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  1. A very flexible receiver though. With pre-outs and main-ins for all channels, it can be configured as a 4 zone stereo amp.
  2. Item: NAD T743 (not working) and NAD T753 (works with issues) Price Range: These have now been collected Item Condition: Used Extra Info: The T743 just stopped working one day, won't power on I think. The T753 is a bit more complicated. It has 2 faults: 1. The VFD screen goes blank after some time. 2. The rear channels don't always work. This could just be a faulty relay that needs replacing, so not an expensive repair if you know what you are doing and do it yourself I don't know if the parts are the same, but I guess it could be possible to use parts from the T743 to repair the T753. Otherwise, the T753 can be used as is, with a little frustration. Pickup from Point Cook, Vic.
  3. Hi, FYI I think the model number should be RX-396, without the "V". Looks to be in very nice condition. Good luck.
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