz (aka Graeme Keets from Queensland) is the new owner of the Apogee Acoustics brand name. From all reports Graz is a good bloke and his attention to detail in making ribbon speakers is second to none, so it seems the Apogee legend is in good hands. See his website here: http://www.apogeeacoustics.com/specialprojects.html Graz’s statement product is the new Apogee Definitive fullrange ribbon loudspeaker, which has an RRP of (ouch!) $105K USD. Cheers, Steve .
  2. Welcome Neil, I had a good hifi experience in your main demo room last year with the new Yamaha NS-5000 loudspeakers. It left a lasting impression on me in terms of sheer sonic refinement ...I still think that the Yammy is the best way to spend $20K in speakerdom! Cheers, Steve.
  3. The internal plates on any valve should never glow like that. A sign the valve is being overloaded and drawing too much current, the bias resistor for that valve is probably kaput. Stop using it like that, change to a new EL34 and check the bias for correct level, see if the glow stops. Give the amp to a competent tech for a check over, if in doubt. .
  4. Awesome set-up Chanh! No doubt the exquisite Kuzma 4 Point tonearm and Accuphase AC3 MC cartridge is making a strong contribution to the sound of your turntable. Cheers, Steve.
  5. This is a vexatious issue and I have found the solution is always at the dac end. The less sorted dacs just don’t want to play hirez DSD or DSF material? I use JRiver in DSD native mode and some dacs just do it right, for example, the Spring Audio Holo r2r dac @$3K plays all the formats well as does the humble Topping devices. Currently using the little Topping D10 which switches faultlessly between 44.1/16 bit right up to SACD 2.82MHz quality and even DSD256 without any trouble. The Topping unit sounds pretty good too up to 95% sound quality of the more expensive dacs, if missing a little bit of liquidity and soundstage dimension. However, all is forgiven when you consider the Topping is only $120 landed. Btw, the USB bridge duties of the Topping D10 performs very well (close to the sound of the Singxer SU-1 @ $500 that I have got). The Topping has the same high quality Xmos U208 USB receiver chip as the Singxer, but missing the more expensive Crystek clock found in the Singxer. Steve .
  6. I’m enjoying these simple systems on display ...keep ‘me coming. Except some aren’t so simple with more boxes hidden away in nice cabinets. I slipped the Bakoon Pre 7610 Mk II back into my simple system pictured, to see what it could doing to proceedings and whether it is necessary ? Well to say the least the preamp will not be coming out! You would think that the Bakoon SCA-7511 Mk III integrated amp on its own is about as pure and simple as it gets with its unique Satri circuit and inbuilt stepped attenuator delivering the goods. However, the addition of the preamp makes quite a big difference. There is more dynamics, low level detail and a bigger soundstage with preamp in tow ...I feel the system just sounds louder and more impressive overall. Not sure what is going on here, but it substantiates my past claims that a good preamplifier is an essential component. Maybe things are not so simple after all? Cheers, Steve.
  7. Yep, also settled on a Technics SP10 Mk II after trying many other turntables. Mine is plinthless (sounds v.good this way) and for the reason that I like to try out three arms and 10 cartridges and a plinth would get in the way. There is a long running thread on Audiogon discussing the merits of going plinthless, mainly that no vibrations can be transmitted via a plinth because there isn’t one! Generally speaking, the Technics SP10 sounds fab because it is solidly built and spins the record accurately - what more can you ask for. The sound of them is precise and CD like to me, but with the vinyl virtues that mainly - the cartridge and phono preamp brings. Cheers, Steve.
  8. It’s a sign there are not great differences between the good sounding dacs, which then allows people to jump ship with some comfort that they are not losing out.
  9. I think people mainly come and go as a ‘reality check’ from time to time. This is healthy and keeps balance with other more tangible things going on in one’s life. Cheers, Steve.
  10. Check-mate! You got me there, high quality active Meridian speakers with computer files feeding it music across the airwaves, as simple as it gets.
  11. Now we’re drifting a bit too much from audiophile aspirations. All those pod devices can make good music for casual listening, but hardly super high quality?
  12. @amdan are you sitting towards the middle of the room by any chance? This can have the effect of cancelling bass frequencies. Try the speaker closer to the wall and corners and also put the seating position close to the back wall for bass reinforcement. Of course, do these adjustments intelligently so as not to overload the bass and create coloration. A 570w/ch Bryston amp is well engineered and should be good enough for delivering proper bass. Steve.
  13. Snoopy, I do not decry audiophilia ...rather that it is a worthy and artistic pursuit. Whatever floats your boat and based on the stage of the journey one is on. Obviously, my position can (and will) change by tomorrow. Steve
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