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  1. The Blu-Ray "Hans Zimmer Live in Prague" is out and IMHO is one of the best for Picture and Sound. It was recorded in Prague only a few days after the Melbourne concert and has the same set list AFAIK.
  2. Item: Sony KVHR36M31 High Definition TV Location: Melbourne, North West suburbs Price: Free Item Condition: AFAIK works Reason for selling: No longer needed and need the room Payment Method: Pickup Only Extra Info: Time to finally make room in my garage and unload my KVHR36M31. This was purchased new from JB HiFi in East Keilor on 12-Jan-2004. Last used in 2009 (was replaced with a plasma but just could not bring myself to part with it back then.) Unfortunately this is pickup only. At 88kg it will need a hatchback and two people at a minimum. As stated - this is free, comes with manual and remote. Currently sitting on a Lovan stand - this is not included.
  3. Within Temptation - Black Symphony. This is quite good - picture and sound are right up there. http://www.amazon.de/Within-Temptation-Black-Symphony-Blu-ray/dp/B001CTUI8M/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1272803333&sr=8-2 Haven't been able to find the blu-ray anywhere but Amazon in Germany though.
  4. Heard there were ugly scenes at local Aldi and security intervened when one customer tried to buy 5 of the store's allocation of 20.
  5. I wouldnt buy something with Lacie's name on it after having the power supplies of both my 500Gb disks fail. Then finding out its a common problem worldwide. Google "lacie power supply failure" to see what I mean. I notice that Officeworks no longer carry them - probably due to the number of warranty claims.
  6. I think Osborn use Focal Drivers (the T16 Sub does).
  7. I had exactly the same message. I eventually got things working again and then connected a USB hard disk and backed up everything I could. Things went fine for a month then I got the dreaded message saying C:\Windows\system32\config was corrupt. Basically, what I think had happened was that the hard disk was starting to fail when I had the earlier problem. Eventually the number of "bad" sectors on the disk became too many and in too many important files for the system to work. It could have been worse - as it was I lost 1 month's work and not years. Lesson learned - I now use a external USB disk that constantly synchronises so that next time it wont be quite so painful. This was just my experience - yours might be unrelated. Paul
  8. Selling my VT Berlina. All the details are at : http://www.carsales.com.au/used-cars/private/HOLDEN/COMMODORE/details.aspx?__sid=10F4FBF57042&Cr=12&__Ns=pCar_Price_Decimal%7C0%7C%7CpCar_PrivateSpecialFlag_Int32%7C1%7C%7CpCar_ImageCount_Int32%7C1&State=Victoria&distance=25&silo=1003&seot=0&__Nne=20&Model=COMMODORE&R=5758692&__N=4294965857%2082%204294965745%204294933192+834+285+257&trecs=34&Make=HOLDEN&state_id=82&sort_type=2 I'm in Airport West, Victoria (not far from Tullamarine Airport). $7900 with RWC and 2 weeks rego. $8400 with RWC and 12 months rego. regards, Paul
  9. Series 3 of Battlestar Galactica finished airing in the States some months ago. And recently finished airing in the UK. There has been no sign of when this will be aired by Channel Big Brother here in Aus. Just started watching it last night. Much darker than the previous series. Bloody good though.
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