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  1. Hi, I have recently moved my TT with a Triplaner arm to a different house. When I have setup the TT again I now have a 50hz hum. Things that are the same Same TT and arm Same Phono amp - Audi Flight Same tone arm wiring The wiring is one piece from the cart to the phonostage (only 4 conductors) Things that are different Different preamp Preamp now a balanced connection to the phonostage System - all connected to the same mains power board Hum exists whether the TT is powered or not
  2. Further information: I purchased these amazing speakers from @wikeeboy early this year and have been so impressed with these I have taken the opportunity to go further up the TAD family line. The imaging is exceptional (my previous speakers were Revel Salon 2’s that I owned for a number of years and these were certainly no slouch) however the E1’s are at another level. In my opinion, they don’t sound HiFi (in the way B&W’s do) but are very, very revealing and convey all of the detail in the music without surgically removing your inner eardrums. So if your preference is
  3. Item: AVM 8.2 Power Amp - Stereo or possibly mono blocks Price Range: Market Price (some indication on SNA from previous sales) Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Please PM me if you are thinking of selling. Thanks
  4. Is this a single or a pair? Might be worth making this clear in the title? Looks like a pair in the images. GLWTS
  5. Further information: (Price is firm) Purchased this on SNA a couple of years ago for use when I was working away from home. I no longer require the Piccolo as I have a Lumin streamer and no longer work away. This is the version without the inbuilt DAC. The Aria app works fine, I would not say it is the best app in the world but it does render the album art quickly and as far as I can see, is a lot better than the Lumin app (I use the Linn app for the Lumin) There are Android and iOS versions. The Piccolo comes with an Asus CD drive for ripping your C
  6. Compressed from the original CD file size? FLAC is a lossless compression format so they will be compressed. FLAC Compression Everyone has their favourite tool for ripping, I like EAC Cheers
  7. I scrapped Tidal the second Qobuz was available in Oz. Whether MQA is good or bad making people buy new DAC's that are MQA compatible is just a poor show. Especially is you have an expensive non MQA DAC.
  8. Further information: Picked these up a few years back for use with a laptop but found I didn't really use them as I mainly used the laptop for work (excel doesn't sound too good!) When I watch YouTube I just use headphones. They have all the original packing, power supply and the rubber supports that provide a bit of isolation and sit them at a better angle. Postage at cost. Photos:
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