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  1. While I can't find any reviews with impedance measurements for your speakers, B&W are one of the prime culprits for claiming innocuous impedance, while often having some very nasty impedance dips in bass frequencies. As Snoopy8 suggested, consider a gruntier AVR like the recent NADs, that are more likely to cope with such dips. Also, make sure you get a sub, set all your speakers to "small" and crossover to 80Hz or thereabouts - this will take the bass load off your AVR and avoid some of those impedance dips.
  2. What brand and model of speakers are you using? Plenty of brands take extreme liberties with their claimed impedance (ohms) while actually being hard to drive.
  3. There's two approaches: Traditional wall plates with banana plug receptacles - anything from a reputable place like Selby will be fine. Use brush plates so there's no joins (you'll have to tuck the spare cable into the walls during construction if you pre-wire and there's still a risk of damage) Use brush plates for your HDMI cable to the projector - joiner plates and 4K don't work. Long HDMI cables (10+m) should be fibre-optic. Also note that all active HDMI cables (10+m) are active and only work oneway - if installed in reverse they will not work. Not all sparkies are used to working with active cables...
  4. The SR5013 and its replacement the SR5014, only have Audyssey XT room correction and its a big step backwards from XT32 (does minimal bass EQ, which is where you generally need it most). Consider a Denon X3500 (on runout) or X3600. Denon is the sister brand of Marantz and shares a lot of tech. Still going to cost a lot more than your other options.
  5. The Marantz SR6014 would be the clear leader out of the three, but in a different price league too. It has the best room correction (Audyssey XT32). Onkyo's room correction is pathetic and I have trouble recommending them after their many years of appalling reliability and repeated assurances that it was fixed with each new release only to find over time that it wasn't (I used to be an Onkyo/Integra fan when they were in their heyday).
  6. I'll let others recommend the speakers, but you might want to reconsider the Sony STR-DN1080 - it has a maximum power consumption of 240W. After applying 70% typical class A/B amplifier efficiency that leaves 168W spread over 7 channels i.e. 24W per channel. That's before we consider power losses for the pre-amp section etc. You really need highly efficient speakers and/or low listening levels to avoid clipping with this Mr Puniverse of receivers. Almost any other brand would be better.
  7. Recent Yamaha receivers are known to put out a meagre HDMI voltage, meaning cable choice is critical. As @betty boop said, buy a very good quality 5m cable - preferably an active one. If active, make sure you install with signal running in the correct direction - source to display.
  8. @wooferocau posted some opinions here (scroll to the top of the page) - this would have been before the N9 got the tone mapping update, so not sure if his opinion would change. Perhaps he might chime in with some thoughts.
  9. Report to the moderators - seller has other items for sale and other members could be at risk.
  10. If its inaudible at the listening position, I doubt its anything serious. If you want to check whether its the amp or something else contributing I'd suggest the following: Disconnect everything from the amp again Turn off everything else in the house at the wall - its amazing how many things can produce interference - either on the mains or RF Turn off lights - some cheap LEDs produce atrocious RF noise Switch out any solar panels Plug it directly into a wall socket, not a powerboard Ensure that the power cord isn't coiled up or draped over the amp Keep mobile phones away If you're still getting hum see if you can borrow a DC blocker to test for DC on the mains as suggested by AJ. If no DC on the mains its possible the transformer bolt is a little loose again or the transformer windings are less than optimal.
  11. Sounds like it's cactus. Not sure about parts availability for these units now. Are you able to return it for a refund? Seller may not have realised the issue if not switching between aspect ratios or it may have been damaged in transit.
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