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  1. As a newbie to computer audio i had a couple of questions. I have always been into headphones and as such have have a nice collection of cans and headphone amps. Recently dipping my toe into computer audio. I have subscribed to Tidal Hi-Fi quality and have running on desktop, iphone and ipad going into a Topping D90 DAC and or Stax SRM D-50 DAC. then into headphone amp or direct to Accuphase intergrated via balanced XLR. From a sound quality perspective is there any reason to subscribe to Roon or Audivarna? While i know Roon has some interesting features and i may
  2. Very sad to hear this. Spent many hours talking with Nik over the years, a very generous soul. As a young audiophile in my late teens and early twenties he was one of the few store owners who never looked down at me and had all time in the world to talk music and audio. Many years later (2000) i purchased a pair of Tannoy Westminsters from him and he allowed me to pay them off over a period of time. One time in the shop i was checking out a pair of Quad ESL 63 he had just finished restoring and he asked me if I'd ever heard them, nope i replied, so Nik insisted on me loaning them f
  3. Thanks for posting this, I'm happy to see On The Beach in the top 5. It's quite probably the most played album in my collection.
  4. For studio albums my picks would be Blueprint. Tattoo. Rory was an amazing live performer so.. Irish Tour 74. Live! In Europe.
  5. Buckethead. Revenge of the double man. Starts 1:35. Funky, bluesy and rock.
  6. Classic, still one of the best live bands I've see. Price of Wales St Kilda 1997. 🙂
  7. Find it difficult to watch this without feeling emotional. What a song writer!
  8. Gees, where to start. Obviously there are all the usual suspects, Hendrix, Clapton,Page, Beck, BB King, SRV,Green etc etc.. I'll start with a few maybe less known. Ween Johnny on the spot live. starts 1:12 Frank Zappa Dirt love, short and sweet. Tom Waits make it rain featuring Judah Bauer (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) Beautiful tone and control.
  9. how are you finding once raised with sharper toe-in? You may find they will image much better placed closer together. I know Westminsters do.
  10. Room looks fantastic Marc, love the new(?) JBL’s.
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