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  1. They are not the true Sonab speakers made by Stig Carlson discussed in this thread ...so your S2000 spkrs are probably not worth much, maybe $100? but, I could be wrong.
  2. Amazing set-up and photos ...are you a Pro photographer? GLWTS Steve
  3. What an awesome DAC project Chanh, kudos to you and Don. I really like the etched front fascia, very pro.
  4. Hey Chanh ...how's it going? Good to see you kept that amazing 'mother of all' 50kg stacked DIY DDD-dac. Of course the Accuphase 900 pair is king in your house with good reason, however nice to have other things like the DDD-dac around to let you know you are on the right track. Have you got a pic to share of the DDD-dac final iteration with the nice chassis build by @Doncentric/Don? Cheers, Steve.
  5. What is the current status of the Philips TDA1541 S-1 chipped Killerdac - well its still a killer! I wouldn't let comments from non-users lead you to think otherwise. I currently have about eight dacs in my collection including the Killerdac, MF Trivista and PS Audio Perfect Wave dac (on loan) all of which are approx RRP $5K in their day. Also, have owned long term the excellent Accuphase DP-77 SACD player @ $13K, and the Wildism Holo Audio Spring dac Level 3/4 @ $4K ...and I have had the very good Geiseler Fein II @ $2.4K in house. I rate the Killerdac (in terms sheer refinement
  6. This is spot on and mirrors my attitude with the various active loudspeakers that I use from time to time.👍 Less so I guess, with the sorted commercial loudspeakers that I own, though sometimes I prefer the former with the ability to manipulate the sound with Eq (tone control). Cheers, Steve.
  7. Further information: For sale is the very famous and excellent sounding Duelund VSF 2.7uF 100v copper foil capacitor. I only have one piece for sale, it is in good functioning condition with some marks on it from bluetac etc. They are about $350 USD or $500 AUD each to import from USA or EU. If you want the absolute best sounding capacitor - this is it.
  8. @dcathro that is an awesome collection of hifi. Carefully chosen and shows a lot of experience. I notice you have a pair of Avalon Eidolon spkrs in the background. How do they compare to the black active Alon Phalanx's? I would imagine a different style of presentation between the two spkrs, the Avalon maybe more accurate and finessed, but smaller sounding and the Alon's wide open and big sounding? Cheers, Steve .
  9. Hi Mike, Sorry, my comment probably came across a bit off-hand and you obviously know your stuff. I was alluding generally that the midrange quality from an LS35A as good as it is, is still behind in terms of sheer accuracy compared to the midrange frequencies produced by a high quality (usually expensive) dedicated midrange driver. You can talk about direcitivity, but driver quality overrides any such discussion of midrange quality that a good threeway speaker produces over a twoway. In terms of directivity, I prefer speakers that beam directly at you with a narrow swe
  10. With all due respect Mike, the things you talk about might be theoretically correct, but do not translate in a listening assessment - well, not for me anyway. It’s not just about the good bass response from a threeway, it’s the lack of a dedicated midrange driver that is the problem for me. All two ways to me, fudge both the midrange and bass frequencies, resulting in coloration and inaccuracies. A true midrange (produced by a dedicated midrange driver) like in the speakers mentioned by Al M are just more accurate to me. You can hear this as a truly fleshed out and expressed vocal,
  11. Well, call me crazy but I am currently using a 5way loudspeaker to close all the gaps. Active system, five drivers, five amplifiers, five sets of interconnects and five pairs of speaker cables. Kind of nuts, but sounds good to me, engaging to the music. Cheers, Steve.
  12. Not sure why this is even a discussion - when you aim for the very best. There is no way a two way is better than a threeway when all things are considered. You cannot close the anomaly (gap) that occurs when the dedicated midrange driver is missing in a good two way design vs a threeway speaker. Its like asking Wilson Audio, B & W or Magico to design the best loudspeaker that they can, and ask them to leave the midrange driver out of the the equation ...they just wouldn’t do it? Cheers, Steve
  13. Audiophile worthy music does not have to be from an ‘audiophile label’. There are some beautiful mainstream recordings that are absolutely top notch, for example, Tracey Chapman original self titled album (with Fast Car, Mountains of Things), Eric Clapton Unplugged, KD Lang Ingenue, Suzanne Vega Solitude Standing, Little River Band, Joe Cocker Sheffield Steel and Angus and Julia Stone Down the Way to name a few. All of these superb recordings sound fantastic whether played on vinyl, CD or digital download and quality is not determined by label, price or format. In comparison, some aud
  14. Happy for you and it’s all about how you perceive it, nothing else matters. Cheers Steve.
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