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  1. Had to do it by nefarious means unfortunately.
  2. Watched an English TV movie from 1984 called Threads. Small budget, rudimentary special effects but hugely powerful and very frightening. It concerns the effects of a nuclear attack on the city of Sheffield. A stunning achievement. Very bleak and sobering. This is a masterpiece.
  3. unclemack

    Brag Board??

    Lucky you! Had a pair of Klipschorns many years ago, wonderful things.
  4. unclemack

    SOLD: FS: Audio Technica AT33SA

    Is one favoured over the other or are they just “different”?
  5. unclemack

    SOLD: FS: Audio Technica AT33SA

    Slight difference. I mentioned the 33 PTG. Not sure what difference there is between that and this SA. Cheers. M
  6. unclemack

    Soundtracks: Currently Spinning

    Nice. 3cd? That’s a lot of music.
  7. unclemack

    Soundtracks: Currently Spinning

    This where I got my LaLa Land and Star Trek “The motion picture” soundtracks from. Ok pricing and very good records, especially the Star Trek, what a ripper.
  8. unclemack

    Netflix currently watching

    I couldn’t choose what to watch one night last week so for something different I started Redeemed & Dominant, a feature length documentary of the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games. Well, let me just say that I was transfixed. I knew very little about CrossFit but came away from this with a huge admiration for these ultra-fit athletes. What an amazing group of people. I hate watching sport with a passion but this stuff I could watch all day. A really well made film that traces the journeys of several of the top contenders. Riveting. If you decide to give it a go, then watch Fittest on Earth as this is based around the 2016 games, the storyline will then be more linear and make more sense. Recommended.
  9. unclemack

    FS: LENARD AUDIO Opal Class System

    Having heard a much smaller pair of active Lenard’s I can only imagine how good these things are. A rare opportunity for one lucky buyer.
  10. unclemack

    Rega Planar 8

    I’m ok with that. There are plenty of TTs just as good or better. [emoji1591]
  11. unclemack

    It’s time.

    And something I didn’t know: Bernie Grundman was involved with the mastering. Little wonder it sounds so good. Not taking anything away from James Guthrie you understand.
  12. unclemack

    Rega Planar 8

    Yeah mate. Give me an old style heavy big wooden plinth every time.
  13. unclemack

    Rega Planar 8

    Probably a great TT but couldn’t live with the look of the thing. Quite boring in its design, aesthetically speaking.