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  1. Screaming bargain - someone should grab this with both hands!
  2. Great buying for a top of the line AVR! GLWTS
  3. It's fine to have mixed impedances. Setting the Denon to 6 Ohm speakers will reduce the power substantially. It's likely to sound better on the default 8 Ohm setting and I'd leave it on that. Unless you're the type to turn the volume up super high, then it might be prudent to use the 6 Ohm setting.
  4. If possible I'd be inclined to have the subs turned to face your cabinet rather than the mains, especially when front ported.
  5. While LG has apparently fixed the noise/vibration problems that plagued their previous models, I understand that the upscaling of HD material to 4K isn't as good as the UB820.
  6. UHD discs have no region locking - that only applies to some DVD and blu-ray discs. By all accounts it works, but I'm not a fan of any business that won't set a price up front.
  7. You can buy a remote that will allow you to change DVD regions (not blu-ray) - see here. Note there are a number of ebay sellers with them, not just the one in the link.
  8. That's a shame about the delay. The V1800s aren't a whole lot bigger and Peter's got some very sharp run-out pricing - would you be able to fit those in?
  9. Agree, the UB820 is a good choice. Plenty of reports of the Sony X800 pausing on some layer changes, so hard to recommend. You can get the UB820 for $520 delivered through Selby's ebay store with the current $50 discount promotion.
  10. Is Peter getting the new model in any time soon?
  11. Yes, I'm running a pair of PSA S1500s (sealed 15" and smaller than the ported equivalents) and I'm quite impressed with their output for both HT and music. Al got a demo of Ready Player One UHD car race scene and might like to comment - I briefly took it up to -8 for a few seconds, but most was at -12. I don't ever expect to try volume at reference - too worried about plaster damage.
  12. At $2.5K, I'd probably try to negotiate a little off, especially if hours are high. When inspecting, check for convergence (how close the red, green, blue sub-pixels align) and even focus across the whole image. Also check the hours - much over 2000 hours you're probably not far from a lamp change, especially if it's been run on high lamp. If a replacement lamp fitted, be wary of aftermarket crud - some aftermarket stuff is fine, but there's a lot of rubbish.
  13. Give JLS Electronics a call and ask if they will fix a grey import.
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