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  1. The tempo seems fine, not slow at all. I find the very last piece after the chorale is usually too fast. It is a bit fast for my liking in this but other wise it’s excellent. I was enjoying a few bevies whilst listening so I’ll have to play it again and give it a more critical listen.
  2. Still on my Furtwangler obsession. This time, the mighty 9th. Waiting with anticipation for the Chorale. 1955. Mono. Remastered from the original tapes. Superb.
  3. I’ve gotten around to listening to this finally. Only the first two discs Beethoven’s 6th (1947) and 5th. Sadly the records are warped but only reasonably gently. Still considering a return for a replacement but they play beautifully. The blurb says that the dynamics have not been altered and so warn than some noise may be present in the quieter passages. Well, the dynamics on what I’ve heard so far are very impressive. This mono recording is so immediate and live sounding it’s amazing. Very much sounds like a recording of the era but in a faithful and exciting way. The kettle drums have so much slam and presence. This is all mono and that’s a first for me. As far as the performance is concerned, we’ll, I’m no expert in this area but I like the way his 6th Starts off so slowly and gently. But when it’s gets moving, the pace and power steps up impressively. I’ll spend a lot of time getting through these 14 LPs but so far, I’m glad I took the plunge. I’d never heard of Furtwangler until Keith W made mention of him is regard to his 9th. So, thanks Keith. I’m enjoying getting to know this bloke. Cheers, M
  4. I bought a pair of Klipschorns when I was 18. I had To choose between getting a car and getting these. I opted for the speakers. They were $2000 in 1976. I did get a car as well thanks to dad, a 1964 Valiant AP-5. $600. As a 17 year old, hearing these changed my life and set me on a HiFi journey that continues to this day. Wonderful things the K Horns.
  5. Well with my 20% discount thanks to RSD, I’ve finally got this mighty box home. Can’t wait to listen. 14 LPs. Recordings made between 1947-1954. Original Dynamics preserved!
  6. Hi guys, As usual, record store day means discounts at lots of venues so just a heads up that JB are doing the 20% off thing. One day only, instore and online. Happy buying Cheers, M
  7. Just started Tin Star last night. Enjoyed the 1st ep. Tim Roth is usually pretty reliable. M
  8. As is my wont, I picked up an interesting pair of speakers the other day. Seduced by the 16" bass unit I had to have a listen to these. 6 speaker, 5 ways stuffed into a rather small but reasonably well made box. the FR states 25 to 22k hz. After a quick listen yesterday i'd call these specs "hopeful". For such a massive cone, the bass output is pretty disappointing. The surrounds seem fairly stiff (due more to design than age I'd suspect) and that small, sealed box probably don't help things. The crossover looks quite substantial but then there are 6 speakers to deal with. Does anyone have any experience with these things? Any ideas how I could get the bottom end improved? These were cheap so Im not expecting anything marvellous but they sound reasonable but that bass has me scratching my head. Cheers M
  9. Haven’t exactly bought it yet but my order for it turned up at work today. Quite expensive but it looks the goods. https://www.musicdirect.com/vinyl/wilhelm-furtwangler-edition-wilhelm-furtwangler-berliner-philharmoniker-vinyl-14lp-box-set
  10. There’s a Luxman PD 350 that the owner is looking to sell, on the forum. A beautifully engineered ( by Micro Seiki ) turntable with looks to match. Should fit your budget. Very heavy, very good.
  11. That’s terrible news. They were always worth visiting for their excellent range of new vinyl. The new owners are clearly not up to the task. Very sad.
  12. Ahhh. The lovely 350. Worth a fair bit. I’ve had one but it had speed issues that could never be resolved. Long gone now but I still love this monster.
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