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  1. Good Quality Classical CD's?

    You can't pin anything on me with that fuzzy, obviously photoshopped, image....
  2. Good Quality Classical CD's?

    Tucked away up the end with Al, Kunar and Matt
  3. Good Quality Classical CD's?

    Ah well, next time. I was too preoccupied with having a weekend away from the wife and bub!! Oh, and all the burgers I could feast on while in Melbourne Maybe one day I'll get out to another GTG or (wishful thinking) host my own, and we can meet then.
  4. Good Quality Classical CD's?

    Check the Hi-Q label XRCD selection on ElusiveDisc.
  5. Good Quality Classical CD's?

    Do you just have a standard CD player or can you play SACDs too? What about high resolution digital files - ie. 24-bit FLAC or DSD? Do you have a record player? (there would be a horde of SNAers able to recommend 'good' sounding classical vinyl)
  6. Camera recommendations ~$1000

    While the gap is definitely closing year on year, smartphones still aren't on par with dedicated cameras for picture quality. A flagship smartphone with class-leading camera (Samsung S8, iPhone 8, Huawei Mate 10) will set you back $900-$1400, while that same money will get you a very decent camera, some of which have already been mentioned in this thread. The FZ1000 from Panasonic would be at the top of the list for a do-everything camera. Not exactly pocketable though. For that, there's the LX10. Otherwise, the Sony RX100 V is "generations ahead" of its competition for a truly pocketable camera with amazing performance...though at a higher price. UI is the only weak point for the RX100
  7. Reselling ticket sites

    Do a search on viagogo....they are FAR from trustworthy! The Checkout did a whole spot on them and they have been fined, numerous times, by regulatory bodies for bait & switch, misleading customers, not providing useful tickets and dishonouring refund/return legislation.
  8. Melbourne In't Hi Fi show

    Same here, loved the fast, dynamic sound these speakers put out. Cost a fine penny, but certainly sounded nice.
  9. World Cup 2018

    Of course we're unlikely to make it past the round of 16 (if we get that far), however, out of the 210 teams that had to compete to qualify for the Finals, Australia has made it to the final 32. That's an achievement in itself. We're also unlikely to be the only team to get "toasted", as you put it, at the Finals. Morocco, Panama, South Korea, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Nigeria and the hosts Russia are all of similar (or worse) rankings to Australia. Some of those teams we even have favourable result against in recent history (say, the last 5 years). I really enjoyed watching the game last night, thought Rogic's footwork and ball control were fantastic through most of the match, Mooy was great down the wings and the team's ability to maintain control in the closing minutes when things started getting loose/desperate from the Hondurans was good to see. Sure we conceded a goal right at the end, but in similar circumstances in the past we would have conceded 2 or even finished with a 3-3 tie. I like what I see with the current team, but know realistically we'll be mostly very outclassed at the WC Finals.
  10. Melbourne In't Hi Fi show

    In relation to the cd vs digital vs vinyl comments going around. Last year it was nearly impossible to listen to anything other than vinyl. There was a small number of exhibitors that were doing cd/digital, but the VAST majority last year were playing vinyl. And mostly boring stuff at that. This year there was significantly more digital, mostly streaming - I assume because it was much more convenient; easy to find/play songs as requested, no need to transport and store physical media, no chance of theft or damage to said media. Sure, sound quality took a little hit (if you're being ultra picky, ignoring the limitations of most rooms in the first place) but it was more convenient than last year and generally provided a more varied collection of music being played. As with all things, you can't please everyone
  11. Xmas Party GTG Sat. 2nd December at evil Springs

    Alas have one of the family xmas parties that day, in Echuca. Enjoy, people.
  12. Continental vs Michelin vs Goodyear

    What on earth do you run on the Mazda that costs $300 per tyre?!?! The Michelin Pilot Sport 3, which I swear by, is only $220-$240 a corner for an 18"
  13. SONY A1 - OLED

    Agree, like most products at the very top of the price tree, few people actually buy. Flagships are usually an inspiration to buy a company's more affordable offerings. They present the cutting-edge of tech to get people interested for the following iteration of models to come out, where that SOTA tech will trickle down into the more affordable products. Not exactly. The 'top' offering from LG is the W7 @ $10,000 (65"). They then have the G7 @ $7000 and the 'entry' C7 @ $5000. Sony have just the one OLED, the A1 @ $6000. Undercutting the 'midrange' LG offering and marketed as a premium product over the 'entry' LG C7. Panasonic have 2 products, their flagship the EZ1000 @ $7000 and the EZ950 @ $5000. One is targeted to compete with LG's midrange G7, the other to directly compete with the LG C7 at the entry-point of OLED televisions. So really by your logic, LG is the odd one out with a $10,000 unit that is pointless. Again I disagree. Sony are getting killed by having market-leading LCD televisions AND by being late to the OLED game. I'm almost certain that next year they will have more than one OLED model, so they can try to sneak into that bottom price bracket while also having something new to compete in the midrange or flagship segment.
  14. Help with choosing Blu Ray player

    There are limited UHD players available right now. Samsung was one of the first, and they went straight for the budget end of the market (while still having some premium in their initial pricing for being the first product available). Oppo and Panasonic weren't far behind - the Oppo 203 had a whole raft of issues for months after release which I believe have only just recently been fixed (or mostly fixed) with a software update. Like most Oppo products of recent years, they targeted the upper end with their pricing. Panasonic also, initially, went to the upper end with their pricing, with their UB900 unit that from most reports seemed to work much better than the Oppo on initial release. The pricing has often been heavily discounted though, several times dipping around $400. The Panasonic arguably has better picture quality (maybe, if you really want to get down to fine details) while the Oppo arguably has better analogue sound output. Panasonic has also recently released a couple of other UDH players, targeted at lower price points with similarly lower specs/features. Sony and LG also have UDH players out now, though I've not heard a lot about them.
  15. Help with choosing Blu Ray player

    It's hard to tell someone whether an 'upgrade' will be worthwhile, for them. If you don't want to spend a great deal and/or don't think you will need UHD/4K playback in the near future, then I'd recommend a simple $100-$150 box from Sony. Something like the Sony BDP-S3500 for $125 at GoodGuys or Harvey Norman. Had great picture output, the connections you need for your Marantz receiver and it has a decent media streaming function, either ethernet or WiFi connection. If you want to spend a little more and would like the future-proofing of having UHD playback, then the Panasonic UB900 was going for $398 at JB stores very recently with a 20% off sale...maybe try your local if they have any stock. Otherwise, Sony and Samsung both have offerings around the $400-$500 mark.