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  1. That sounds more like an iris issue unfortunately...
  2. I also hate the light pumping on the auto iris. Don't discount the possibility it's the lamp - they can drop off output suddenly - if so it will get worse quickly. Nice to have a spare X35 sitting around - well done!
  3. Try turning off the auto iris. If that doesn't help, sounds like the iris or lamp is faulty.
  4. Is the video output on the Pana set to native or 4K?
  5. I purchased a Marantz AV7704 but used their online chat function to check they had stock and make the purchase. All went smoothly for me.
  6. Quark

    2019 projector releases ?

    Glad it's not yours. If mine it would be going back for replacement.
  7. Quark

    2019 projector releases ?

    Is that yours Woofer, or someone on AVS? Truly awful convergence - more than one pixel vertically and nearly half a pixel horizontally.
  8. Seem to recall on my AV7704 you have to select one of the direct modes to turn it off. I use an Elektra pre for music (with HT bypass) so Audyssey isn't in play for stereo music.
  9. With the convergence adjustments in these, any convergence issues can usually be hidden, so not really practical to check. Typically you would see some colour fringing around text in a screenshot. If a purple fringe, that's chromatic aberration (lens bending colours differently) - not normally an issue with JVCs. For focus, the best test from afar is a hi-res screenshot, taken with a good camera, showing text across the screen. Look for even focus across the image, particularly centre vs corners. Only problem is the image can only be as good as the camera and its operator (e.g. you might be surprised how many SLR lenses have visible chromatic aberration).
  10. If EQ doesn't help, perhaps the harshness is coming from harmonics - shouldn't be an issue on well designed gear, but...
  11. Haven't seen any complaints about the 8805's sound before (and haven't heard one myself), so just suggesting a logical path for troubleshooting. If Marantz are targeting a new, brighter house sound that would be unfortunate, notwithstanding the option to tinker with Audyssey curves using their app (which would be my next suggestion to @Perth.hifi).
  12. Hi mate, how can it suddenly change? If it was ok before? If you don't like the sound not sure how it was OK before. While Audyssey will tell you to try again if there's a *lot* of extraneous noise, in my experience extraneous noise stuffs up the calibration well before Audyssey complains.
  13. Try running Audyssey again at a quiet time (a full 8 takes) before you make up your mind - not unusual for extraneous noise to completely stuff up the process.
  14. Quark

    Speaker Cabinet Builder

    John's the man! Makes the cabinets for Osborn speakers. Had him build a couple of equipment cabinets to match my speakers - he does great work.
  15. I usually get that too, but if you check, the feedback usually goes through OK.