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  1. Item: Bose acoustimass 5 version v. 2.1 speaker system. Location: Vic 3662. Price: $149 + freight. RRP is around $649 Item Condition: Very good apart from 1 satellite has a dented grille per the pictures. No issues with functionality. Reason for selling: I used these to reinforce the audio of an OLED tv, to very good effect. They offer a very relaxing sound that can be listened to for hours on end. And of course wives normally love their discreet footprint. I just don’t have an integrated amp to power them due to downsizing. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Or EFT only Extra Info: Freight is likely to be around $50 as the box is quite big. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Hi Stan, No worries, will send a pm to coordinate. Ray
  3. Item: Custom Grizzly works Hi Fi Rack Price Range: Free on pick-up. Item Condition: Used good condition. Extra Info: location is Seymour Vic. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. They look really good. Some of the budget JBL’s have been an acquired taste looks wise IMO. Will be a bit of a bargain if the sound is as good as the looks.
  5. Here are mine. Very happy with them so far. Currently using a CD Transport and a Sony HAP-Z1ES streamer/server. I am pondering whether I need to upgrade the server, it sounds pretty good though, so I am in no rush. I have not changed much in the settings yet, mainly as I have the BXT’s coming soon and will play with the settings when the system is complete. I have probably listened to mine for around 50 hrs, and they have perhaps become a little smoother, I have been told they do a fairly long soak in (run in) period in the factory, so not sure if they will run in much more.
  6. Seriously, who does this at Christmas time !!! Why doth though tempt me so ! They are even festive red....... Good price on some classic and beautiful speakers.
  7. Yes, they seem relatively immune to proximity making the sound boomy, and I haven’t touched the settings yet, so the cardioid bass is as advertised.
  8. Some new arrivals today, Kii Three, warming up nicely and sounding bigger than a stand mount speaker has the right to. I have ordered the BXT modules which should also arrive soon to give a bit more oomph, which is a novel concept.
  9. It definitely sounds like run-in. i have owned C1 and C2 Platinum and they do take awhile to open up and smooth out, I would say 100’s of hours. The C2 and C4 dual tweeters when run in offer incredible three dimensional room dispersion. You will be impressed in a few weeks is my thought. The C4 is also known to be quite hard to dial into the room, so I would recommend just let them run in and then fiddle more with the positioning. i was tempted by the Bordeaux’s that Class A was selling.
  10. Interesting question, I am tossing up between the Innuous Zenith MKIII and the lumin T2. Into Kii Audio 3/BXT system myself at the moment. i am leaning toward the Innuous on reputation alone. But it’s really hard to get a demo of both in Melbourne. A key driver for me is simplicity and the Innuous has that with the inbuilt CD burner. So I’m. Interested to hear also, the sound quality and general performance of both. I think the T2 is really new too so potentially not many users yet. Good luck with your search, sorry to piggy back on your topic, the Mytek is a fine DAC in that price range though that’s for sure.
  11. I joined tonight and will stop Stan soon. I can see Stan losing out a bit with Disney’s content. @obitankenobi I started one show up and it said HDR and Dolby Atmos. Which is good.
  12. I have a C8 and will probably buy next years 77’ c series. I don’t have a problem with FTA channels, especially the HD channels. it could actually b as simple as your coaxial cable may have been damaged or your tv antenna has been somehow damaged/degraded. i would try a different coax cable in the first instance. If you have a different tv that works fine with that coax, I would say it’s a problem with the c9’s tuner.
  13. That would be addicted to audio, but their focus is Headfi. Maybe ring them up and see if they can get in demo’s for you as they usually have limited Hi Fi components.
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