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  1. JVC will have a big gap in their product range if the only thing below the ~$9400 N5 is their DLP offering (which doesn't live up to their usual contrast standards). From a consumer point of view that may not be a bad thing, as likely to put downwards pressure on N5 pricing.
  2. Quark

    NAD AV716 Protect Mode

    If you haven't already tried it, I'd recommend disconnecting the main speakers too - just to make sure there's not a wiring problem or shorted drivers.
  3. Quark

    G’day from SE Melbourne

    To get a few pointers suggest you share some details such as: Room size Level of light control you have in the room Your likely screen size (many people start too small and realise after a few weeks they should have gone larger) Your budget What you're hoping to achieve e.g. 4K, 3D etc
  4. I suspect the quality of the EH 6992s has improved since I ran them, as 3 out of 6 in my system (had the M100 monoblocs too) died in the first few hundred hours.
  5. Vaf do some subs with the option to integrate into a stand - see here.
  6. Quark

    Marantz SR6006 Front speakers issue

    It's possible it was an overheating issue or some other intermittent fault. Have to wait and see if it returns...
  7. If you get the chance to try some 1960s Mullards go for it - decent bass, great mids and clear but tamed tamed highs when I used a pair in my Enigma. The factory EH were very far behind the Mullards in my system.
  8. Quark

    Blown Klipsch Horns...

    I seem to recall that the Onkyo has digital volume control, so even if you use an external dac, you'll lose the benefits when the Onkyo re-encodes the analog signal to digital. For 2 channel music listening, the biggest improvement you're likely to get is to move to a decent integrated amp with HT bypass. You could also use an external dac with the integrated or buy an integrated with its own internal dac (e.g. Parasound, albeit I'd recommend you audition at home if you can, as I'm not sure that Parasound and Klipsch would be a good match - perhaps a bit bright). I'm not a big fan of the Klipsch subs - output always seemed modest to me. You might consider auditioning some sealed REL, SVS or PSA subs. Yes the internal amps in many mainstream AVRs are completely underwhelming - a proper power amp can make huge difference as you've found. Not sure that you'll get any benefit from adding dynamat. If you're trying to make the sound less bright, try adding rugs, heavy curtains etc. The flat sound could well be the Onkyo's dac - it's more geared around HT than music. Most multichannel concerts will be mixed with the vocals primarily directed to the centre. If you're listening to stereo material and using one of the processing options to convert to multichannel you may still get a fair chunk of the vocals directed to the centre. I doubt that the Rotel is unsuited to your speakers. Not sure why you don't have the centre speaker connected to it as well - recommend you try it. Also, do you have the speakers set to "small" in the AVR's setup? This will help take some load off the amp and speakers. If the system isn't loud enough after your changes, try turning the the gain up a little on your subs.
  9. Yes, expect they cloned that listing and forgot to change pricing.
  10. I was hoping the pricing would be a bit lower. Unless Rich is doing some red hot deals I'll have to sit back and save some pennies.
  11. Al, no I didn't place an order as it was too good to be true and probably too much for them to honour. I see the listing has now been pulled. Did some SNA members start placing orders????
  12. Klapp have the N7 listed for sale with a RRP of $5499 and a sale price of $4999. Seems too good to be true, but I'm tempted to lob in an order and see what happens... Screenshot below for posterity (expect it's not gonna last long).
  13. Quark

    Marantz SR6006 Front speakers issue

    Not sounding good. Have you tried turning off the bi-amp option?
  14. Agree, that looks terminal - never know where some of the fragments went.