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  1. Btw, one tip I learned is that the DBX units like to be driven hard to get good sound. You set the amplifier gain interface to a level that gets those digital VU meters on the DBX dancing up to almost the red zone - then everything starts to sounds truer and more transparent. Also, does the Venu model still have the annoying (and sometimes destructive) thump at shut down, that the older models have? .
  2. Good to hear from another experienced DBX crossover user, and nice write-up. I have a couple of DBX - DRPA units which allows me to create up to a 6 way active loudspeaker. I find the DBX unit intuitive, easy and flexible to use and once dialled in correctly - quite transparent sounding. Passive crossovers do sound better (more pure) using high quality parts Mundorf, Duelund caps etc, but can take years to perfect! Whereas active xos like the DBX can pretty much produce decent sound from a DIY speaker at the get go. Steve .
  3. “(Hey @Steve M - sorry about digressing your thread): Quoted” No worries @Owen Y all good, I just checked out your website link and some good info there, thanks. While I can see the merits of addressing rotational stability of the SP10, unfortunately, my plinthless approach doesn’t facilitate this. My SP10 simply sits atop the spherical steel balls of the Bunning door stop fittings. However, three of the four steel balls do sit inside the screw recesses of the SP10 deck -which provides a measure of ‘lock’ and stability. I will say though that my SP10 arrangement is the sharpest tool in my toolbox of source components. It sounds very musical and accurate at the same time, especially combined with the superb EPA100 tone arm and Lyra, Zyx and Transfiguration Temper cartridges in my collection. I think my vinyl replay exceeds digital for musical truth (to my ears) and isn’t that what we are all chasing? Cheers, Steve .
  4. The only way I was able to resolve a voice lag issue with my LG 65” tv was to connect the sources into the tv via hdmi leads, and then run an audio optical out from the tv to the AV receiver/amplifier. If I tried to connect the sources into the AV receiver and then out the tv, the voice lag would occur. Sonically, it is not desirable to do what I have done as you are relying on the tv’s cheap circuits to pass the sound out to the receiver from the source components, but in practice any sound degradation is not too noticeable? Cheers, Steve.
  5. Now that you point it out there is a lot of subtlety in Stump’s post ...thanks.
  6. Not sure that T-shirt would be popular in Hong Kong, given the new national security laws imposed on them by China? .
  7. All good Mark, the amp has had a rebuild and check ups over its time, so working fine. It’s maker says it has some harmonic distortion purposely dialled in, to give it a luscious sound.
  8. I’m listening to a 30yr old 807 valve amp at the moment, two output tubes per channel, push-pull topology and about 20w/ch ...sounds valvey, engaging, sweet and clear similar tone to an EL34, but maybe better? Cheers, Steve.
  9. Very neat Trevor, nice simple system, components well selected and having heard AG Duo spkrs ...bet it all sounds good.
  10. Logo looks a deeper shade of orange on my iPad. Don’t go red Marc or I’ll have to change the colour of my Orange DDESL (Direct Drive) electrostatic speakers!? Colour theme was a tribute to StereoNET. Cheers, Steve.
  11. No, the Supratek models start @ $2500 and $5K would buy you the beautiful sounding Cortese model with phono stage ...and he tends to look after Aussie buyers with prices. Anyway, I’m not here to spruke the brand, just a happy user. You need to check out the Supratek website and make contact. http://www.supratek.com.au Btw, there’s a Cortese for sale in the StereoNET classifieds. .
  12. Supratek will build you a valve preamp with any configuration of output you require ...with multiple biamp, triamp, xlr or rca outputs.
  13. I don’t think a Hong Kong visit is on the cards - unless you want to risk arbitrary detention by the Chinese Communist Party who’s got it in for all Australians?? Even considering post Covid travel restrictions being lifted.
  14. Hi Tuyen, They sound different, as good as each other in different ways. The Holodac obviously hyper extended, capable and will play DSD and multiples of the sampling rate to DSD512 - if that is your thing. I’m not entirely convinced about high quality Redbook 44.1 vs DSD material and whether one being superior to the other. It still comes down to the quality of the recording and what was carefully laid down (or not) in the studio, not the digital format. At least that’s what my ears are telling me, even if the technical merits of each are different to consider? What this means is that the Philips TDA1541 dac chip and the Killerdac is still very relevant to this day. I think about selling the Killerdac and the CD94 Zen Transport from time to time, but every time I hook it all up to my system (especially with the Orange DDESL stats) ...it convinces me for it to stay. The sound is palpably rich in tone and liquid with the Killerdac, when everything in the system comes together. We will have to catch up some time. Cheers, Steve. .
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