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  1. Very good loudspeakers, musically complete and satisfying ...one of the best.
  2. Sounds good Rob, I will message you soon. Cheers, Steve.
  3. Pete, You should be OK with using one of the Weston amps in Perth as the transformers have been wound for 240v operation and should be within safe over voltage maximum tolerances (or just so?). The problem is with Chinese built amps which have trafos designed to work into 220v or 230v. When Perth mains voltage supply takes upwards swings of 265v, the 220v Chinese amp is being asked to operate 20% beyond the voltage it is designed for, resulting in transformer failures and or cooked bias resistors and shortened valve life. A sure sign of such problems are hot running transformers on your amplifier, you need to monitor this. Also, your Thor power conditioners won’t help you in this situation. For power amps and whole of system protection you need a big 2-4 kVA step down or constant voltage transformer power supply, one that puts out a steady 230-240v to your system. Cheers, Steve.
  4. That’s a valid question Peter and I guess what I am posturing is that no one on this forum or on any other fora that I frequent, has adequately explained why a good preamplifier lifts the performance of almost all systems. All of the worlds best systems are fronted by a good preamplifier, with users universally commenting that without the preamp the music sounds a bit lifeless and less real to them. This has also been my experience. I am keen to hear if the Stereo Coffee LDR attenuator hangs on to the dimensionality and low level dynamics like a good active preamp does. Steve .
  5. Another good one is Joker ...it’s sombre and dark as hell, but Joachim Phoenix’s acting is superlative and the storyline is tightly woven. The movie is a study on the marginalised mentally challenged people in our society, none of which is their fault ...rather a product of their genetics and upbringing. Heath Ledger would have been proud of this one and highly recommended. Steve .
  6. Just Mercy and Bombshell gets my pick for best movies of the year, two pithy American dramas where basically all of the actors play their parts to acclaim. Just Mercy looks at the poor treatment of African Americans in the deep South and portrays the inhumaness of capital punishment. Michael B Jordan, Jamie Fox and Brie Larson are great in their roles. Secondly, Bombshell is a pacey edge of the seat expose’ on sexual abuse by Fox News founder Roger Ailes. John Lithgow as Ailes is brilliant as are all the female leads Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman. Charlize is hardly recognisable as newscaster Megyn Kelly, she physically takes the role on with aplomb, especially the voicing. Steve .
  7. Thanks Rob, I will pay for postage both ways when the time comes.
  8. Nice report/review on the latest Stereo Coffee LDR preamp Rob, you express yourself well and good to see the passion. In considering that the LDR approach is potentially one of the better ways to attenuate an audio signal, and if attenuation (cleanly) is the major goal here - what happens to your system Rob, when you remove the Stereo Coffee altogether. That is, when you try the CD player direct for example? If like me when you do this and find that the soundstage flattens and the involvement in the music collapses, then you have to assume that the Stereo Coffee is adding something good, or that the digital attenuation in all CD players is somehow flawed? We need to get to the bottom of this in order to answer why a good preamp is needed at all, to keep signal integrity. I really want to take a sip (hear) one of these Stereo Coffees now. I am going to have to build one soon or can I twist your arm to send it over to me for an audition, Rob? Cheers, Steve.
  9. Pretty sure when you select Spkr A+B on the amp it parallel connects them in the amp circuit, meaning your two sets of speakers become a 3 ohm load. You should be fine though as the Rotel looks to be well built, but keep up eye out for excessive heat build up on the amp. I had an amp go kaput on me while parralleling many years ago, expensive lesson as it killed the amp and took out a few expensive speaker drivers!
  10. Stacking speakers can work well, I’ve done it many times with various speakers over the years NS1000/1200 etc. Not only does it give you better imaging with the d’appolito driver arrangement, but yields more drive, loudness capability and room filling ability. Your amplifier has to be up to the task for a 2-4 ohm load though, if the speakers are parallel connected. Steve.
  11. Item: Matched Pair of TJ Meshplate 45 valves. Price Range: Market value Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Want a matched pair of good sounding type 45 valves - TJ Meshplate 45 preferred, but other brands will be considered. Can swap you with a pair of TJ 101D mesh plates if you need some. Thanks, Steve. .
  12. I find this unit to sound more realistic than any commercial Home Theatre amp I’ve used including Sony, Marantz, Yamaha and Panasonic. The Surround Master can be used with any two channel stereo system to give VERY realistic movie watching results - especially sitting dead centre of the speakers where it sounds like five speakers are running, when only two are going. The Surround Master’s movie soundfield processing seems to be better than the big boys from Dolby, Neo 6 etc ...imho.
  13. I can appreciate your concerns, Thomo. See my sad tale about Telstra & NBN Co here:
  14. Telstra NBN disaster! I was hoping this was not going to happen to me, but sadly it has. As at 12 December 2019, my house was connected via Telstra cable broadband yielding up to 80MB of speed, which was fantastic. As such I have been holding back connecting to NBN. On that day, I receive a call from Telstra saying I needed to connect to NBN urgently before the 28 February deadline to avoid potential higher costs after that date. Subsequently, they booked me in for an NBN connection on 19 December. All sounded OK ... Problem #1. Nobody from Telstra turns up at my door after me waiting around all day for them on 19 December. I ring them and they say “Oh, didn’t anyone inform you your booking has been rescheduled to 30 December”. Nup, no one from Telstra advised me. Problem #2. On 30 December The NBN is connected to my home under a 46MB plan, except that there is something wrong at the tap in the street and my house is only getting a pee-poor 1-3MB speed! Problem #3. Telstra tech says the issue should be fixed by late afternoon. No it isn’t fixed that day! Problem #4. Next day I ring Telstra, they say wait for a couple of more business days. Nope, still not fixed after that time. They say again wait a week and it should be done by then. You guessed it, still not done by that time! Problem #5. I ring Telstra again and now I am advised that the NBN contractor has logged me for a resolution by 16 March 2020! Someone on the Telstra tech team suggests that I disconnect the NBN black box and white modem and to reconnect my old Telstra cable modem and it should be fine and I will get back my previous good speed. Problem #6. I reconnect my old modem and nup - it doesn’t work anymore as something has been reconfigured at the Telstra end?? Problem #7. Here we go again, I ring Telstra about the above and firstly this new technician says my NBN job to fix the street problem has now shifted from 16 March to 25 March Problem #8. Again, why has no one from Telstra advised me of this change of date? Problem #10. Secondly, this latest technician tells me I was given the wrong advice about reusing my old modem, as it will no longer work as NBN has been configured for my home and I have no choice but to use the slow connection at 1-3MB until the 25 March. So there you go, it seems I have to tolerate 3-4 months of SLOW internet until the problems are fixed in the street ...is this Telstra/NBN Co’s service at its best? what a schermozzle! *I’m not sure what to do here folks? I have thought about moving to TPG or Tangerine service providers, but I am concerned that the 25 March commitment to fix the problem may be further delayed. (Sorry, but I can’t use my usual ‘Cheers, Steve’ salutation as its all just too sad)😪 .
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