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  1. unclemack

    JBL 4435 crossover update

    Was this at Aranmar?
  2. Wonderful room and setup. I’d probably go for a bigger, cinema wide screen in a room of that scale. Quite jealous of the space you have there.
  3. unclemack

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Some kvlt right here.
  4. unclemack

    Infinity Kappa 9 PRICE DROP

    Thanks Mikah. I’ll be in touch.
  5. Picked this up yesterday and had a quick listen. Interseting stuff. Nicely recorded too.
  6. unclemack

    Classical currently spinning thread

    The Jonny Greenwood piece is interesting but I’ve on,y listened once. The Mozart is a live recording and sounds great. First classical Aus vinyl for 20 years or something. Another good score for RSD.
  7. unclemack

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Picked this up at work today. 20% off a massively discounted price. Pretty good for $80. Nice box set.
  8. unclemack

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Always a great listen.
  9. unclemack

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    That’s great.
  10. Tool phhht. The new Yob lp is due soon. All else will pale in its light.
  11. unclemack

    SW Vic GTG

    When? Gotta hear these Pioneer speakers. [emoji23]
  12. Awesome. You must be getting excited. M
  13. unclemack

    Not really a GTG but...

    Cheap Trick.
  14. unclemack

    Lenard Opal Speakers

    Now that I’ve experienced Lenard speakers, I’d highly recommend anyone to go have a listen. Amazing speakers.
  15. unclemack

    TechDAS AF2 Premium or Sperling L-1?

    Really? I think it’s Awful. I’d buy the Tech das on looks alone even though I don’t think it’s very pretty either. I’d reckon sonically it’d be academic at this price level