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  1. Simply WOW! I opened this thread and a wave of nostalgia hit me like a tidal wave. When I was 12 or so my late father replaced his HPD 12 inchers with a pair of HPD385 15 inchers in enormous cabinets bought from a sound engineer. They took several people to lift into place but would have been dwarfed by your mighty Westminster SE's. My earliest "audiophile" memories are of listening to the HPD385's driven by a very hot running and high current Harmon Kardon 85wpc amp, playing vinyl of course. Mum loved to sit and listen to the Carmen Ballet, my sister and I always begged Dad to play Yackety Moog synthesizer music (Yackety Moog or Foggy Mountain Breakdown), Mandingo or Neil Diamond. My fondest memories are of spending Sunday afternoons sitting back in the big recliners with Dad, letting the beautiful music from the HPD385's flow over us for hours on end. I had no idea about imaging, soundstaging, etc etc back then but oh boy did we enjoy the music. I'm so sorry that after such a painstaking and passionate build project you find yourself having to sell these beauties. GLWTS and all the best to you, your father and your family. Though on a much smaller scale I hope you can find sufficient space to indulge your passion for high end audio. And, if you can enjoy it with your Dad, so much the better.
  2. The LPS-1 arrived yesterday, will insert X-SPDIF 2 and LPS-1 and Apollo AV I2S cable into system tomorrow and put on repeat (with amp off) for a couple of weeks to burn in .... this weekend is full with the kids and busy at work for next couple of weeks so I probably won't get a chance to listen during that time anyway. At that point I'll probably test with/without the Intona Industrial to see whether that stays in or comes out. Will let you know my thoughts at that time. Meanwhile, gotta say I'm loving the performance of the Holo Spring DAC in NOS mode (now has over 300 hours on it) on both PCM and DSD128/DSD256 .... simply stunning.
  3. Mine arrived today and an Uptone UltraCaps LPS-1 to power it should arrive in the next few days. It will feed my DAC via a short ApolloAV Lightning 2 I2S cable. The Matrix X-SPDIF 2 is surprisingly heavy and solid for its small size. The knuckle rap test result is the same as for a brick - a solid thunk, no rattle or resonance at all.
  4. Doh! Complete brain fade .... thought that's where I was. Who am I again?
  5. Actually, google suggests this model is a CD PLAYER not a TRANSPORT. Therefore, mrnavi's question is a valid one ... are you calling it a TRANSPORT because the analogue outputs are faulty?
  6. Thanks everyone for your purchases, all items have now been sold. I hope you enjoy your new toys! As promised, a donation of $50 has been made to SNA tonight.
  7. Hi Hoa, I sent the PM (Personal Message) yesterday afternoon. If you select your login (Henry) at the top right of screen in the grey bar (just to left of 'Sign Out) and select Personal Messenger from the drop down menu, you can view your messages. Cheers, Darren.
  8. aaleks - payment received and item shipped by Aus Post Parcel Post with insurance. Estimated delivery 2-3 working days.
  9. Jeffro, FoxMulder, Petng - Your items have been shipped by Aus Post Parcel Post with insurance. Estimated delivery 2-3 working days. Aaleks - will ship as soon as your payment appears in my account. Erest - see you Thurs night for pickup.
  10. Item: Power/Speaker/Interconnect cables & power conditioners (listed below) Location: Parkdale (SE Melbourne) Price: As listed below (will ship within Australia at buyer’s expense) Item Condition: All items in full working condition and very good cosmetic condition Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Paypal Extra Info: I’m selling these items for my mother, they are from my late father’s system. Some items are located at my house (Parkdale), others are at Mornington (if sold I will go and get them and bring them to Parkdale for collection… thus the requirement for PayPal payment first). Pictures: Included in the listed links Other: Other ads will be placed soon for Thorens TD-850 turntable, Project Perspective Turntable, Aspen GK-1 pre-amplifier, Elektra Reference Power Amplifier, Bass Traps, SolidSteel Amplifier stands, Ambience Ultra 1400 ribbon hybrid speakers … Upon sale of the items a donation will be made to SNA. POWER CONDITIONERS: 1x Ear Science Power Box (integrated 6 Australian outlet power strip & 180cm cord from Australian wall plug to conditioner) $200 ... SOLD - JEFFRO http://www.carltonaudiovisual.com.au/?q=node/view/282 2x PS Audio Ultimate Outlet power conditioners (15A High Current version, US sockets & cable) $150ea ... 1x SOLD - FOXMULDER, 1x SOLD ... Henry http://www.stereophile.com/content/ps-audio-ultimate-outlet-ac-conditioner-page-2 http://www.hometheatersound.com/equipment/psaudio_uo_15a_highcurrent.htm POWER CABLES: 2x PS Audio XStream PLUS power cable (1m, US Plug, original version - earth pin not removable) $100ea 2x SOLD ... Henry 1x PS Audio XStream PLUS power cable (1.5m, US Plug, original version - earth pin not removable) $125ea ... SOLD - PETNG 1x Synergistic Research AC Master Coupler power cable (1.5m, AUS Plug) $100 ... SOLD - PETNG http://www.synergisticresearch.com/reviews/ac-master-coupler/ http://www.usedcables.com/product.aspx?iid=7399&mid=6573&cid=-1 INTERCONNECTS: 1pr Transparent Audio MusicLink Plus interconnects (1m, RCA) $120 ...SOLD - EREST http://www.audiophilia.com/hardware/transparent.htm 1pr QED Qunex Silver Spiral interconnects (1.1m, RCA) $80 ...SOLD - EREST http://www.audiovisualonline.co.uk/product/927/qed-silver-spiral-stereo-phono-interconnect-1-0m/ SPEAKER CABLES: 1pr Transparent Audio MusicWave Plus speaker cables (9', bananas) $220 ... SOLD - AALEKS http://www.audiophilia.com/hardware/transparent.htm
  11. I used to have my sub rigidly coupled to the floor and I could feel it through the floor and into my feet. Concerned that this was also going into next door (we are one of a pair of townhouses with shared wall between), I experimented by placing squares of 20mm thick neoprene under the sub instead. No longer could I feel the bass through my feet and, just as importantly, the quality of bass did not deteriorate. Although you can press your fingers together through the neoprene, when you place 3 or 4 squares of it (say 100mm x 100m) under the sub, the weight is distributed over the entire face of the neoprene and does not compress it, at least not enough to cause the sub box to have a rocking motion or move at all. The neoprene was blue and available in rolls from Clark Rubber quite cheaply. It is like the stuff used to do gym or martial arts work on.
  12. Hi El Toro ... until several months back there was always an old Datsun 240Z, with rego plates 'EL TORO' parked on the nature strip on Warrigal Rd, Cheltenham ... not yours was it? It's been a lot of years but I owned several Yamaha A/V receivers and CD players and they were on the 'bright' side. I found I preferred the smoother, warmer Denon sound to that of Yamaha or Marantz. Model to model can vray within a brand though so it is a bit of a generalisation. As you suggested, you may also prefer the NAD sound for the same reason. Nothing wrong with sitting only 2.5m from the speakers, especially if they are bookshelf/standmount speakers that don't need a large distance for the drivers to integrate. See if you can borrow some sources, amps, speakers to try in your system. This will give you the best picture of what is causing the brightness and where you can achieve the biggest improvements for your dollars. Good luck with the journey.
  13. No, they are in LCD's too. The fans in our Sony Bravia 32" LCD are a little louder and higher pitched than those in our Panasonic Viera 42" plasma. We notice the Bravia fans more now that it is mounted on the wall in the bedroom and we listen at quieter volumes, later at night. It may just be different fan brands but I'm wondering if (like with PC fans) the fans in the Panasonic are larger and can spin at lower RPM to achieve the same air flow and a lower pitch, lower volume, and therefore less obtrusive noise.
  14. That is exactly what nerves does to you. First off, credit to Schiavone. She came out swinging and wasn't going to die wondering. It was obvious that Sam never managed to relax and start moving freely. She was slow off the mark (for her), made some poor shot selections and, on a number of occasions, even when she got to a short ball at the top of its bounce, instead of ripping a topspin winner down the line or across court, pushed a tentative "nothing" ball to the Italian for an easy put away. Normally, Sam is incredibly agile and quick, with greater ability to make a sudden change of direction than anyone I've seen (up there with Steffi). However, nerves had tightened up her legs (and brain) and she looked stiff and wooden. She has had problems with nerves in the past. It was different in the preceeding rounds as she wasn't expected to win, there was less pressure. However, a first Grand Slam final, against a girl you have beaten the last 4 times, and a nation's hopes and EXPECTATIONS that you are going to win ... that's some serious pressure. I'm sure it will be a learning experience for Sam and she'll cope better next time. It was disappointing to see her lose to nerves, I'd have preferred to see her play her best tennis and lose to a superior opponent. But, I hope she grows in confidence after the 3 big wins and moves forward. I don't think she has the game to become a true number 1 but I would love to be proved wrong.
  15. Hi Wilyam, how about using hardwood dowel (say 18mm diameter) running each way for the bracing. This would be easier and more rigid than MDF flat bracing and will leave the box easier to fill with sand. Like Upfront, I don't think I'd worry about being able to remove the sand. This way, you can glue the top on so that no fine sand can escape if your MDF cuts are not absolutely perfect. Be sure to use kiln dried sand (available in small bags cheaply at Bunnings) as it is finer and will not harden and 'cake' over time like regular sand can. Will you be finishing it in something like veneer or laminate to complement your speakers and desk? Should look very nice!
  16. Being a ribbon/cone hybrid with a small 7" woofer you may find they lack bass weight and dynamics in your "very large living area". You could add sub(s) but you may still find that you miss dynamics in the upper bass area. My room is large-ish and this was the one weakness (not evident in a smaller room) that I found with the Ambiences (even with a sub) and as much as I loved them I eventually had to move back to a dynamic cone speaker with larger woofers (9.5" and 7" woofers) to "feel" the music. However, the Ambiences do have amazing mids, imaging, soundstaging, resolution, coherence, etc etc and are very revealing of upstream equipment. They aren't a tough load but do like to be driven. In a smaller room they are all but unbeatable.
  17. I spent several years with modded 1400's and 1600's and heard the 1800's on a number of occasions. Pretty much the same wonderful sound but different sizes for different size rooms. They certainly do a lot right and Nic Tatham gave them wonderful reviews and used the 1600's as his reference speakers for some years before going to the Reference model. However, it is difficult to say whether they will suit you unless you provide info on the rest of your system, your room, your listening tastes, what type of speakers you generally prefer etc etc ...
  18. For anyone unfamiliar with the DV-717, they were A$1300 when current and provide full 96/24 digital output (unlike the Sonys and others at the time that enforced downsampling). A solidly built and decent player.
  19. You can insert a Burson Buffer (or similar) between the mismatched components. The load on the source component will be much lower.
  20. I'd have to agree with that assessment. After listening to my Bolder modded SqueezeBox (analog/digital mods & Bolder external PS) that cost around $2k all up IIRC, I quickly sold my Sony SCD-XA777ES SACD player (RRP A$6999 when first released). The SB2 (obviously playing redbook) slaughtered the XA777ES redbook performance (which was decent but not great) and matched or bettered it's SACD performance dependent on recording. I lost all interest in SACD at that point.
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