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  1. Here's my listening buddy sorta enjoying Tool Fear Inoculum. I think he he might be saying "turn it down you idiot"
  2. oh, i remember these. We would save them for recording our absolute favorite albums. Thanks for the memory.
  3. Room looks great. How much an improvement has the treatment made?
  4. Nothing personal to other posters, but i wouldn't bother with other amps, that's not the issue. Also stand mount speakers and sub not gonna do it. The Souls 2x5.5" woofers is also not gonna cut it. Smaller drivers is not the answer. Your room is a decent size so i wouldn't worry about speakers being to big. (no such thing! 🙂 Not sure of your budget, but from the suggestions so far i would agree on a budget Cerwin Vega with a sub or two would work, also Klipsch Cornwall or Forte if budget is lower. JBL is another good choice the 4367 is a great speaker, newer and better technology compared with the S3900, the 4367 with a sub or two would be a great choice. The Krix that Satanica recommended will definitely ROCK (maybe a little brash???) haven't heard them. Regards fellow TOOL fan.
  5. "much less tonally dense" what does this mean? Are you saying your MHDT Labs Balanced Pagoda sounds less clean, warmer or veiled?
  6. that's exactly right. It's a single driver speaker in a shiny black box sitting on top of a sub woofer. "OOPS" i mean "a woofer extension system with Ripol speaker design philosophy and proprietary Acoustic Stealth Technology" Which they then claim moves almost zero air??? Huh, and the clincher "extremely fast woofers" (Acoustic engineers joke for whats a fast woofer= a tweeter!) 🙂 Who writes this stuff?
  7. If sale falls through i would like to go seconds on this one. Regards Rob.
  8. I recently dealt with AV gallery for an Esoteric repair. They where excellent, quick turnaround (24 hours) and very reasonably priced.
  9. If you want super hot it's best to grow them yourself. Here are some chocolate bhutlah and Trinidad scorpions i grew last year. Also grew Carolina Reaper at work under lights. All where ridiculously hot.
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