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  1. @cafe67 Regards reference pricing, I saw a site with the uk price last night. The Ram 30 is 3500-4000 odd UK pounds depending on finish (the walnut burl upgrade finish looks nice) as you’ve mentioned. The reference is 18000 - 21000 ! So it’s feasible the reference could be around $40000 AUD. https://hifipig.com/falcon-acoustics-launches-flagship-speaker/
  2. Yes I agree, Audiofix seem to have done a good job with the Australian pricing, taking the currently weak AUD. i like the spikes on them, they look very much like the horrendously expensive Track Audio footers. i had never seen the reference model above, I agree, very sf in visuals.
  3. They do look interesting, love the dome midrange driver in these. They are being sold by Audiofix apparently; https://audiofix.com.au/store/falcon-ram-/137-falcon-acoustics-ram-studio-30.html
  4. Some fantastic choices there GS. I agree the Dynaudio Confidence may not be a great choice in that small a room. I tried my C2’s in a similar sized room and it just didn’t work. they need more space. The new Confidence may be completely different however, but I’m not convinced they will be “that” different. They do however have the tweeter at a lower height which will help with clarity et. at close range. The Wilson speakers sound like they may definitely be an option based on your sound sig preference description. i think these could be added to your list. I have heard them and they offer excellent clarity and speed without being in your face or etched/bright; http://consumer.e-e.com.au/audio/floorstanding-speakers/raidho-acoustics-c-2-1-reference-floorstanding-loudspeaker.html Potentially you could go one better and import a pair of second hand d2.1 etc; https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis994fh-raidho-d2-beautiful-piano-black-customer-trade-in-full-range Also in this price range you have the big VA, they are nice too, and can work in slightly smaller rooms for a big speaker. they also work quite well with lower power amps, ie they work well with pass labs class a; https://www.lifestylestore.com.au/vienna-acoustics-the-music-reference-floor-standing-speakers.html Kef Reference 5 also sound quite nice and detailed with a good soundstage; https://www.lifestylestore.com.au/kef-reference-5-floor-standing-speakers.html wilson Bensch also potentially; https://www.soundgallery.com.au/product-page/wilson-benesch-vector-speakers Marten design; https://www.soundgallery.com.au/product-page/marten-heritage-getz-2-floorstanding-loudspeakers I second @hydrology ‘s recommendation of the KIi three, but sell your amps and add the bxt bass module. I was very surprised by the kii three alone, I imagine with the bxt module, it would be quite amazing, it would work in a smaller room also; https://sonicpurity.com.au/store/active-speakers/kii-three I think the PMC’s would be. very compelling long term though as long as they worked with your amp/s. Good luck mate, i envy your position !
  5. Congratulations, they look great. Anthony does great work, I am a repeat customer of his racks and stands myself
  6. They are still listed, not surprised they have sold though, they’ve been listed for at least two years. The Diva’s are pretty old now and resale would be comebsurate with the age. I like the look of them but agree with the consensus on Audiogon, they can be easily improved. If they were a newer speaker worth that much I would be hesitant however.
  7. Ray H

    KEF Blade speaker audition

    Not as good or impactful as the NS-5000 ? thats probably not a good thing for the Kef as I I think the Blade is around double the price of the NS-5000..
  8. Class A Audio have some focal Diva, listed in the second hand section. They have been on there a long time, and not certain of the condition, but they may be worth a look. I remember reading on Audiogon, Focal Diva respond very well to cross over part upgrades to ameliorate some brightness. Much as you are doing with the NHT’s.
  9. Beautiful speakers ! GLWTS.
  10. The obvious and good option as you have pointed out are Audio Physic. You could definitely do worse than hunting down a pair of second hand Virgo V or similar. The NHT Classic 4 are also a pretty underrated speaker iMO, A clean and crisp sound with decent bottom end. Not necessarily easy to replace, although hunting down a speaker with a good ribbon tweeter seems like a good option to potentially improve on them A similar speaker I used to own is the Acoustic Energy AE3 mk II, although they may be hard to find nowadays; The other speaker brand I have owned that fits the bill however is the Scansonic, the MB 3.5 for example could be a good option, they convey a very natural sound with surprising bass weight; http://consumer.e-e.com.au/brands/scansonic/raidho-acoustics-mb-3-5-floor-standing-speaker.html You could definitely do worse than the PMC Twenty 5 series also; https://www.carltonaudiovisual.com.au/speakers/floorstanders/pmc-twentfive-24.html
  11. Ray H


    Geez, No wonder insurance costs so much, even one of the bigger courier’s don’t know how to correctly move a $6000 tv.... These companies really have no idea sadly.
  12. Ray H

    Anyone have a view on JL Audio products?

    Yes, i have pretty extensive experience with them, mostly the fathoms (dual f113 and then dual f212), I also owned dual e110’s recently. Have also owned probably in excess of 20 other subs from REL, Paradigm, Martin Logan, Krell and Velodyne. I have never heard the dominion range though. i think Jl Audio subs are amongst the very best available for music based systems, they are ultra clean and accurate and they seem to integrate very well with even some electro stats because of their clean response. I think they can be easily beaten $ for $ in home theatre systems though by the bigger subs from svs, psa etc. So it may depend on the application you want it for, ie music system, home theatre or a blend of the two.
  13. Ray H

    Cricket season 2018/19

    Great game, well played India, some impressive fight from the Aussies, they will take something out of this loss I think.
  14. Ray H

    Cricket season 2018/19

    This has been an enthralling test match to watch. Not a complete road of a pitch seems to have been a big part of it. I love the fight the tail end has put up with the bat, agree with @ mikey d, Cummins is a fantastic cricketer. this fight even makes losing the game if/when it comes to it, not feel so bad.