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  1. ~Spyne~

    Trigger cable?

    Does it have to be "mono" or would a 3.5mm - 3.5mm stereo do the same job?
  2. ~Spyne~

    Trigger cable?

    Thanks guys. I thought it would be simple, but didn't want to assume.
  3. ~Spyne~

    Trigger cable?

    OK, here's my dumb question for the day....what cable do I use to connect the trigger out > trigger in on my PS Audio set-up (Stellar Gain DAC/Pre > S300 power amp) Is it any 3.5mm cable, or specific connector / wire rating? Cheers
  4. ~Spyne~

    Tv under 2k

    Yes, all of those TVs I suggested are 2017 models now on clearout. You'd be silly to buy a brand new 2018 model TV right now, as there'd be very little discount available. This doesn't indicate at all what specific Samsung you're asking about.
  5. ~Spyne~

    Tv under 2k

    Sony 65X8500E ($1995) or Hisense 65N7 ($1495) if you want 65" without sacrificing good (not great, but very good) picture quality. Samsung 55MU7000, Sony 55X8500E or 55X9000E if you're happy with 55" and want to save a few $hundred from your $2k budget.
  6. ~Spyne~

    Picked up a new TV

    What sort of room is it in - I've read of many buyers who were very disappointed with how reflective the screen is in even mildly bright rooms.
  7. As was mentioned, it doesn't match TDK for overall story telling or character development, but scale and non-stop action it definitely does. I also found the pace of the movie was great. Sure it was balls to the wall, but there wasn't a single moment where I looked at my watch or wondered how long was left to go. Whereas in TDK, I did. I think those involved pulled off one hell of an achievement in bringing together 10 years and 18 movies into this one piece of cinema. It's not a movie you can appreciate unless you've seen (most) of the previous Marvel movies. Thanos was the star, a really well executed villian, one where you can understand and even empathise with his motives Spider(boy)man was also really good in this - the casting of Tom Holland is better than all previous efforts because he (much) more accurately portrays the Peter Parker character - age, enthusiasm, naivety, wit... Thor. Holy sh!tballs, we finally get a proper glimpse at his true power Quill, for me, was mostly annoying/distracting in this. He fits perfectly into the GotG world where, so far, stakes haven't really been too high, but in this movie where EVERYTHING is on the line his character comes across as incredibly immature and unworthy to be involved 14,000,605 Stark's new IM suit was impressive, but more impressive was the attention to detail as his suit would try to adapt as it took damage Can't wait to watch this again and definitely hanging out for part 2 next year
  8. ~Spyne~

    email address not allowed

    You may not be aware/have forgotten, but I would think your internet provider has given you at least one free email address...
  9. ~Spyne~


    End of this month/early May
  10. ~Spyne~

    The latest Cricket Debacle

    Nope, still not worth a life ban. Just look at all the recent incidents of ball tampering - Faf (twice) in recent years (and yet is still captain of SA), Philander before that, Afridi, Broad & Anderson. Not one of them received anything more than a 2 match ban, most of them only receiving match fee penalties. I think it's high time the ICC actually treated ball tampering the same as match fixing, but they haven't and they won't (any time soon). CA however, can do whatever they want and it needs to start with a new leadership group and bans for those directly involved. Smith (if he was involved, though he may be taking the fall for a decision made by others), Warner (I suspect), Bancroft, Boof (if involved)...I'd love to see Sutherland gone too. He's the head of the monster and the culture stems directly from him.
  11. ~Spyne~

    The latest Cricket Debacle

    Thing is, it's not the first time ball tampering has happened - it's (unacceptably) common and the ICC punish it as such, with match fee fines and one or two game bans. Jumping straight to a life ban would be like going from a $300 speeding fine to giving the next person a lifetime driving ban.
  12. ~Spyne~

    The latest Cricket Debacle

    Let's not forget that this goes on all the time. This isn't isolated to Australia. As unacceptable as it is, we've seen deliberate ball tampering before (in recent times) from England, South Africa, India and New Zealand. The ICC need to step up and actually introduce punishments that will deter this sort of behaviour from ever happening, rather than their softly, softly approach.
  13. ~Spyne~

    The latest Cricket Debacle

    Quite a few, guessing by the amount of advertising revenue, athlete salaries, audience attendances, news articles, etc.... But if you don't care, there's nothing wrong with that. Smith has admitted that the tampering was planned. He can't stay captain. He should also be banned, at least from international cricket, for 12 months (whether imposed by the ICC or CA, it doesn't matter which). Bancroft should also be banned for the same amount. Whether he got stuck with the job being the 'junior' guy on the team, irrelevant. He went along with it so must also face severe consequences. If others from the "leadership" group admit/are found to be involved in the decision to cheat, penalties should also apply, though perhaps not bans. It's completely unacceptable to cheat, as a split decision in the heat of the contest, by one person....but for a group of senior team members to discuss and DECIDE to cheat?! Simply no excuse for it. As for the underarm ball - while it's embarrassing and arguably wasn't within the "spirit" of the game of cricket, it was completely within the rules of the game (at the time). I've stolen this from elsewhere, but it's quite a thoughtful post. After looking into it a bit more, ball tampering is, historically, very lightly punished by the ICC. That needs to change, but you can't go from $$ penalties straight into lengthy bans. So here's the post I've stolen; Whether Smith deserves to be "protected" from the English crowd is debatable. Wouldn't hurt to make him face the music from the Poms.
  14. One of the real highlights of the Melb HiFi Show the last two years. Would be a real shame to sell them
  15. ~Spyne~

    GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    Thanks mate. Will drop you a line if I can spare some time, however Sat is a trip to Melb to pick-up a Gain Cell DAC for a week's trial