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  1. That red collar on the tonearm. I’d recognise that anywhere.
  2. Awesome to see those pics again. No amps in sight for my next gtg, Just big arse speakers. X
  3. I still use it. An embarrassing oversight but... I still have it!
  4. And you’d be welcome to drop in to my place while you’re in the area @candyflip You’d get to hear the Lenard’s in a little room for another point of view. Can’t match the scale that’s achieved in Paul’s shed but still a powerful experience. Cheers, M
  5. I’ve unearthed some gems so far with most of them being in superb condition.
  6. Not bought but given. A customer’s record collection. Been going through it tonight and there are some gems.
  7. It’s a WD MY Cloud. By sw do you mean software? This digital stuff does my head in. 😂. Cheers mate. M
  8. If you can get the Pana OLED, then do so. They are superb. Don't think much of the QLED stuff although the FALD versions are very good. For a non OLED, my pick would be the Sony X9500. The best non OLED TV IMO. Cheers M
  9. Hi, I recently acquired a WD network hard drive with the intention of having music and movies stored on it for network based playback. So far I have only managed to copy my music files into the drive, and that was fluke! rather than drive myself mad by trying to get movie files onto it, i thought I'd settle with music for now. So my problem is, how do I get to play these files through my system? I have a Chromecast Audio connected and running I have tried Plex, and JRiver. The Plex app was useless and I'm trying to figure out whether JRiver will work. Ive used JR in the p
  10. I am listening to Zimmers introduction to Aurora from the live album when I read you post. Wonderful stuff.
  11. Big fan of Shelby’s. Try this album as well. Superb.
  12. I’m very surprised that a Krell hasn’t already graced the Church. I’d have thought it to be an obvious runner...
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