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  1. You should have the image data show to confirm this as a disc starts. I've actually set the output of my pana to 4K rather than auto - just in case.
  2. The Panasonics do a better job of upscaling than the current N5/N7. Not sure if the N9 has better upscaling.
  3. If I hadn't just bought a projector...
  4. The DAC board is for analog output and won't affect HDMI output. I've had similar issues to yours with a BDP95 that was fixed with the combination of full reset and clear memory, then power off at the wall for 10+ minutes. Doing only the reset didn't fix it - do the whole combination and wait 10+ minutes before turning the power back on (even to standby).
  5. You could contact Interdyn or Oppo to get a quote for repair. I'd try both - Oppo may be prepared to sell you a DAC board for a self install if you're comfortable with that (they should be able to confirm the problem if you describe the issue and troubleshooting steps you've tried).
  6. Yes, if you've done the reset / memory clear / power off then it does sound like the DAC board is dying unfortunately.
  7. If different cables don't help, try: Different input on your amp Full reset and clear memory, then power off at the wall for 10+ minutes. These sometimes need the equivalent of a computer reboot. If the above don't work, then sounds like the internal DAC is failing.
  8. OK, update done. I haven't watched many UHD discs on the N5 so hard to tell how much of a difference the new firmware makes. Watched Wonder Woman tonight and was very impressed with the image.
  9. Great news! I've downloaded and will update tonight.
  10. I've only been going through the X-files blu-rays - no audio synch issues on my old Oppo 95 with the N5, but using the upscaling on the UB900 brings the delay (albeit with a much nicer picture). I'll try some other blu-rays soon.
  11. Try plugging the 205 directly into the Ruipro cable (obviously you'll only get video). That will narrow it down to whether it's a player issue or the Anthem/Nordost. I'd be very surprised if it's the Ruipro cable.
  12. I've noticed some lip synch issues when using my Pana UB900 to upscale blu-rays (picture is definitely better using the Panasonic rather than the N5 for scaling to 4K). I presume it's the upscaling that's adding delay.
  13. I recently updated my old 785 and the only choice it gave me was N9 (actually NX9). That's working for me. If you're finding your projector won't start it's because it's in Eco standby and needs two IR commands to come out of standby. Easiest fix is to put it into ordinary standby (the red light will stay on).
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