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  1. I hadn’t seen that model, looks great too, I like the idea it’s cheaper as well. I am really interested in a bike with no front derailleur though, ie a 1x10 etc.
  2. Sorry sime v2 correct you are, thank you. Ray
  3. @Darren69 i dont have experience with the bmc, looks very nice. The model I am close to buying is the Cannondale bad boy 1 (lame name, but love the way this bike looks);
  4. Yuh, this is is a heck of a lot of speaker for the $ being asked. I used to own the om9 in a theatre system. I imagine it wouldn’t be too hard to find a a matching centre for a cheap home theatre front three. Thats not to say they aren’t decent with music, because they are too. GLWTS.
  5. Yes @Sime V2 You better amend your OP to the correct name (muteki - although I agree your version is correct in a Freudian sense) or you’ll find that nice car of yours up on bricks.... Nasty crowd that backward cap wearing, break dancing lot...
  6. Those Pathos are beautiful speakers. Any chance they will take up residency ?
  7. Thanks for all of the thoughts guys. i guess I am inclined to want to hear the new Navi’s from Elac. Or do I just bite the smaller caliber bullet and buy say the Dynaudio Focus 20xd or even the Devialet silver or gold as a pairing, which a lot of pretty serious audiophiles on this site have espoused. Or jus bite the full bullet, like I have been considering for years in the KII Audio three’s. Common sense currently says KEF LS50W nocturne with the REL 528SE, the sub out is a really attractive feature for me when considering these smaller speakers, which will probably be used 50% music and 50% theatre/tv...
  8. Ok mate, fully intrigued..... What are the stand mount speakers ?? And what’s hidden under the covers ? Did you make outriggers for the Veritas or are they MA Platinums ??
  9. @philwill1971@gmail.com Love your speaker stands ! What is your budget for the sub/s ?
  10. Thanks Jonny, he kind of advocates for the Elac, which is interesting, very nice looking little speaker. Agreed Bunno, I love the brand but a little of the polish is taken away by the extra box. The Focus 20 would be great but starting to get a bit exxy too. Thanks mate.
  11. Thanks @Jonny Will check it out. The Navis do look nice.
  12. Hey cognoscenti, Sorry, I know there will be. A collective groan with any topic including “kef” “LS50” etc. But I am looking to really simplify our lounge system to a pair of LS50W with.a REL 528se, so a 2.1 system, something the family can easily use and that still sounds pretty reasonable. My targeted question is, are there any other options to consider that have the same sort of functions as the LS50W that I should be considering ? Many thanks for your thoughts, Ray
  13. There is a company that will customise your HD800’s, always wanted to do it myself but never had the cajone’s; https://www.colorware.com/imagegalleries.aspx
  14. Hey Ed, i have heard this unit very briefly and would love to own one myself with a matching power amp. The Marantz is a fine AV pre, but I think you are making a good move introducing the Simaudio, and you hopefully will see some really enjoyable and audible benefits. Ray
  15. I would guess theyprobably have a very low WAF, but if you can afford it, I guess your wife would have enough other rooms in the mansion to avoid that room completely feasibly.. i personally think they have a a Audiophile Acceptance Factor (AUF) of about -30 or so, I find them gauch in the extreme. I bet they sound utterly phenomenal though.
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