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  1. Further information: Fully loaded including USB audio board/Behringer Microphone/Factory reset/Software Photos:
  2. Further information: Analog Balance Board/Behringer Microphone/Factory reset/Software Photos:
  3. jkn

    Satori 2018

    9 l for mid is correct (sealed) 35l = 45Hz in sealed box I made sealed enclosures because I was always going to use it in 4 way if I was targeting 3way only I would place the bass in ported design. Again you will get better result if you use: 1)MTW design 2)MT in one box only (sealed) don’t worry about the volume much 10-15l 3)Tweeter and mid as close as possible (1 box) 4) 3 way woofer in separate box -ported (calculated the box height feet and so on so you end up with the tweeter at your ear height) For design have a look at the internet or ask some guys at DIY audio.com) Basically you need box volume number and size of the port s j
  4. 1 trace the driver around the ears with the same gap 2.route the centre of the ears first 3.set the straight edge to suit your router mine is 55 mm I use small 300 mm square
  5. Hi I'm working on my OB front baffle yes you are right the front baffle become too thin (on the bass driver) so I added extra 22mm hardwood ply.This is 3 way project and only to work down to 100Hz so I'm not much concert about vibration still adding extra 22mm ply on the bass is a good thing
  6. it is a pain but possible took about 3 hours for each driver not as good as CNC but good enough I was going to use ACR 18"PA112186 (SB Acoustic pro driver) I think they do have 15" version very good drivers but the freight from Indonesia was nearly 4 times the cost of the driver so I put it on hold for now but I will get it at some stage. The driver above is PHL it has the same cutout design
  7. jkn

    Satori 2018

    Yes it does I'm currently listening to the ported option and it does sound very good.I believe this bass box was designed by Pat (war audio) and he did really good job. Note: I could also re - position the speakers to reduce the suck out - 30-50Hz that is If I was settling on 3 way only. Anyway very good outcome I'll be working on final OB design using these drivers J
  8. jkn

    Satori 2018

    15"bass . measurements
  9. jkn

    Satori 2018

    Hi Murrmax I have always use the 15" PHL down to 90Hz only in 4 way where the volts takes over . Nevertheless I have burned some resistors (my fault )on my DEQX4 so I"m sending my deqx to Sydney for repair. However I'm thinking to try (over the weekend) 3 way only as I do have another 2 deqx3 which I would like to test anyway, So back to your question I will set couple of profiles one as 3 way >with 15" PHL sealed and also >one as 15" ported to see how it all performs I will post the measurements if you interested J
  10. jkn

    Satori 2018

    Funny thing is that when I asked 10 people for potential OB baffle design/ideas, I did get 10 completely different opinions/designs so it is hard to follow/choose one. In regards my idea to lower the Ribbon to ear height, placing the mid/bass next to the ribbon in the centre was after seeing Apogee Centaurus slant 6 which has Mid/bass next to the ribbon > nevertheless I'm trying to do 3 way and Centaurus is 2 way, so anyway I will have to try it and see how it goes. STILL wondering if it would be better to have 15"on axis with the 6.5"mid/bass or with the Ribbon (using Centaurus speaker arrangement) I think it has great potential as they are already sounding pretty good in temporally baffle.
  11. jkn

    Satori 2018

    18/15 are both sealed these ports on the pict. are blocked both drivers are very good the 15 can be cross higher then the 18 j
  12. jkn

    Satori 2018

    They are usable from +-600 up I believe there are some good bass drivers which will make it 2 way speakers And yes mid drivers is a option I will try several options before making final OB speaker set . PHL 6.5" mid/bass is also in OB and crossing at 250Hz >750Hz. I'm also thinking to place the mid/midrange next to the ribbon (centre) so the ribbon/mid are in ear height.
  13. jkn

    Satori 2018

    I have also made some progress towards my Apogee OB project at this stage I'm not sure about the shape of the front baffle yet but will be using Apogee ribbon 6.5" mid/bass and 15" bass . So far I have made just temporally baffle just to measure the ribbons
  14. jkn

    Satori 2018

    I have finished my old project Raal140 15D/PHL6,5 1360/ and paired with Malcolm PHL15 this combo sounds incredible love it
  15. jkn

    Satori 2018

    Hi Enrigue WMTW works well crossovers 90/250/1600
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