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  1. unclemack

    The great Mobile phone rip off

    Yep. BYO phone. But that’s where the $200 voucher comes in handy.
  2. unclemack

    The great Mobile phone rip off

    Telstra are offering their $49 byo plan to new customers for $39. With that you get unlimited calls and text, 20 gb data and a $200 Jb gift card. Through JB of course. 12month contract. I think you also get the 6 month free sb to Apple Music.
  3. Very sad to hear. My thoughts are with Keith and the family.
  4. unclemack

    FS: Krell KAS

    Churlish bugger.
  5. unclemack

    Tiny GTG in a cold dark place

    I’ll come up with a date soon. Promise
  6. unclemack

    Tiny GTG in a cold dark place

    Tiny? It looks palatial compared to my listening space.
  7. unclemack

    FS: Krell KAS

    Played it. Sounds like my iPad.
  8. unclemack

    Special Bargain TVs

    To be safe... essential. Especially for a long trip.
  9. unclemack

    Special Bargain TVs

    Upright is best.
  10. unclemack

    20% off Music at JB tomorrow.

    Not this old chestnut again!!!
  11. unclemack

    Special Bargain TVs

    Had a customer today who bought a Kogan tv. She had it two days and hated it. She claimed the picture was terrible. She emailed them and after a few days they responded but it took a couple of weeks before they agreed to take this pos back and even then, would only offer her a credit note for the value of the tv. If she had bought it from us, we would have taken the tv back and offered a full refund if that’s what she wanted, no issue. People always go on about service quality but rarely want to pay a bit more to get it.
  12. unclemack

    Special Bargain TVs

    It’ll be up to the service agent to collect the tv or perform onsite repairs. If it goes wrong within 90 days you may be within the replacement period and if that’s the case and you collected the tv initially, you’d probably have to take it back to the retailer for changeover.
  13. Just a heads up guys. Tomorrow only Cheers. M
  14. unclemack

    Can My Duntechs play nice with my Kappas?

    Not very high. Ha ha
  15. unclemack

    Can My Duntechs play nice with my Kappas?

    Yes. That’s my opinion too. The Kappas have lots of “sparkle” and liveliness in the top end partnered with those big twin 12” bass drivers. They are great but, I love the power of the Duntechs. That bass depth is awesome. It’ll be fun to see how well the infinity’s stack up. M