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  1. Jonno, glad to hear that you got a good result in the end. About 10 years ago I evaluated a Peach Audio balanced power transformer in my system, courtesy of the Melbourne reseller. I noticed that their website disappeared some years back and I wondered what happened to them. Good to hear they are still going. A quick google search didn't turn up a current website. Do you know if there is one?
  2. Feeling a sense of nostalgia ... I grew up with Tannoys a few decades ago. Dad had the 12" HPD's then later bought the 15" HPD's in massive boxes from a sound engineer. Each box had a big steel handle (pro speaker style) on each side and took about 4 men to left into place. From memory they were quite efficient and we drove them with a high current Harmon Kardon amp (80wpc and ran very hot) fed by an ERA turntable with Shure cartridge and Garrott Brothers parabolic diamond stylus. I remember watching Dad painstakingly sliding the record out of the cover and out of the plastic slip without touching the record itself, then use the anti-static gun on it before finally placing it gently onto the turntable mat and spinning up the platter by hand. It was an almost religious ritual and you didn't tend to listen to single tracks. I guess that's how I got lured into this crazy hobby. I'd love to hear how those speakers would sound in the systems we have now.
  3. Running out the door to go to work, so a short but emphatic post .... YES!!!
  4. Any idea how they both came to have a nasty dent in the same corner? :eek:
  5. For kit that is 2 years old or less, in mint condition, and hasn't since been surpassed performance wise by more recent gear at the same price or lower, I think the "half price" rule of thumb is pretty fair. More for "collectible" gear. From personal experience I can say that Tax is a great guy to deal with. On the other hand, there's a twit on eBay for the last few weeks trying to sell a Macintosh MC275 tube amp for Buy It Now $4k. He doesn't say whether it is mk1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 (and he does not respond when you ask him) so presumably it is the original model. These sold for $5300 new. Granted they may be a little more sought after than a lot of their competitors, but I'm not the slightest bit surprised he hasn't been able to sell such an old model at almost 80% of original retail, especially when he doesn't respond to queries.
  6. I used CA 2 years back for a year and it was absolutely crap! So many different niggly problems and their support was non-existant. Nortons prior to 08 was quite a burden but its footprint and speed has improved remarkably in NIS 08 and even more in NIS 09. Not a single gliche in the last 2 years. I made some suggestions to CA but they clearly showed they had no intention of forwarding them on to the appropriate people and I suggested to them that they might like to start looking for their next jobs as CA was only going to lose market share and die (their internet security suite anyway). It was no surprise at all when shortly after the package was being sold at $30. I don't think they can give it away.
  7. Agreed, but not an option in the price bracket my mate is looking at.
  8. Oops ... just realised that I had 5V 1A instead of 9V 1A in the thread title (Was thinking of the SB PS instead of the Duet). Have fixed the title now. Yes, I know about Hugh's PS for the Duet and have home auditioned a prototype of his SB version ages ago. But my friend who has bought the Duet does not want to spend this type of money. He is looiking to spend less than A$200, less than $100 if possible.
  9. Welcome Gambit. Yes, slowly but surely you will be sucked into the abyss, finding yourself amongst many other tortured souls.
  10. I listened to the 1800 Refs a few years ago, drive by Audio Aero Capitole CDP, Consonance Ref pre-amp and Audio Aero Prestige monoblock valve amps. They had the same sound as the Ultra 1600's I was using at the time (modded by Tony Moore with Hovland caps) but were more sensitive (great for valve amp users) and a little more dynamic. However, the overall difference was slight and (to me) not worth selling the 1600's at half price then adding another $7k+ to reach the A$10k for the Ref 1800's. I did love both model Ambiences but I expected a little more for A$10k. This was probably a tough ask as the modded 1600's were the best speaker I heard in the sub A$7k bracket, an over achiever when set up properly, and there was nothing else I was aware of for under A$10k that I preferred over the Ref 1800's. It's just that for A$10k I wanted to find my jaw planted firmly on the floor and to be salivating uncontrollably. I left with a healthy respect for the Ref 1800's but didn't find myself dreaming about them that night. I could certainly see how some people might though.
  11. Thanks guys. No, he doesn't have DIY skills and doesn't want a large variable voltage output supply, just a small fixed voltage supply that the can hook up and forget. Something without dials that his kids could turn up to 30V and cook his new Duet.
  12. A friend has bought a new Duet (he is currently having digital mods done to it) and would like to buy a better power supply for it. He doesn't wish to pay hundreds for an "Audiophile" one, just an off the shelf unit. Anyone know of (or have tried) any locally available linear regulated 5V 1A power supplies? Presumably the connector will need to be changed. Thanks guys.
  13. Your sentiments on the Plinius SA102 match my own on its predecessor (SA100 mk3) that I ran for several years. I found that the better Aspen amps provided greater resolution, immediacy and top end extension that combined to give greater presence. Despite the Plinius' reputation for great bass, the Aspen beat it there too. It was nice to be able to upgrade to an Aussie product that was better and also cheaper. It has been a while since I listened to a tube amp. Just for interest I would love to do this in my system one day, especially with the more sensitive speakers I have now. However, I'm not sure that it wouldn't be too much given that I'm already using a tube hybrid DAC and tube hybrid pre-amp. Funds and WAF (or lack of) mean it just isn't a priority right now.... but it is fun to daydream.
  14. Hi, I used the Ultra 1600's (custom modded by Tony Moore with Hovland caps) for a few years and my father still has the Ultra 1400's. They are not that hard to setup to sound "good" but take some work to get the best out of them ... which is excellent. I don't know your room size or setup but if the mids and highs are too "in your face" then it's not the speakers at fault. They are somewhat laid back in nature and take a bit of grunt to get the best from them. The highs are in fact slightly rolled off. The bass is quite tight and if you find the relatively small 6.5" woofer overwhelming then it is most likely due to interactions with your room. I've used and heard the Ambiences with a variety of gear and rooms and have heard them sound everything from bright and edgy to lush and euphonic. If I made the purchasing decision based on hearing them in the store, I would have run a mile. If there are any problems elsewhere in the system, the Ambiences will reveal it. If you find them not to be your cup of tea when optimally setup, that's fine but it would be a shame to strike them off your list without having heard their best. Nic Tatham didn't use them as his reference speakers for years for nothing. :eek: Good luck with your quest.
  15. You're right ... it's not. It requires a chip mod such as the following ... http://www.gattiweb.com/bluraymod.html
  16. Interesting. I hadn't seen anyone previously suggest that the Duet's Wolfson DAC was inferior to the SB's BB DAC.Regardless, I think you will find that the difference between DAC chips will be minimal and far outweighed by adding a better power supply, mods to the analog output stage or bypassing the analog output stage and using a good external DAC. I would suggest basing your choice on which one best fits your requirements/preferences in terms of useability/ergonomics etc. You can always mod or use external DAC later if you wish.
  17. Huh? Was this an older model Panasonic? We sit 3m from a new Panasonic 42" plasma (800A) and don't have this problem. Six feet sounds too close for viewing any 42" TV, isn't it like watching a tennis match? I can't remember the old general rule for optimal viewing distance of a TV (or whether it is appropriate for flat screens) but wasn't it something like 3 x the diagonal screen size?
  18. For the reproduction of indoor performances, yes. At the performance (or recording if room not completely damped) side wall reflections reach your ears from the side, rear wall reflections reach your ears from behind, ceiling reflections from above and floor reflections from below. This is just dealing with primary reflections, the strongest ones. They are caught on the recording but when played back in a regular listening room don't come at you from those directions. Instead, they all come at you from the speakers (with dead silence beside and behind you if you are listening in an anechoic room). Our poor old brains are having a difficult time deciphering this information and trying to make sense of it as it is not natural of course. In a non-anechoic listening room, boundary reflections of the music are stronger than the recorded reflections (that of course still come at you from the front) and so we are immersed in reflections of the music which the brain expects for the room we listen in and which are coming from all directions as they should. As these listening room boundary reflections are stronger than the ones captured on the recording (which are incorrectly coming at you from the front), they tend to override the lower strength recorded reflections which IMHO is a good thing. Just as live performances will sound different in different venues, so will the playback sound different in different listening rooms. That's life.
  19. Yes and No. Yes in that there are no room added reflections but No in that the sound is not all coming at your ears from in front, so there is not the unnatural sense of the music coming through a window in front of you with unnatural dead silence beside and behind you.
  20. It seems to me that you guys are overlooking something. Although an anechoic listening room may be fine as far as reproducing the decay on the recording, there is a major problem in the reproduction of the recorded ambience and reflections in an anechoic listening room.... they are all coming to your ears from the front of your listening room (ie. your speakers) .... this is not natural. When you are at a gig, the reflections approach your ears from all room boundaries and the ambience and sound field surrounds you, you are in the middle of it. Having all the reflections reaching your ears from in front of you with nothing from beside or behind you is completely unnatural and your brain will never be convinced you are at the gig. With proper recording techniques and using multi-channel, with a surround sound speaker system, an anechoic listening room may not be such a bad thing and may even be desirable, but not for 2-channel systems. The idea is to attenuate the energy in the early reflections sufficiently that they do not distort or time smear the direct sound, but are more subtle and just strong enough to support the notion that you are immersed in the music rather than it playing at you through a window in the front of the listening room. Of course, I am making the assumption that the recorded performance was not an outdoor one and intended to sound that way. For all other performances, we want to be immersed in the music even if it was recorded in a heavily damped booth. I have not had the opportunity to visit an anechoic chamber, but I have heard an enthusiast's system in a very heavily damped room and it was terrible. The music lacked life and we felt detached from it. Unfortunately, for reasons of WAF and everyday living, most listening room are unable to address all early reflections optimally, but too much is a bad thing too. Of course IMHO, IME & YMMV
  21. Well said Kye, I agree completely. Nigel, some of the sound is radiated back from the speakers and bounces directly off the wall behind the speakers. Depending on the dimensions of your room, how close your speakers are to the front wall and how close you sit to the back wall, these front wall reflections can arrive at your ears before the others. Absorbing and/or diffusing them will reduce the energy in these reflections and have the effect of making the front wall seem to disappear sonically. Soundstage depth, imaging and focus will usually improve nicely as a result.
  22. We are not! Seriously though, I guess the only way to prevent this is to follow one of two courses of action: 1) Each time a new requestor asks a question on one of these oft repeated topics, we simply say "Go Search, it's all here somewhere", or 2) Put a sticky up for each one and simply add to it over time.
  23. Hi Nigel, That wasn't specified in the comment. If you are referring to shielding and/or poorly designed PSU in the component, I'm not so sure. The inferior sounding cable was shielded, the other wasn't. As for the PSU quality in the component, you may be right ... I have no EE knowledge and am not qualified to comment. However, the component was rated Class A by Stereophool FWIW (I don't know whether this rating was achieved with stock cord or aftermarket cord). I agree completely. If you are suggesting that the reason was a poorly designed PSU in the component, see comment above. I draw no definitive theoretical conclusions as I don't have the knowledge and expertise to do so. All I conclude is that a particular component sounded noticeably better when used with power cord X versus power cord Y and that it wasn't due to shielding. Would a better designed PSU inside the component have prevented a difference from being heard? I don't know.
  24. ...In your OPINION and your experience. Logic tells me the same thing, but my experience tells me differently in SOME cases ... and this wasn't on "faulty" or "cheapo" gear. I have no problem accepting and believing other peoples opinions and experience ... after all, they are credible people and I wasn't there. Similarly, they weren't present during my experiences and are not in a position to tell me as FACT that I can't have heard what I heard. Cheers!
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