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  1. This is a complete longshot I know, but I have spotted a pair of speakers in North Sydney that I am interested in..... if only I were local! However the only way remotely possible would be to find a local/longstanding SNA'er who could possibly check that they actually work ok and then assist me with purchase (as the SNA seller's english is not very good and he has not posted much on here) Unfortunately they are largeish (4 feet tall and 18" deep) plus weigh 50kg each, so would not fit in most vehicles! Anyway, I really dont expect it to happen but just on a whim thought no harm in putting it out there! 🙂
  2. Item: Marantz CD85 classic audiophile cd player made in Japan Location: Adelaide Price: $475 Item Condition: Very good cosmetically, perfect operationally Reason for selling: Surplus to requirements/Too good to be sitting around unused Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a real classic player, highly regarded in audio circles. It has the famous Philips TDA-1541A S1 Single Crown dac chip plus the Philips CDM1 MKII transport, regarded as one of the best ever and most reliable transports made. A real workhorse of a player/transport, great musicality and bass are a highlight. There are a couple of blemishes on the beautiful wooden side panels, but other than this the unit is in great condition and plays perfectly. An aftermarket remote control (Logitech Harmony 300) will be supplied with the player. Excuse the average quality phone photos! Pictures:
  3. OK, will let them go for only $60 as these are too good to be laying around unused!
  4. Item: Sennheiser HD202 wired dynamic headphones (3m cable) Location: Adelaide Price: $35 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Not used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: General Description The HD 202 closed, dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones are the ideal partner for DJs and powerful modern music, providing good insulation against ambient noise and a vivid, crisp bass response. The rugged lightweight headphones have a secure fit and can be used for both mobile sources and home (mini) hi-fi systems. When out and about, a convenient cord take-up lets you adjust the headphone cable to the required length. Please note that models HD202 and HD202 MK11 are the same headphones and only the packaging differs. Features Closed, supra-aural, dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones For DJs, ideal for both mobile sources and home mini hi-fi systems Good attenuation of ambient noise Earcups can be removed from the headband Specially designed damping perforation ensures powerful bass response Lightweight diaphragm material with “turbine” embossing for extremely low bass Powerful neodymium magnets and lightweight diaphragms for high sound levels Powerful bass and increased signal levels for modern rhythm-driven music Clips to the belt: cord take-up for adjusting the cable length when listening on the move Rugged outdoor design with durable and flexible headband 3 m highly conductive OFC copper cable Extremely comfortable to wear due to ultra-lightweight design, even for extended listening Replaceable leatherette ear pads Pictures:
  5. Item: Beats Solo 2 wired headphones Location: Adelaide Price: $80 PRICE REDUCED TO $70 Will accept $60 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Barely used so just moving them on Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Includes original box and accessories as pictured. Local pickup welcome, estimate might cost around $15 or so to post but can check and confirm exact if interested. Pictures:
  6. Count me in as a big Gang of Four fan, very happy to see their recently postponed concert for Adelaide (was meant to be on while I was holidaying overseas...and I was so disappointed to be away for this) has now been rescheduled for November this year which now means I can see them!!
  7. Playing Adelaide too, looking forward to an orchestrated Joy Division set!
  8. x2..if only in Adelaide! I heard the Three Blind Mice Midnight Sugar jazz cd on these 20 odd years ago and the "you are there" realism from the bass is something I dont think I have ever quite heard since! Absolute bargain indeed!!
  9. Have seen and heard these, the Ascension subs are the real deal! Transmission line design which makes them very musical and easy to integrate. Add in the DSP amps and you have an awesome combination, the DSP allows endless fine tuning - you can remove the low bass from your main speakers so the main amp and speakers dont work as hard, leaving it to the big Ascensions. An absolute bargain for those who know what low bass from stereo subs can achieve in a quality system...more ambiance and "thereness" and definitely no doof doof with these beauties! GLWS
  10. They are 60cm x 60cm square, and approx 150mm deep. They weigh about 1-1.5kg so can be stacked or placed on a cupboard/shelf if you cant glue or hang them from a wall.. Here is a recent review on them: http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/vicoustic-multifuser-dc2-room-treatment-panels/
  11. Thanks for heads up, but just rang them and they are all gone! So...still on the lookout for an Adelaideite who would like to buy 4 new panels of these!!
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