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  1. Heads up. 20% off vinyl and CDs tomorrow, Wed 3rd June. Both in store and online. Go get ‘em!! cheers M
  2. Don’t suppose you’d sell the pre separately?
  3. These Yammy micros are terrific. Couple months down the track and I’d have this. And with a sub out!!
  4. Ozzy will be relocated. Be assured, well taken care of. 🤘🤘
  5. Finally got the records in place. Big job putting backs on the Kallax and then hauling the lot downstairs then bolting them to the wall, levelling and aligning everything. My brother was a godsend. His cabinetmaking skills were invaluable. Spent this weekend hauling the records downstairs and replacing them (in alphabetical order and split into a few genres). Long heavy job but lots of fun. Works well as an absorber too. I made sure to space them out for additions. Next step, shelving for the components. Still thinking concrete for that.
  6. The record racks have been placed. Filling begins on the weekend.
  7. I put some stuff aside when I found out about this sale. I feel bad for forgetting to post it on SNA. Yes, it would be lovely if it included many more titles but it is what it is. Staff pricing is stupid cheap so I’m feeling very lucky. Listening to The Wall live set, amazing. The mighty Lenards deliver this superbly front row ****. I’ve also got Def Leppard, Deep Purple, Elton’s “Don’t shoot me” put away to be collected in the next week or so. Aside from the smallish title selection, this is a great sale. JB... You’ve done it again!
  8. I thought you rebuilt the, when you got em... or was that just a maintenance job?
  9. Looks awesome. Don’t those speakers play havoc with with turntable being on the same shelf? M
  10. Looks Matt from the pics. You formed the supports as well? Looks great. I love the finish. What did you use to polish/ sand/ grind the surface?
  11. Does the penetrating sealer leave a gloss or semi gloss finish? I want the surface to have some gloss and be durable. Cheers, M
  12. Came into work today and did a few price updates, the 55” Pana OLED at $2295 and the 65” was $2495!! I was gobsmacked. One of our guys sold one in the early afternoon but by then the price had been adjusted to $3495... clearly someone had screwed up in HQ. HA HA. Lucky for the buyer, he got it at the cheap price. Amazing deal. Keeping my eyes open for a Pana bargain now.
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