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  1. Quark


    Yep, they're directional - no hope of it working in reverse, unfortunately.
  2. Quark

    HDMI 4K Combo - No weak link?

    Also, use brush style wall plates, not ones with HDMI connectors - these are a weak link.
  3. Quark

    B&W 702 S1 - How much break in needed?

    You should also keep experimenting with speaker placement. Cardas give a few options here. Before moving your speakers, try a bit of toe in. Start with an angle that, if you made a right angle from the middle of each speaker face, the two lines would cross about a meter behind your listening position. Tweak from there according to taste. I doubt that toe in will help with bass, but it can tighten up your perception of mids and highs.
  4. Quark

    B&W 702 S1 - How much break in needed?

    B&W take plenty of run-in time - at least 100 hours. The Plinius and Primaluna are unlikely to be the problem. Have you checked make sure your wiring isn't out of phase? Also, I'd expect that the shop had put some work into their room so it worked well acoustically. Finally, what source are you using for music (both player/dac and the music itself)? I'd expect that the shop used well mastered music and a good player/dac.
  5. Quark

    Using Two Amplifiers with 1 Speaker

    Not sure about the Prima Luna, but be aware that many valve amps will quickly fry output transformers if operated with no speakers connected.
  6. There tends to be a bit of rusted-on loyalty to each of these two brands, so get ready for some differing opinions. First up, if you want to buy now, the Sony is the only option, as JVC has delayed release of the N5 etc for at least a month (and I'd expect it will be longer) due to production quality issues. The Sony's strength is better motion processing (although some don't like the so called "soap opera effect" when watching movies) especially for sports. On all but their top end models, Sony's slightly soft lenses have typically been a limiting factor to their 4K resolution and on the reviews I've seen the 270ES hasn't gained anything on previous models. The few reviews of the N5 pre-production units have the contrast lower than older JVC units, but still better than equivalent Sony models. Speaking of contrast, all of Sony's SXRD projectors have had varying levels of contrast degradation as hours clock up, especially if in a humid environment. The fix is a new set of panels and Sony hasn't been handing these out without some argy bargy. While Sony has improved this on recent models, the jury is still out on whether it's been completely fixed. JVCs lamp based projectors have also had some gamma droop as hours clock up and it's safe to assume this will affect the 4K models. The fix is to spend a few hundred $ on a colorimeter and run JVC's free autocal software. I've just done my old X500 at 1800 hours as the gamma had drifted and lost some of the image "pop". It's a bit fiddly to do, but not too difficult. Have a look at Vincent Teoh's review of the 270ES here.
  7. Agree, unless you're going with in-wall speakers, there's no way you'll get a decent sized screen on the proposed wall. Are you going to use a drop down screen if you go for the opposite end?
  8. Bargain! GLWTS Agree!
  9. Quark

    Screen Recommendations

    As another OCD hardcase, I understand entirely!
  10. Quark

    Screen Recommendations

    For the big screen experience I'd suggest you move the TV, cabinet and R speaker to the right a little and go for a bigger screen - looks like a 120" might just squeeze in. While 100" may seem large at first, many find that after a few weeks they regret no going with a larger screen. You can always try hanging a sheet for a while before you commit to a screen size.
  11. Put me down as a backup please, just in case.
  12. Quark

    Integra HDMI fault

    I sold my working DHC 9.9 for a song earlier this year, so I feel your pain. I do have a copy of the service manual which describes some HDMI debug modes that might help - I'll try to attach below. integra_dhc-9.9_Service_Manual.pdf
  13. Quark

    Cool Components

    I've got 2 pairs of these connected to USB power supplies that are plugged into the slave outlets on master/slave power boards so they only run when the gear is on - they work perfectly and everything runs cool.
  14. Quark

    HT Setup Recommendation

    Your current room would work a lot better if you could get rid of the powder room. Whether it might cost you a divorce is another thing altogether...
  15. Quark

    Subwoofer better than Submersive

    We do get the Triax T18s - definitely on the DeepHz site. If properly setup there's potential for a smoother response across various listening positions with 4 subs, but not guaranteed. Setup, including positioning, room treatment (if needed) and room correction is important.