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  1. Sonusfidelio, I was wrestling with exactly the same decision (whether to sell my tube pre and tube amp or my EX-M1) ... until a couple of weeks ago. The EX-M1 does so well in so many areas and outperformed my tube gear in a number of areas but somehow I still missed the tubes. After reading reports from Doug Schroeder and others I thought it worth trying discrete opamps in place of the socketed monolithic opamps in the EX-M1 before selling it. Wow! The couple of small reservations I had re the sound of the stock EX-M1 are gone and I'm now able to completely relax and be absorbed by the "live" performances. So glad I didn't throw the baby out with the bath water and never know what I'd missed out on. And for less than a cheap pair of cables. If your decision was a close call, I'd urge you to try the same thing (PM me if you'd like more details).
  2. Or, if you have a NAS, you could load your library onto that with MinimServer2 (which I read somewhere is recommended by DCS) and install your favourite app on your phone and/or iPad as the control point (e.g. BubbleUPnP, HiFi-Cast, Lumin etc etc). No need for a PC, or the NAS, to be in the same room as the hifi system. I did this originally to an Auralic Aries femto (Sbooster) and currently to a Sonore Signature Rendu which then feeds the DAC via I2S. Very happy with the results.
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