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  1. Item: Yamaha RX-V457 Receiver with manual, remote, FM and AM aerials Location: Launceston, Tasmania - Will post nationwide Item Condition: Very Good - Cosmetically one small scratch on top of faceplate, and few small scratches over chassis. Mechanically works flawlessly. Reason for selling: Upgraded to Denon AVR-2310 Price: $350 O.N.O. + Postage Payment Method: Cash on pickup. Paypal for posted. Extra Info: Originally purchase from Eastwood Hifi back in September 2006. Was a refurbished unit when I bought it but has worked flawlessly over the years I've had it. Was the main amp for my home theatre until I upgraded.
  2. And to make things even more interesting, I've been sent the W8-1772 by mistake. So just to confirm its not the W8-1808, its the W8-1772.
  3. Well, depending on what size speakers you're willing to settle with, could go with either the CSS FR125SR, EL-70 or Mark Audio CHR-70 in small, simple 5-7L bass reflex enclosures and spend a bit on a nice 10-12" sub with a decent amp.
  4. Well Mr. 2sheds, I thought I would never see the day. But it has come, and most impressive. Best of luck with it, just to let you know, its a hard bug to get rid of once it has bitten. The DIY bug that is. Not the vehicle...
  5. Where I've been going wrong all these years Third or thirteenth you mean Rob....?
  6. No worries Rob! Sounds like a plan, I'll work out the shipping and 'handling' fees and I will get them to you
  7. Time aligned with the drivers. That and just playing around with the waveguide/small horn idea at the time. Did do some measurements way back when and did turn out very well in terms of on-axis response.
  8. Good to hear regarding the amp, got the other two fixed (finally), check out the thread in the sponsors section for more. Still got all the crossover components. I shall no doubt clean the speakers up, and strip it out and start again. Should get a few L-pads and have the tweeter and mid adjustable in that regard. Thinking perhaps running the mid (FR125S) just crossed over with the woofer and running it all the way up with the tweeter. Just trying to make it as simple as possible. And had good results on a few other projects by treating both the FR125 and SDX7 cones, so will do that as well. My design, original goal was to build it solid. Minimum wall thickness is 38mm... Overkill probably, and weight close to 30-40kg each. Once I get them up and happy with the sound, probably work on doing plans for a less overkill box if anyone does want to replicate it.
  9. Was cleaning out the garage today, and came across these... Seems to be the only project I am yet to finish, never did get around to finishing the crossover in the end and was stuck in the garage, think more of the case don't have the room for them in here. But thats about to change soon hopefully (once I find a bigger place)! So... That leaves me with a bit of a dilemma, since I would like to get them finished.... Currently no crossover in them at all, was thinking perhaps, going active. And dusted off (they're cobwebs, not scratches on there). Might not be worth it though, any feedback whether that would be a good route to go?
  10. Well, the Nexus is still a good fan in its own right. And $10 off currently is why its cheaper. But for low restriction situations, the S12 is the way to go. I've pretty much been through every brand on there, they being the only two brands that I do trust to have low noise and good airflow.
  11. 120mm Noctua S12 best for noise to airflow ratio with low air restrictions (Ie. Not tight CPU heatsink fins etc). Got 3 going about 40cm from my ear atm, all running 12V and with a muffled exhaust setup and can't hear them at all.
  12. Hello Paul, In regards to quiet fans the like, best look at Noctua and Nexus fans. Both 80, 92 and 120mm sizes all work great. Very quiet/borderline silent fans that do move a bit of air. Nexus http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=9_202&products_id=4561 Used to be 80mm and 92mm sizes too.... Don't seem to stock them anymore. And Noctua http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=9_413 Pretty much what I use these days when I want a silent computer. Bit more expensive than most generic fans, but you do get what you pay for, and that is a great product. Whether run at 12V or usually silent somewhere around ~7-9V but if thats the case, best to check the airflow. And you would need something to control the voltage too if your plugpack doesn't.
  13. I've dealt with him quite a few times in the past. Always quick and carries some great gear. And if there was a problem, always fixed quick smart. So I have no hesitations recommending Stephen at all.
  14. Nice finish you have going there Wixy, wired them up and had a play yet?
  15. Call of Duty 4. Computer game, or console. Or fridge. Or whatever its on these days
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