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  1. Turn off all the telemetry and set your privacy settings to the max.
  2. I presumed he was referring to doing the install as an upgrade, rather than a clean install. In theory, a clean install is better - no risk of registry conflicts etc, but a whole lot more mucking around transferring data and reinstalling all the ancillary software.
  3. I did an upgrade of Win 10/64 over an old installation of Win7/64 with no issues. You should also be OK going from Win7/32. Just make sure you do a back up of data and set a restore point before proceeding.
  4. The aesthetics may not be to your taste, but it can work well subject to decent room equalisation. What AVR are you planning to use? Also note that the Krix speakers I linked to also come in a standard version for a flat ceiling. I'm using these in my Atmos set-up.
  5. If you've got an AVR with decent room equalisation it should deal with time alignment issues from the difference in distances. You can also buy in-ceiling speakers with angled drivers - some fixed (e.g. Krix)and others with adjustable tweeter angles.
  6. Agree, for movies definitely use HDMI. I wouldn't expect any improvement with the UB9000 unless you're intending to upgrade to a JVC 4K projector - see here for details.
  7. The Oppo and Panasonic should sound better using analog connections than the Oppo with a HDMI connection if you use the pure audio (or whatever they're calling it now) on the Marantz to bypass its dacs (on other settings the analog inputs will be converted back to digital). The Oppo's XLR output should sound better than it's RCA output.
  8. So for movies, there's not going to be any sound gain from my oppo105, would that be right? If so, then either the 820 or 9000 is going to just give me equally better image for movie watching. Yes.
  9. It's a better dac, but from what I've read the implementation isn't as good.
  10. No advantage going to the UB9000 with your set-up. The 105 will be at least as good if using analog outputs and no difference between all three if using HDMI.
  11. Connect the Oppo direct to the LG using the Oppo's primary HDMI output and ensuring you have a modern high speed HDMI cable. The Integra won't pass 4K video. If cable length is over 2m, cable quality starts to become critical, even if rated high speed. Enable and use the Oppo's secondary HDMI to output audio direct to the Integra. You'll need to use the LG's optical out to the Integra to get audio from FTA channels and any apps on the LG - this will be limited to compressed audio, not HD audio.
  12. I expect that there's a flag in the stream not to use anamorphic and digital zoom modes so as to avoid showing compression artefacts.
  13. If you're streaming the movie, this is a normal issue - probably need to add a zoom option to lens memory. If it's occurring with a disc, I haven't seen the issue before.
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