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  1. No, not going to happen. There are other options like an AVR Key (price is US$).
  2. Agree with Al's suggestions. That Sony AVR has a max power consumption of 240W - classA/B amplifier efficiency is max 70% which leaves 168W spread over 7 channels in a 5.1.2 setup i.e. 24W/channel. That's fine for surrounds/Atmos, but mighty skinny for LCR speakers.
  3. There's plenty of room for a 5.1.2 setup - go for it!
  4. It will be OK if you're able to keep the two rear overhead Atmos speakers well forward of your rear surround speakers.
  5. Bargain - good luck with the sale. Look forward to seeing what you've upgraded to.
  6. The issue is quite apparent in your second lot of photos - I'd consider that unacceptable for a projector at this price point. It's a DOA IMO - insist it is changed over for a new one (not repaired or swapped for a refurbished one).
  7. Congrats from another Elektra owner. The toggle should turn on/off the 12V trigger..
  8. If your voltage is consistently over 253V and they muck you around, just indicate that you're going to raise it with the Energy Industry Ombudsman and watch them scurry to fix it.
  9. Looks good. What sort of noise reduction have you achieved?
  10. Since moving to the new house a couple of years ago, I've had a shorter throw distance than before and when using an X500 had more pincushioning than with the longer throw at the last house. When I purchased the N5 and confirming how much brighter it is, I've dispensed with the lens and slide (I actually told SWMBO that I'd sell the lens and slide to help fund the N5). If you've got a longish throw distance I'd still recommend a lens and slide if you need additional lumens for a scope screen. FYI I've since sold the lens, the cineslide is still available (must put an ad up when I get some time).
  11. It might be my efforts here you're thinking of @blybo Not as good an outcome as a solid hinged door, but much better than standard sliding doors.
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