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  1. I would like to purchase both and can pickup from you.
  2. I would like to purchase this via PayPal if you are willing to post to Melbourne.
  3. I am interested in this and can pick up as I live in Melbourne if you are unwilling to post.
  4. I would like to purchase this. Please contact me.
  5. What suburb in Melbourne. I would like to buy them. Are you selling your HA1?
  6. I will buy this if you are willing to accept PayPal and post to Melbourne.
  7. Awesome. I have an LS25 and am very happy with the sound.
  8. Is this still available or sold? Would you ship to Melbourne if I pay courier fees?
  9. Great. I was unsure of the meaning of X posts. Nice to know the moderators are actively protecting this site as I use it daily.
  10. Been a member for a long time but unsure of how many posts are needed to be able to reply to forum messages. Really enjoying a brand new set of Sennheiser HD650s with Tidal and an Oppo HA2 SE. HiFi consists of Audio Research CD2, Audio Research LS25, Audio Research VT100, Legacy Classic Speakers, QED XLR Interconnects, Symo LS5-SX Speaker Cable. Next purchase is likely to be a subwoofer or DAC streaming device. Regards, Michael
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