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  1. And another one, sounds like two people playing!
  2. So sad. He was a unique man and an amazingly gifted pianist. RIP Mac.
  3. Absolute" Ball Tearing" live version of Cold night for alligators.
  4. Another vote for Donny Hathaway Live.
  5. Hi mate, its actually not really a cruiser as such, more of an all rounder. In the photo i have the bike set up with Super Moto tyres as i am mostly just riding around tracks with my kids these days. The frame and fork allow for fat wheels and tyres if only off roading, which i sometimes run. I rode downhill 7"+ dual suspension bikes when i was younger and find this bike very comfortable for all kinds of riding
  6. And without the disclosure of midrange distortion. If these are the same pair, Not cool!
  7. Love the Ti Stanton wasabijim, with Bos forks too! I'll bet she's heaps of fun to ride. Here's my Ti rigid.
  8. I have also just gone with aussiebroadband, very happy with the service so far!.
  9. Brings back great memories, i remember playing river raid, winter games, boulderdash and montezumas revenge. Maybe pitfall, or was that on the Atari?
  10. Charlie was the only reason I still visited Audio Asylum. Always enjoyed his posts and honesty, about many things not just related to audio. He wasn't afraid to give some enlightening insight into the audio industry.
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