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  1. how are you finding once raised with sharper toe-in? You may find they will image much better placed closer together. I know Westminsters do.
  2. Room looks fantastic Marc, love the new(?) JBL’s.
  3. I would have to say they do. Of course it comes down to personal preferences. For me they slightly change the overall tonal balance from warm and full to slightly more clean, clear and crisp. There is a noticeable increase to "air" and surprisingly a significant improvement with bass. Kick drums, slap and pluck of bass strings etc have more "SNAP" to their leading edge. Making the music sound more realistic and closer to what I hear live.
  4. Hi mate, I've owned many over the years. Including Nagra, Cary, Mcintosh, KR Audio, Manley, EAR etc. Decided to get of the merry go round and have been using an Accuphase E-450 for the past 10 years. I also use 2x18" active subs and Tannoy super tweeters.
  5. Playing Black Sabbath at 110 DB today. Not sure the church would approve.
  6. Here's my listening buddy sorta enjoying Tool Fear Inoculum. I think he he might be saying "turn it down you idiot"
  7. oh, i remember these. We would save them for recording our absolute favorite albums. Thanks for the memory.
  8. Room looks great. How much an improvement has the treatment made?
  9. Nothing personal to other posters, but i wouldn't bother with other amps, that's not the issue. Also stand mount speakers and sub not gonna do it. The Souls 2x5.5" woofers is also not gonna cut it. Smaller drivers is not the answer. Your room is a decent size so i wouldn't worry about speakers being to big. (no such thing! 🙂 Not sure of your budget, but from the suggestions so far i would agree on a budget Cerwin Vega with a sub or two would work, also Klipsch Cornwall or Forte if budget is lower. JBL is another good choice the 4367 is a great speaker, newer and better technology compared with the S3900, the 4367 with a sub or two would be a great choice. The Krix that Satanica recommended will definitely ROCK (maybe a little brash???) haven't heard them. Regards fellow TOOL fan.
  10. "much less tonally dense" what does this mean? Are you saying your MHDT Labs Balanced Pagoda sounds less clean, warmer or veiled?
  11. Nice pick up. Amp may be withdrawn for sale soon. 🙂
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