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  1. I have this pressing and it sounds very good. I have an earlier pressing on 33 which sound slightly more dynamic. I quite often find these "Audiophile" pressing tend to sound a little soft/warm, luckily it's not the case with this one.
  2. I recently purchased an album from them that i really wanted and couldn't find anywhere else. ( Jimi Hendrix Axis Blood As Love. UHQR) Like you was unable to see shipping cost until the bill was generated. Shipping for ONE LP was $141.00 Au dollars. Ridiculous!
  3. Accuphase E-450 and Accuphase C-27 Phono Pre, (for 10 years now) With regards to doing the job just as well that is slightly harder to answer as some of the tube combos had certain aspects i liked but i would have to say yes. I certainly don't think about changing amps like i used to. To be honest it has allowed me to focus on other ways of improving the sound, like measuring the space, adding room treatment and integrating an active bass system. I firmly believe this has a far greater effect on sound quality compared with changing amplifiers and fussing with cables and tweaks etc.
  4. I have gone from tubes back to solid state. Luckily i have fairly easy to drive speakers so i was able to try many tube amps. Also use active bass system so don't need huge amounts of power. Over the past 20 or so years Ive had many tube amps in my system including Nagra VPA, Cary 805, Mcintosh MC2102, Ear 890, Vacuum State DPA 300, KR audio Kronzilla etc and found for my taste i preferred the amps that had the least sonic impact on the sound. The tube amps i almost always preferred started to sound closer to solid state if you there is such a sound. 🙂 Due to certain circumstances (having kids) i wanted to simplify my system and ended up with a solid state integrated and have kind of forgotten about tubes (almost).
  5. Another metal head!
  6. And another one, sounds like two people playing!
  7. So sad. He was a unique man and an amazingly gifted pianist. RIP Mac.
  8. Absolute" Ball Tearing" live version of Cold night for alligators.
  9. Another vote for Donny Hathaway Live.
  10. Hi mate, its actually not really a cruiser as such, more of an all rounder. In the photo i have the bike set up with Super Moto tyres as i am mostly just riding around tracks with my kids these days. The frame and fork allow for fat wheels and tyres if only off roading, which i sometimes run. I rode downhill 7"+ dual suspension bikes when i was younger and find this bike very comfortable for all kinds of riding
  11. And without the disclosure of midrange distortion. If these are the same pair, Not cool!
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