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  1. JB usually puts out new releases in store of a Monday, so there may be a chance to get a sale price - will probably vary from store to store.
  2. I'm not familiar with your AVRs, but many will only output a signal on zone 2 when you use an analog input, rather than digital - give that a try.
  3. It's possible there was other damage, but it's far from a certainty. Damage from glass fragments on a restart are more likely. I'd suggest gently cleaning out the broken glass with a vacuum and trying a cheap replacement lamp. If that works, spend some extra $ on a genuine lamp (the cheapies tend to be duller / become dull / unreliable. I'm not familiar with Optoma, but most projectors have lamp hours in the same menu as the firmware version etc. You should reset lamp hours when replacing the lamp.
  4. Yes, you need to rerun it. Always good to do it when you have the house to yourself to avoid extraneous noise. I always do 8 sweeps - definitely gives more consistent results.
  5. When you run the Audyssey app and turn off mid range compensation it sounds a lot louder IME.
  6. Agree, try a blu-ray - TVs and streaming can be all over the place - Disney is known for their "don't scare the kids" sound.
  7. Audyssey can be a PITA - there's a fine line between turning the sub(s) down low enough so it's not complaining about them being too high low, but loud enough for Audyssey to sense them. Also, make sure you switch the subs to On, not Auto for the calibration. I'd also suggest you spend $32 for the Audyssey app so you can turn off mid range compensation (a dip) - IMO vocals are much clearer with it off.
  8. Well I finally got around to getting the Audyssey app, re-running the set-up and turning off the default mid-range compensation as suggested. This has been a revelation, with much clearer vocals I'm listening at lower levels and it still sounds louder. Maybe it's just my old ears have too much of a mid-range "notch" but I'm wondering WTF Audyssey has the default mid-range dip for.
  9. FYI, you can convert this to an accoustically transparent screen - contact Rich at Projector Screens. The fabric isn't cheap, but you would still make a huge saving over buying new. Agree, great bargain.
  10. You could certainly try, but ME amps are meant to be excellent for speakers with low impedance. Even though your Equinox are not one of the 2 Ohm rated models, I'd suspect they still have a large impedance dip in bass frequencies.
  11. Haven't really played with one - perhaps someone else can chip in.
  12. There's plenty of reports that Sony's service repeatedly "find no problem" when X700s are sent in for the freezing issue. I haven't heard of any issues with the S580.
  13. Yes, apparently no issues if you get one with a good laser that's properly aligned.
  14. Reports I saw suggest it's a combination of limited buffer memory / laser alignment / weak lasers.
  15. Many reports of these freezing at layer changes, particularly on UHD discs.
  16. A good sparkie/cabler will be able to get one through, but might need to remove skirting boards and (if there's no gap between the plaster and the floor) use a router to slot the back and make a few plaster cutouts. Before buying a replacement cable, speak with a sparkie - you may need some extra length to install by an indirect route.
  17. Covering the woofers shouldn't be a problem, provided you leave enough clearance for it's maximum throw (Xmax). You're likely to damage the woofer surround and/or voice coil if there's inadequate clearance.
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