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  1. Because there’s no such thing as bad money?
  2. unclemack

    YouTube Spinning

    I’ve only done it a few times but it’s not natural for me.
  3. unclemack

    Spatial Hologram owners thread.

    Cheers mate. M
  4. unclemack

    Spatial Hologram owners thread.

    Do they have any bottom-end?
  5. unclemack

    Best Shows in 2018 IMHO

    I really enjoyed Condor. Great pace and writing. Ray Donovan is great this season. The Punisher was superb and marvellously brutal. My two favourites would be Big Little Lies and Godless. I was very impressed by the former. Every performance was spot on and the writing and production values were top notch. Godless, on the other hand was, for me, a visual poem. This was a truly beautiful production. Of course, you can’t talk about this show without mentioning the incredible Jeff Daniels. He was perfectly evil and his performance was perfectly delivered. The scene with the miners going to work on that day, escorted by their wives was nothing short of sublime. A great piece of television.
  6. unclemack

    Vale Chris Wilson

    A big man with a bigger voice and an even bigger heart. Vale Chris Wilson.
  7. unclemack

    Metal Music and Hi-Fi?

    Yeah. Only Jaaaaaazzzzz passes the HiFi test. [emoji23]
  8. unclemack

    Best Shows in 2018 IMHO

    Love this show.
  9. unclemack

    Metal Music and Hi-Fi?

    Best I’ve heard with Metal was Lenard Symphony prototypes playing Rammstein. A religious experience. My Duntechs are superb but this was a couple levels above.
  10. I set one of these Logitech’s up for some older customers a few years back. All new av system mixed in with a couple of vintage items, one of which was a German Nordmende VCR. this thing had to be 40 years old but, Logitech had it in its database and voila! The remote worked with it. Remarkable.
  11. Should have gotten in touch mate. M
  12. Your records are languishing here young fellow and I still haven’t opened one to play it. Ha ha.
  13. unclemack

    Weird, Avante Garde & "Out There" Spinning

    Don’t know how “out there” this is but I guess it’s Avant Garde. Haven’t played it for years and was shocked by how good it is. Dark jazz baby...
  14. unclemack

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    This was superb live and a joy to hear on record. §