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  1. From the Stereophile review the CS2.4s drop down to 2.73 Ohms and are below 4 Ohms for much of their range. While I'm not a fan of setting AVRs to 4 Ohm (reduces power substantially and sounds awful) I'd recommend some care with the volume control given what a difficult load these present. They would really benefit from a good power amp.
  2. If you don't need Dolby Vision, Panasonic's UB420 for $275. There's no display and the case and remote are cheap. If you want Dolby Vision etc, the UB820 can usually be negotiated for ~$500.
  3. I'd suggest getting a piece of 18mm mdf about the size of the panel itself to attach to studs that don't have cables in them. You can make it look tidier by using some skirting or other mouldings around the edges of the mdf.
  4. I went with chocolate inspired colours - Haymes Castlegate walls (much darker than it appears in the pictures) and Chocolate trims - see here. Obviously not for everyone, but works with the rest of the house. One thing I should mention: used to be a BIG fan of Dulux paint but they've gone to hell with thin, watery crud with poor coverage and adhesion. Paint shop recommended Haymes - so much better to apply and great coverage/adhesion.
  5. All are fixable. Tonearm rewiring is fiddly and best left to the experts. Rotel had three different RP1000s - the timber versions look rather cheap and cheerful and I'm not sure I'd bother if it needs more than cartridge leads.
  6. OK, must be the turntable then. Assuming the stylus is tracking correctly, it will be a faulty cartridge, faulty cartridge leads or faulty tonearm/internal/external leads. Cartridge leads tend to be very delicate - easy to break them but still have insulation holding them together - worth checking these closely - if you need to remove them, tweezers can be helpful.
  7. Is there any sound when you turn the volume way up? I suspect that the phono input on the Denon is not connected to an internal phono pre-amp (which boosts the very low cartridge signal and applies RIAA equalisation). The lack of an internal phono pre-amp is common and easily fixed by using an external phono pre-amp.
  8. Looks like Officeworks' Comsol cables are no longer certified, so I'd be wary of them. Try EzyHD - select the 3m length. Avoid sharp bends when installing the cable - this can reduce bandwidth.
  9. Recent Yamaha AVRs are known for outputting the bare minimum HDMI voltage allowed under the specs - hence very sensitive to the quality of cable used.
  10. When it comes to 4K, if it's not certified, it's reliable as a politician's promises.
  11. Almost certainly a cable issue. Try a better quality HDMI cable from the TV to AVR - you want something that's certified for at least 18 Gps. Officeworks has some that are suitable.
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