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  1. Australian whisky in general is very good. But as mentioned, is also generally very expensive when compared to its Scottish counterparts. Small production, higher overheads and much higher local taxes mean distillers in Oz have to charge a higher price for their product to stay afloat. Hellyers and Starward are the two exceptions due to their larger scale operations and, in Starward's case, investment received from Diego.
  2. As long as it's better than the 2017 12yo! Yuk!! Far and away the worst whisky I've ever tasted, and I usually love me a Laga 10 or 16
  3. Looks like Amazon AU has completely removed it from their site. I was just about to cancel my Amazon US order and re-order through AU....glad I checked the AU site before cancelling!
  4. Was not available on Amazon AU yesterday so pre-ordered from the US. A hair under $76. Seems Amazon AU now has it listed for the same price. Watch JB and Sanity crumble and drop their pricing within the next week or two.
  5. Ardbeg Uigeadail for just $120 at Dans for members. Name a better whiskey for that money and I'll happily tell you you're wrong The Glenfiddich 21yo Rum Cask fro $185 is also a very, very good price...about $80 off other sellers. Some might scoff at the "low" 40% abv, but it's all in the tasting and boy does it taste great.
  6. Dynamat/Roadkill (and the many varieties from other brands) is one of the best things you can do in a car if you want to improve the audio experience. The added advantage is reduced road noise, too. Front doors > roof > boot (if you drive a hatch/wagon) > front footwells & arches > firewall > everything else (eg. floor, rear doors and footwells, etc). Obviously if you do a whole car, that's a lot of added weight, so for a small or sporty car you might only consider the front doors and maybe wheel arches.
  7. Item: Various DVDs (50+, see list below) Location: Ballarat, VIC Price: $2 each or $75 for the lot (plus postage) Item Condition: All have been watched at least once Reason for selling: Either no longer want or have been replaced with BR/4K version Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: All are Region 4/universal unless indicated Titles 12 Monkeys (R1) 28 Days Later A Beautiful Mind Ali (R1) Alien vs Predator Aliens vs Predator 2: Requiem American Beauty Apocalypse Now: Redux (R1) Austin Powers (1, 2, 3) Beautiful Creatures Braveheart (R1) Catch Me If You Can (R1) Chopper Cloudy With Chance of Meatballs (R1) Con Air Dead Poets Society Death to Smoochy District 9 (R1) Enemy of the State Enter the Dragon - 25th Anniversary Special Edition (R1) Face Off (R1) Full Metal Jacket Garden State Inception (R1) Lost in Translation Man on the Moon Minority Report Momento Mulholland Drive (R1) Mystic River (R1) Predator Predator 2 Predators Reality Bites Red v Blue (seasons 1-5 + bonus disc) Requiem for a Dream (R1) Seven (R1) Spiderman (1, 2, 3) Starship Troopers Swordfish (R1) Terminator Salvation (R1) The Insider The Social Network The Thomas Crown Affair (R1) The Usual Suspects (R1) The Village Training Day Trainspotting Transformers Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Twilight Twilight: Eclipse Pictures:
  8. Yep, jump on WP and there's plenty of users who have experienced burn-in on OLED TVs. Admittedly, they're mostly talking about 2016 models...who knows if in 12-24mths there will be the same frequency of burn-in with 2018 models. The posted youtube video makes a good point though - the main advantage of OLED is the pure blacks they can achieve compared to LCDs. However this is only noticeable in a very dark room - most rooms have at least some ambient light which means an OLED and leading LCD will have extremely similar performance in 99% of viewing cases.
  9. Yep, it's been pretty widely reported and discussed. The rtings test is an 'accelerated' real-world usage test. They do refresh cycles per manufacturer recommendations and the TV is turned off for several hours during each 24hr period. Manufacturers say under "normal" usage, there is zero risk of burn in, however the number of posts I've read from seemingly real-world usage customers suggests that burn-in is a real risk. Sure, it's still a low percentage of overall sets out in the wild, but a risk nonetheless. And it seems so far, that LG in particular do not come to the party when a warranty claim is raised.
  10. Bottom price for 55" OLED seems to be about $1700 (give or take $100) based on clearance prices of 2017 models and the most recent large discounts on 2018 models. I think Samsung really priced themselves out of the market with their Q8 and Q9 models, a price drop across the range is a smart move.
  11. Is it an older model (Gen 2) or a current Mighty that you have? I had nothing but problems with my Gen 2, which Optus then replaced with the new Mighty free of charge and our experience since has been faultless.
  12. Hi Rick, I'm not sure i caught the full session as I don't recall hearing anything about the electronics, but I was definitely impressed with the little Studio 2 (black) stand-mount speakers. Unfortunately I didn't get to hear the Studio 1s as I was only at the show for a few hours so had to rush through a few of the rooms. I had not heard of Lucie speakers before, so it was great to see yet another local manufacturer on show. Well done. Despite having to rush through many of the rooms, and completely missing some, I REALLY enjoyed the Dutch & Dutch speakers - incredibly impressive for their size. The short time I had in the Kharma room was also immediately enjoyable. Effortless, nuanced, dynamic at all volumes. Mind-bogglingly expensive. The Hulgich/Holton room, SGR, Osborne, Krix (& Selby) and Sonus Faber rooms were all enjoyable too. Disappointments included the VAF room - not the speakers themselves, but after last year, the room/set up and presentations were a step down in my opinion. The Legend room - only because I found the bass quite boomy when I was there. Obviously the room wasn't ideal and I think the source at the time wasn't exactly A-grade. The Kii speakers didn't do much for me but the worst sound, for me, were the Meridian DSP-5200 speakers. Sounded like someone had put a wet blanket over them whenever they were played. Yet again, a great show organised by @Marc and his team. I would have loved to get more time to wander, listen and chat so will hopefully be able to do so next year.
  13. The above discussion/'issues' were raised at previous shows - it's the nature of the beast. Often brand new equipment on demo, stuffed into small rooms with extremely minimal time to optimise anything - no component 'burn in', rushed room treatments (if any), seating to suit the show/room, not to suit the listening experience, etc... Add the fact that the construction of most hotel rooms is not the same as most houses and you're pretty much guaranteed to end up with a system that barely hints at its real-world potential. It is a great way to SEE new equipment and TALK to the people distributing/selling/manufacturing the gear. And of course, to socialise with other like-minded hifi enthusiasts
  14. While it may not be the first whisky mentioned when people ask for recommendations in the +$70 bracket, I grabbed a few bottles of Bowmore Small Batch last week....some BWS stores were selling them at half price! $39.50 instead of $79.00 My local DMs would only price match for a single bottle, which I grabbed and then went to the few BWS stores around Ballarat looking for stock. Found one with a few on the shelf so grabbed 2 more there. 3 bottles of $80 whisky for just $120
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