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  1. Well done to the buyer. I just saw this FS. These are excellent cables. I own a couple of pairs myself. Not too sure why the manufacturer has gone out of business. But Willco is right - i don't think there is any other cable out there that can touch these for the money. Excellent buy. And at this price a steal imho.
  2. Item: RCM Sensor Prelude IC Phono Preamp Location: Brisbane or Sunshine Coast Price: $1,600.00 + Shipping Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Need to rationalise Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bpay, Direct Deposit Extra info: I don't think this Phono Stage requires any introduction on this forum. It's credentials are well known. This is a great "bang-for-buck" phono stage. Original boxes and manuals. Pictures:
  3. Nice one mondie. (Ignore my pm ). I eagerly wait to hear your review in a few weeks as your ears adjust to the new sound and you put it through its paces.
  4. not too sure - but they do sell for a pretty penny. Not much change out of $50k here in Oz from this reseller. I do remember about a year ago when the aussie dollar was much better than it is today I saw this same model from another reseller at the time selling for not much less than $40k http://www.lifestylestore.com.au/audio-research-reference-10-se-stereo-pre-amplifier.html
  5. Hi Palexsia. Well at least the discovery process has finished for me. I have found what i am looking for. I just haven't yet been able to purchase it. But i will - one day :-)
  6. Hi Mondie. All i can say is that there is "theory" and then there is "reality". I wasn't aware of this "rule of thumb" before i embarked on this pre-amp journey. I just plugged in the pre's and listened and it was only when i started to post my findings on here did i become aware of such fundamentals. But yes to my ears and in my system the AR Ref5SE was the one I liked the best. But no i haven't purchased yet - other expenses keep getting in the way and unfortunately a luxury item such as this gets pushed to the side. But when i do decide to purchase i am just going to go to the top of the AR Line and get their AR Ref10 Pre. If the ARRef5SE can sound as good as it did in my system the Ref10 should sound even better i suspect. I will look at at even getting 2nd hand. As for what "should" and "shouldn't" work based on the theory of impedance all i can say is just don't strike anything off your short list simply because the "theory" tells you too. If after reading all the reviews of a certain pre and you think it might be a worthy contender then my advise would be to just try it and hear for yourself rather than rely too heavily on the "theory". I can't explain why the Ref5SE "works" with my Adam's it just does. After re-reading my private correspondence in my email and this thread I can confirm the Octaves were not for me. I tried the HP300SE, HP500SE & the HP700SE against the AR Ref5SE and i preferred the AR Ref5SE when i directly compared against all 3 of the Octaves. I did not get the chance to hear the Jubliee. I personally just wasn't a fan of the Octave "sound" which doesn't mean the AR Ref5SE is better. "I" just preferred it over the Octave's i heard. Yes each version of the Octave was better than the previous - but the overall "sound signature" of the Octaves was one i didn't warm too. I just didn't like it as much as the sound signature of the AR Ref5 SE. But of course you should take a listen to the Octaves. Referring to my notes - i used terms like "dark" & "brooding" to describe the sound of the Octave preamps - they are certainly worth a listen as it may well be a sound signature you enjoy - a lot of people do & indeed a lot of people may not even agree to these descriptors I used in my personal notes. Another Pre i would of loved to have had the chance to listen too based on everything i have read about it is the Doshi V3.0 R/C Line Stage. Good luck with your journey and I most certainly look forward to hearing what you settle on.
  7. Sometimes i forget how i stumbled onto the music i felt compelled to order. This arrived today from Amazon. Some more info on the link below as well about the artist and the mbira & kalimba that features on this CD. http://www.allaboutjazz.com/monoswezi-yanga-monoswezi-riverboat-review-by-rob-caldwell.php
  8. Item: Playback Designs MPS-5 Location: Brisbane Price: NA Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: NA Payment Method: NA Extra Info: Looking to trade my beloved Playback Designs MPS-5 Player with something of similar quality. I have been listening to an EMM Labs DAC2x recently and like what I hear. I have had the PBD MPS-5 a few years now and am just looking for something different in my system. If you own an EMM Labs DAC2x and are also considering something different then perhaps we can help each other out. The MPS-5 also has a transport which the DAC2x does not. Should you want or need pics (there are plenty available online) of my unit then please PM me for details.
  9. My apologies - typo - not much change out of $1.5k - not $2.5k that i stated above. According to the Aus post calculator on weight and dimensions it was going to cost me about $220.00 one way trip and i just doubled that for the cost of the trip back from the States to Australia. Either way $1.5k or $2.5k or indeed as Krispy has asserted $1k - is enough incentive for me to try the fix myself.
  10. Yes and no. It would appear my only option was to send it back to SOTA to be fixed. Including postage fees etc i wasn't going to get much change out of $AU2.5k. I also got in contact with a chap in WA who advised that i could attempt to do it myself - which i thought i would do - but have not yet done so. Just been listening mostly to the Sota Sapphire.
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