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  1. ~Spyne~

    The great Mobile phone rip off

    The BYO plans usually provide great value these days, but it comes down to how hard you can push the salesperson. I last upgraded from a Galaxy S6 to my current phone, Galaxy S8, two months after the S8 came out. My S6 contract was up so I just started a chat with the Optus bot, I mean sales rep, and pushed them to upgrade me while keeping my current $60/mth plan. A little to-and-fro but we got there with just a minor increase to $65/mth but a $10/mth discount on my NBN plan. The killer is if you "need" lots of data. I only have 6GB data for my phone plan and have never come remotely close to using it. Looking now, you can get an S8 outright from Hardly Normal for $788 or go on a plan through Optus @ $65/mth (7GB data) or @ $85/mth (25GB data!!).
  2. Yes, a huge shame we get very substandard TCL sets here compared to the 'same' models in the US.
  3. Yep, not a stunner of a TV.Blacks appear greyish and the local dimming is mediocre (better than none, but only just). For that money I'd MUCH rather the Sony X9000F or even Samsung NU8000.
  4. ~Spyne~

    Picked up a new TV

    Did you buy a clearout 2017 EZ950 or a 2018 FZ950? The FZ has a much better anti-reflective coating on the screen.
  5. I really enjoyed it when I did a long demo session at Klapp. Tested against Rotel RA-1592 and Musical Fidelity M6Si. Took the Nova300 home for an extended play but it just wouldn't play nice with my streaming setup so had to go back, unfortunately. Otherwise, a very enjoyable amplifier - I thought.
  6. ~Spyne~

    Classe Sigma 2200i-impressions

    Had it worked with the SBT (which is should have, it just didn't want to connect to mine for some reason), I would have happily bought it ahead of the Rotel and Musical Fidelity.
  7. ~Spyne~

    Classe Sigma 2200i-impressions

    Not well. I had zero luck getting it to reliably connect with my SBT, which is the source for the vast majority of my listening. As such, the Nova300 went back to the shop.
  8. ~Spyne~


    I would normally agree, regarding burn-in should only come from misuse of the TV, however there's just far too many user reports of burn in to ignore. In saying that, I've had a plasma for 7 years and zero sign of any image retention/burn in.
  9. ~Spyne~


    LG does nothing about it. They do not cover burn-in under warranty (in Aus at least) saying that burn-in only comes from misuse. Of course, you could try to fight it through ACL, but that is their official stance so far.
  10. ~Spyne~

    Clean Samsung TV Screen

    It will be related to the anti-reflective coating. As above, follow Samsung's instructions to the letter. These TV screens can differ greatly from common PC/phone/tablet screens.
  11. JB HiFi. Ticket price of $2296, less current 15% off TVs sale. Very few left in stores though, being a clearance 2017 model.
  12. Correct, 2018 Panasonic OLEDs hit stores in July. There have been early reviews of the Euro/US models and they are glowing. Sony-beating motion handling and excellent overall picture quality. Even much-improved reflection handling, which the 2017 Panas did very poorly at (at least, the EZ950 was terrible). It all comes down to budget, you can get an LG B7 55" for $1951 right now (15% off TVs sale). Or wait until November when 2018 models will have their first BIG discount cycle. There's typically a smaller discount cycle around late August, then Nov, boxing day, late Feb and then clearance pricing around April.
  13. ~Spyne~

    Comprehensive image retention over 24wks

    The burn-in can be seen where I've highlighted. It's shown as shadowing that shouldn't be there. The top right is a logo, as is the one towards the bottom left. The one on the middle I can't make out what it was but it's there. It's pretty hard to pick up from downsized photos posted on a forum, but I can see it fairly easily which means it would have been 10x worse in person. The last picture is the hardest to see it, because of all the clouds in the image.
  14. ~Spyne~

    Star Wars: the last Jedi (8th instalment)

    The only hype this movie had (once it was out) was negative. For SW fans, it's appalling what Rian Johnson did with this movie (and for those who signed off on his vision and then execution).
  15. ~Spyne~

    Trigger cable?

    Does it have to be "mono" or would a 3.5mm - 3.5mm stereo do the same job?