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  1. 30%off DVD and blu ray at JB this weekend mate.
  2. God, what a disruption. Good thing the speakers didn’t have water damage. What are the speakers you’re using in the meantime?
  3. But then, on closer inspection, these don’t actually look like small speakers they’re just dwarfed by the space it seems. What are they @joz.?
  4. No doubt. Small speakers are just.... small. 😂
  5. My “art installation” room. ATM.
  6. What the hell is going on there? Clearly I’ve missed something.
  7. Recently sold a pair of these. They are a screaming bargain at this price. Drove my Duntech CPs beautifully for years. Lovely amps. GLWTS.
  8. I don’t understand why these haven’t sold yet. A superb and well executed design that can be listened to all day. Loved my Triton Twos but these things ramp everything up. I reckon that the brand doesn’t fit into the Audiophile Zeitgeist very well. Pity, as these have few rivals at this silly price. Cheers, M
  9. Thanks to my very clever and generous brother, the first three panels have been installed. Pine framing material for the frames with solid ply backing. French cleats to clip onto the wall. I covered the panels with thin lining material from Spotlight. I think I’ll be changing the white panel to another colour but otherwise I’m pretty happy with the result. By the time I got to the blue panel I had sussed out the covering technique so that’s the best one. It’s a learning process so the next set of panels should come out better again. As mentioned the effect of this treatment can not be overestimated. It’s made and excellent sounding system sound even better by a large margin. More to come. Sorry about the topsy Turvey pics hard to correct on the iPad
  10. You’ve got a couple of beautiful spaces there mate. Lots of room for the CPs to breathe. Lovely.
  11. Just having the full sized batts in the room has made an immense difference. Some DSP fiddling was done by @Los and the speakers moved a little further apart and toed in more. Vocals are dead centre now and the soundstage has widened. Details are now more apparent and the big protos are starting to disappear. Once I get the ceiling panels in place and the wall panels made and placed, we’ll measure again. The Mad Max look is of little consequence however I do have some plans in place to have them Kardashianed... somewhat. 😂
  12. Ok. Enough of movie stars. Here’s a drawing of the projected acoustic panel array that’s planned. The rear wall (behind the speakers) will have full height batts across the width of the wall with a curtain in front. The panels in the diagram will be of colours yet to be determined. Ceiling panels are yet to come. All in all, it should sound great and still be aesthetically pleasing.
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