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  1. I eagerly awaited the presale only to discover that I wasn’t a Chugg member so I missed the early ticket sales. I also didn’t check my email to discover that my Melb Recital Centre membership sent me a pre sale notification at 11:02. I finally bought a ticket at 7pm that night. Not the best seat but good enough I’m very excited.
  2. No the source and electronics are fine. Definitely the speaker at fault here. Cheers, M
  3. Hope it was worth the wait mate. M
  4. Well done mate. Love the top end vintage speakers. AR, Infinity, Polk, Klipsch, JBL. So many desirable speakers from that era. I’m sure you’ll love the full range goodness from these beasts. M
  5. A few new albums. Thought I’d try some of the Nazareth reissues. Not disappointed.
  6. Cheers mate, I'll remove them both and get them checked out. M
  7. The latest album by this Goddess. Patty Griffin. Wonderful music.
  8. I’m keeping it. He bought a new TT from me. We’re both happy I think.
  9. A customer dropped this lovely little TT off at work for me after telling me it didn’t work. Hooked it up after just powering it up. Works a treat. Sweet as a nut! Bit of a hum/ buzzing issue but plays just fine. Very pleased. Kenwood KD 2000 with a Nagaoka OS 200mp cartridge/head shell combo.
  10. Hi all, picked up a cheap pair of TDL RTL 2 speakers. One of the mid bass drivers has a tiny tear in the surround and distorts in the midrange, with vocals in particular. I was wondering if that tear in the surround could be causing that or if there may be another underlying issue. Very nice sounding little speakers otherwise. Any advice/ suggestions from those more knowledgeable than me would be welcome. Cheers, M
  11. I used the have a pair of the 2s. Ran them with a PrimaLuna Prologue tube amp with great results. It’d cost you more than a grand but it sounded beautiful.
  12. Absolutely. I changed from the black because it lessens the monolithic nature of the towers. I was considering red originally but found this nice grey so went with that. Easy changeover. I think I still have the original black socks as well although I’d have to check.
  13. Ha ha. Have to admit that these aren’t the sort of things that blend into the living room without notice. It would take a very forgiving woman to accept these monsters into her home. The single mans speaker. [emoji23]
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