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  1. Tried via PP and CC using a VPN (USA) and neither worked. CC blocked as I used a US zip code for the trial, PP just goes around in circles (geo blocked). I did have an account via the UK (used a VPN and PP) but too expensive with VAT ect. Hope others have better luck.
  2. Might be worth a watch Room Treatment Good Luck!
  3. Maybe one of these Record Holder and then a US cleaner from ebay in AUS ?
  4. Output Impedance: 300 ohms balanced. It can drive a balanced impedance of 20K ohms or higher. Recommended Load Impedance: > 20Kohm balanced, >10Kohm Single-Ended. Manual
  5. "technically, or in any way that is measurable" and HiFi 🤔
  6. Good to see you got the amp boards replaced and you are still enjoying the MX-R's 👍
  7. Hi, just wondering if these are class D amps as 7 kg is pretty light for a 200 watt amp? GLWTS
  8. There is a wanted to buy section. GLWTS
  9. More info here https://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/sound-image/digibit-aria-piccolo-music-server-subbed-444802
  10. Yes these have HT bypass. Don't know about the 12 volt trigger, but isn't that normally used between a pre and power amp?
  11. Pm sent regarding the inclusion of software with the DSP.
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