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  1. I've got active speakers now, but if I ever went back to passive speakers I'd buy Goertz again.
  2. They look familiar! They have acoustisorb 3 in them.
  3. I just found this thread. Currently listening to MT3.2 serial number 001 with my MSB frontend. The only pieces of gear I've never gotten sick of or wanted to upgrade.
  4. Psychobilly lot on hold pending payment. Will do deals on the other lots. Looking to move this stuff on to where the discs will get some use.
  5. Item: CDs Location: 3003 Price: $5 per CD (unless otherwise marked) Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Don't have a CD player Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer Extra Info: Prefer pickup. Minimum for post 2 CDs. Discounts for multiple purchases, looking at getting rid of these! Take the whole Psychobilly lot for $150 which is a steal as these CDs are all imported with some rare ones chucked in there, and this is an instant collection. Pictures:
  6. Item: CDs Location: 3003 Price: $50. Reduced to $30 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Don't even have a CD player! Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: The 4 laid flat are promo's. Pickup only as posting would be too much of a pain! Pictures:
  7. Item: Ghentaudio A01P 18cm interconnects Location: 3003 Price: $20 Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Too short Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These are great interconnects, they look really solid and high quality. They're quite heavy too. Perfect for a schiit stack... just not a bifrost and jotunheim. From the ad: Purely handmade craftwork, genuine material and solid substance Cable: Canare L-4E6S Star Quad, 95% coverage braided shield, exceptional RFI and EMI protection Connector: Pailiccs Quality Gold-plated Locking RCA Plug Solder: Lead free, Rosin Core with 3% Silver, 0.5% Copper and Tin http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/A01P-18cm-7inch-Pair-Canare-L-4E6S-RCA-M-to-M-Audio-Cables-Locking-Plug/222133113348 Pictures: (stock pic)
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