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  1. Excellent. Thanks mate, I’ll pass this info on. cheers, M
  2. Thanks for that. My mate has pulled the trigger on that one. thanks to everyone who replied. Cheers, M
  3. Hello all ive got a mate who just bought himself an OPPO 203 as an upgrade from his 105. He needs to get in region modded but the mob he was referred to doesn’t do it anymore (Gatti or something). Does anyone know who still does this in Melbourne? cheers, M
  4. Finally pulled the trigger on a Pre. Thanks to @Grizzly for putting me on to this. The Bel Canto Pre2P. Just set it up today and still playing around with loading. Very adjustable and so far, very clean and revealing. This unit has had a rebuild with new high grade caps amongst other things. I was going via the Passive pre (Stereo Coffee) and phono stage route but this presented itself and after a bit of research decided that for around the same money, this satisfies my need for an upgrade to both pre and phono pre but in one, sexy looking, box. So far, very happy. Now that the system is “done”, I just have some paint, ceiling panels and concrete shelves to go before the room is finished... not long now! Cheers, M
  5. Not sure what it’s called. It’s 75mm thick though. I’ll try get a name for you. Cheers, M
  6. I’ll pop that detail in an update of my showcase thread.
  7. This is an amazing idea. I know I’m late to this party... ive added a couple song that Spotty has turned me on to.
  8. Got this a week ago and I’m very impressed by the SQ. The music, of course, speaks for itself.
  9. Thanks to all for the replies and guidance. I’ve now got a new pre but not yet connected. Cheers, M
  10. Looking back at the email Chris sent me, the tape out will be “always on” so i assume there will be no source tape switch
  11. Heads up. A random 20% music sale will be happening Saturday 18th at JB. CD and Vinyl. In store and online. Cheers, M
  12. Not sure. Maybe stereo coffee could chime in here?
  13. I do mate. I’ve spoken with Chris at Stereo Coffee and he can easily include a tape out.
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