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  1. The best thing is they actually work! The local seller kindly let me try them for a week and it was a definite improvement...better depth and soundstage, not night and day but enough that I had to keep them
  2. They are Furatech diffusers, quite expensive with their silk covers, etc. but I was lucky to pick them up in the Classifieds on SNA
  3. Great discussion! I had some doubt that the adhesive strips would work with the foam viscoustics so ended up putting a couple of brackets on the wall so the diffusers just rest on top of flat lengths of wood (raised for a bit of extra height). More permanent than adhesive but I will check in on this thread again down the track to see the long term success of adhesive strips as they sound much simpler!
  4. OMG! I didnt realise you had 212 tubes also, they are massive! And I thought 845 tubes were on the large side...!
  5. Do you still have your big Line Magnetic amps Stump? From memory they had 845 tubes? Wonder how they might compare against the monsters above...different tubes and big $$$ difference too!
  6. Can only imagine how those massive tubes must sound...drool!!
  7. Bugger, wish I found that place when I was there earlier this year on a short stopover...only place I found had some KEF Muon flagship speakers for $300k!
  8. Thanks all for the reviews and clips. Am still getting over his Adelaide cancellation so am envious of you all - hopefully his orchestrated tour is successful enough to warrant a repeat Oz visit one day (and next time I will be heading straight to Melbourne or Sydney so I dont miss out!!)
  9. Well, for your sake I hope it's absolutely brilliant! If it is, I will try and avoid hearing about it as I am still getting over the disappointment of his Adelaide show being cancelled....
  10. Lloyd Cole is touring in December, will play Festival Centre in Adelaide...have my tickets already for this one! Listen to the "Rattlesnakes" album if you are unfamiliar with his work.
  11. Am so pleased to hear that this legendary band will tour Oz in May next year! Will be playing at The Gov in Adelaide, have been waiting so long to see them I might do so in Melbourne as well 😛
  12. Does the power cable for mains power into the actual unit connect at the front panel? It appears so but I just want to check please.
  13. Thanks Ryan, is probably be a bit late then but will keep it in mind...
  14. Just putting it out there if any member with a largeish vehicle (to fit 2 x 50kg each speakers in, height about 125cm and 46 wide EACH) might be driving over to Adelaide in the forseeable future and would have room to transport them. Happy to assist with fuel cost!
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