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  1. Hi all, JB are having a 20% off music sale again this (Black) Friday. One day only.. JB, you’ve done it again! Cheers. M
  2. Where do I start?

  3. Where do I start?

    @hensa. I’ve taken the top off and it looks really clean underneath. As you can see I’ve taken the spindle and bearing apart. Once I clean it out, should I replace the white grease on and in the bearing or just use sewing machine oil like you suggested?
  4. Where do I start?

    Exactly the sort of advice I was looking for. Thanks a million. M
  5. Where do I start?

    Yeah yeah. I know it’s a cheap piece of crap but that’s the idea. A cheap practice unit that won’t upset me if I stuff it up. Btw. It’s Loch Sport. Get it right chief. [emoji869]
  6. I don’t have the smarts for restoration/ DIY stuff but I’d like to give it a try. So, to that end I picked this little thing up for $50 Apparently it’s working but the perished belt doesn’t allow me to determine this. So the first thing to do is get a belt. Easy enough. Once I get that on and start it up. What could I do to make this a viable player?
  7. Heavy metal is bad after all.

    Only if Ed Sheeran replaces Ozzy on vocals.
  8. Ceiling panel speaker array build

    Great work. Inspiring to read about stuff like this. Very clever. M
  9. Go get some bargains. M
  10. Your Phono Cartridges

    . I only have one and it’s lovely. Kiseki Blue. Bought at a blindingly good price so couldn’t be avoided. Sweet thang.
  11. Fuming...

    It’s only a phone FFS. I just don’t get the excitement.
  12. Fuming...

    We had to knock back about 10k worth of business in the first 10 minutes of trading today because Apple couldn’t supply enough phones. Just a shitty way to do business.
  13. Never heard of this brand until I saw a mono bloc and pre combo that was traded in at Soundair. Brad didn’t know much about it and info was scarce. Very heavy, gloss finished beasts. Don’t know how good they are but they seemed to be pretty well made. M
  14. Kodi v Jriver

    Sounds like it'd do my head in to try get another player running. Does KODI have DLNA support?