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  1. Further information: I have use this tweeter just briefly on one of my project however I'm working on some other projects so this great tweeter is not in use at all. You will find plenty info on the net including reviews. RRP +-AU1500 Inc. Tax , postage from Germany Photos:
  2. Anyone from Brisbane who like to have a listen/chat is welcome to come this Saturday 22.5 from 11am (Victoria Point) I’m also hosting annual QAC meeting on the same day so that would be plenty of food/drink anyway if anyone is keen send me message . J
  3. Hi Randl Posting few graphs (Analysis-Simulation-Step response + target) let me know what do you think J
  4. Hi Randl Thanks for the info I did not even realize Tweeter has opposite polarity after calibration wondering why as if you have a look at the raw measurement it clearly shows polarity +
  5. Hi Randl I was wondering if you wanted to see step response simulation from the raw measurement or step response simulation after creating filter J
  6. Hi Randl unfortunately I do have a room suck out at that frequency so I-have found not correcting it works /sounds better . I’ll post the step response latter today cheers J
  7. Still for sale that is a surprise I'm not sure how much is the cost of new DD18 but I guessing triple of the asking price. GLWS J
  8. Hi Dave I would like to point out that all correction filters created with AL (software) are taken from measurements taken in sitting position . It is a different procedure from all other software/hardware I have used before but it does work very well. No matter what measurement I get (dips/rolls off suck outs )with different set of speakers using AL software I always use max of 8db boost.
  9. It is early stages yet but if I remember correctly I have started at around 210 Hz and and up down to 150Hz J
  10. I'm getting some feedback in regard's the few graph's I have posted earlier and I have to agree that the measurements looks kind of rough/messy . I like to mentioned that this few graphs are taken with AL software and all measurements are taken from sitting position only. I will do some measurements tomorrow. I will do each driver lets say 1m /0.5m at 1m height to get more reasonable plot to address the drivers. Let me know what you think J
  11. Hello there thanks for your comment appreciated. How does it sounds ? Oh well It does sound pretty good but I do say that to nearly every set of speaker I have made so far so really my comment would be biased I think some people who has had visit me could comment on that question . J
  12. Hi To All I've Finally finished my Apogee project so sending few pictures. Setup active using Audiolense and DAC8pro Speakers 3way Apogee/Purifi 6.5"/PHL15"
  13. If you ever decide to sell things separately I would be interested at you 18 " PHL and perhaps the Horns J
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