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  1. The S300 looks like a Class D amp - presume it only has a 2 pin plug. You could try a cheap stereo RCA ground loop isolator- not sure one of these will work as they're usually designed for relatively small ground potential differences.
  2. What makes and models of AVR and amp are we talking about? Sounds like one is earthed (3 pin plug) and the other isn't (2 pin plug).
  3. If your Denon has Audyssey it will be able to handle a phantom centre. Sorry, I don't really have any suggestions that fit your budget. Yes, Krix have a great range and supply many commercial cinemas.
  4. Knowing your budget would help a lot. One of your key issues will be that the center would be mounted very low and it's likely to be disconcerting having the sound come from there. You might reduce this be having the center angled upwards. Alternatively, you could use a "phantom" centre (many modern AVRs will allow you to delete the center speaker and direct that signal to the L&R) - this approach can be quite effective and you could use the center space for a subwoofer. Using the phantom center approach you might use a pair of Scenix in-wall speakers for the L&R and have your cabinet maker friends install them as high as possible(so the sound is at a similar level to the TV). Perhaps @Krix Loudspeakers could be persuaded to make a custom Volcanix slimline to fit in your center space.
  5. It's not likely to affect your speakers if it is minor.
  6. Is the hum still there with it turned on and nothing (including speakers) connected? Or is the hum coming from the speakers? It could be as simple as a loose power transformer, but knowing CA it's more likely to be an expensive fix. You could try JLS for a quote - they're an authorised CA service centre.
  7. You're likely to have more success sending video and audio to the LX901 rather than splitting the signals from the Oppo. Also much less likely to have lip-synch issues that way too. Edid data sharing has so many non-standardised implementations that the problems you're experiencing are not unusual. Presume you're using the switch to send signals to a TV when needed.
  8. Sounds like a great setup. Perhaps you would like to post some photos.
  9. Just be aware that while this AVR supposedly supports 4K, it doesn't have HDCP 2.2, so you won't be playing any copy protected 4K material e.g UHD discs, streaming etc through it.
  10. Perhaps buy the kit here and either DIY or get David at Gattiweb to install it.
  11. Looks like the makings of a great room - enjoy!
  12. Looks like the RC50s dip down to 4 Ohms (which will be in the bass frequencies) - definitely need to set your crossover to 80Hz.
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