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  1. Ha ha. Didn’t mean to have a go. Just confused as these are among the cheapest tellys out there. As regards the spelling, well that’s just me being anal and not wanting anyone to confuse them with the very respected Aussie speaker brand. [emoji1419]
  2. Postmodern Jukebox - September 2018 AU/NZ tour

    The man bun and the song are both turnoffs but I’ve seen a couple of other clips of theirs and they are wonderful. Would be great live I reckon.
  3. Firstly. It’s Soniq. Secondly. Overpriced? Really? They may be a lot of things but overpriced isn’t one of them. [emoji16]
  4. The Duntech Speaker Thread

    Some pics.
  5. The Duntech Speaker Thread

    After using newly made interim crossovers for the past year and having the rebuilt originals sitting in a cupboard waiting, I finally had them installed yesterday. Rather than attempt it myself, I thought I’d try something. So I placed a request in the local notice board thread on Facebook for an electronics expert who could solder these in for me. Lo and behold, I got a response from a guy who happened to be coming here from Melb this weekend. He’s had 50 years experience and suggested that this would be a simple task. He came over yesterday morning and, armed with Kiat’s specific instructions, he went about the job. About 90 mins later it was done. I reinstalled the crossovers into their little drawer space and nervously played some music. All speakers firing... so far so good. Once Chris had gone I settled into some initial listening. Oh dear, three hours later I decided to get on with the other jobs I had planned for the day. I had a smile from ear to ear. I’ll post some more detailed impressions later, after I dress them up with their new socks. I’ll take a couple of pics too. For now here’s a crappy shot of the xover in place.
  6. Black Panther

    Marvel movies chatter. So much content about so little content.
  7. Currently Spinning

    I’m not sure that I’m getting the full benefit from the qsound process, I’ll relisten after I get the new crossovers in. However all the other SQ attributes are well and truly present. Wonderful record.
  8. Currently Spinning

    Yep. It’s amazing.
  9. Currently Spinning

    The dynamics, soundstage and bass( oh the bass) on this are all incredible.
  10. SOLD: FS: Melb Kiseki Blue New Stock

    Beautiful cart. Wouldn’t say it’s got the bloom and romance of the Koetsu but it’s certainly not analytical. Although I am running it through a Marantz phono in the preamp and a pair of Xindak power amps, neither of which are renowned for their clinical presentation. At 1350 for a 3k retail cart, this is a no brainer.
  11. Good buy. These are lovely TTS. And with that arm, you can’t lose.
  12. RIP Johan Johansson

    He was a genius. Wrote such beautiful music. You may want to try Olafur Arnalds and Max Richter as well. Modern classical composers with much beauty in their music. M
  13. 44years in this crazy hobby

    Welcome mate. Are you into vinyl, digital? What’s your preference? (I have a reason for asking btw) m
  14. EOI: SGR Audio MT3.2 Loudspeakers

    Sigh. Such loveliness. Must hate selling them mate. M
  15. So true. I’ve also got a great pair of Jensen Model 6’s. 15” five speaker fat cabinet 70s gems. Not very refined but so much fun to listen to. M