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  1. Hi all. Recently acquired a pair of these speakers from a friend. In fairly rough shape they nevertheless (well one of them anyway) sound great. One of the coax speakers had a hole in the surround so I went searching and found a pair on eBay which I got for $38. These cabs are better but all speakers except one coax have frozen surrounds. I’ve swapped out the coax speakers but I’m not getting the bass response of the other speaker. The surround on the coax seems not to have the compliance of the other surrounds so I’m thinking that this may be the problem. Is there anything that I can use on t
  2. Great news. The SGR team provide nothing less than superb service. Another great Aussie manufacturer. Can’t wait to have a listen to these monsters again.
  3. What do people use to catalogue their movie collections? Is there anything similar to Discogs for this? cheers. M
  4. In the specs they mention the super tweeter is a cone so this should be the original I think. M
  5. Great info here. Mine are the 440s. Can someone post a pic of theirs with the grille off? I want to check to see if my drivers are original. Cheers. M
  6. A mate of mine came across these things and has gifted them to me. Pretty decent sounding Aussie speakers based around a KEF design I think. Does anyone know of these? I’ve never heard of them. Cheers, M
  7. My mate in the UK was gifted a Linn Sondek this week by a very generous mate of his. It looks to have a Linn arm but the LS experts can confirm this. He needs to get a cart for this thing so I thought I’d leave this up to those that know. Want to keep it a pretty modest budget so let’s have your ideas. Thanks in advance guys. M Edit: it’s an Ittok IV arm I believe. M
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