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  1. Hi @Snoopy8, thanks for taking the time to reply. To clarify, it's not actually 'noise' (electrical noise), it's the source audio - if TV, I can still hear the dialogue on 0 volume, or SBT I can still hear the music on 0 volume. Is your answer still relevant for this?
  2. Hey all, been a LONG time since my last visit as I finally put together a 2ch system I was perfectly content with, within the bounds of my family's cost of living. Then, along came my daughter, so there's been zero need or even want to upgrade things. The 2ch system consists primarily of a PS Audio Stella Gain Cell DAC/Pre, Stella S300 power amplifier and Monitor Audio Silver 8 floorstanders. All sources are connected to the DAC/Pre - Fetch box/TV, blu-ray, SBT, and all audio is output through the speakers. The TV's volume is "fixed" and set as "external sound system".
  3. Crazy pricing. If these were VIC, I'd already be on my way to collect.
  4. So what you meant to write was there's actually at least three benefits to FWD vehicles?
  5. OK, here's my dumb question for the day....what cable do I use to connect the trigger out > trigger in on my PS Audio set-up (Stellar Gain DAC/Pre > S300 power amp) Is it any 3.5mm cable, or specific connector / wire rating? Cheers
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