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  1. I'm tempted by the X35. Can you please PM me the price?
  2. Happy to report that I am the lucky buyer of this screen and Gary is great to do business with.
  3. PM sent for Fleetwood Mac. Cheers, Andrew
  4. The RXV-3900 also has a user selectable max volume level in the setup menu to prevent the volume from being accidentally turned-up too high.
  5. Have you considered using the case from obsolete or faulty Hi-Fi equipment from eBay. I built my headphone amp into a faulty Nakamichi 480 cassette recorder. Only cost me $20.
  6. Not that I am aware of. Even if you can get round the region code restriction, it's biggest problem is that it is an NTSC only machine. The pioneer 300 disc dvd changer can be made region-free and I've seen it offered on eBay for >AUD1000 before.
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