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  1. Hi Rick, I'm not sure i caught the full session as I don't recall hearing anything about the electronics, but I was definitely impressed with the little Studio 2 (black) stand-mount speakers. Unfortunately I didn't get to hear the Studio 1s as I was only at the show for a few hours so had to rush through a few of the rooms. I had not heard of Lucie speakers before, so it was great to see yet another local manufacturer on show. Well done. Despite having to rush through many of the rooms, and completely missing some, I REALLY enjoyed the Dutch & Dutch speakers - incredibly impressive for their size. The short time I had in the Kharma room was also immediately enjoyable. Effortless, nuanced, dynamic at all volumes. Mind-bogglingly expensive. The Hulgich/Holton room, SGR, Osborne, Krix (& Selby) and Sonus Faber rooms were all enjoyable too. Disappointments included the VAF room - not the speakers themselves, but after last year, the room/set up and presentations were a step down in my opinion. The Legend room - only because I found the bass quite boomy when I was there. Obviously the room wasn't ideal and I think the source at the time wasn't exactly A-grade. The Kii speakers didn't do much for me but the worst sound, for me, were the Meridian DSP-5200 speakers. Sounded like someone had put a wet blanket over them whenever they were played. Yet again, a great show organised by @Marc and his team. I would have loved to get more time to wander, listen and chat so will hopefully be able to do so next year.
  2. The above discussion/'issues' were raised at previous shows - it's the nature of the beast. Often brand new equipment on demo, stuffed into small rooms with extremely minimal time to optimise anything - no component 'burn in', rushed room treatments (if any), seating to suit the show/room, not to suit the listening experience, etc... Add the fact that the construction of most hotel rooms is not the same as most houses and you're pretty much guaranteed to end up with a system that barely hints at its real-world potential. It is a great way to SEE new equipment and TALK to the people distributing/selling/manufacturing the gear. And of course, to socialise with other like-minded hifi enthusiasts
  3. ~Spyne~

    Single malt whisky

    While it may not be the first whisky mentioned when people ask for recommendations in the +$70 bracket, I grabbed a few bottles of Bowmore Small Batch last week....some BWS stores were selling them at half price! $39.50 instead of $79.00 My local DMs would only price match for a single bottle, which I grabbed and then went to the few BWS stores around Ballarat looking for stock. Found one with a few on the shelf so grabbed 2 more there. 3 bottles of $80 whisky for just $120
  4. This is a reply from Oppo Australia (oppodigital.com.au) back in 2015 when I asked... Thanks for getting in touch. Netflix Australia is not supported on the BDP-9x series. This is on account of the software provided by Netflix during the initial integration. Many people have circumvented this issue by using Netflix US over a VPN. The BDP-9x series had Netflix 2.0 installed and Netflix won't allow us to upgrade that to 4.0. As a result the US Netflix, through a VPN, works but not AU services that require 4.0.
  5. Booked See whoever else at the Sat 12pm session.
  6. Quite satisfied. Did a big (for me) upgrade last year, with a new DAC/pre & power amp setup. Could always sound better, but because the whole system also doubles as the primary audio for all TV/movie duties in the main lounge room, there's a limit to how far I can go. I've got some acoustic batts to frame and position that have been sitting in the garage for over a year. One day I'll get around to that. ....Oh, and budget restrictions too, of course
  7. Price has been lowered.
  8. IPS vs VA Just different panel tech. This article from rtings sums up the differences pretty well; https://www.rtings.com/tv/learn/ips-led-vs-va-lcd HDR10 is the base format for carrying picture information. It uses static metadata - sent once at the beginning of the data stream. Every HDR-capable device supports the HDR10 format. DV = Dolby Vision. A new format for carrying information about the picture, from source to display. Similar to how Atmos was the latest evolution of how audio information is carried. It has licensing fees but has wider support from content providers and electronics manufacturers. Couple of articles below. https://www.whathifi.com/advice/dolby-vision-hdr-everything-you-need-to-know https://www.techradar.com/au/news/dolby-vision-is-it-worth-paying-extra-for-the-premium-hdr-format HDR10+ is Samsung's (and Amazon's) competing format to DV. It also uses dynamic metadata and is free but has smaller support from content providers. This is a pretty good article for understanding the basic differences; https://www.cnet.com/news/dolby-vision-hdr10-advanced-hdr-and-hlg-hdr-formats-explained/ Ultimate Extreme processor. Just a processor that Sony uses in their latest flagship TVs. Every smart TV has a processor of some sort, the Sony UE just happens to be one of, if not THE, most powerful one available right now. Smart Hub OS. Every smart TV runs some sort of OS (operating system). Many are based on the Android OS (similar to many mobile phones). Samsung has their own 'Tizen' OS, LG has their WebOS and Panasonic uses My Home Screen 3.0 (which is based on the now-dead Firefox OS).
  9. Just the inconvenience of losing any settings
  10. You could try a factory reset, but that would be a last resort...
  11. 7plus working on my 2 week-old Sony 55X9000F.
  12. eBay generally cover 10% of the discount, with the vendor covering the other 10%. Generally.
  13. At 43" screen size, 4K will only be noticeable (compared to FHD 1080p) if you sit less than about 1.6m from the screen. Regarding resolution/detail, a 4K movie and a 1080p blu-ray will look exactly the same on a 43" screen if you sit more than 2m from the screen (excluding the advantages of HDR and WCG often found on 4K material). https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/by-size/size-to-distance-relationship
  14. At that screen size, anything less than true FHD (1080p) will look garbage, so that means most FTA broadcasts will look pretty bad. Even some FHD content might look poor depending how close you sit to the screen...? All comes down to how you will use the TV and what's important to you. The Samsung 82" NU8000 might be another option to consider. Similar price, but uses a VA panel instead of the IPS panel used in the LG. The Samsung will get brighter, have deeper blacks (which will also make colours 'pop' more) and should have better uniformity. The advantage of the LG is that it should have wider viewing angles so you don't have to sit exactly in front on the screen - colours and black tones will tend to shift on a VA panel TV when you look at it from an angle (as little as 20deg off-centre)
  15. Have you done a channel rescan?