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  1. Sold pending payment, thanks to those expressing interest and should they be returned I will be in touch.
  2. Long story first...years ago I used Swiss made Symo speaker cable on my Apogee Duetta Signature full range ribbon speakers, as Symo had the reputation at the time of being the perfect cable match for Apogee speakers in particular. I stumbled across someone who was selling their Apogees, and noticed they were selling these speaker cables also. After chatting to the seller about them, he convinced me that these cables were by far superior to the expensive Symo that I had and he was so confident he offered to sell them to me with a money back guarantee. I cant for the life of me remember who the manufacturer was...I vaguely recollect they were bought from a Singapore hi-end shop, but also have a sketchy feeling someone said they may have been made by the late speaker builder Lewis Muratori from Melbourne....but if anyone recognises them and can help identify, then please do! Anyway, I have held on to these for a long time since a relocation of my speakers meant that they unfortunately became too short for my needs. I have been reluctant to ever sell them in the hope that one day a different room/setup might make them usable again, but it's not likely to happen! Buying something "no-name" without reviews or hearing first is always a risk, as there is generally not a great resale value if you don't like them and want to on-sell. I paid a lot more for these, but I have well and truly had my moneys worth and value from them, so will now sell for a fraction of their original cost paid. As it helped me make my original purchase decision to buy them, I will also offer a 14 day money back guarantee to anyone who buys them but finds they don't live up to their expectation. All it will cost you is the postage each way (if you are interstate). Their sound? I find them very detailed, dynamic, musical and with especially great bass (solid/tactile but well defined and tight). What else? They are really stiff but can be bent into shape if and as necessary. All have banana connectors at one end and spades at the other. They have a thick plastic tube type cover around them, with a single cable for right channel and two cables in the left channel (sorry, unsure of the reason for this design, but it definitely seems to work!!). Please see photos for more detail. Prefer to sell both pairs for $180 total plus postage (ideal for a bi-wiring situation) but may consider selling individual pairs for $100 each if multiple single pair buyers express interest in them. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Actually...another suggestion before I sell the NUC and try a Raspberry Pi4 is to install Daphile on my NUC. Any thoughts on that idea, and if recommended to try, can I have some Ubuntu help on how to do this (is it pretty straightforward?)
  4. Further information: For sale is an Intel NUC Celeron (DCCP847DYE) mini computer, with 4Gb ram and a 60Gb SDD hard drive. Comes with Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS operating system installed (Linux) Works great, can post at buyers expense (would be approx $15 within Australia) Everything in the photos is included - the NUC, plus power cord and mounting plate that came with it. All you need is a keyboard, mouse and monitor (connected by HDMI cable) and you are good to go! Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Ahh, thanks for explaining that! Right then, I think its time to move the NUC on (its only an older Celeron version anyway) and buy a Raspberry Pi 4 to link into my existing dac. Cheers!
  6. I use this below to connect from the USB on my Powermac pc to my Meridian 518 digital processor, via RCA input into the Meridian 518 (which then outputs digital signal into a seperate dac): https://www.halidedesign.com/bridge/ So would that mean I wouldnt need to buy a "DAC hat" such as Allo Boss? ie. Can I just use my Halide Bridge spdif converter to connect to Meridian then existing dac? Or is a "DAC hat" something that is an essential component to use the Rasberry Pi for audio?
  7. Is this the thing to buy? Is it just plug and play like it is, or does it need any additional parts, cables, etc (aside from loading Volumio onto it - incidentally, how do you load things onto it? Just connect via usb to a PC as an external device, or...?) Would this one be able to hooked up via my Halide Bridge usb/spdif connector into my hifi system dac? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/doolandella/other-electronics-computers/-2-raspberry-pi-3-model-b/1244131398
  8. Ha, dont worry I have been Googling plenty!! In my earlier post I described that I had followed all the steps (a different website) to do this - both in Terminal plus also in the GUI settings using administrator - but every boot up ends up still asking for a password (as per my post/screenshots on previous page...)
  9. I hear what you are saying - it almost convinced me to finish the journey...but then I remembered I was still stuck at being unable to achieve a password-free boot up of Ubuntu!! That seemed to be a very basic task, but its just all those little simple things that wore me down. By the way, if a NUC is not a great platform for audiophile sound (yet my 15 year old G5 powermac with 1gb ram sounds great streaming 128k AAC radio), then what else would you suggest (without spending much $ as my NUC wasn't very expensive) I only want something to (a) sound as good as my G5 powermac and (b) also be able to stream Tidal and Spotify (which the G5 powermac wont do due to ancient OS)
  10. Yeah, I felt I was getting close but it would still take an Ubuntu novice like me a fair bit of time and trial/error to build a kernel (and get it right first time?!) plus then I have to address the WPA supplicant thingy... But the main reason I have decided to go back to Windows is even once I get the Ubuntu remote control issue sorted, I then have to deal with learning how to optimise the sound quality, because at the moment it doesnt sound as good as my 15 year old Powermac streaming (which doesnt seem right). I looked at ALSA settings but there is not much info or settings there to change - the Up/Down volume keys/settings wont even work! Then, I also found advice online to add Pulseaudio to improve sound and do some terminal commands to enhance this, but then read somewhere else that Pulseaudio is not great for audio quality...so I can just sense further frustration and lost hours ahead!! I acknowledge its probably no where near as complicated as I make it sound, but for a newbie it is!
  11. I don't think I am up for more any more lost hours trying to get this working...am missing out on valuable listening time! So...how about a different approach! Is it EASY (read: Simple) to remove Ubuntu from my NUC and then just install Windows 10 (as I am far more familiar/comfortable with Windows!) And if so, is there an Ubuntu command for terminal that will format everything including the Ubuntu? I feel like a quitter and hope I havent wasted too much of your time!!
  12. I heard back from the Snakeoil Site administrator below - So this sounds like the only way is to build a custom kernel? I tried to find some info on the WPA Supplicant setup but it looks like it might be a bit daunting for a newbie like me! Apologies for the late response. Wifi support will come eventually. Until then, it'll be manual Do you know how to setup WPA Supplicant from the commandline?
  13. Ok, let's start with No. 1 - Auto-login settings: I followed this guys steps to stop password login: https://vitux.com/how-to-enable-disable-automatic-login-in-ubuntu-18-04-lts/ So I get the terminal screen below (which looks ok), but when I do the second part of his instructions through the GUI, and change the autologin button to ON, whenever I reboot the system it stills asks for a password, and the GUI setting always reverts back to autologin = NO Why wont the GUI automatic login setting stay changed, any solutions/suggestions?
  14. So now I need some answers on my remaining issues... 1. My NUC has a password at startup - can you tell me how I can stop the requirement for this (otherwise I cant get VNC access when the NUC is powered on without hooking up a screen/keyboard/mouse to the NUC 2. How can I make the vncserver startup automatically whenever the NUC is powered on? 3. Can I remotely power off the NUC using VNC from my Windows machine? 4. If not, do I just turn the NUC off at the power button each time? 5. Should I remove Pulseaudio from the NUC in order to get better sound just through ALSA? 6. Any other suggestions on how to set up best sound quality settings appreciated!! Cheers!
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