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  1. 2LOUD2OLD

    Kodi box advice

    Been using it for a while now, mostly for AFL add on, fund Plex also running on Xbox better for media playback though
  2. Sanity has 2 for $40 on UHD movies so even better than JB
  3. Thanks George, but I was offered a new pair for a great price. Now the anxious wait for my new toys
  4. I received my cables from Bill late last year and they are brilliant. Clean is the only way I can describe them. My system has never sounded so good. I haven't managed to put a lot of time on them but have been more than impressed from the get go Thanks Bill
  5. Still confused about the usb Do i first install raspbian on microsd for the pi then need a second micro sd in a usb plugged into the pi which moode will install on then just switch microsd?
  6. 2LOUD2OLD

    Vincent bargain time is here.

    received my replacement CD-400 today thanks to Eastwood and their awesome customer service all works as it should. Could only play for about 30secs as wife wanted the lounge room but sounds pretty good to me so far
  7. 2LOUD2OLD

    Vincent bargain time is here.

    Unfortunately my CD-400 was DOA Eastwood have been great about it and have organised a replacement. Currently waiting at home now for courier to pick up to send it back
  8. 2LOUD2OLD

    Vincent bargain time is here.

    I just pulled the pin and ordered the last cd-400, looking forward to spinning discs again
  9. I managed to get a few blurays in store for Christmas pressies. All marvel movies as they are never this cheap
  10. 2LOUD2OLD

    Vincent bargain time is here.

    Does anyone have any experience with the cd-400? Is in the price range I was considering buying a CD player and is new. Other options I was considering new was Yamaha cds300 or Onkyo c7030 or wait for something second hand
  11. 2LOUD2OLD

    Addicted to Audio - Perth

    Nice, might have to pay a visit next time I am in Perth. Now when do we get A2A in Canberra?
  12. 50% off blurays at bigw online. Not sure if applies in store but some bargains to be had
  13. Item: Monitor Audio Bronze FX surround speakers Price Range: ~$300 Extra Info: only after black colour thanks May also be interested in other bipolar surround speakers but max 30cm width and must be black