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  1. That would be addicted to audio, but their focus is Headfi. Maybe ring them up and see if they can get in demo’s for you as they usually have limited Hi Fi components.
  2. Hegel and Simaudio are well known to work synergistically with Dynaudio, they are good places to start. I would want an amp that doubles its wattage into a 4 ohm load or thereabouts, indicating good current. Class A Audio have most of the brands referred to except Naim and Hegel. The Simaudio 340 or Hegel 190 would be the minimum IME to do justice to the contours. A second hand Gryphon would be excellent if you can find an older Callisto 200 or similar.
  3. LS50W at that price, no question. You would need a heck of an amp to drive the passive’s to the performance of the LS50W. And I think the power node is nowhere near good enough to achieve that result. The convenience and lack of clutter of the LS50W is also a big consideration.
  4. Item: Kef LS50W Nocturne. Location: Vic 3662. Price: $2200 firm + postage. If purchased with the REl below, total cost drops to $3200. Item Condition: Excellent, always covered, no marks to be seen, perhaps 200 hrs of use and still seem to be getting better (ie not completely run in IMO). Reason for selling: NLR due to upgrade. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Or EFT only. Extra Info: Have packaging and all accessories. Woulld cost around $50-60 to ship to the eastern states IME. These are fantastic speakers, I am very tempted to keep them as nearfield monitors, but have spent too much on the replacement speakers, so som ecash needs to come back... these sound fantastic with a sub, Like the rel below. The addition of a sub allows them to offer a full range sound in large medium or large rooms. https://audiotech.net.au/products/kef-ls50w-nocturne-edition https://www.whathifi.com/news/kef-ls50-wireless-nocturne-special-edition-music-to-our-eyes-and-ears Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved. Item: REL 528 se subwoofer. Location: Vic 3662. Price: $1500 or $3200 when purchased as a package with the Kef’s above. Item Condition: mint with all accessories and ‘packaging. Came to me as NOS around 8 or 9 months ago. Reason for selling: NLR as have upgraded to something else. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Or EFT only. Extra Info: brilliant REL sub with the 12 inch carbon woofer from the Gibraltar range. Also has chromed metal parts and piano gloss finish. I know the white is an odd choice, but i find it blends into the room well, my wife didn’t even notice it when first installed.... Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved. http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/rel-serie-r-528se-sub-bass-system/ http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/rel-r-528se-subwoofer/ http://www.livingsound.com.au/2013/05/rel-r528-se-subwoofer/ P.S IF SOMEONE PURCHASES THE PACKAGE NOT ONLY WILL THEY GET THE $500 DISCOUNT, THEY WILL ALSO GET THE UPGRADE KEF CONNECTION CABLE FREE.
  5. Mass drop, or just drop now. Hit the “shop now” button in the OP. $600 USD. i would love a pair but the Noble’s don’t fit very well in my apparently small ear canal.
  6. Yes, don’t get me wrong I think the 590 would sound fantastic in your smaller room. I have never heard it personally but would love too.. its reputation certainly precedes it. i think the 507 puts out around 5-15 watts class A, someone will know, but I imagine a lot of your listening in the smaller space would be in class A even with the 507.
  7. I have Epicon 6, Some good amp choices already listed. ( would not rule out the class A/B Luxman’s, but suggest the507 as a minimum. I had a Micromega M One in a very small room with mine for a while and it worked well, but only in the small room. They need something with more grunt to control the bass reqlistically. My only other suggestion is to try to loan a Hegel amp. addicted to Audio have both brands so may be a place to demo those brands. Personally though I would be shooting for a Lux 507 or Accuphase.
  8. Yes, I agree, it generally sounds better run through a server/streamer with Spotify direct through a decent hi fi system. Bit with cheapy buds and an iPhone, it’s not so much an issue, IMO. i just really want them to do Spotify lossless, there has been talk of it for years, but nothing, such a shame as they have the best catalogue and GUI, IMO. i just signed on to Tidal and it seems clunky compared to Spotify.
  9. I have ordered a pair of Kii three, in a custom gloss blue, they should come in a month or so. I was $$$ seduced into buying the BXT module (ie amazing price offer). I think they will be great, I have heard the Kii three alone and was amazed, so can’t wait to hear them with the BXT. I agree that endgame for me (as pointed out by some others in the thread) would be three different speakers, ie a big pair of Avantgarde, the big Martin Logan Neolith and some big dynamics, probably the big gryphon system. I will probably “just” end up with the Kii’s and some electrostatics with a valve amp for relative simplicity (probably quad 2912 or Martin logan Summit x etc.)
  10. I have a rack and a few stands made by Grizzly. Completely custom to your spec and reasonably priced. Highly, highly recommended. Mine were very well packed and shipped interstate too, so that is not an issue.
  11. Thanks @Luc and @Juzbear, and all 0f the other posters. The piccolo plus definitely seems like a good device worth extra investigation. That Sansui is a beautiful thing to look at... I agree juzzbear, the Innuous interested me, but agree regards the inbuilt drive. The Sony just uses a cheap external drive via its 1 USB, which is good but it would have be nice if it had more than 1 usb (ie if you want to rip a CD you can’t use the USB to send an signal to another device because it only has one.I agree I might live with the Sony and the Kii for a while before making the decision.
  12. Yes, the Sony does that, it happened a year or so ago, they have been pretty good with software updates. It’s a very handy feature for me, so another plus for the Antipodes. I noticed they sold a seperate burner/platform, but it’s around $1000.
  13. Thanks @Luc Had not heard of that one, will add to the list. Looks like it has a lot of the easy functionality I was after.
  14. Thanks mate, do you know if there is a sound quality difference between the Nucleus and Nucleus + ?
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