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  1. "much less tonally dense" what does this mean? Are you saying your MHDT Labs Balanced Pagoda sounds less clean, warmer or veiled?
  2. Nice pick up. Amp may be withdrawn for sale soon. 🙂
  3. that's exactly right. It's a single driver speaker in a shiny black box sitting on top of a sub woofer. "OOPS" i mean "a woofer extension system with Ripol speaker design philosophy and proprietary Acoustic Stealth Technology" Which they then claim moves almost zero air??? Huh, and the clincher "extremely fast woofers" (Acoustic engineers joke for whats a fast woofer= a tweeter!) 🙂 Who writes this stuff?
  4. If sale falls through i would like to go seconds on this one. Regards Rob.
  5. I recently dealt with AV gallery for an Esoteric repair. They where excellent, quick turnaround (24 hours) and very reasonably priced.
  6. always loved the original Duo in red.
  7. If you want super hot it's best to grow them yourself. Here are some chocolate bhutlah and Trinidad scorpions i grew last year. Also grew Carolina Reaper at work under lights. All where ridiculously hot.
  8. I'd love to hear one in my own system. Along with matching power amp and dac. I have the feeling the combination would sound really good.
  9. I see you live in Melbourne and the owner in NSW, Wondering where speakers are located? Also what model Uno, series 1 or 2. How old are these particular models? Thanks in advance.
  10. Generally I'm pretty happy with my Tannoy based system. I understand all designs are a matter of compromises although what they do well with an active bass solution suits my preferences. I would like to hear a full on front loaded horn system like the one posted above, or Rommy the Cat's speakers. Also the JBL M2, the Everest DD 6700 always interested me though i thought they sounded pretty horrible at the show a couple of years back.
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