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  1. Oh, bottom part of speakers, makes sense now, thanks. Enjoy, they look incredible.
  2. I say no. Lets bet a high end USB cable on it. if I lose I buy one from you. if you lose you procure one for me..😎 (I know it seems unfair - but your better at this than me....)
  3. I would be very interested to know broad specs and rough price @joz The only interesting part is the Speakon on top of the cabinet.
  4. Wow, they look fantastic, what are they ? SGR ?
  5. It is the top of the line Martin Logan; Neolith.
  6. The A1 are certainly a solidly built speaker. Giving the drivers the best chance to shine,
  7. Yes iPad fopar gone now obviously.. Fixed. They were the ones I posted in that thread.....
  8. @Hydrology Mark, Do you know if it will all be web interface or a seperate app ??
  9. Ok, this may not be appreciated by some of the cognoscenti, but this reminds me of what a robot would see if it had a fridge and opened it...
  10. I recently received one of. Bill’s high end Western Electric headphone cables, initial thoughts are as follows; Cable is extremely well made, finishing like this is very rare. This makes it a very robust cable, which can be very important for headphone cables given they are being plugged in and moved so often unlike an interconnect. ‘the initial sound signature was neutral and very resolving, yet with no brightness or glare. ‘I have quite a few after market headphone cables including Forza Audioworks, Cardas Clear and Moon Black Dragon. And even without an appropriat
  11. Not only exceedingly fugly, but at one time considered the worlds most expensive speakers. Look like a gold boxing glove with haemorrhoids.
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